September 7th, 2019


Justin Bieber defends posting about his wife on social media

Justin Bieber was posting about his wife Hailey Bieber on Instagram (again) and someone commented saying he didn't need to post about her so much, but should "just live and enjoy it without trying to presume to appear or force someone else to see that 'YOU'RE IN LOVE'"

Justin responded saying
"honouring your wife publicly is actually such an amazing respectful thing to do. it's not only reassuring to her it's also a way of giving people something to look forward to.. I'm not forcing it down anyone's throat, YOU are following ME. Should I not make songs about loving my wife being in love or is that shoving down my love for her down your throat too. This is my life. Unfollow me if you don't like what I post"

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Did Hailey Bieber get a Taylor Swift-inspired tattoo?

Tattoo artist Dr Woo posted a picture of a new tattoo he did on Hailey Bieber, revealing that Hailey has gotten the word "Lover" tattooed on her neck. People immediately noticed the font looks very similar to the font used on Taylor Swift's latest album Lover and started questioning whether Hailey got the tattoo as a tribute to the album. However, other people think it's just a coincidence since the word 'lover' is quite generic.

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ontd, do you think the tattoo is a tribute to tswift or just a random coincidence?
Ron/Hermione hands

First reviews are on for 'Just Mercy', starring Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx & Brie Larson

The anticipated drama 'Just Mercy' premiered at this year's Toronto Film Festival, and early buzz and reviews are already halfway near handing Jamie Foxx his second Oscar (probably supporting) and tons of love, accolades, and Oscar talk for Michael B. Jordan as well (as lead). The movie itself is getting rave reviews and will likely be a big awards contender.

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A first look at Season 5 of NBC’s “Superstore”

Get a glimpse of the upcoming fifth season of NBC’s “Superstore” starring America Ferrera. Note: If you haven’t seen the season four finale, beware of spoilers shown in this clip.

Season 5 begins Thursday, September 26th 2019 on NBC.

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ONTD, are you watching Superstore? One of the best workplace comedies since “The Office” and “Parks and Rec?” Don’t let your traumatic years of experience in retail get in the way!

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Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Caused Car Crash That Killed Her and Teenager, Police Say

Country singer Kylie Rae Harris is responsible for Wednesday's fatal car accident that killed her and a 16-year-old student, the Taos County Sheriff's Office reports.

The investigation is currently underway. The authorities suspect that speed and alcohol played a role in the accident.

The police have identified local high school student Maria Elena Cruz as the second victim in the three-vehicle crash.
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Walter Mosley Quits ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ After CBS HR Called Him on Using N-Word in Writers Room

Novelist and screenwriter Walter Mosley has quit as a writer on the CBS All Access series “Star Trek Discovery” after disagreeing with the company’s human resources department over his use of the n-word in the writers room.

Mosley, who is African American, quit after being contacted by HR because someone complained.
He left the show of his own accord following a discussion with HR, but was not reprimanded.

“I hadn’t called anyone it. I just told a story… I was telling a true story as I remembered it. I was in a writers’ room trying to be creative while at the same time being surveilled by unknown critics who would snitch on me to a disembodied voice over the phone. My every word would be scrutinized. Sooner or later I’d be fired or worse — silenced.”

Mosley, also a consulting producer and sometime writer on the FX series “Snowfall,” 


Liam Payne may have accidentally shared a photo meant for someone else on his Instagram Stories

Oh no no no

Liam Payne gave his 17 million followers a peep show not long ago on his Instagram Stories. In the quickly deleted snapshot, Lime is seen laying in bed with his toned torso showing while his hand is grabbing his crotch, slightly pulling down the bed covers.

The photo didn’t reveal anything explicit, but fans assume the “Strip That Down” singer was in the middle of sending some nudes to someone and accidentally posted the photo to his story.

Lime deleted the image within seconds, but not BeFoUr fans took a screenshot of it.

ONTD, do you send nudes?


Kelly Ripa Told Brian Austin Green Not To Date Megan Fox While She Was Underage

At the time the couple met, Fox, who was 17 at the time, was starring on “Hope & Faith” with Ripa.
During an episode of “Live With Kelly And Ryan", Green recalled the table read where he first met Fox.

Green : “It was Kelly and Ted McGinley, who, at the table read, was like, ‘She’s 17. So nobody touch her.' So I was like, ‘All right. Fair enough.’ I had no intention at that point of dating.”

Ripa : “Meanwhile, she had a calendar with a big circle on her birthday, like, ‘This is the day I turn 18.’ I could tell she was so into you. Listen, she has eyes. We all have eyes. We’re all into you. But she was so obviously smitten. Long story short, I’m glad you didn’t listen to me.”

Green : “Thank you. So am I.”

They reconnected once Fox turned 18.
They have been married since 2018 and have three boys Noah, 6, Bodhi, 5, and Journey, 3.


"Joker" Wins Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival

Put a smile on that face; The Golden Lion award for Venice 2019 goes to Todd Phillip's JOKER movie.

Trash heap Roman Polanski won the Grand Jury Prize for AN OFFICER AND A SPY.

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Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp make out on a yacht

Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp have reportedly been dating since October 2018 and recently made their first joint red carpet appearance at the Venice Film Festival. This week the 23-year-old actor and 20-year-old actress had a steamy makeout session during a fun boat ride in Capri, Italy. (Swipe for more)

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Paramount's "Major Matt Mason" movie based off of 60s toy will star Tom Hanks

Old man yells at monsters on the moon.

Major Matt Mason is an astronaut who lives and works on the moon. The toy’s popularity coincided with America’s own space race in the ’60s, and has  supporting characters like a space crew and alien allies and villains.

Hanks is making the circuit rounds for IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The script will be adapted from a short story written by Michael Chabon, who wrote the FABULOUS middle grade novel Summerland in 2002.

Akiva Goldsman has teamed up with Will Smith for "Brilliance", a movie about non-neurotypical people who are othered by society and tracked by the government.


What toyline do you want to be a movie? Honestly, someone should adapt Bucky O'Hare.

Body language

Lil Nas X Hangs Out With 'Euphoria' Star Hunter Schafer

Lil Nax X was spotted hanging out with “Euphoria” breakout star Hunter Schafer.

The 20-year-old rapper posted a series of photos with Schafer. Lil Nas X captioned his post, “new friend alert!!”.


Holly Marie Combs marries boyfriend Mike Ryan

Holly married her third husband, restauranteur Mike Ryan, in a ceremony in Carmel, California today. Those in attendance included Brian Krause, Drew Fuller, and Charisma Carpenter. She shares sons Finley (15), Riley (12), and Kelley (10) with ex-husband David Donoho and was also previously married to Bryan Travis Smith while Mike has a seventeen year old daughter.


Tom Hiddleston is dating actress Zawe Ashton

The Sun says that Tom Hiddleston is dating his co-star Zawe Ashton. This is Tom's first high-profile romance since splitting from Taylor Swift

A source told The Sun: “Tom really has fallen for Zawe in a big way.

“They’ve actually been together for more than six months. But he is so paranoid about his private life since his relationship with Taylor that he has gone to great lengths to keep this under wraps."

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Eva Longoria Details Being 'Bullied' By Desperate Housewives Co-Worker on Set


Eva Longoria penned a letter of support for Felicity Huffman to help with her legal troubles.

In it she described how Huffman defended her from a bully on set:

“There was a time I was being bullied at work by a co-worker. I dreaded the days I had to work with that person because it was pure torture. Until one day, Felicity told the bully ‘enough’ and it all stopped. Felicity could feel that I was riddled with anxiety even though I never complained or mentioned the abuse to anyone.”

and consoled her after Longoria was the only lead of the show to not get nominated for a Golden Globe in season 1:

“I wasn’t devastated but the press made it a bigger deal than it was between the four of us actors and that did affect me a bit. Felicity came to my trailer and said, ‘It’s just a piece of metal, that and $1.50 will get you a bus ticket.’ She then proceeded to tell me how talented I was and how I never needed an award to know that. I know I would not have survived those 10 years if it wasn’t for the friendship of Felicity.”

Who Wore It Better ? Michael B Jordan Or Zendaya ?

Michael B Jordan wore that mottled texture Berluti Suit to the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.
Zendaya wore that mottled texture Berluti suit to the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party.

Who Wore It Better ?



Matt Reeves Eyeing Black Actress For Catwoman In Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’

Matt Reeves is looking for a black woman to play Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman.
Reeves wants a Zoe Kravitz-type actress to play Catwoman, whoever is cast will likely be Black or biracial.
Kravitz was the actual choice/prototype for the Catwoman role, but is unavailable due to her busy schedule.


Casting Suggestions ???