September 1st, 2019


Premiere: benny blanco, Juice WRLD - “Graduation” (Music Video)

Producer Benny Blanco teams up with rapper Juice WRLD for a “new” song called “Graduation.” And just in time! ...for the beginning of a new school year. The song samples “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C.

The video features cameos by Hailee Steinfeld, Justice Smith, Kaitlyn Dever, Noah Cyrus, Nat Wolff, Ross Butler, Maddie Ziegler, Dove Cameron, Olivia Munn, Austin Abrams, Tommy Dorfman, Peyton List, and many more.

Just watch the original behind the cut tbh.

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ONTD, what year did you graduate high school?

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Weekend Box Office: 'Angel has Fallen' Wins Weak Weekend

This weekend's box office was anemic. Angel Has Fallen led with $11.5 million, while everyone else stayed below the $10 million dollar mark.

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Venice Roundup: 'Joker', 'Wasp Network', 'Laundromat' & More

The 76th annual Venice Film Festival continues through next week; here are some more pics from the red carpet, photocalls and behind the scenes from the past couple of days. Above, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix were snapped on their way to the Joker premiere.

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Sofia Vergara blasted over ‘tone deaf’ pics ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Sofia Vergara‘s glam beach photos calling out Hurricane Dorian aren’t sitting too well with fans as many are readying for the storm. “Esperando a Dorian,” she captioned photos.
Fans took offense to her lack of compassion for Floridians who are prepping for the hurricane.

Despite any backlash from followers, she continued to post carefree photos in the ocean with her friends.
In the last of her documenting her trip, she and her girlfriends were aboard a private plane.
“Bye bye Dorian!!” she wrote of the group photo, which wasn’t received too well by fans.


Zazie Beetz Thinks Americans Shower Too Much

A number of dermatologists say that a daily shower is totally unnecessary and can wash away the good bacteria in our bodies that keep us healthy.

German-born actress, Zazie Beetz says cat baths should be incorporated into your routine ASAP.
"I actually think Americans shower too much. I like a cat wash—I do my face, my armpits, and my… intimates."

"I don't use any perfumes… they're so expensive. For years, I have been saying that I want a scent, because I love when you smell somebody and think, 'Ah, you smell like you.' But I kind of do have a scent—it's just from the products I use, and not from perfume."

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Lana Del Rey dishes on James Franco's scrapped book of "real and imaginary" conversations with her

Lana Del Rey sat down with several radio stations last week as part of a promotional tour for her new, critically acclaimed album Norman Fucking Rockwell!, and during one interview she dished on Flip-Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations with Lana Del Rey, a project by actor James Franco that had been reportedly slated for a March 2016 release but never hit shelves.

Speaking to Kevin Manno at 104.3 MYfm, Del Rey said, "I thought it was cool that someone I really liked was writing a book about... me? Question mark?" before adding, "But then I had read an excerpt of it."

"We hadn't really spoken all that much yet," she elaborated. "I wasn't thrilled with the, um, presentation. It was definitely a projection.

"I was like, 'Wait a minute, I don't think we talked about that.' And he was like, 'Well, I think we did,' and I was like, 'I'm pretty sure we didn't, where's the recording?' It was just kind of an interesting twist. I think at the time we were talking about a more collaborative poetry book, or a book of short tales, and then it was a weird story about me being, like, a freak."

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Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

vfx artists react to bad & great cgi 10

  • our favorite iteration of the corridor crew: clint, wren, and niko as well as a very welcome special guest, oberyn, the red vyper (b.k.a.: obie) a very good boy, are back--to react!--to the good, the bad and the confounding in special effects.

  • this episode features the grotesque hand animations of the dark knight, the understandably technologically limited, but still strange morphing choices of mortal kombat: annihilation, the believable 2d compositing and effects of captain america: the first avenger, the denial of physics and aesthetic choices of ultraviolet, and the perfection of astartes (part 4)

  • watch the latest episode below:

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Malik Yoba reavealed he is attracted to Trans- Woman." I love All woman"

Malik Yoba calls out transphobic people and also shares something intimate about himself.

— MadameNoire (@MadameNoire) September 1, 2019

- "Why did I get married?"and " New York Undercover"star Malick Yoba reavealed he was "trans-attracted when he was commenting on a young man who took his life after bullying for dating a trans woman.

-Yoba" I love All woman And count Myself among those who find themselves trans attracted and I too have felt the self imposed shame that comes with that truth but it is time to speak up".

- Yoba will be participating in the national trans March in DC on September 28


National suicide hotline



Body language

Why Taylor Swift Really Scares Trump On LGBTQ Rights

"When Swift spoke out against Republican candidates in 2018, Trump’s response revealed Swift’s superpowers. Just about every well-known woman who crosses Trump, after all, is vilified by him in misogynistic tirades.

But Trump’s only response to Swift was that he would “like Taylor’s music about 25% less now.”

For Trump, that was about as respectful—and careful—as you get. Sen. Corey Booker, Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic presidential candidates signed Swift’s petition to the White House on the Equality Act earlier this summer, acknowledging her power and might, following her lead rather than the other way around."

Full piece at the source


Comedian Hana Michels has thoughts on’s chart for “The average price of a date in the US”

A chart from for “The average price of a date in the US” from earlier this year started to gain traction and go viral on Twitter. Comedian Hana Michels had some thoughts on the “average price of a date,” as well as others who questioned the data. See more reactions behind the cut.

Do you agree with these average prices in your respective state? How much money do you spend on a date?

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Nate Parker Apologizes for Being ‘Tone Deaf’ in Response to Resurfaced Rape Charge

He had been “tone deaf” in his past remarks regarding the rape charge he faced as a college student.

“The last three years have been such a learning experience for me. I feel like I have gained so much wisdom from people in my circle. Three years ago I was pretty tone deaf to the realities of certain situations that were happening in the climate. And I’ve had a lot of time to think about that, and I’ve learned a lot from it. And being tone deaf, there were a lot of people that were hurt in my response, in the way I approached things. I apologize to those people. I’ve learned, I’m continuing to learn. I’m 39 years old now. Hopefully I have a long way to go. The hope is that I can continue taking the wisdom from people who care enough…and help me to be introspective about where I am and what I’ve been through.”

Spike Lee, who is in Venice to support Parker and the film, said
“He explained to me the growth he had gone through, and also the pain, and when he said that, I said, ‘Come on, brother. I’m with you. That’s why I’m here. Nate is not hiding. He’s answering the questions. And we’re moving forward.”


Kevin Hart suffers 'major back injuries' after car crash


ONTD Original: And Now, The Weather - Natural Disasters in Movies

Hi, everyone! If you're on the East Coast / also in Florida, I hope you're prepared to stand against Hurricane Dorian.

  • Have water; Enough to last for 7 days per person. Trust me, this shit can wipe out your water infrastructure for days. Fill your bathtubs and clean containers with drinking water. You may also need that to flush your toilet.

  • Take your animals with you. They depend on you!

  • Get a propane tank. If you have a grill, you can cook when the power is down! If you don't have one, get a small Instant Grill and some matches.

  • Don't eat all your hurricane snacks before the storm hits.

source: went through this shit last year. Thankfully it's not coming to west Florida, but it still may affect people.

If you're the kind of person who laughs in the face of danger, read on! If not, read on anyway. Let this post remind you of better times before impending insurance disaster.

While searching for movies to include in this post, I came across one I had never heard of before - Solar Attack (2006); The disaster? The...sun.

Apparently, the solar giant can fire lasers with pinpoint accuracy! 
Obviously intrigued by such a poster, I had to search and see what this masterpiece was about; As per a Wikipedia source;

Concerns large coronal mass ejections (CMEs) [plasma] that cause the Earth's atmosphere to burn, potentially suffocating all life on Earth. All of this happens during a time of political tension between the United States and Russia.
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Stay safe, stay alert, and keep your spirits up. What other natural disaster movies have you seen? Points if you don't mention Day After Tomorrow.

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Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch Up For Role As Hades In Live-Action "Hercules"

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 8.15.03 PM.png

British actors Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch are allegedly being considered for the role of villain Hades in the "Hercules" remake. In the 1997 cartoon, noted bigot James Woods did the voice of Hades. Alexander Skarsgaard is apparently in consideration to play Hercules.

Disney has not yet announced the film formally, but they are adapting just about every other cartoon into a live-action CGI nightmare, so why the hell not this one.

Who would make the better live-action Hades

Tom Hiddleston
Benedict Cumberbatch
James Woods, age 72

Who would you rather?

Tom Hiddleston
Benedict Cumberbatch
James Woods, age 72
Hades himself

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Antoni Porowski From "Queer Eye" Has A New Cookbook!


Antoni from Netflix's "Queer Eye" reboot has launched his first cookbook called "Antoni in the Kitchen" and is doing interviews to promote it. Some tidbits from interviews:

  • He includes anecdotes about his ex-boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer's family

  • He tried to be an actor before becoming a chef

  • It hurt his feelings that people made fun of his simple recipes

  • His sexual orientation is fluid:

    “I’m still trying to define what that means for me... I think I did certainly have a bit of shame being fluid when I was growing up because I didn’t know too many people who I could relate to.”

  • He is not obsessed with avocados:

    “I’m not as obsessed with them as public perception may be... The stars just aligned to make me the avocado guy."

  • His fav food is cheese.

Some of the recipes in his cookbook include Polish hunter's stew, 1990s Porowski goat cheese canapes, and cheesy lemon-rosemary artichoke dip.

What is your favorite food?

Do you use a cookbook?


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Emma Stone Has Bright Red Hair While Filming “Cruella”

Emma Stone was recently photographed filming Disney’s live-action film Cruella in London

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Nicki Minaj Gets Candid About Previous Abusive Relationship

Nicki Minaj is opening up about her experiences with love.

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Jennifer Lopez says "you don't get to write women off" at 50 + sings acappella

-In a new tour diary video chronicling her worldwide summer tour, Jennifer can be heard giving an empowering speech in the opening monologue.

-JLO goes: "Everybody thought I was crazy when I wanted to go out and let everyone know I was 50....But for me it was important, it was important as a woman to do that, to let people know you don't get to write women off at a certain point in their life, you don't get to write people off. You're getting better and better as you go so long as you are open to the experience of growing and evolving."

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