September 20th, 2019

Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

the 'savage x fenty show' is now streaming on amazon prime

  • the latest savage x fenty (lingerie line by multi-hyphenate and gamer of my feelings rihanna) fashion show is now streaming.

  • the special, which showcases the second-ever fenty fashion show, will be available to stream exclusively on amazon prime video in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. it will also feature an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the fashion show. the show coincides with the new fenty fall/winter 2019 collection on sale via amazon fashion.

  • part fashion show, part concert, part performance, and all spectacle; the show features appearances from normani, 21 savage, christian combs, bella hadid, cara delevingne, gigi hadid, laverne cox, and rihanna herself with performances from tierra whack, halsey, smedium big sean, asahd's dad, fat joe, migos and more.

  • see photos from the show below and stream the savage x fenty show on amazon prime now.

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ontd, how many of rihanna's hustles are you supporting?
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

new music post: september 20th

featuring the juan maclean, slayyyter, tove lo, blink-182, brittany howard, fitz & the tantrums, vivian girls, liam gallagher, slenderbodies, joy sales, oh land & arthur moon, mayer hawthorne, mya & ding dong, xavier omär & sango, jhené aiko, kučka, bruno capinan, hubert lenoir & kirin j. callinan, alicia keys & miguel, taylor mcferrin, blue hawaii, & tlc:

the juan maclean | the brighter the light

slayyyter | slayyyter

tove lo | sunshine kitty

[more]blink-182 | nine

brittany howard | jaime

vivian girls | memory

fitz & the tantrums | all the feels

liam gallagher | why me? why not.

slenderbodies | komorebi

joy sales | b.a.m.

oh land & arthur moon | replanting family tree

mayer hawthorne | "the great divide"

mya & ding dong | "handsfree"

xavier omär & sango | "thief"

jhené aiko | "trigger protection mantra"

kučka | "drowning"

bruno capinan | "escorpião"

hubert lenoir | "hunny bunny" (feat. kirin j. callanan)

alicia keys | "show me love" (feat. miguel)

taylor mcferrin | "love & distance"

blue hawaii | "all the things"

tlc | "creep" [lauren lane remix]


Tove Lo's 'Sunshine Kitty' is out now!

Sunshine Kitty, the fourth studio album by Tove Lo, arrives today on all platforms. Its release was preceded by five singles—"Glad He's Gone," "Bad as the Boys" (feat. ALMA), "Jacques" (with Jax Jones), "Really Don't Like U" (feat. Kylie Minogue) and "Sweettalk My Heart"—and features additional appearances by MC Zaac and Doja Cat.

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Trailer for "The Rhythm Section" starring Blake Lively and Jude Law

Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When Stephanie discovers that the crash was not an accident, she enters a dark, complex world to seek revenge on those responsible and find her own redemption. Based on the novel by Mark Burnell, from director Reed Morano (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) and the producers of the James Bond film series, The Rhythm Section also stars Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown.

Keith Morrison
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Keith Morrison is hosting a new true crime podcast

To kick off Dateline's 28th season, host Keith Morrison will be hosting the show's first true crime podcast. The first 6 episodes are called The Thing About Pam and feature the story of the murder of Betsy Faria. A teaser for the podcast quickly claimed the #1 spot on Apple's charts.

Morrison says he's excited to talk about a story more in-depth than they can fit into a one or two hour Dateline episode. Each story will be told over 5 or 6 episodes, so the first season will cover multiple cases.



Will you be listening to this? What podcasts have you been listening to?

Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Blame Their Feud On Astrology

In Taylor Swift’s latest Rolling Stone interview, the “Dive Bar on the East Side, where you at?!” singer explained how she and Katy Perry resolved their feud privately, all while looking to their astrological signs to explain why they reacted the way they did.

“Katy [Perry] and I were talking about our signs. Of course we were,” laughs Swift. “We were talking about our signs because we had this really, really long talk when we were reconnecting and stuff. And I remember in the long talk, she was like, ‘If we had one glass of white wine right now, we’d both be crying.’ Because we were drinking tea. We’ve had some really good conversations.”

“We were talking about how we’ve had miscommunications with people in the past, not even specifically with each other. She’s like, ‘I’m a Scorpio. Scorpios just strike when they feel threatened.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I’m an archer [Sagittarius]. We literally stand back, assess the situation, process how we feel about it, raise a bow, pull it back, and fire.’ So it’s completely different ways of processing pain, confusion, misconception,” continues Swift.

“And oftentimes I’ve had this delay in feeling something that hurts me and then saying that it hurts me. Do you know what I mean? And so I can understand how people in my life would have been like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t know that was how you felt.’ Because it takes me a second,” she added.

ONTD, do you believe you are the way you are because of your sign?

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Bette Midler schooled for calling on Beyoncé fans to defeat Trump

Bette Midler made a tweet yesterday about how Beyoncé should use her fanbase to mobilize against Trump for 2020:

However that backfired quickly, some members of the beyhive weren't happy about Midler's request, saying that Midler should ask her white female counterparts to convice their fanbase to keep Trump out of office:

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This is not the first time Bette Midler is getting rightfully called out for her bullshit about race issues, let's not forget when she tweeted "Women are the n word of the world"

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ONTD, have you ever tweeted something stupid?

'Downton Abbey' kicks off weekend box office with $2.1M on Thursday evening

Focus Features continuation of 'Downton Abbey' kicked off this weekend's busy box office, bringing in $2.1M on Thursday night in a wide release, and is expected to make around $20M (as are the other two movies out this weekend). 'Downton Abbey' was made on an impressive $13 million budget.

Right behind 'Downton Abbey' is Brad Pitt's space movie 'Ad Astra', which brought in $1.5 million on Thursday (this one has a reported budget of $80M).

The third major release, 'Rambo: Last Blood', made $1.3 million at nearly 2,900 screens in the U.S. and Canada, and again, like said before, all three are expected to make roundabouts $20M each this weekend (Rambo has an approximate budget of $50 million).


Christie Brinkley speaks out after Wendy Williams accuses her of faking injury

- Supermodel Christie Brinkley went on "The Talk" to set the record straight on her injury that had her leave "Dancing with the stars" and having the injury being called nothing but a ploy to get her daughter Sailor to take her place to improve her career.

- Wendy's comments after seeing video of the injury taking place. Williams "She fractured her shoulder and wrist practicing over the weekend. Well that looked fake as hell. Let me tell you what I see. What I see is a 65 year old hot stuff who looks like if you were going to fracture anything would have been your tailbone. I don't see a wrist or shoulder being fractured,but that was real cute".

- Williams went on to say Brinkley wanted her daughter on the show to improve her burdgening modeling career. Though Williams apologized Tuesday, she said quote" my opinion still stands".

- Brinkley went on " The Talk" to address Williams accusations. Brinkley"Wendy Williams started this rumor,which was stunning to me because I've been on Wendy's show a couple of times. For some reason she liked me and she would call on me to support her in tough times.

- Brinkley says Williams reached out to her for advice on her divorce as Brinkley has had four of them.

- Brinkley than showed her x-ray and the bruises on her arm, wiping her fingers on the bruises to prove they were not make-up. She says what was to be an hour surgery became three hours.

-Brinkley" My message to Wendy is, it's so much more fun to be kind. Try it. It can't feel good to hurt other people. If it feels good, something is seriously wrong".


[Spoiler (click to open)]


Tim & Saoirse

France, Canada Pick International Feature Oscar Submissions

France has selected Les Misérables, directed by Ladj Ly, as their submission for the International Feature Film Oscar. It won the Jury Prize at Cannes, and was selected for submission over two other shortlisted films: Portrait of a Lady on Fire, directed by Céline Sciamma, and Proxima, directed by Alice Winocour. Portrait had also won awards at Cannes, including Best Screenplay and the Queer Palm, while Proxima had received an honorable mention after its premiere at TIFF.

Les Misérables is inspired by the 2005 French riots, examining the tensions between residents and the police, and based on the short film of the same name, also directed by Ly. Amazon has bought the rights for US distribition.

Canada has selected Antigone, directed by Sophie Deraspe, as their submission. The film, a modern retelling of the Greek tragedy for which it is named, premiered at TIFF, and won the Best Canadian Feature Film prize at the festival.

The shortlist for International Feature Film will be released in mid-December, with the nominations announced in January.

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What a killer year for French cinema! Disappointed for Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Proxima, but happy that France nominated its first film from a black director.
horny christmas

Katy Perry named her LGBT flag colored shoe "The Sissy"

oh-wee miss katy miss katy first you offend out ears, kill nuns and now you offend the gays. Kathryn Hudson named her LGBT flag colored shoe "The Sissy", which is a degotary slur for homosexuals. Katy also faced backlash with her blackface shoe.


Doesn't she get mock ups or pro types before approving this shit.
horny christmas

The Messy Brothers: Nick Carter Vs Aaron Carter

If house of carters taught us anything it was the carters are a dysfunctional family that was not fit to be in the entertainment industry. Now in 2019 the infighting has gotten worst and is on social media for the whole world to see. Aaron went public about his mental health issues and brother Nick responded with a restraining order. Now the BsB fans are attacking Aaron Carter on social media and this is how Aaron decided to respond: By wearing an N Sync Shirt and singing "Bye, Bye, Bye". Now Aaron's sister Angel has filed a restraining order against him.

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Malaysia bans hit stripper movie 'Hustlers'

Malaysia has banned the hit Jennifer Lopez movie Hustlers.
The film about strippers is packed with "obscene content" not suitable for cinema-goers.
They would have to make so many cuts to racy scenes there would be barely anything left to screen.

"This film contains too many scenes with too much excessive obscene content, and is not suitable for public screening. We can see women's breasts and mens' private parts. There are also erotic dances which are too much, and scenes with drugs."


Megan Fox Opens Up About 6-Year-Old Son Being Laughed At For Wearing Dresses To School

Megan Fox opened up about her 6-year-old son Noah, and his love of wearing dresses.
"I send him to a really liberal, like hippy school. But even there, here in California, he still has little boys going like, ‘Boys don’t wear dresses,’ or ‘Boys don’t wear pink',” 

“We’re going through that now, where I’m trying to teach him to be confident no matter what anyone else says. He had stopped wearing dresses for a while. He just wore one two days ago to school, and he came home and I was like, ‘How was it? Did any of the friends at school have anything to say?’ And he was like, ‘Well, all the boys laughed when I came in,’ but he’s like, ‘I don’t care, I love dresses too much,'”


Beyoncé Shares Pictures Dressed As Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet is trending on twitter because of ... Beyoncé.
Beyoncé was dressed as Lisa Bonet for Halloween party.
She shared some pictures.

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Paula Abdul surprises viewers (and Simon Cowell) with surprise AGT appearance on the show finale

As we all know (through the not so few posts of yours truly) Paula's still got them moves.

She flaunted them this week in a surprise appearance on the season finale of America's Got Talent, dancing along the LightBalance crew which led to the surprised faces of both Simon Cowell and the audience members, neither of whom had a clue. (performance starts at the 2 minute mark)

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ONTD do you like surprises?

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Stars who've never won an Emmy but should have

• Connie Britton
Emmy-Worthy Role: Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights 
4 Emmy nominations : FNL (2), Nashville (1), American Horror Story (1), 

• Phylicia Rashad
Emmy-Worthy Role: Claire Huxtable, The Cosby Show 
4 Emmy nominations : Cosby (2), A Raisin in the Sun (1), This is Us (1)

• Keri Russell
Emmy-Worthy Role: Elizabeth Jennings, The Americans
3 Emmy nominations for her role. She was never nominated for Felicity.

• Calista Flockhart
Emmy-Worthy Role: Ally McBeal, Ally McBeal 
3 Emmy nominations for her role.

• Kerry Washington
Emmy-Worthy Role: Olivia Pope, Scandal 
3 Emmy nominations : Scandal (2), Confirmation (1)

Who deserved the most an Emmy for their iconic role ?

Courtney Cox, Monica Geller (Friends)
Hugh Laurie, Gregory House (House)
Jason Bateman, Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)
Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope (Scandal)
Connie Britton, Tami Taylor (Friday Night Light)
Phylicia Rashad, Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show)
Kerri Russell, Elizabeth Jennings (The Americans)
Michael C Hall, Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
Calista Flockhart, Ally McBeal
Steve Carell, Michael Scott (The Office)
Lauren Graham, Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


The rest at the source

The View: Margaret Atwood, Meghan Mood, Hot Topics

Panel today is Joy, Abby, Ana, Sunny, Meghan (Whoopi is filming The Stand the rest of this week)

Guess what? Chicken butt!
Also Me-again has a temper tantrum (Whistleblower segment)

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, inventor, teacher, and environmental activist. She’s the author of The Handmaids Tale and Alias Grace (among others). THT was adapted for Hulu series. AG was adapted for Netflix series. She has a new book out, The Testaments.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
She wrote The Handmaids Tale in 1985 and based it on real events, but relocated it to Cambridge MA. Sunny asked where was this happening, Atwood says, which century, even now, which state before Roe v Wade, which state even now. Feels women are being conscripted. Sunny wonders if we’re moving towards Gilead. Atwood says in some places no (Ireland) and in some places Yes. Every autocratic, authoritarian, totalitarian regime rolls back women’s rights.

Abby talks about the show on Hulu, says it’s very dark but she felt very motivated to fight for women’s rights. They talk about the phenomenon in America, started in TX. Dressing like the characters has become a symbol of women’s bodies being controlled by men. MM brings up new book. Atwood says it’s 15-16 yrs. after THT. Three women are key roles. One only knew Gilead, can’t read or write. One only knew freedom (e.g. Canada from the story). One was an elder in Gilead (Aunt Lydia). Joy shifts to climate change, which is integrated in the book. Atwood talks about domino effect, starting with effects of deprived oxygen effect on the brain.

[Watch Alias Grace if you haven’t seen it]

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Ontd what will you be wearing for Halloween this year?

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Céline Dion begs Drake not to get a tattoo of her face

During a recent interview with iHeartRadioCA, Céline Dion made an impassioned plea to fellow Canadian Drake that he not tattoo her face on his body.

The rapper, who has become known for his eclectic collection of tattoos of muses (Aaliyah, Sade), memes (himself walking ahead of The Beatles on Abbey Road), and more, first expressed a desire to have Dion's likeness inked on his ribcage at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

"Please, Drake, I love you very much," Dion says to the camera in the video, "You can write me love letters, you can send me autographs for my kids, you can come and visit. I can have you home for lunch or dinner... we can go for a drink. We can sing together. Whatever you want to do. I can talk to your mother. Whatever you want, but please [don't do that]."

Will Drake respect Dion's wishes? Only time will tell.

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The Los Angeles Times post snippet from Britney's scrapped Vegas DVD

Britney's Domination residency may be cancelled but her first residency show, Piece of Me is still kicking.

This week The Los Angeles Times posted a sampler from the show, released exclusively to the press.

The footage was recorded in February 2016 for a possible DVD release although by the following year Planet Hollywood confirmed on twitter that plans for a home-media release had been scrapped.

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Should the full show be released?

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Madonna's "Madame X Tour" is getting glowing reviews

The press was finally invited on a third night of Madonna's "Madame X" show in Brooklyn and reviews are finally in. Since people are not allowed to take any pictures or videos (it's very very strict) at the venue there wasn't even a single Madonna picture from the first two shows, but now that press was there - they were allowed to take a few pictures, no more than that.
Madonna is playing small venues this time around, she's no stranger to trying something new and flipping things around. She's set to perform first 17 shows in Brooklyn's Academy of Music’s Howard Gilman Opera House (capacity is a bit over 2000 people) then she'll be moving on to another big cities and in 2020 she'll hit her new intimate show in Europe as well.
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Mark-Paul Gosselaar at the red carpet premiere of mixed-ish talking about being mixed-ish.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is of German and Dutch Jewish descent and his mother is Dutch and Indonesian.

“It’s about time, it really is. I didn’t have to deal, fortunately and unfortunately, with what a lot of my bothers and sisters who are mixed had to deal with because of the way I looked...But it still didn’t mean that I still didn’t have some form of issues with where I fit in in society in a general room, in general enviroment and we hit those topics on our show just like they do on Black-ish."


Patron Saint of interracial buddy TV shows cancellation - Mixedish will be joining Pitch and The Passage #cancelledafteroneseason
david rose sure

'Schitt's Creek' Creator Dan Levy Signs Overall Deal With ABC Studios

- Dan Levy signed a three-year deal with Disney's ABC studios to develop and produce scripted projects.

- They "won out after multiple outlets bidding for his services."

"Dan Levy has proven himself as one of the most creative people in the TV business," ABC Studios president Jonnie Davis said Thursday in a statement. "His writing, acting and producing skills will be a tremendous asset to ABC Studios, and we couldn't be more excited to be in business with him."

- Dan is currently in the middle of post-production for Schitt's Creek's final season, premiering in January


david rose sure

New couple alert: Andrew Rannells and Tuc Watkins

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- Andrew Rannells (41, Girls, Black Monday, overall Broadway fave) and Tuc Watkins (53, One Life to Live, Desperate Housewives) played boyfriends in last year's The Boys in the Band on Broadway (and in the upcoming Netflix adaptation)

- Became social media official this week

- Tuc has also joined the cast of Season 2 of Showtime's Black Monday (which Andrew stars in and produces)


Erica Durance To Reprise ‘Smallville’ Lois Lane Role In Arrowverse Crossover On the CW

Erica Durance is joining her Smallville co-star Tom Welling in the CW’s upcoming DC Arrowverse.
She will be reprising her role as Lois Lane in multiple episodes of the five-night event.
Durance already is a member of the Arrowverse — she recurred as Alura Zor-El on Supergirl.

There are no plans for multiple incarnations of Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher)


Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds to Star in Musical Reimagining of 'A Christmas Carol'

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds will star in a musical version of A Christmas Carol.

Sean Anders and John Morris of the Daddy's Home films are set to write and direct. No word on who Ferrell and Reynolds will play.

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Ansel Elgort wants you to take your mom to The Goldfinch

Ansel Elgort posted a story on his instagram where he says that critics are usually great writers but he goes on to say that they usually have to "pick a side." In this case he said the best way for them to write their reviews/articles was to point out all that was wrong with The Goldfinch film. He claims there is a lot of good in the film as well and that the film "works." He says that people that see it enjoy it and are moved by it. He says his mother is not always moved by his films, but she was moved by this film. He finishes his instagram story by encouraging you to take your mom to the movie.

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Ontd, will you take your mom to see The Goldfinch?
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Chernobyl Doctor Fact Checks the HBO Series | Vanity Fair

Ukrainian medical responder and radiation expert Alla Shaprio reviews the validity of the HBO series "Chernobyl." Alla shares some real-life on-site experiences to explain whether clips from the series are true to what actually happened on April 26th, 1986 and the days that followed.

Dr. Shapiro received a Medical degree and a PhD degree in Kiev, Ukraine where she was trained in pediatric hematology. After Chernobyl she was one of the first medical responders sent to the most radiation contaminated areas, and headed the field team surveying the medical effects on children in the Chernobyl vicinity.

In 1989, Dr. Shapiro and her family became stateless refugees, spending 6 months in refugee camps in Italy, before immigrating to the U.S. She completed a residency in pediatrics at Georgetown University Hospital and a fellowship in pediatric oncology at the National Institute of Health. Shortly after 9/11, she became a Medical Officer at the Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Coordination Staff at the US Food and Drug Administration and evaluated drugs that treat people who have been exposed to harmful levels of radiation.

Dr. Shapiro is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Extraordinary Journey of the Stateless: From the Shadows of Chernobyl to the Lights of Washington.


JLo Closes Versace Show Wearing A New Version Of Her Iconic Dress

Jennifer Lopez closed Versace tonight in the dress that really did break the internet.
J.Lo emerged in a recreation of the dress that she infamously wore on February 23, 2000, to the Grammy Awards

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