August 25th, 2019


VMAs seating chart revealed

The current seating chart for the VMAs, which will be taking place on Monday the 26th in New Jersey, has been revealed. Although it tends to change before the real telecast, the temporary seating chart for the VMAs has been shared to social media.

It shows that Taylor Swift will be seated next to Cardi B in the front row. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes will also be seated front row, with Missy Elliot (receiving the Censored Video Vanguard Award) behind them in the second row.

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ONTD Original: The Most Underrated Drag Queens Of "RuPaul's Drag Race"


Last week, we dragged the most overrated queens of "RuPaul's Drag Race." Today, we will celebrate the most underrated queens.

Don’t come for me if your fav isn't on this list, because everyone has an underdog queen they feel hasn’t gotten fair dues. But I had to narrow it down.


giphy (23).gif

A true legend. The younger fans have no idea what a talented, sweet, shady, beautiful, legendary queen Miss Tati is except for her (totally unfair!) stint on AS2.

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Who do u think is the most underrated queen?

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Tom Hiddleston's Publicist Told Reporter Not to Ask About Taylor Swift


Tom Hiddleston is known for many things: Being a classically trained actor, owning only one blue shirt, and dating Taylor Swift. He’s also known for giving amazing interviews.

He gave his first major interview since the notorious GQ disaster. He starts the interview by talking to the reporter as the character he plays on Broadway.

  • It was Tom’s idea “to slip for a few moments into the character he’s playing on Broadway, in Harold Pinter’s 'Betrayal'... And when Mr. Hiddleston became him, the change was instantaneous: the guarded stillness of his body, the chill reserve in his gray-blue eyes.

    'It’s interesting,' Mr. Hiddleston said after a while, analyzing Robert’s expression from the inside. 'It gives less away.' A pause, and then his own smile flickered back, its pleasure undisguised. “O.K.,” Mr. Hiddleston announced, himself again, 'it’s not Robert anymore.'"

Right before the interview, his publicist told the journalist not to ask about Taylor Swift. The reporter wasn’t going to until the publicist demanded it.

  • "There was one stipulated no-go zone in this encounter, a condition mentioned by a publicist only after I’d arrived: No talk of Taylor Swift. That was three years ago, and I hadn’t been planning to bring her up; given the context of the play, though, make of that prohibition what you will. Mr. Hiddleston, who once had a tendency to pour his heart out to reporters, knows that he can’t stop you.

    'It’s not possible, and nor should it be possible, to control what anyone thinks about you. Especially if it’s not based in any, um —' he gave a soft, joyless laugh — 'if it’s not based in any reality.'"

How do you feel when people ask about your ex/es?

Nothing, really
I find it hilarious


Wilson Cruz on "My So Called Life" 25th anniversary

_Wilson Cruz, who made history as the first gay teen on a primetime tv show, gave notice to the entertainment tonight segment on the shows 25th anniversary.

_ The segment has interviews with Cruz and A.J. Langer who played Rayanne. They use past promotional interviews with Claire Danes and Jared Leto. They mention no one else.

_ Cruz reflects on how his character was history making and how it affected his life and Langer speaks of being a countess.


Ontd:what do you think the characters on "My so called Life" would be doing if the show came back now?

[Spoiler (click to open)]



Good morning Angels! Charlie's Angels franchise comes to blu-ray + Is Kim K the newest Angel?

-With the new Charlie's Angels movie coming out, every single Charlie's Angels iteration will be coming out on Blu-Ray by end of year.

-On the tv front, the OG Charlie's Angels series is going blu in a Complete Series. It will also feature the ABC reboot series that starred Minka Kelley.

-The OG movie series starring the iconic Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore is coming to blu-ray (CA is going 4k while Full Throttle is getting its first blu-ray release) and will contain first looks at the new film.

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Normani to perform at the 2019 VMAs tomorrow

She's set to perform her debut single "Motivation" on the main stage

She joins the impressive list of performers including Missy Elliott, Taylor Swift, Big Sean, J Balvin, The Jonas Brothers, A$ap Ferg and more!

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a main stage performance is not bad for a girl with no album!

Taylor Swift for "Sunday Morning"

_ Taylor Swift spoke to "Sunday Morning" about her new album.

_She says that she writes songs in the middle of the night or when she can't sleep as she plays one for the interviewer.

_She says there is a different language for men and women in the music industry. A man is strategic. A woman is calculating. A man can react, a woman can only overreact.

_ She found out online that her music was sold and says that she and the president of big machine had endless conversations about scooter Braun, but he had $300 million reasons to conveniently forget those conversations.

_ When asked about addressing haters she says " When they stop coming for me I will stop singing to them".

_ She disagrees that you have to forgive and forget and that you can move on with not doing those things and just become indifferent. She does believe in forgiveness for people that are important and have added to her life and who have had troubles, but toxic people who have only been toxic she sees no point.

_ Swift never directly speaks of who or what inspired her song " Soon you'll get better" , but her mother sufferd a relapse in her health at the time. Swift says she's never written a song like that and that feeling is something you don't deal with until you have to and that writing about it was really emotional She starts to choke up at the end of the sentence.

_When asked what does she think she will be doing in 20 or 30 years, Swift says that question makes her go into a panic spiral that she has always gone into thinking about the future. She only thinks 6 months into the future for touring reasons. She tells herself it's ungrateful to think you will have 20 years and just be grateful you have today.


Ontd: Does thinking about the future make you nervous or motivated?


Disney Stores are coming to Target Stores

By their powers combined, they are corporate synergy!

Now, instead of waiting to be a mother to spend $$$$$$$ at Disney World to complain about a childfree woman eating a pretzel, you can complain in your local Target's Disney store.

Provided Sarah-Lynnzye lives near one of the 25 Target stores getting a Disney Store this October.

The Disney store at Target will feature more than 450 items including toys, games, apparel and accessories—with more than 100 products that were previously only available at Disney retail locations.

There's also a new Target store by WDW opening in 2021.


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Rider Strong talks to Vice about child stardom

· Rider, 39, talked to Vice about his idyllic forest early childhood in California's Sonoma County. He says he and his brother Shiloh (Rider's dad's name is King Arthur Strong) grew up running around the woods, making movies. His parents treated everyone like adults and the Strong house was a safe haven for neighborhood kids
· Rider began acting at age 9 and shortly after, his mother Lin moved both boys to Los Angeles. Rider was soon cast in Boy Meets World which ran from 1993 to 2000. He said he wanted to be a poet and an academic writer, and to keep his interest writers gave him the most dramatic storylines
· Says some of his family members refused to watch the show due to Shawn's Black love interest, Angela (played by Trina McGee). Trina was 28 when she was cast and told the young cast they complained too much considering they were on a successful TV show
· After doing a Sail with the Stars cruise when he was 15, he had a breakdown because he felt alienated. Shortly after the cruise, his girlfriend broke up with him and he ended up sobbing in his Boy Meets World dressing room; his dad said Rider could quit right on the spot and that proved to Rider that his parents loved him no matter what
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Andie MacDowell Reveals That - Through a Ouija Board - Her Dead Uncle Predicted Her Career

· Andie MacDowell told People Now that she and her sisters used a Ouija board to communicate with dead relatives and that her dead uncle predicated much of what has happened in her life, including her career and that she was going to have horses & children. She's promoting her new horror film Ready or Not


ontd do u believe in ghosts?

Sophie Turner Offers Response To Paparazzi Photos Of Her Wearing Socks With Sandals

A newspaper article shamed Sophie Turner for a “fashion faux pas”
Turner responded to the notion that she’s trying to usher in a new fashion trend.

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22 (5) TV Shows Premiering in the 2019-2020 Season that are Ending

Schitt’s Creek
After a slow but steady rise in popularity and finally getting that Emmy recognition with 4 nominations this year, we say goodbye to the Rose family next year. The sixth and final season begins January 2020 on Pop TV in the US and CBC in Canada.

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ONTD, which show(s) are you most sad to see go?

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ONTD Original: Male Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Took Ballet

ontd ballet men.png

Last week, Lara Spencer made fun of Prince George because ballet was on his school curriculum.

But many male celebrities started out as dancers or have a background in dance. Check out some in this post.

Christopher Walken

christopher walken .jpg

Few people know this, but Christopher Walken’s first love was dance. He is a classically trained ballet dancer who started acting when his dance career didn’t pan out.

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Succession S2x04 Promo - "Safe Room"

Omg the last twenty minutes were truly insane Boar on the Floor jfkdlsj9urjkfld903iokjfds

Which Roy did you hate-love the most this episode?

Human Saudi Arabia Logan
Uncle Sam in My Pants Connor
The Real Squealer Kendall
Romulus Roman
If By Open Decanting You Mean Opening My Mouth Shiv
Blue Danube Greg
Let's Bone This Turkey Tom
Can't In This Nation Yet Halt a Book Geri

Oink oink dinner party was inspired by reports of Stalin meetings. I'm still traumatized.