September 30th, 2019

Steve and Robin

‘Stranger Things’ officially renewed for season 4

• Netflix announced the season 4 renewal and also signed series creators and showrunners the Duffer Brothers to “a multi-year film and series overall deal.”

• The eerie video includes the tagline “We’re not in Hawkins anymore.” What will become of the town and the majority of the main cast that still lives in the town? We don’t know yet (but op is highly concerned)


Naomi Osaka responds to manzai duo that joked about her

Following the jokes made by female manzai duo about tennis player, Naomi Osaka, being “too sunburned” and subsequent apology, the sportswoman has jokingly replied back by saying she protects her skin with the Shiseido Anessa perfect UV sunscreen (op’s note: very recommended), a very popular Japanese brand of sun protection.

The top player is a current brand ambassador for them.

Favorite sunblock?

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Sneak peak of an original song from Jensen Ackles' new album

A snippet from the song Cannonball, which Jensen co-wrote with his friend Steve Carlson, has been released! It's an album full of original songs, and the Radio Company Instagram account is teasing a special announcement on Friday - possibly the release date or the album itself.

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Adrienne Bailon Clarifies Why She Doesn’t Wash Her Hands After Using the Bathroom In Her Own Home

In 2017, Adrienne Bailon Houghton made waves on Twitter after admitting to not always washing her hands when using the bathroom in her very own home.

“Not at home. What did I touch? It’s my house,” said the former Cheetah-licious singer. “The toilet paper touches my behind. I don’t touch my behind. Not this skin.”

She then told her co-hosts and viewers that she “never gets sick,” adding that her mother and sister work at Cornell University Hospital and explained how germophobes are prone to getting sick more often.

Today, Adrienne clarified her original comments. “Let me explain. I said specifically that if I woke up in the middle of the night, and I went to use the bathroom in my home, and I got back in my bed, I might not always wash my hands, and then just go to sleep. People might think I don’t wash my hands at all!” Adrienne shouted.

See her full explanation in the clip above, and the original segment they’re referring to behind the cut.

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Poll #2095913 Are you a cochino? Poll

ONTD, do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?


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Christian Kane to guest star on Supernatural!

Christian Kane is set to guest star on SPN, playing Leo Webb, a former hunter and one of Dean's friends. Christian's been teasing his casting on social media for the past week.


Two Clarks and a Lois take a picture for the Arrowverse crossover

Bitsie Tulloch just shared a picture with Tom Welling and Tyler Hoechlin - they're currently filming the Supergirl portion of the crossover.


Kate del Castillo berates reporter for calling her “my love”

Translated from Spanish

While Mexican narco darling and actress, Kate del Castillo, was being escorted to her vehicle, reporters approached her for a quick interview. One of them from a TV Azteca show, asked her “my love, your dad told us that he’s ashamed of...”, he was interrupted by Kate to tell him “don’t call me love, my name is Kate. Don’t call me love, ever”.

The reporter uploaded this video in an attempt to drag her, but he was instead dragged by social media users.

Do you let strangers to call you pet names, ONTD?

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horny christmas

Taylor Swift on Ed Sheeran: "He's Obsessed with the Charts"

Snake has the gall to call out ginger lucky charms on being obsessed with chart placement, "My friend Ed is such a chart monger. He’s obsessed with how it works & the math of it. I don’t even get how people get a big release week, because they they sold T-shirts or they sold concert tickets with their albums." Snake sold 4 different variations & merch bundle of her latest album.


Iggy Azalea is beefing with Lizzo on Twitter

Earlier today Lizzo tweeted about her song "Truth Hurts" potentially breaking the record for longest-running female rap song at #1 –– a record that currently belongs to "Fancy". In the tweet, she solely credited Charli for "Fancy", and didn't name Iggy Azalea.

Which led to Iggy tweeting (and deleting), "I could've SWORN I was the one rapping that song but okay..."

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Luxury lifestyle influencer exposed for filthy, unglamorous double life

Lisa Li, a Chinese influencer with 1.1 million followers, is famous on the popular Sina Weibo microblog, for presenting a glossy catalogue of travel adventures, parties and fine-dining experiences.

But since her landlord gave media a tour of her apartment in the northern city of Xi'an, she has become famous for different reasons, revealing the state of the apartment, littered with rubbish, mouldy food, and dog excrement, contrasting with the glamorous and rich lifestyle she showed off as part of her brand.

Ms Chen, the landlord, told Pear Video that even professional cleaners had refused to clean the place, adding that her tenant owed thousands of yuan in unpaid utility bills. She said that she had no choice but to contact the police about the damage to her property and the unpaid utilities.

After millions of people saw the footage inside Ms Li's apartment, she suddenly resurfaced, meeting with her landlord to apologise in person. More than 60,000 users have commented on unfollowing her and calling her "fake", questioning her sincerity in her interviews with mainstream media.

China is on a huge drive to push for celebrities to be "socially responsible". Some "badly behaved" influencers have even received short jail terms.

Do you fake your lifestyle online?

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The View: Rob Lowe, #OrangeCrush, Hot Topics

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe Talks The Stand with Whoopi, 911 Lone Star, Demi Moore, and Live Comedy Show [Rob and Demi were in the OG About Last Night]. Sam Seaborn is aging well.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi is playing Mother Abigail, Rob was in the original, and all his scenes were with the same character. Ruby Dee played Mother Abigail, she would sleep in her old-age makeup because it was such a chore. Abby talks The West Wing. Rob dunks on Meghan for never having seen TWW. She says it’s because a character was based on MyFather™ and she was overwhelmed with politics in her real life so she didn’t watch it on tv [surejan.gif]. But she says she saw all of Parks & Recreation. Joy shouts out Beyond the Candelabra, he played a plastic surgeon with a bad face lift. He and Ryan Murphy are co-producing 911 Lone Star. Talks about the character, getting prepared for the role (firefighter). Plays clip, slow pole drop lol. Liv Tyler also on the show. Sunny says she hasn’t seen TWW either. Rob says it will be soothing balm.

Sunny brings up About Last Night, the Brat Pack, brings up Demi Moore memoir, in that she talks about her addiction which coinciding with the film shoot. Rob says she was the first person he knew who got sober. Says it was the 80s, everybody was doing their thing. He says he’s been sober 28-29 yrs. He loved rehab. Talks about his experience, what it brought for him. Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. Talks his comedy show Stories I Only Tell My Friends which is like a Ted Talk but less pretentious and less smart. Abby brings up his family, wife, grown sons. Abby laughs about how his sons punk on him on Insta, he laughs about his two internet trolls.

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Ontd do you share all your sexual history? Did you do your homework?

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horny christmas

Charli XcX x Grindr Collab

Hey What's Up Mother Fuckers? The biggest pop star in the world Charli XcX teams up with Grindr. The hook up app is giving away tickets for a Charli Show OCT.4, 2019.


Shameless Grindr stories? went to vegas this weekend and hooked up with a gay porn star

Cardi B is taking over Paris Fashion Week

Cardi B has been making waves at Paris Fashion Week with her couture ensembles.

The 26-year-old rapper began debuting her eye-catching looks on Saturday with a floral, face-covering Richard Quinn outfit:

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Favorite look so far?

Billie Eilish learns she was conceived from IVF during Howard Stern interview

Billie Eilish and her brother, Phineas O'Connell, appeared on SiriusXM's "The Howard Stern Show" on Monday morning.

Towards the end of the interview, the singer brought her parents into the studio to meet Stern and the crew. Stern asked them about the night they "conceived" Billie, as a way to give advice on creating a successful child, and they revealed "Well, Billie was conceived with the existence of a fertility clinic."

"So, Billie was built in a lab," Stern joked, as her father admitted, "I was alone in a dark room," and that she was the fourth attempt.

Billie was astonished, having never known she wasn't conceived naturally, and asked why they used a fertility clinic. The parents described that after having their son Phineas, they had trouble getting pregnant again and turned to a fertility clinic for help.

"Billie, you look like you're going to pass out." Stern remarked when her parents described the process of going through IVF.

Video performing her new single, "All the Good Girls Go to Hell":

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Alyssa side-eye

Kristen Stewart Drops Blind Item About A Famous Activists Who Only Care About Fame


Kristen Stewart is promoting the Charlie's Angels reboot, and she discussed some celebrity activists who are actually only motivated by fame. From an interview in "Harper's Bazaar:"

Sometimes, she’s sceptical: the virtue-signalling can be a little forced, a little on point. She names no names, obviously, but describes, tantalisingly, "a couple of people who are like real activists, really at the forefront of progress, and I’m like, 'You are a deplorable fraud! And all you really care about is people looking at you.'"

Who could she mean, ONTD? Guesses could include Taylor Swift, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravits, Lena Dunham...?

Which activists do u think are deplorable frauds?


How VH1's "I Love The 80s" and "I Love The 90s" Changed Pop Culture Forever

hqdefault (2).jpg
hqdefault (1).jpg

In 2002, VH1 aired the first episode of I Love The 80s, which involved comedians talking about pop culture and fads from the 80s. It followed up with I Love The 90s.

-VH1 had no idea that I Love the … would be a hit.

-It was a direct influence on how people write about pop culture today.

-VH1 also made I Love The 70s, I Love The 80s: Strikes Back and I Love The 90s Part Deux. VH1 also made I Love The New Millenium and I Love The 2000s, but they never really caught on the way the old series did.

-The series are on Youtube. You're welcome.

What is ur favorite decade for pop culture, ONTD?


what did you learn from I Love The 80s and I Love The 90s?

read the longform article at the source, source

The rise of plant-based “milk”

Americans today are drinking 37% less milk than they did 50 years ago, while the market for plant-based milk has skyrocketed in recent years. But is the beverage derived from plants like almonds and oats "milk," or is it "juice"? As the FDA takes a closer look at just what makes milk "milk," Serena Altschul talks with the CEO of Oatly, a plant-based milk alternative, and with a New York organic dairy farmer who is feeling the pinch of a declining market for cow's milk.

ONTD, do you drink milk? 🥛


For Some Reason, the NHL has Partnered with Green Day

*They teased a new song, which will be the theme song for Wednesday Night Hockey on NBCSN
*They will headline the All Star Game (an honor held by Kid Rock in 2018)
*Songs from Green Day's new album will be featured throughout all NHL media

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Susanna Clarke (author of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) to publish new novel in 2020

Susanna Clarke, author of the best-selling and multi-award-winning novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, is publishing a new novel in September, 2020, after a 16-YEAR (!!!!!) wait. Clarke suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome, which hinders her work.

Her new novel will be titled PIRANESI and is apparently not a sequel to Jonathan Strange. According to the press release, it will follow the story of the title character, who lives in a place called "the House", a building with "hundreds if not thousands of rooms and corridors, imprisoning an ocean. A watery labyrinth." Occasionally, he sees his friend, The Other, who is doing scientific research into “A Great and Secret Knowledge”. Piranesi records his findings in his journal, but then messages begin to appear, and a terrible truth unravels as evidence emerges of another person and perhaps even another world outside the House’s walls.



ONTD, what are you reading??
sunmi - why so lonely

Battlestar Galactica is getting "rebooted" by Mr Robot creator

- Straight-to-series and inspired by the 2000s version but not a remake
- New story within the mythology of BSG that takes a ~modern look at the world
- On NBC's streaming service, Peacock, which starts April 2020
- Peacock will also stream the 2000s BSG series
- Sam Esmail is exec producer and they're looking for a head-writer
- No word on if past characters will appear

music | robyn as robin

The King's Man | Official Trailer 2

As a collection of history’s worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them.

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, with Djimon Hounsou, and Charles Dance, the film opens February 14, 2020.


A World War I story... yet so white. Imagine how tired we are.
[tv] The Young Pope

Johnny Depp's star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame defaced with profanity

* Johnny Depp's Hollywood Star Defaced With Curse Words;
* Someone wrote 'phoney' [phony] just above his name and the curse words 'a** and b****' in-between his name and the gold film emblem;
* Depp received his star on The Walk Of Fame in November 1999.


Disney’s Live-Action Snow White Reportedly Beginning Production Next Spring

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is rumored to be the next live action remake from Disney. According to the DisInsider, the studio has begun the casting process.

The site is also reporting that production on the project is expected to begin next March in Vancouver and The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb is attached to direct. Oscar-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul will write brand new music for the film.

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Megan Fox Reacts to Footage of bb!Megan Fox

Megan Fox Reacts to Her First Interview and Other Major Career Moments

ET sat Megan Fox down and "forced" her to watch all of her old movie clips and interviews.

Holiday in the Sun

Initial reaction: "Ugh! Kill me! Just kill me, why are you doing this to me? Just smother me or something."
- Says she doesn't need to ever see that again before going on about how amazing she thinks the Olsen twins are with their accomplishments and calls them icons.

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i loved this. listen to it if you have the time tbh! she articulates herself really well. still in denial ab her surgeries tho
TV - Evanna and Keo

Who went home on DWTS 28x03?

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Pictures from US Weekly

All dances can be viewed here

Ally and Sasha - 24
Kate and Pasha - 24
Sailor and Val - 23
James and Emma - 23
Hannah and Alan - 21
Kel and Witney - 20
Lauren and Gleb - 20
Karamo and Jenna - 16
Spicey and Lindsay - 15
Lamar and Peta - 12

I need y'all to start voting for my man Kel!!!!
HP doujinshi 'Power Play'

Ansel Elgort's thoughts on love, sex, and more

ONTD fave Ansel Elgort recently gave an interview in The Times UK (featuring photos by his famous father Arthur Engort). Sample quotes:

“I’d also like to find a lot more love. It doesn’t need to be sexual. I could be done sexually with my girlfriend. I think we’ve been pretty clear that I want to feel free to fall in love with people and that [option] should be open, but sexually it can be closed off.”

“I’m in love with a bunch of my male friends who I’m not interested in having sex with, so why can’t I put the desire to have sex with women aside and let myself have love with women? I love Shailene Woodley and we never had anything sexual and that was great. There will probably be some sort of chemical thing at some point that you can’t help, but you just have to be disciplined and not be a f******... we’re primitive beings.”

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NEW COUPLE ALERT?: Adele is dating Skepta!

Multi talented and critically acclaimed British musician Skepta has been spotted going out on a few dates with Adele, "sources" say they may be getting pretty serious.

ONTD do you ship these two? Are we not getting a depressing divorce album right on time for the holidays? Will she drop bars hotter than Kendal Roy did last night?