September 21st, 2019

Jameela Jamil, Natasha Lyonne, Ruby Rose cover "Glamour"

- Natasha Lyonne, Jameela Jamil ,and Ruby Rose cover "Glamour's" annual tv issue.

--Jamil on the Kardashians" I don't hate those girls, I just want them to stop selling laxatives, and then I will get off their d**k. That's all I'm trying to do. I'm not trying to attack anyone. But if you have a lot of power and influence and money, and you're using yours irresponsibly, and other people aren't aware that they are being sold a lie, I'm gonna step on that d**k".

- On activism and learning" "I'm calling people out in the same way that I've been called out. I don't sit there and play the victim if I've done something wrong. I just take that as an opportunity to learn. I'm not trying to get anyone cancelled.

- on criticism. Jamil rejects the idea that it is unfeminist for a woman to call out another woman. Jamil" you're not called anti-male if you criticize Kanye West or T***p and your a man. It's quite condescending to imagine that women can't take any criticism. And it's dangerous because without criticism, we never know how to improve". We all need criticism, and I've received it, and I've taken it on board, and it made me a better woman. It made me a better feminist. This is why I call myself a feminist in progress, because I never feel I'm fully defined. I'm not fully formed. I'm always going to have new stuff to learn".

- Natasha lyonne on turning 40. Lyonne -"Go f**k yourself. Let me live my life . I maintain that one out of 5,000 people should have a child. to me, that would be more statiscally more sane. "It's not that I'm inherently averse to children, although maybe I am. I admire greatly all my friends who have kids.But one of the reliefs about turning 40 is people starting to back off"." I'm keenly aware that I'm getting older. I'm very into it. I'm much happier on this side. I would say the underlying anxiety experienced around turning 40 is just looming mortality.It,s emboldening me to really do the things I want to do before it's too late".

_Lyonne was estranged from her parents during her drug addiction during the early aughts where in 2005 she was hospitalized for a collapsed lung , hepatitis c , and an ifection that required open heart surgery. her friend Chole Sevigny was the executor of her estate at the time.

- Lyonne works frequently behind the scenes as directer or producer of projects with her close female friends, like Amy Poehler,and Maya Rudolph to, in part, spend more time with them. Lyonne" We're slowly relizing that, since were no longer teenagers, we cant just hang out, people have children and lives and stuff, so if we can find a way to work together, we'll get to spend more time together that's not just, Lets meet for lunch three times a year".

- Lyonne says her boyfriend of four years Fred Armisen is a caretaker , like Sevigny. she says "Russian Doll" was always set up for 3 seasons and she is reading a lot about quantum physics. Lyonne" I have not actually broken through the space -time continuuum" she quips " but life can feel like a strange loop where, no matter what we do, we can't get out of our own way".

_ Ruby Rose became famous as a vj in Australia in 2007 and was overwhelmed by her fame"It started great. Australia was when I got a good taste of what it was like to be in the papers everday. but people get sick of you. you're in the daily newspaper getting a coffee, and people are like, "She's such an attention seeker, getting her coffee!When all that was happening, I was getting frustrated at always having my sexuality be part of it, like ,you never say ," the heterosexual DJ. That's bizarre.But I relized that if I had to deal with that being really annoying for 10 years, then maybe someone else wouldn't have to."

_ People did not want her for the role as Batman's cousin Kate Kane in the new " Batwoman" series, due in part to the chraecter being of jewish heritage and Rose's acting ability. Rose" I didn't think people would care that I was cast. but on my deathbed, I'm not going to be like, " I really wish that more people, strangers on the internet that I didn't know, liked me"


Grey's Anatomy season 16 trailer and poster

"Nothing Left to Cling To" - Meredith, Richard and Alex must deal with the consequences after Bailey fires them from Grey Sloan for insurance fraud. After disappearing in the fog, Jackson helps a man in a dangerous situation, as his relationship with Maggie comes to a new crossroad. Meanwhile, Tom gets new responsibilities at the hospital that throw the doctors for a loop on the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, SEPT. 26

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Taylor Swift cancels Melbourne Cup performance

According to a media statement by Mushroom Events, Taylor Swift will no longer be performing for the Melbourne Cup in November.

Michael Gudinski from Mushroom Events said, “Regrettably, Taylor is no longer able to make it to this year’s Melbourne Cup. Changes to her Asian promo schedule have made it logistically impossible for her to be here. To all of Taylor’s fans, we hope to see Taylor in Australia in 2020.”

This announcement follows recent criticism of her attendance. The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses asked her to cancel because of the animal abuse that happens at the event.

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THE AERONAUTS - Official Trailer

Set in 1862 and inspired by true events, The Aeronauts follows wealthy young widow Amelia Wren (Jones) and headstrong scientist James Glaisher (Redmayne), as they mount a balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. This is a journey to the very edge of existence, where the air is thin and the chances of survival are slim. As their perilous ascent reveals their true selves, this unlikely pair discover things about each other - and themselves - that helps each of them find their place in the world they have left behind.

Felicity Jones ("A Monster Calls") and Eddie Redmayne ("Jupiter Ascending") reunite in this thrilling drama directed by Tom Harper (Wild Rose) and written by Jack Thorne ("Wonder"). Catch it on Amazon in the States later this year and in the UK on Novmber 6th in cinemas if you want.

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Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness opens up about abuse, addiction, and being HIV positive (cw)

- He opened up ahead of his upcoming memoir, Over the Top, out September 24th
- He grew up in Quincy, Illinois. His family owns Quincy Media, a media company that operates multiple broadcast stations and newspapers in the Midwest.
- [tw sexual abuse] As a child, he was abused in church by an older boy, and struggled with self-esteem, bullying, and body issues throughout his childhood. In his early teens, he began soliciting sex from older men on AOL chat rooms.
- He graduated high school early and went to the University of Arizona, became addicted to cocaine and started hooking once his monthly allowance of $200 from his mom ran out. He flunked out of college and went to the Aveda institute to style hair professionally.
- He moved to LA and fell into the "party and play" lifestyle and began smoking meth. He went to rehab twice and relapsed twice.
- At age 25 he tested positive for HIV after fainting while styling hair.
- Today he drinks and smokes weed, but no longer does hard drugs.
- He felt it necessary to open up despite feeling pressure to maintain the bubbly "JVN" image portrayed on Queer Eye, because "I want people to realize you're never too broken to be fixed."


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian warned by authorities for chasing antelopes on ATVs

Recently, Kim posted a video of Kanye chasing antelopes on his Wyoming ranch with an ATV. Now TMZ reports that the Wyoming Game and Fish Department issued the couple a warning.

Kim can even be heard on the video yelling, "I think you're scaring them."

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Sarah Silverman disagrees with Jamie-Lynn Sigler on who Disney's first Jewish princess is


Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be voicing a Latina Jewish princess in a Hannukah-themed episode of Disney's Elena of Avalor series. When Sigler tweeted that she was excited to play Disney's first Jewish princess, many responded bringing up Sarah Silverman's Wreck-it Ralph character Vanellope von Schweetz, who Silverman had previously identified as being Jewish. Silverman herself tweeted about the news, also writing that she loved Sigler.

Director Rich Moore also weighed in on his character, talking about why a video game character would have a religion.

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Britney Spears attends the “Daytime Beauty” awards with bf

A brunette Britney and Sam had a red carpet date night, as they attended the ceremony for the “Daytime Beauty Awards” (yes they are a thing apparently) where Sam was honored for outstanding achievement in fitness.

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Normani shines in her showcase at the Savage x Fenty show, is Sean Paul approved!

While Amazon is still the worst the Savage x Fenty show was a hit for not only Rihanna but Normani's whose sequence to 'Get Busy' by Sean Paul took the internet by storm & garnering her tons of praise. Watch Below -

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Among the admirers were Sean Paul who tweeted his approval (and I mean, how could you not?)

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Have you even been shouted out by a celebrity ONTD?!

El Caucasity! Ina Garten’s “Pozole” con Yellow Peppers y Tortilla Chips is an Attack Against México

Ina Garten is facing heavy criticism for her “pozole” recipe and video. In the clip, Garten is seen adding not so traditional ingredients such as yellow bell peppers, black beans, tortilla chips, and green salsa to her “pozole,” causing confusion and frustration for many Latino followers.

Pozole is a Mexican soup or stew and is traditionally made with hominy, pork or chicken, and can be seasoned and garnished with shredded lettuce or cabbage, chile peppers, onion, garlic, radishes, avocado, salsa or limes.

You can see the 1 star rated recipe here on Food Network’s Official Website.

ONTD, have you ever had pozole?

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ONTD Original: Slang That Was Stolen from Black Gay Culture


In the last few years, gay slang, mostly from black drag queens, has gone mainstream. This is due to middle-class white straight people appropriating the terms for themselves to sound edgy, clever and funny. But the terms have important history and definitions that many people do not realize.

These are some of the slang terms originating mostly from the black and latino gay community.

Spill the tea, sip the tea

This phrase originates from black American drag culture. It means to tell or to listen to gossip or the truth. But most people know it from the meme of Kermit the Frog sipping tea from a few years ago.

ontd kermit meme .gif

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Do you use words that came from black gay slang?

Yes, all the time
Some of the terms, sometimes
Only when I comment anonymously on ONTD

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Charli's tour set list is posted, fans are mad, Charli gets upset

A fan account posted the set list from Charli's first tour date, prompting a lot of ott complaining and insults from fans. The set list is comprised almost entirely of songs from the new album Charli, excepting the encores which are the 7 year old Icona Pop hit I Love It and ... Boys. Charli disregarded the first rule of the internet and read the comments.

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Are you going to see Charli live ONTD?
Killjoys dutch
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Killjoys post series finale interviews

Paste Magazine spoke with showrunner and series creator Michelle Lovretta about the show and the finale. Highlights:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
* Michelle is particularly proud of the journeys of Turin and Fancy (characters that started off small and she didn't know if they'd continue), Zeph (who didn't exist in Michelle's mind, until she created her later in the series) and the evolution of Delle Seyah, which she'd like to believe is a credible one.

* One of the things they wouldn't have done if they hadn't gotten the two final seasons renewal, is the Dutch-Johnny alternate reality marriage as a cliffhanger. It was very clear to Michelle though that Dutch and Johnny wouldn't develop a romance as a result of the AU. Doubt is organic and healthy, but she really wanted to show a male and female platonic friendship that encountered that temptation, one-sided or both, and moves past it, because that kind of friendship is so valuable.

* She likes the idea of what it says that John is okay with leaving now, and that Dutch is okay with him leaving. How they’ve evolved past a panic or a possessiveness of each other and they are concrete now. So he gets to breathe a little bit, gets to have an adventure, gets to have other people see Johnny just as Johnny, and then he gets to bring all of that back.

* Of all the notes she tried to strike in the finale, she thinks you can’t believe that those characters are just going to go and be domestic. Not that those things can’t be exciting, they can, but that’s not the path Dutch and Johnny and D’avin have been on. It makes her feel good knowing those snarky bastards are out there, still kicking ass and getting into trouble. And she thinks that was the most fitting send-off she could give them.

Mo Ryan from IGN also spoke with Michelle about the finale.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

* They didn't lobby for a final two seasons, but when they found out they had 20 episodes to end it, it was sort of a terrifying grace. You are used to a certain metric, you're used to a certain rhythm. And 10 episodes always felt a little bit small for their show, because they were trying to incorporate episodic adventures and world-building and serialization. It was this really interesting melting pot of all these forms of story. So it's a lot to jam in, and 20 is certainly more ground than they were used to.

* She likes to tell a story through the characters and it was always important that she had a direction of where they would personally end up. She always knew that Johnny was going to be departing on his own adventures and that Dutch and D'avin were going to sort of renegotiate what they wanted out of their lives. But the other part of storytelling is being open to change. She saw that footprint and the trajectory of getting to that direction, but she didn't hold herself to it if it didn't feel like the appropriate payoff. She wrote maybe four different endings, just trying to sort of test them out with her team, to see what feels right. This was the one that felt the best. There's always a feeling that for a story to feel like it matters that people have to die, but if death is all that's important, then you're selling life pretty damn short and Michelle didn't want to do that. She believes in the characters and loves their journeys- watching villains become quasi anti-heroes and the heroes be challenged, she doesn't see why they have to die just because a lot of conventions within storytelling tell us that we need death to feel that there's weight. The weight on this show has always been about love, and it's always been about hope and family and those things shouldn't have to end.

* The moment in the end with Dutch giving The Lady the doll and no longer being manipulated by anyone was important to Michelle. A lot of what she writes ends up being about consent and agency, it was a nice moment to show Dutch and the audience that she really had come full circle. She felt very empowered. She felt strong, she felt unafraid of the Lady and the situation that she's in now. And she didn't feel that she had to be forced to make the kind of moves that she would have made as an assassin. The Dutch that [we see at the end] is as close as we can get to who Dutch would have been if she hadn't been manipulated so much all her life. And it was a pleasure to meet that Dutch by the end.

* She talks about casting, picking up energy from people but not being able to predict personality. Like, Luke being funny and them not knowing it at first, but he just kept nailing the random occasional comic line they gave him. It made them think "Oh, here's a new insight into what makes D’avin so lovable." He's self-aware. He's just the tiniest bit goofy, especially for a big, handsome man. He's really loving, and kind of soft. He's a bit vulnerable in ways that Dutch can see — in a good way. That’s her favorite part about writing television versus writing a movie or writing a novel — you have time to extract from these actors all these things that they can do.

* It's probably always her goal moving forward to have powerful, complicated women in the center of her stories. It serves her as much as it serves the audience, she always wanted more of it when she was younger and to be a part of rectifying that and putting more of these nuanced characters on screen, that haven't always been seen at the center of these stories. Michelle is a woman who loves women, who had women around her and was very comfortable within that world. It appealed to her that Dutch wasn’t — for her own very well-earned, organic childhood reason. She didn't have the female friends that Michelle always had her entire life. That was a sign of her being wounded. It wasn't a sign of power that she was so close to the boys. It was important to take her down the path of healing, where she got past that and when you're seeing her have hugs with D'av, when you're seeing her have these bonds with Aneela. That's the end of her internal journey and it’s been kind of lovely to be a part of making that story happen.

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This is it, I'm gonna kinda miss this fun little show.

What did you think of the series finale?

Loved it
Hated it
I Found it underwhelming
It was whatever, but I'll still miss this show
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Cupcakke calls out Camila Cabello for being racist

Cupcakke called out Camila Cabello for being racist on Twitter and nobody seems to know what happened between the two artists.

Her fans keep saying all the accusations were fabricated despite the fact that she "apologized" in 2013 for her racist and homophobic remarks.

In case the tweets get deleted:

Source: Twitter / TPH
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Rumor: Marvel is Considering POC for Professor X and Magneto in the MCU

There are rumors that Marvel is looking to cast POC for Magneto and Xavier.


Denzel Washington is rumored to be Marvel's choice for Magneto.

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Lamar Odom Breaks Down Viral Toe-Sucking Video

Lamar Odom offers an explanation to a video of him sucking Sabrina Parr’s toes in the back of a car.
Earlier this month Parr shared a video of Odom sucking her toes.
Odom said “I love her feet. I just dove in! It was fine.”
Parr said “I am into it because it’s just a sign of affection for me. I’m an intimate person, I didn’t take it personally.”

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Keke Palmer Decided To Start Selling Merch With The Now Infamous "sorry to this man" Line

The products, being sold on Keke's website, include a T-shirt ($30), a hoodie ($55) and a hat ($25).
Keke decided to start selling merch with the now infamous "sorry to this man" line!
Palmer went viral when she admitted she did not know this man (Dick Cheney).
"Who the hell is...oh y'all are really testing me on some stuff that I...I hate to say it, I hope I don't sound ridiculous, I don't know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street, I wouldn't know a thing. Sorry to this man."

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20 Surprising Secrets About Law & Order: SVU Revealed

21 seasons in and 20 years later, Law & Order: SVU.
On September 20, 1999, the Law & Order spinoff centering on the Special Victims Unit of the NYPD.
These are their behind-the-scenes secrets...

1• Hargitay and Meloni was cast in the roles that would make them TV icons, 
They were both up against other actors for their respective parts.
Hargitay contended with actresses in the final round: Samantha Mathis and Reiko Aylesworth.
Meloni beat out John Slattery, Tim Matheson and Nick Chinlund.

2• Fans were desperate for the partners to hook up during Meloni's 12 seasons on the show.
They never did, the writers never went there.
"They always knew would be the death knell of that relationship,"

3•  Zoe Saldana only appeared in one episode in 2004 as a law student.
The initial hope was for the actress to become an assistant district attorney.
"In the end, it ended up not being practical because she became famous very quickly and the scheduling was too complicated,"

4• Paula Patton was set to join the series in 2010 as the new ADA, but only appeared for one episode. 
She booked a part in Mission Impossible 4 and the SVU team decided to let her out of her contract, bringing in Melissa Sagemiller to replace her. 

5• Several series regulars over the years had actually been on the show previously as different characters.
Before Diane Neal played ADA Casey Novak, she had a role in a season three episode, while 
Kellie Giddish appeared briefly in season 8 before joining the squad full-time as Det. Amanda Rollins in season 13.
Peter Scanavino played a janitor in season 14 before going on to join the cast as Det. Dominick Carisi the following year. 


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