September 8th, 2019

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Canadian Bianca Andreescu beats Serena Williams to win US Open

- 6-3 7-5
- This is 19-year-old's first slam. She didnt get past qualies last year
- She's beaten every top 10 player she's played this year
- First Canadian and first person born after 2000 to get a slam
- Justin Trudeau also congratulated her on Twitter

perfect :3

Indie Film "The Farewell" Broke an "Avengers: Endgame" box office record

"The Farewell," an independent summer release starring Awkwafina and directed by Lulu Wang, managed to one-up "Avengers: Endgame" in an important category: it holds the record of highest per-screen average for the 2019 domestic box office, meaning each showing was, on average, more packed than that for the massive Marvel blockbuster.

Actor Tzi Ma (Haiyan) commented on the film's success and its importance:

"Hopefully, with The Farewell and other films of late that have been very successful, other independent filmmakers will be able to tell their stories," he said. "It's beyond the film The Farewell. It's about including all of the people who have been struggling to tell these stories and [to help them] have the opportunity and hopefully get the financing to make their stories come to life and come to fruition.

"It's beyond my expectations of what's been happening, the fact that The Farewell rang true to a lot of people and [resonated] with audiences worldwide. I'm really excited to see the impact of the film for the independent filmmaker."

"The Farewell" will open in the UK on September 20th.


Promising news for many reasons.
Body language

Indya Moore pays tribute to murdered trans women with red carpet look

Pose star Indya Moore paid homage to the lives of all the American trans women who have been murdered in the US this year with a pair of earrings that displayed their photos.

"As you all know — or not — I am black and I am trans. Some of you may be uncomfortable with the politics of my speech, and I won’t apologize for that, because my life is politics... This year, sixteen known women were taken from us. On this day that I'm celebrated and awarded for being visible, I decided to bring them with me, I'm wearing them on my ears as earrings.”

Moore continued: “Trans people deserve safety, acknowledgement, and respect. Not just when we’re on the cover of magazines, but when we are in the streets, when we are poor, when we are sex workers. When our hair ‘aint laid. When we can’t afford Louis Vuitton. Or when we can’t get access to a hormone shot. And especially when we are dying.”

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

A fan tells Tom Hiddleston he's the reason she became a stripper

  • While signing photos for fans at the stage door for his new play Betrayal a fan approached Tom Hiddleston to tell him he's the reason she became a stripper

  • He just smiles and nods like he's heard all this before and he's going to hear it again

  • It's pretty cringe but it only lasts 8 seconds if you can bear it


ONTD has a celeb influenced your career choice?

Jennifer López SHINES in Hustlers!

"If you think equating Lopez to the sun is an exaggeration, then you haven't seen this movie."

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justice for selena, karen, slim, marisa, and puchi, right ontd?
HP doujinshi 'Power Play'

Kevin Sorbo defends the second amendment in new film "The Reliant"

Tagline: Protect Family And Faith At All Costs

Synopsis: When crisis strikes and their world crumbles, is God reliable to meet their needs or must their faith remain blind to facts? After an innocent trip to the store ends in rioting and chaos, father of five, Rick (Kevin Sorbo) rushes home desperate to gather his family and find safety. His plans are dashed when the very same armed men suddenly appear, led by the ruthless Jack (Brian Bosworth). Caught in the deadly crossfire, the children are forced to seek shelter in the surrounding woods. Alone and vulnerable, the children's faith and family bonds are pushed to the limit, especially those of the eldest daughter, Sophie (Mollee Gray), who questions the morality of gun ownership but soon learns that in God all things are good, including her family’s Second Amendment right to defend themselves. It is now up to the children to reclaim their home, find their parents and put an end to Jack's rampage.

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A Black Lady Sketch Show completes first season

"Cicely Tyson would be very proud." A Black Lady Sketch Show is a narrative series set in a limitless magical reality full of dynamic, hilarious characters and celebrity guests. The show presents sketches performed by a core cast of black women, including Robin Thede, Ashley Nicole Black, Quinta Brunson, and Gabrielle Dennis. Stream it now on HBO. #HBO #ABlackLadySketchShow #ABLSS

It just had it's season finale...


ONTD have you ever been in a historic situation??

 I loved this show! It went by entirely too quickly

Flavor Flav's Daughter Wishes Her Father Were More Involved In Her Career

Da'Zyna Drayton, the daughter of Flavor Flav, will appear on "Growing Up Hip Hop: New York," a reality show about the children of hip-hop stars.

Da'Zyna wishes that her father was more involved in her life and her career. She says that one of Flavor Flav's sons is making a rap album and asked his father to appear on it, but Flav declined, saying that he was too busy.

Da'Zyna (pronounced like "designer" but with an "uh" instead of an "er") is one of Flavor Flav's seven children. She says that he does not have a strong relationship with his kids and is considering estrangement from him.

do you have daddy issues, ONTD?

Nah my dad is cool
Yes and I'm still dealing with that shit
Yes but I'm strong af anyways!

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500 lb Gingerbread Replica of the Winchester Mystery House - From The Mind Of Christine McConnell

In my second public episode I recreate the famous Winchester mystery House into a huge four sided gingerbread sculpture :D

The sculpture will be on display at the Winchester Mystery house till Nov 3rd


would you rather live in a Haunted house or a Gingerbread house??
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Kristen Stewart Supports Robert Pattinson as Batman: ‘He’s the Only Guy That Could Play the Part’


The “Seberg” actress had some nice words for her ex boyfriend's Batman casting

“I feel like he’s the only guy that could play that part. I’m so happy for him. It’s crazy. I’m very, very happy about that. I heard that and I was like, ‘Oh man!’ It’s awesome.”

Succession S2x06 Promo - "Argestes"

Ontd Gerri and Roman are so messed up 😳

Who did you hate-love the most this week?

Papa Smurf Logan
Don Quixote of Iowa Connor
Keep Clean This Weekend Eh Killer Kendall
Hate Jerking to Instagram Roman
Twelve Seconds to Look Up Wikipedia Shiv
Jeepers F-ing Creepers Tom
Ichabod Crane Going by Gregory
I'm Not Avail 24hrs Day Like an ATM Gerri


Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special is offending critics, but viewers don’t care


Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special Sticks & Stones had a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes before reaching 23 percent.

Viewers gave it a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The special has been rated 8.6 out of ten on IMDb.

Chappelle accuses audiences of coming after celebrities, saying now is not a good time to be famous.

"If you do anything wrong in your life, and I find out about it, I'm gonna try and take everything away from you... if I find out, you're f**king finished"