September 23rd, 2019

Real Housewives of Potomac Season Four Reunion, Part Two Discussion

- we're back to discuss more LightSkint antics and The Bratz Doll trying to use her "pedigree" as a one-upper to all the women
- The husbands and Juan join us which Kurn would never question
- Monique, despite her oil shilling, is the most sensible person in this cast and also so gaaaaaaaaawjuuuuuuuuuuuuuus
- The Bratz Doll brags about being raised in a country club community (bih, you know damn well them white folks probably once thought you were the server, don't fucking brag). Ain't nothing wrong with the hood.
- Her Brokeness is still going to try and flip houses and maybe going to start truckin'
- 3% monogamous
- we review Kween Kurn and Budget Cantrell's "frenemies-ship", The Grand Dame is right, she can fucking spar
- YellowLightGreenLight won't admit to the shitty comments she's made about MLMonique
- Sweatyback ClosedSteakhouse is being awkward around the mens and well, we been knew with whomst he wanted to being having fellatio (bish me too!)
- The ladies argue about whether the infamous comment should've brought up to Ashley at all and Ashley still can't make up her mind about what she wanted Robyn to be sorry for and that women were betraying her


This episode has been brought to you by can these heffas just speak once at a time, expired kangaroo sliders from Oz, and gossip carrier pigeons.

Why physical books still outsell e-books

E-book or physical book? You may be surprised to hear that for most, old school print on paper still wins. In 2017, 67% of Americans read a physical book compared to 26% of those who read an e-book.

Poll #2095713 Book Poll

ONTD, do you prefer to read physical books or e-books?

Physical Books 📚
E-Books 📱
Both 🤓
I don’t read 🧐

Nicole #&$@
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NXVIM's Allison Mack and Keith Raniere Sentence Postponed... Again

Sex cult dick wad leader Keith Raniere won't be sentenced until at least January 2020. It's reported that his pre-sentencing report won't be finished until November at the earliest. He's facing the possibility of life in prison.

Allison Mack's sentencing was originally scheduled for Sept. 11, but that, too, has been postponed to an unknown date. She's facing the possibility of 40 years in prison. She plead guilty in April.

The sentencing for Raniere's co-defendants Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman, Nancy Salzman, and Kathy Russell have also been postponed.


This source is one of the many examples of people trying to humanize this white American blonde girl, despite the awful things she's done.

Tim & Saoirse

'Dollface' Trailer - New Hulu Series

Dollface follows Jules (Kat Dennings), a young woman who – after being dumped by her longtime boyfriend – must deal with her own imagination in order to literally and metaphorically re-enter the world of women, and rekindle the female friendships she left behind.

Premieres November 15th on Hulu.


Do your friendships take a backseat to your relationships, ONTD?
Fedal LC

Team Europe wins the Laver Cup for the third time in a row

... but this time in Geneva, it was as close as it could be. It all came down to Sascha Zverev who defeated World's Milos Raonic in the deciding match 6-4 3-6 [10-4].

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The three-day competition is now an official part of the ATP calendar but the players are not awarded any points.

The 2019 Laver Cup teams:

  • Europe: Federer, Nadal, Thiem, Zverev, Tsitsipas, Fognini, Bautista-Agut (alternate), captain: Bjorn Borg

  • World: Isner, Sock, Kyrgios, Shapovalov, Raonic, Fritz, Thompson (alternate), captain: JMac

This year's event had to make do without the much-anticipated Federer/Nadal doubles match. It was scheduled on Sunday but Nadal had to withdraw on Sunday morning due to hand injury.

The 2020 Laver Cup will be held in Boston.

source +
I know many people hate this event but I think it's fun and exciting and I love the camaraderie.
make homer go something something

ONTD Roundup

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Emmys: 12 (4) Most Memorable Moments

Here's a roundup of the biggest moments from Sunday night's awards show.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Wins Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Everyone was surprised when Phoebe Waller-Bridge won instead of 6 times winner and Emmy favorite Julia Louis-Dreyfus, especially because Veep ended this year.

Waller-Bridge thanked her acting agents, Fleabag's networks and studios, as well as her fellow cast as she accepted her award. "Thank you, I find acting really hard and really painful. To be nominated with these unbelievable actresses whom I’ve looked up to and watched and laughed with for so many years — it means so much."

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Source 1 2 3 4 5 6

Were you happy with the winners ONTD??

Jennifer Lawrence Shares Her Amazon Wedding Registry

Jennifer Lawrence has decided to share her wedding registry ideas from Amazon. The items range from home, entertaining, tech, smart home, outdoor and travel.

Jennifer wants you to know that she thought this was a good idea. "Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming. For anyone else needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share a few of my favorite registry wish-list items. It's so easy, and you can find everything you need all in one place."

You can see the items at the source but it includes such gifts as Sagaform Wine Carafe With Oak Stopper, Pendleton Women's Canopy Canvas Square Cosmetic Case and Jet & Bo 100% Pure Cashmere Travel Set.

And yes, this is real.

Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

celebrities and brands celebrate the first day of fall

today is the first of the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, which means sweater weather (or "sweata weatha" depending on your region), soon an extra hour for sleep, and all "the beautiful fall 'foilage'" you can stand to look at, and i'm not the only one who's excited:

First day of fall is tomorrow. You ready?

A post shared by Adam Ellis (@adamtots) on

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sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

ontd, how are you feeling? i'm feeling fall af.

and happy bi-visibility day to anyone celebrating!

Viral tweet starts a candy war and one classic must be put on the chopping block

It all started over the weekend when news anchor Liz Dueweke (@LizDueweke) asked which classic candy should go away forever? Problematic actress Yvette Nicole Brown responded with M&M’s while others weighed in on this candy debate, just weeks away from Halloween.

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This Butterfinger erasure rn!

ONTD, which candy would you choose to go away forever?


Celebs react to Greta Thunberg's UN Climate speech "all you can talk about is money... how dare you"

Sixteen year old activist Greta Thunberg had scathing words for leaders at the UN Climate Summit.

"You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you."

Greta also gave tr*mp a scathing look but, unfortunately, could not set him on fire with her eyes.

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Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Woman that Lizzo accused of "stealing" her food is now afraid to leave her home

The Postmates driver that Lizzo publicly accused of "stealing" her food is now having a difficult time and is reportedly afraid to leave her home.

If you recall, last week Lizzo tweeted out to her million followers, "this girl Tiffany W. stole my food she lucky I don't fight no more.", she even proceeded to publish a photo of the woman with the tweet.

The driver, Tiffany W., tells TMZ that "the incident scared the crap out of her. She's afraid to leave her home and even go to work, for fear someone might harm her or even worse."

Tiffany says Lizzo's order was supposed to go to a Boston hotel, but there was no room number and nobody answered the phone when she called. She says she went to the lobby and continued trying to contact Lizzo, and even asked concierge for help. After 10 minutes of failing to reach the singer, she left.

Lizzo has since tweeted an apology, but it's too little too late.


Jared Padalecki starring in and executive producing Walker Texas Ranger reboot

Jared (who lives in Austin) is set to star in and executive produce a Walker Texas Ranger reboot. Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two, returns home to Austin after working undercover for two years and fights crime with a female partner in an elite unit. CBS and the CW are circling the project.

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Emmy Awards 2019: Complete List of Winners


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Tim & Saoirse

Jonah Hill May Join 'The Batman' with Robert Pattinson

  • Jonah Hill is in talks to star opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman from director Matt Reeves in an unknown role.

  • Producers wanted him for some time, but casting decisions were put on hold until Batman was cast.

  • Jeffrey Wright is in talks to star as Commissioner Gordon.

ldr 2

Mariah Carey announces plans to release deluxe 25th-anniversary edition of 'Merry Christmas'

It's time to getfestive.gif! Nearly 25 years after releasing her smash hit Christmas album and its instant-classic first single "All I Want for Christmas Is You," Mariah Carey has announced plans to release a deluxe, two-disc anniversary edition of Merry Christmas on November 1.

The first disc of both the digital and physical versions of the release will contain the original 11 songs included on the international edition of the 1994 album; the second will include songs from its 2010 followup Merry Christmas II You, remixes, and audio from Carey's 1994 performance at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

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In addition to the above, fans can also preorder special holiday merchandise, as well as "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on 7" vinyl and green cassette at the source!

Movie Sandman

Celebrities react to Sid Haig's passing

Sid Haig’s wife Susan L. Oberg:

Celebrities and friends shared their support for horror icon Sid Haig, who passed away on September 21. Haig was most famous for his role as Captain Spaulding in the Rob Zombie films "House of 1000 Corpses," "The Devil's Rejects," and "3 From Hell."

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Source: Haig Zombie Moseley Moon Elvira Savini Sheridan Mancini Page Dawson Daily Trejo

The View: Bob Iger, Emmys, Hot Topics

Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of Disney, previously President ABC

Bob Iger talks about being self-made, risk-taking, Black Panther, Retirement, Disney+ Streaming Service. He is promoting his book The Ride of a Lifetime.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Started his career in 1974 as a studio supervisor. Talks about starting out at the bottom, his ambition, her career trajectory. Grew up middle class, father suffered from manic depression and had trouble holding a job. Family background was risky but he’s not afraid to take risks himself. Had great mentors. If you only protect the status quo, then you don’t get anywhere, and he believed in himself. He backed out of the deal to buy Twitter (what?). He had board approval and advisement, but ultimately didn’t feel it was the right fit for the Walt Disney company to take over the responsibility [of the social media platform].

Sunny talks about MCU and Black Panther in particular. Iger talks about his reasons for making sure no matter what that BP got made. Says this that and the other good things about why it was important to him. Whoopi makes a plug for Sister Act back in the day, don’t assume a foreign audience won’t like a film because xyz. Good story, good characters, all audiences want that. Joy moves to retirement. Says he’s 68 yrs old, still feels young and energetic, seems like time. She wonders how he will adjust, he says I’m Going to Disneyland (hahahah). Photo of Iger and wife. MM brings up Disney+ which launches November 12 Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic. Some original programming as well.

[Hmm he’s not a bad looking daddy guy, seems mild-mannered and nice, Ontd will now explain why he’s not 😃]

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Ontd do you give the silent treatment and then talk about it? Or the silent treatment then never talk about it? Or do you have it out right then?

Source links are below each video or section

Britney Spears and Dad Jamie 'Still Not Speaking' but He Will Remain Conservator

Britney Spears‘ father Jamie may have stepped down as her primary conservator but it appears that move was only temporary.

He “never stepped down fully” from the responsibilities of overseeing his daughter’s personal affairs.

“He will continue to be the conservator,” per source. “Britney and Jamie always had a complicated relationship. Her dad can be very stern, firm and stubborn. Britney many times rebelled against him.”

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office announced that criminal child abuse charges will not be filed against Jamie as there was “insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed.”

Britney and Jamie “are still not speaking after the Sean incident” despite charges being dismissed. “Britney is still upset about it,” the source says.

No word on how a conservator can be a conservator without communication.


Last night's Emmys telecast was a ratings dumpster fire.

Per Nielsen, Sunday’s ceremony drew just 6.9 million viewers on Fox, by far the least-watched Emmys telecast ever.

Last year's SNL-fronted telecast drew 10.2 million viewers on NBC.

It's theorized that this severe drop n ratings was due to this telecast not having a host, but this is also indicative of overall ratings decline for all awards telecasts.

W O O F.

Jeffrey Wright eyed for Commissioner Gordon in THE BATMAN

THR is reporting that Warners is eyeing Emmy and Tony winning actor Jeffrey Wright to play Commissioner Gordan in Matt Reeves THE BATMAN opposite title-star Robert Pattinson.

THE BATMAN hits theaters June 25, 2021.


Demi Moore reveals horrifying memory of sexual assault at 15

Demi Moore opened up about a horrifying memory from her past in her upcoming memoir, "Inside Out".

The actress reveals that as a teen, her alcoholic mother Virginia King began taking her to bars to get noticed by men.

One evening, when she was just 15, she came home to find an older man there with a key to the apartment.

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Source: 1, 2
•Updated source and put behind trigger warning/cut

KIDZ BOP Kids - “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo (Lyric Video)

Kidz Bop 40 is dropping this November and will include Lizzo’s Billboard Hot 100 no. 1 hit, “Truth Hurts.”

Altered and age appropriate lyrics include:

“Why you great / till you gotta be great?”

“I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that kid.”

“You coulda had a good friend, non-committal.”

...and more.

Listen to the song above with your children, nieces, and / or nephews, ONTD.

ONTD, are you 100% that kid?

Sources: 1 | 2

Apple TV+ Series 'Servant' and 'Truth Be Told' (Apparently During The Emmys)

I know a lot of us watched The Emmys, but....I don't remember seeing any of these being advertised? Do you? Well, it's a good thing I decided to randomly search Apple TV+!

Truth Be Told starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul, Spencer is a podcaster who reopens her investigation into a murder. With doubts and new evidence coming to light after her original evidence leads to a conviction, she is forced to reevaluate her investigation which made her a media sensation.

Servant follows a Philadelphia couple "in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home." The series will be written by Tony Basgallop. Toby "The OP really wishes he would be in something that doesn't depress the fuck outta her" Kebbell and Lauren Abrose will star in the show with Rupert Grint.

The clips are just glorified title cards that last less than 20 seconds and you can check them out at the source. Apple TV+ Starts November 1st and actually won't have either of the above shows airing then so....


ok I was going "Apple give me a Servant trailer please" but I'll take what I can get as this is the first actual clips we've seen from it or Truth Be Told.
Also we're gonna need a streaming services tag.
seb 1

Britney Spears on Instagram: " love freedom. I love independence. I don't like to be tied down."

Britney is spilling some truths on Instagram, and the springboard for them is...astrology (of course). Talking about a new book she is currently reading Britney said emphatically "I'm a Sagittarius, I'm very keen on freedom. I love freedom. I love independence...I don't like to be tied down.".

The video comes after last week's hearing on the state of her conservatorship (attended by Britney's mother and father but not herself) where a judge decided to postpone the delivery of the investigation findings until early next year #ihatefuckingwaiting.

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Source 1:
Source 2:

‘Rambo’ Creator Slams Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Last Blood’ as a Degrading Embarrassment

“Rambo: Last Blood” was ripped to shreds by film critics.
No one seems more disgusted by the movie than “Rambo” creator David Morrell.
Morrell’s book inspired Sylvester Stallone’s “Rambo” action movie franchise.
In an interview, Morelli shared that he “felt degraded and dehumanised” after watching it.

source, 2
seb 1

Florence + the Machine wrap their "High As Hope" Tour after a year and a half and 100 shows

Florence and the Machine took their final bow yesterday night when they closed their "High as Hope" tour after 100 shows and a year and a half of travelling around the globe.

The final show took place at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, in the famed ancient Acropolis of Athens. The singer made various nods to Ancient Greek philosophy and history while singing in front of a 5,000-strong sold out crowd.

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Source 1:
Source 2:
with info from
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Slayyyter Channels Xtina for Paper Magazine

In a Stripped-Xtina and Rock of Love inspired photoshoot, Slayyyter gives insight about her musical career thus far.

- Using pop culture as an aesthetic
"I love pop culture. My favorite Twitter account for the longest time is Pop Culture Died in 2009. I love everything like that. It's fun and silly. I love the color pink, Barbie, that kind of stuff. And of course I love The Simple Life. How could you not?"

- Doesn't mind being a Walmart version of Britney Spears
"Some people online describe me and my music as bottom-rate, Walmart clearance section Britney Spears, I love it because hello, I am that! It's honestly such an honor to be thought of in the same breath as Britney Spears."

- Was boo'd off stage in fifth grade dancing to "Push It to the Limit" by Corbin Bleu at a school talent show

- Would fight with producers about wanting to make pop music
"They are so embarrassing because they make so many dumb assumptions. Like, yes, I write my own shit. I co-write, too! And yes, I love rock music and I also play guitar and I sing. I love a good lip-sync as much as anyone, but I sing live. And even if I did none of those things, it doesn't make me any less legit. But of course we all know that kind of criticism is reserved for women who make pop music. No one comes for male artists like that."

- Stans and supports Taylor Swift trying to own her music
"The whole thing of her fighting for her masters is wild. It shouldn't be that way. Women should absolutely have the rights to what they create. It's like, how could they buy her music from her like that? She wrote all those songs and is the reason any of those men get to line their pockets, let's be real."

Ur Man still on repeat

sources: 1 2
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

moby got a neck tattoo

  • in weird celebrity fuckery that has been sorely missing the past few years, moby got a neck tattoo, by kat von d, proclaiming his dedication to a vegan lifestyle.

  • [moby on his tattoo] “i’ve been a vegan for almost 32 years, so getting this tattoo seemed like a pretty safe bet. also, working for animal rights and animal liberation is my life’s work. and to state the obvious, it’s a double entendre…thank you @thekatvond.”

  • reactions have been mixed:

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sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

ontd, would you get a neck tattoo declaring your lifestyle choice to the world? if so, what would it say? mine would say 'i know guac costs extra, goddamit, i can afford it, now give it to me!'
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USWNT(ish) at The 2019 FIFA Football Awards

Julie Ertz, Rose Lavelle, Alex Morgan, Kelley O'Hara, and Megan Rapinoe make The FIFA Best XI. Fans ask where is Becky Sauerbrunn?

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Does everyone hate who ever writes the USWNT tweets or is it just me?

High Sparrow 2020

Pose's Angelica Ross Leaves Twitter After Abuse by Trump, Sanders Supporters

Ross was attacked by Sanders supporters when she criticized him for being the only major presidential candidate who did not attend the LGBTQ forum she was hosting.

"I was disappointed to not see all of the candidates here. I was further disappointed to hear this was not the only LGBTQ event Bernie was making other commitments for. You don’t show up for both of our LGBTQ events? That’s obviously telling us all we need to know.”

She was also attacked by Trump supporters for criticizing his administration's actions towards trans people at the forum.

"One of the reasons I’m here tonight, is because the Trump administration is harming transgender Americans. So let’s just review, why don’t we, just a handful of those moves. The administration moved to revoke trans healthcare and descrimination protections. They made it more difficult for homeless trans people to access shelters, and every Education Secretary Betsy Devos, however you say her name, her decision to stop investigating the complaints of trans students, hurts trans students across the country, when Secretary Devos should be helping to make sure every student can learn.”

Cintia cute smile

Normani Makes Appearance on Zach Sang Show

The world's next pop super star sat down for an interview with Zach Sang and discussed making the video for Motivation, the logistics of the iconic twerking on the fence shot, Beyonce comparisons, the VMA's, working with Ariana Grande, her upcoming album, releasing another song soon and more!!

Fun fact: Normani and her dancers performed the choreo in the mv without actually playing the music for fear of someone leaking the song.

ONTD are you still bopping to Motivation? Ready for Normani's takeover?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way - "Misplaced Zorro Hats, In-Law Jail, and Quickie Weddings" Recap

- we find out that Sumit has been married this whole time. The Call Center Catfish is still frauding
- Drosophila isn't in Korea so OP thinks this is why Koreaboo is calm, oh wait but she gets wasted with some soju to ask Jihoon's friends some questions about his debt
- Jihoon over in South Korea selling stolen Razr phones and shit and he's got a shopping addiction (I guess there's no bro code)
- Laura who Dug Her One Eyed Flying Purple Vag Eater Out of the Garbage is in Tunisia and her son Liam is not trying to be in any part of this wedding. Laura says its because he's got the shits
- Laura proceeds to make disparaging comments about the traditional bride outfit she supposed to wear for a TUNISIAN wedding. Sorry you can't wear your finest Macy's clearance bin curates to your wedding
- Liam was being kinda assholish, like damn OP understands you disagree with your mother's decisions but at least meet the guy and his family - it's just common decency
- Brigham Young University is back in Washington in order to help his mother after her father passed away. Rinsing Queen Evelin is probably still cashing in when she can until his visa runs out.
- Sumit (*throws chocolate* "Liar!") tells us that his family set up his marriage for him. His family has him on lockdown and will not allow him to contact Jenny. Sumit (*throws chocolate* "Liar!") is scared that his in-laws will use deceptive tactics to throw him and his family in jail
- Taeyang is such a beautiful little baby, look at that sweet face. Jihoon needs to grow the fuck up. Also they get married in like two seconds at like a Claire's
- Our Rinsing Queen is actually being quite nice - so what the fuck is happening?
- "It's weird right?" We might get more egg totin'
- yiiiiiiiiis, Tiffany didn't annoy the shit out of us this week


This episode is brought to you by missing Jihoon's family including Bbakki, the most wholesome people on this fourth circle of hell show.
music | robyn as robin

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer #2

Why was Elsa born with magical powers? The answer is calling her and threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she’ll set out on a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough.

Starring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown, the film opens November 22, 2019.


Are you cold, ONTD?

Have You Seen Lenny Kravitz’s Lost Sunglasses?

Lenny Kravitz took to social media to post a plea for his lost sunglasses. The “American Woman” singer tweeted that he was missing his “incredibly sentimental” sunglasses after a show in Los Angeles at The Shrine Auditorium over the weekend.

If you’ve seen Lenny’s sunglasses or have any information, please email! Thank you.

ONTD, have you lost a favorite pair of sunglasses? 🕶

Alyssa side-eye

Does Nightwing Have the Best Ass of Any Superhero?


Superheros are known for their bods... so which superhero has the best ass?

Maybe Nightwing?

Nightwing is the alias of Dick Grayson, aka the original Robin. Nightwing wasn't always taken seriously among comic book readers because of the homoerotic nature of Robin, plus Nightwing was drawn in a way that appealed to women. (Men have no problem with female superheroes who are objectified, but they won't take a male drawn for the female gaze seriously.)

Last week, some behind-the-scenes pics of Nightwing's butt leaked.


Collapse )

Which superhero has the best butt?

TV - Evanna and Keo

Who went home on DWTS 28x02?

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Source: Me and my TV
Pictures from US Weekly

All dances can be viewed here, eventually. Maybe tomorrow idk.

Hannah and Alan - 44 (24 this week, 20 last week)
James and Emma - 41 (20 this week, 21 last week)
Lauren and Gleb - 38 (19 this week, 19 last week)
Karamo and Jenna - 36 (19 this week, 17 last week)
Kate and Pasha - 36 (20 this week, 16 last week)
Sailor and Val - 36 (18 this week, 18 last week)
Ally and Sasha - 36 (20 this week, 16 last week)
Mary and Brandon - 32 (15 this week, 17 last week)
Ray and Cheryl - 30 (15 this week, 15 last week)

Spicey and Lindsay - 28 (16 this week, 12 last week)
Lamar and Peta - 23 (12 this week, 11 last week)

I invite everyone to vote with me for the lowest scoring couple besides Spicey each week until he lands in the bottom 2 and gets yeeted by the judges. PLEASE.
  • theemii

15 Classic Novels You Missed In College That You Need To Read Now

The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hal

About: Stephen is an ideal child of aristocratic parents—a fencer, a horse rider and a keen scholar. Stephen grows to be a war hero, a bestselling writer and a loyal, protective lover. But Stephen is a woman, and her lovers are women. As her ambitions drive her, and society confines her, Stephen is forced into desperate actions.

The Well of Loneliness was banned for obscenity when published in 1928. It became an international bestseller, and for decades was the single most famous lesbian novel. It has influenced how love between women is understood, for the twentieth century and beyond.

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source 1 2 3 4 5

Fave Book Classic // Book Post 📚

Terrence Howard Perplexes Emmys Viewers With Red Carpet Lecture on Gravity

Terrence Howard Plans to Retire After 'Empire'
"Everyone keeps trying to tell me 'Don't say it's forever,' But I spent 37 years pretending to be people so that people can pretend to watch and enjoy what I'm doing, when I've made some discoveries in my own personal life with the science that, you know, Pythagoras was searching for."

Howard's been "able to open up the flower of life properly" and is currently excited about sharing this flower-opening mindset with the rest of the world.

"Why would I continue, you know, walking on water for tips when I've got an entire generation to teach a whole new world? Well, let me put it this way. All energy in the universe is expressed in motion, all motion is expressed in waves, all waves are curves. So where does the straight line come from to make the Platonic solids? There are no straight lines."

He's planning to complement his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony with a YouTube release in which he's going to "build the planet Saturn without gravity and build the Milky Way galaxy without gravity."


Coco Austin is opening up about her decision to continue breastfeeding.

She shared multiple pics of herself breastfeeding her nearly 4-year-old daughter, 

“A mothers calling…. I’m so blessed to have this unbelievable experience in this thing called Nursing. I had a hard time breastfeeding the 1st week of when Chanel was born, I almost gave up but my family told me to hang for another week. They told me I don’t want to miss this special moment you have with your child.. health wise and bond wise. I hung in there and now almost 4 years later Chanel still wants the boob. Its more of a comfort thing now and of course she eats regular but nap time and night time are our time and I’m lucky she hasn’t grown out it yet because when that moment comes I will be so sad… it’s the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know.”