October 14th, 2019

Korean Pop Singer and Actress Sulli Passes Away

-Korean and international media are reporting that the Kpop singer and actress, Sulli, has passed away at the age of 25.

-Sulli is best known for being a member of popular Kpop girl group f(x).

-She was reportedly found in her home by her manager on the afternoon of Monday, October 14, 2019.

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Source 1: https://twitter.com/TheKoreaHerald/status/1183688246565302273
Source 2: https://twitter.com/llama_ajol/status/1183678970652291073

Lily Allen and David Harbour Hit Up SNL Afterparty Together + Pack on PDA in the Streets of NYC

Most random couple of 2019, perhaps?

Lily Allen flew to New York to support her boyfriend, Stranger Things star David Harbour, during his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

The couple were photographed attending an SNL afterparty together.

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Source 1: https://twitter.com/people/status/1183440655365918721
Source 2: https://twitter.com/JustJared/status/1183518731244396545
Sidney Prescott

Jeremy Renner's ex-wife is accusing him of threatening to kill her

  • Sonni Pacheco, Jeremy Renner's ex-wife and mother of his daughter Ava, has accused him of threatening to kill her and then himself.

  • According to a new report filed this morning, Pacheco claims that Renner was heard last November, while drinking and doing cocaine at a club, talking about wanting to kill Sonni because he couldn't deal with her anymore and he just wanted her gone.

  • A former nanny also claims to have heard Renner saying that he would kill Sonni and then himself because Ava would be better off without parents rather than to have Sonni as a mother.

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Pharrell defines the new masculinity on GQ cover

The publication deems Pharrell an agent of change his whole career, he looked different from everyone else in hip-hop, wearing slimmer jeans, more fitted skate tees, and mesh trucker hats. That might not sound earth-shattering now, but at the time he was the first in pop culture dressing like that.

He continued to morph, special-ordering a custom-made Hermès Birkin bag in purple crocodile in 2007, wearing it everywhere. He started wearing Chanel clothes and jewelry, as well as designs by cultish Céline creative director Phoebe Philo. His wardrobe inspired subtle shifts in the culture around him

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ONTD Roundup

nayeon uh

ONTD Original: Books, Music & Movies Created By Indigenous People.



It's October 14th! Which means it's National Indigenous Peoples Day* in America!!!
*In participating states & cities

So to celebrate this day, here are 15 works written, directed, starring or sung by Indigenous People from around the world!

There There by Tommy Orange (Cheyenne and Arapaho)

There There weaves together 12 distinct stories following Native Americans from all backgrounds, who all come together for the Big Oakland Powwow.

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Whole Lotta Talking by Link Wray (Shawnee)

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"nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up" directed by Tasha Hubbard (Cree)

"On a summer day in 2016, a young Indigenous man named Colten Boushie died from a gunshot to the head after entering Gerald Stanley’s rural property with his friends. The emotionally charged trial and acquittal of Stanley caused shock and outrage across Canada, capturing international attention and raising questions about prejudice within the judicial system, and anti-Indigenous racism in the nation."

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bsrc1 bsrc2 bsrc3 bsrc4 bsrc5 vsrc1 vsrc2 vsrc3 vsrc4 vsrc5 msrc1.1 msrc1.2 msrc2 msrc3 msrc4 msrc5

Kanye West complains about Kim looking "too sexy"

On a new episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashian's', Kanye West took issue with wife, Kim Kardashian, looking "too sexy" in her Met Gala photos earlier this year.

"Like the corset, underwear, all that vibe, I just feel like I just went through this transition of being rapper, and lookin' at all these girls…I didn't realize that that was affecting like my soul and my spirit," Ye complains in the clip.

He goes on to say he feels uncomfortable because he's "someone that's married and in love and the father of what's about to be four kids."

"You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy."

Kim fired back stating, "You built me up to be a sexy person and have confidence. Just because you're on a journey and your transformation, doesn't mean I'm in the same spot with you." Kanye just responded with an "okay" and left the room.

Clip below:

Source, Source
neutral milk hotel aka coolest album art

Zoe Kravitz Is Catwoman In "The Batman"

Zoe Kravitz (Big Little Lies, Mad Max: Fury Road) has been cast as Catwoman in Matt Reeves' "The Batman" opposite Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne. She is inheriting the role from Anne Hathaway (The Dark Knight Rises), Halle Berry (Catwoman), and Michelle Pffeifer (Batman Returns).


Disney announces everything coming to Disney+ at launch

Disney took to Twitter today to announce the absolutely MASSIVE lineup coming to Disney+ when it launches next month.

It starts in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and moves through the decades until it gets to 2019 with The Mandalorian. Animated, live-action, documentaries, children's fare, Fox properties... it's all included. Disney went even further to say that they aren't even finished and will be announcing even more titles to come in the future.

One thing missing, and will probably continue to stay missing is 1946's messy Song of the South.

If a crazy long tweet thread isn't your thing, here's a close to 3 1/2 hour video featuring clips of everything announced that Disney also released:

Disney+ launches November 12.

Source 1,2

The View: Ronan Farrow, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Ronan Farrow


Two more clips under the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]



Ronan Farrow is promoting his book Catch and Kill

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Meghan says they got an early copy, thanks R for bringing the topic forward. R says the brave people are the sources who are coming fw and saying enough. Talks about Matt Lauer, gives details. Meghan repeats that she’s hated him because of how he treated Ann Curry. R says Curry also speaks out in the book, she brought fw a claim involving a colleague also re/Lauer. R gives details. Sunny talks Lauer response, reads excerpts. Summary is that he had affairs, and they share responsibility, not that there was lack of consent. R stands behind his reporting and fact checking. Victim was paid $7M this year to avoid her ever speaking about NBC executives. Abby repeats NBC statement. R says there is proof and a paper trail. R says the legalese is a euphemism, rather than precise ban on topic of complaint. Abby says that NBC is claiming R has an axe to grind. R says he had friendly relationships with colleagues, he left because it was a pattern of concealment. Sunny says NBC claims they didn’t run R story on Weinstein because it wasn’t ready, that no accuser was willing to go on record. R says he walked over to New Yorker and they did publish. There were named women, no draft had fewer than 2 women, and a recording. R feels it’s misdirection, to conceal they ordered a stop to the story.

Meghan talks Weinstein hiring Israeli spies. R says, he’s not a journo in Pakistan, it’s not woe is me. But Yes they hired agents, posing as sources, victims, or sympathetic reporters, or to chase him, stake him out. Sunny says the book is fantastic. Brings up McGowan, gives details. Sunny brings up book item, a producer R talked to, and that producer gave advice for R to get a gun. R did get a gun, did a little target practice, he was afraid, but he feels grateful the public has rallied around the reporting. Sunny says Weinstein brought in his sister to the story. R talks about how sometimes they have weaponized personal details. Explains how he evolved through his mindset on that topic.

Abby brings up spies again. One of the spies turned. R explains how people were surveilling him, and they wanted out of that life. Also talks about AMI, re/Enquirer and Tr/mp. Systems designed to silence people. He’s writing and re-reading it on a hopeful note, because people (victims) aren’t willing to shut up anymore. Meghan wants to know why NBC leaders still have jobs. R depiction is a chain of command who are complicit. R says he’s not an activist, he’s a journalist. Meghan says Fox and CBS purged, but NBC is holding firm. Abby says it’s the women who speak out, who make the difference.

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Ontd has your outrage reached peak level?

Source links are below each video or section

Love After Lockup 3.9 "Monotone Lap Dances and Interrogating Dog Moms" Recap

- Runaway Bride Tony has been clinched by the feds
- OP hates Wanna B Jon B who is also in contact with his ex-girlfriend. Glorietta and her Divine Eyebrows probably won't take that well
- According to her, Wanna B Jon B "converted to Muslim"
- Lizzy's "ex" is at the same bar, just on his phone minding his business and the meth-crossed lovers are ready to fight
- Lesbian Icon Amber and Quesadilla Calzone go to Magic City and Amber had lots of fun, QC then began to have a bit of fun with a stripper (dude is a fucking weirdo)
- Cheryl Whomst Has Neglected her Children gets dishes to live in her hotel room next to Bank Robber Bae and they get things to kill and hide people live in a hotel
- Is the Lizzy and Daniel scene scripted as hell or were they all paranoid due to whatever drug is trending at the trailer parks?
- I'm really tied to my Muslim faith, but yeah I have sex outside of marriage and I guzzle Patrón
- Tweedledee and Tweedledumbass try searching in poop water for stolen money - they don't find it
- Rogue Veener gets down the bottom of dealing with Antonio *beep* who is back in jail
- Vh1 Doppleganger and Malicious Wonder with a Heart of Gold do the deed


ONTD, why the hell aren't you watching this damn show?!?!?!?!?

Floyd Mayweather gives $300 tip to every cook at Catch Las Vegas

He went to 'Catch Las Vegas' with 16 friends for a pal’s birthday, and after dinner.
Floyd visited the kitchen and gave $300 to every cook.

“He personally thanked everyone. The cooks were ecstatic and thankful!”


‘Bombshell’: Charlize Theron & Margot Robbie Are An Oscar Revelation

The movie’s title 'Bombshell' is more than appropriate not only for the subject matter but a trio of performances that more than live up to the hype.

From an awards season perspective :
•"One cannot exaggerate how incedible Theron’s turn as Kelly truly is.  Not only does she look hauntingly like Kelly at times, but her performance is grounded with a vocal similiarity that is simply a marvel to experience. Hours later we admit we’re still awestruck by her achievement."
Theron is a lock to earn a Best Actress nom and in any other year, she’d be a massive frontrunner to win.
Frontrunner is Renee Zellweger’s transformation into Judy Garland in the indie hit “Judy.” 
Theron's work is more impressive, but is it too late to slow down the Zellweger train?  

• "Robbie, who was also fantastic as Sharon Tate in 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' earlier this year, is even more impressive in this picture.  She makes you believe Pospisil was a real life figure in the proceedings and completely nails one of the most emotional scenes in the movie."  
She’d also be the top choice to win the Supporting Actress Oscar, but 
“Marriage Story’s” Laura Dern and “Little Women’s” Florence Pugh have a massive say in that race.
This is arguably the best work of Robbie’s career and yes, she’s better here than she was in “I, Tonya.”

• Kidman, is very good, but is the most “supporting” of the three roles. 
Lithgow is worthy enough to earn a Supporting Actor nom for his role, but that is such a competitive category.


Netflix and Ava DuVernay sued by police interrogation firm

The company behind the controversial Reid Technique filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against Netflix and director Ava DuVernay, claiming that it was defamed in DuVernay’s miniseries on the Exonerated Five case. The Reid Technique was developed in the 1940s and is the most widely used interrogation method by police agencies worldwide, although critics have claimed the technique leads to false confessions.

The lawsuit specifically targets dialogue from the miniseries' fourth episode. A police detective responds that it was what he was taught when a character claims "You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision...The Reid Technique has been universally rejected."

The lawsuit claims that this dialogue mischaracterizes the Reid Technique, which it says does not involve coercion, in order to get a strong viewer reaction, and that it is false to assert that the technique has been “universally rejected.”

The lawsuit says the series has damaged the company’s reputation, and seeks actual and punitive damages. The suit also seeks an injunction barring Netflix from distributing the series in its current form, and a cut of Netflix’s profits from the series.

Alyssa side-eye

Mike from "The Bachelor" Asks Out Keke Palmer... On TV... While She's At Work.

AWKWARD much? Mike from ABC's The Bachelor asked out Keke Palmer on a date while he was on TV... being interviewed by her.

He went on Strahan, Sarah, and Keke to promote God knows what and then asked Keke on a date. Keke repeated, "I'm at work! I'm at work!" The three hosts tried to play it off like a joke and continue with the interview.

Have you been asked out at your job?



Taika Waititi: ‘Thor 4’ Could Include Breast Cancer Storyline for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster

Director Taika Waititi sat down with Variety’s Marc Malkin at the “Jojo Rabbit” press junket on Saturday and they discussed the possible story arch for Jane Foster in the new Thor movie.

“I think that’s a really powerful part of the books. I think it’s really cool that she’s fighting this thing and there’s two battles going on. Personally I really love that storyline,” he said. “But whether it ends up in the film is yet to be seen.”

In the comic series written by Jason Aaron, Thor and Jane are no longer together. Jane has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thor has becomes unworthy to wield Mjolnir and he loses his powers. Jane secretly becomes The Mighty Thor and while she's Thor, her cancer disappears. But when Jane transforms back into her human form, her cancer returns and ravages her body.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is scheduled to be released on Nov. 5, 2021.


Twitter user goes viral after saving Pokémon from a typhoon

Typhoon Hagibis hit the Kantō region of Japan just a few days ago, considered to be the most devastating typhoon since Ida in 1958, with at least 56 people confirmed dead, and 15 people are confirmed missing.

In preparation for the tropical storm hitting the island and in a truly Angelita saving the letter Obama gave her in case of a fire tea, a Twitter user tweeted the measures taken to ensure his valuable life-sized Pokémon plushies from disappearing.

He loaded Lapras, Snorlax, Ditto and Croagunk in his car and uploaded the pics to the social media site, prompting it to go viral with over 260 k reactions to the post.

Luckily his Pokémon partners survived and are safe and sound, thanking all the people for their best wishes. The giant Lapras plushie retails at $250.00 and the Snorlax is $400.00

What is the most precious possession you would save in case of emergency, ONTD?

Source 1 2 3 4

Harry Styles Alleges He’s Being Stalked By Homeless Man He Tried To Help

Styles told the judge he felt “insecure” after receiving notes and money in his mailbox from a homeless man to whom he offered food.

Styles saw homeless man sleeping “rough” outside his home in northwest London in March.
After Styles bought him some vegan sandwiches, salads and muffins, homeless man asked the singer to go to restaurant while smirking.

Styles tried to cut contact with the man, he allegedly saw him nearly every day and now checks for “weak spots” in his home.

Alyssa side-eye

Katy Perry Announces New Single: "Harleys In Hawaii"

Katy Perry announced the title of her next single: "Harleys in Hawaii." It will drop this Wednesday, October 16th.

This era seems as inexplicable as the Witness era. She has dropped two previous singles, "Never Really Over" and "Small Talk" without announcing a new album. Her strategy is not clear yet. Maybe she's just releasing singles for the heck of it?

Which single from this "era" do you like better?

Never Really Over
Small Talk
It better be "Harleys in Hawaii," bc I didn't like any of the other ones

carrie fisher sequel

Khloe Kardashian posts life advice by Taylor Swift

Today, Khloe Kardashian, sister of Kim, posted a series of motivational quotes on her Instagram. One was a quote by Taylor Swift, Kim's arch-nemesis.

This comes two years after Kim exposed Taylor for being a liar on SnapChat, ten years after Kim's husband Kanye West interrupted Taylor's acceptance speech, and nearly thirty years since Taylor was born and began practicing her country accent in the womb in anticipation for future stardom.


ONTD, will Taylor and Kim ever be friends again?

jelous or crazy

RPDR's Tatianna Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Atlanta

ETA: Accidentally deleted my write up before submitting.
- Tatianna was in Atlanta for Pride this past weekend.
- Allegedly she followed a nightclub employee to the back using an employees-only entrance. They took a picture together and the employee re-entered the club through that door.
- Tati attempted to follow this employee and was told to go around the front. She went through the back anyway, and then someone called the cops (???)
- She was lead out in handcuffs because policing in this country is ridiculous
- Unclear whether she was performing at the club or just visiting for a little post-Pride fun.

ETA October 15th, 9:12PM CST
This merchandise is for sale


that mugshot is kind of a serve, i hope she puts it on a t-shirt

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter TLC: It's the 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way Tell-All Part One

- so many fucking tears
- the Koreaboo was probably having a hectic morning, also I think she came with no extensions. The Sad Sack Mistress whines again about something
- Shaun Robinson is the WORST host
- Vibrator Conservator and the Instagram Model start fighting from the jump
- Brigham Young University judges Cold Shoulder Aficiando about bringing Daniel to SA, but CSA hits back with - well Evelin cheated on you
- BYU and Rinsing Kween Evelin talk about getting married (OP right now: teeheehee) and sis forgot to wear her ring
- In OP's opinion, she's got less sociopathic over the season????? (Update: Nevermind)
- Evelin's other boyfriend joins us and reveals he still luvs our Sociopathic Rinsing Kween

- Evelin was trying to suppress that grin real hard when Raul came on talking about how pretty she was
- Basically she's stringing them both along and loves the duel
- The fuck BYU, stand up for yourself!
- The "Rabbit" Conservator and the Instagram Model spar again because Laura went to QatarBucks and didn't tell him
- Also she's broke and it seems like Aladin might wanna divorce her because of that. I mean, do y'all remember his apartment? Like are Qatar rents like NYC?

TV - Evanna and Keo

Who went home on DWTS 28x05?

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Source: Me and my TV
Pictures from US Weekly

All dances can be viewed here

Ally and Sasha - 27
Kel and Witney - 26
James and Emma - 26
Hannah and Alan - 25
Kate and Pasha - 24
Sailor and Val - 24
Lauren and Gleb - 23
Karamo and Jenna - 21
Spicey and Lindsay - 19

[Spoiler (click to open)]Scores will carry over to next week. Please god, will next week FINALLY be the week that Spicey goes home?!

9-1-1 - 3.05 - Rage - Promo

The 118 races to help protesters at a slaughter house, and a wife who finds herself trapped in a “rage room” with her husband’s mistress. Meanwhile, Athena takes action after Michael, May, and Harry experience a traumatic traffic stop. Also, the team feels betrayed by Buck when his suit against the city goes to arbitration and Eddie turns to Lena in his struggles with his anger issues.