August 20th, 2019


Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are “feuding” over who has the best chicken sandwich, Wendy’s gets involved

The corporate Twitter accounts are fighting! Chick-fil-A and Popeyes are in a Twitter “feud” over which fast-food chain has the best chicken sandwich.

It all started yesterday when Chick-fil-A posted about its original chicken sandwich, which was captioned, “Bun + Chicken + Pickles = all the ❤️ for the original.” That tweet was considered a dig at Popeyes since they just recently launched their very own chicken sandwich this month. Popeyes saw the tweet and replied directly to them with “y’all good?”

People shortly afterwards began to argue on social media over who had the better sandwich.

That’s when out of no where, Wendy’s chimed in by tweeting a photo of its own chicken sandwich, along with the caption, “Y’all out here fighting about which of these fools has the second best chicken sandwich.”

Popeyes then clapped back at Wendy’s. “Sounds like someone just ate one of our biscuits. Cause y’all looking thirsty.”

Wendy’s responded by tweeting, “lol, guess that means the food’s as dry as the jokes.”

Popeyes and Wendy’s then kept taking jabs at each other until Wendy’s finally told Popeyes to “log off.” See all those tweets behind the cut.

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ONTD, who has the best chicken sandwich?

Personally: Veggie Grill’s Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich >>>>>>

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”Old Town Road" loses the top spot as "Bad Guy" ascends to #1 on Billboard Hot 100

After 19 weeks at #1, Old Town Road finally lost its top spot and dropped to #3 as "Bad Guy" by industry plant Billy Eyelash reached #1 after being stuck at #2 for weeks.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry's Small Talk bombed as it debuted at #81.

source 2:

Alejandro González Iñárritu blasts ‘dictatorship of the algorithm’ on streaming services

Iñárritu said Netflix fails to make the most of its content by not giving it an appropriate release.
He floated the idea of a ‘Netflix +’ platform to provide theatrical releases for suitable Netflix titles.
He would work with a streaming platform “if I found something to say in the format of TV.”
He was particularly damning about the demand for constant content in contemporary society.
He warned of a negative effect on the creativity of future generations. 

“There’s an impatience now to be entertained – to be fed with plot in a fast way. Everything has to be clear, understandable, global, like a Coca-Cola commercial. It has to please everybody because it’s a world product, and you cannot deal with that fucking thing.”

He has been “working on a couple of projects for the last three or four years”
He is undecided between two but will shoot one of them in summer 2020.


Katharine McPhee Foster on why she took David Foster’s last name

She admitted that she decided to take the name of her 69-year-old husband because she’s a “romantic.”

“I’ve always liked the idea that it’s still a traditional thing that exists in our society. I like the idea. I think it’s romantic and it’s a great last name.”


Jonathon Groff talks season 2 of Mindhunter

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That ending though!! Discuss S2! I know we all binged the whole thing already!! No spoiler cuts necessary. Also, Groff's booty is a thing of beauty!
Tim & Saoirse

'Marriage Story' Trailers

Netflix has released two teasers for the upcoming Marriage Story, each from one character's point of view.

Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Laura Dern, Alan Alda and Ray Liotta
Director: Noah Baumbach
Plot: An incisive and compassionate portrait of a marriage breaking up and a family staying together.

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Body language

‘Game of Thrones’: Alfie Allen Is Ready To Open Up About His “Dark, Dark Moments” On Set

  • On Game of Thrones: "It’s great to have it end of a positive note, because it was hard, during the process, to open up and talk about how difficult it was. It felt like the walls were closing in at some points. Theon was kind of hated. Reviled, in fact, might be the word... Even up to the point of getting an Emmy nomination, this character did make me get inside my own head a lot, and there were dark, dark moments. To have fans give the character a pat on the back after all of it, and end it on a note of positivity for Theon, that feels nice."

  • On the upcoming Jojo Rabbit: "It’s a beautiful film. It feels a weird word to use about a movie like this, but it really is. It’s what a film should be. It takes you in all different directions, and you’re laughing at things that don’t quite feel right. But all through, it’s hammering home this point, as an anti-hate satire."

  • On what he'd like to do next: "I’d love to try writing something. I’ve always had an idea, again on the topic of men’s mental health, to look at the world of conventions, and make a really positive story set there... It’s about something larger I’m interested in, too, involving mental health, because that idea of the male ego and toxic masculinity, if we can talk about it a little more, and start a next generation without those kinds of ideals, I think that would be a good thing."



Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down (Clean Bandit Remix) + Swift References Years Old Memes

Today, a remix of You Need to Calm Down by Clean Bandit was released. Maybe it will help the underperforming single rise from it's current #18 spot on the Hot 100.

On top of releasing remixes for songs that peaked weeks ago, Swift has been tumblr blogging a ton lately, as she does when her albums are about to drop.

Last week Jesse Tyler Ferguson posted a video on instagram, where he covers some Taylor songs or something

Taylor Swift reblogged the video with the following additional commentary:

Well, the Swifties thought this was comedic gold and reacted like she was headlining the Laugh Factory. Swift, of course, took the time to 'like' some over the top fan reactions on Tumblr, seemingly agreeing that she thinks she is hilarious.

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In addition to using outdated internet speak to appear cool and relatable, Taylor referenced ANOTHER moment from the Flavor of Love Television Universe. This time she liked a meme of Pumkin spitting on New York. Not only does this go against her "above all, women should be friends" branding, but also uses the B word, which she previously came out against. Interesting how the rules all change when you're promoting her album!!

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ONTD: Will Lover leak today?
Body language

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Has Sold Nearly a Million Copies Before Release

Pre-release sales has Taylor Swift's upcoming album 'Lover' selling almost a million copies.

“The anticipation of this album is extraordinary, with pre-sales quickly approaching one million copies globally,” says Monte Lipman, founder and chairman of Republic Records.


New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Revolution of Birdie Randolph

Dove "Birdie" Randolph works hard to be the perfect daughter and follow the path her parents have laid out for her: She quit playing her beloved soccer, she keeps her nose buried in textbooks, and she's on track to finish high school at the top of her class. But then Birdie falls hard for Booker, a sweet boy with a troubled past...whom she knows her parents will never approve of.

When her estranged aunt Carlene returns to Chicago and moves into the family's apartment above their hair salon, Birdie notices the tension building at home. Carlene is sweet, friendly, and open-minded--she's also spent decades in and out of treatment facilities for addiction. As Birdie becomes closer to both Booker and Carlene, she yearns to spread her wings. But when long-buried secrets rise to the surface, everything she's known to be true is turned upside down.

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Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello Kissing Incessantly in Montreal

The North American PDA tour and quest for no. 1 continues for Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello.

The “couple” were photographed once again making out in Montreal last night. They were first spotted holding hands while taking a stroll together before stopping at a small café. There they were conveniently photographed during another makeout session.

Are you prepared for their upcoming “Señorita” VMA performance next week? I’m calling it now: they’ll make their official red carpet couple debut and end their performance with a kiss on stage.

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Steve and Robin

Millie Bobby Brown launches her own beauty brand

• It’s named “Florence by Mills” Florence for her grandmother, and Mills is her nickname.

• The target demo is Gen Z. Brands its products as “PETA-certified, cruelty-free and vegan.” They aim to create “clean” products for “sophisticated teens”

• It was developed with brand incubator Beach House Group who have developed brands for Kendall Jenner and Shay Mitchell.

• The line of products will be available online and at Ulta and will run from $10-$34.

wwd/insta vid
horny christmas

Shawn Mendes doesn't address old racially insensitive posts & blames his friends for them

At a Yawn Mendes meet and greet, a Fan asks why he hasn’t addressed old racially insensitive posts.

Yawn Mendes and his stupid tall ass responded, "“A lot of things I think need to be moved on from, but also I had friends when I was like 14 who would take my phone and post things of them and they thought it was funny...I apologize for everything.”

Currently Yawn is in a PR relationship with known racist C*milla CaCabello who's fandom attacked music's shinning star, Normani with racial slurs and coined the term "Norm*nkey" which led Normani to disable her twitter.

Watch the racist couple fail at the VMA's on Monday, August 26 while Normani steals the night. Stream #Motivation.


The Stella x Taylor Swift collection is... ugly + Plus new lyrics revealed

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James Charles gains back the subscribers he lost during Tati Westbrook feud

James Charles has gained back the 3 million YouTube subscribers he lost during his public feud with 37-year-old beauty guru Tati Westbrook.

The 20-year-old internet sensation celebrated the milestone on Twitter, writing "AHHH WE HIT 16 MILLION SISTERS!!! ... again. 💀😂 I’m so grateful for every single one of you and am beyond blessed to be alive and do this job. Thank you for supporting me. 💞"


MTV Posts Britney / Christina / Madonna / Missy Elliott 2003 VMA Performance + Other Stuff

MTV has FINALLY uploaded an untagged version of the 2003 VMA opener, which featured Britney, Christina, Madonna and Missy Elliott (you know... THAT one). What's newsworthy is that the version they have uploaded includes the entire Christina kiss portion, which was edited out during the original broadcast for a longer reaction shot of Justin Timberlake reacting to his ex kissing Madonna.

They (annoyingly) cropped the version on Youtube to be Widescreen, but the untouched full frame version is available on the MTV Facebook page.

This isn't the first vintage VMA upload they have made recently! Here are some more recently uploaded classics:

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ONTD: Fave VMA performances?

Alyssa Milano reveals she had 2 abortions in the same year

On the latest episode of her podcast entitled “Sorry Not Sorry”, Alyssa Milano opened up about her decision to have 2 abortions in 1993.

Milano, who was in her 20s and coming off the hit series “Who’s the Boss?,” said she was worried about her career and future when she made the decision to terminate her pregnancies.

"I knew at that time I was not equipped to be a mother and so I chose to have an abortion. It was not an easy choice. It was not something I wanted, but it was something that I needed, like most health care is."

Despite being on birth control, the actress says she ended up pregnant once again. "A few months later, I found out I was pregnant again. I had done what I knew to do to prevent pregnancy and was still pregnant, so once again I made the right decision to end that pregnancy."

Milano now has two children, a 7-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter with her husband of 10 years, CAA agent Dave Bugliari.


Kim Kardashian-West goes make-up free on date with Kanye

Kim Kardashian-West stepped out with a bare face while out on a date with husband Kanye West at The Bungalow in Santa Monica.

The reality star even dressed down in loose, baggy sweats and sneakers.

More photos:

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No more Spidey in the MCU? Marvel abandons "Spider-Man" Films in dispute with Sony

  • After two very successful Spider-Man movies, the partnership between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures has come to an end.

  • According to a TheWrap insider, Marvel has bailed out on the arrangement in a dispute over financing future films.

  • Deadline's sources said that Disney asked for a 50/50 co-financing agreement between the two studios on future solo Spider-Man films, but Sony turned that offer down immediately.

  • Apparently, two more films directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland are in development without Kevin Feige as the lead creative producer.

  • With $1.109 billion in global box office revenue, Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony's most successful movie ever.


This is a nightmare! All I want to know is, who does Michelle belong to: Sony or Marvel?
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

'are you the one?' s08e10: 'it all comes down to jax' recap

well...fuck my feelings. in this week's episode, the sexually indiscriminate hotties with bodies wised up, started making strategies--followed through on them--and made wise choices that got them ahead of the game! there are only two episodes left and i'm not ready for it to be over. this week

as always, there will be spoilers now let's get in!

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lowkey mvp of the week goes to danny who, unfortunately, remains underappreciated, but not undeterred:

  • please support if you can

  • just444

Miley Cyrus spotted ‘basically having sex’ with Kaitlynn Carter at Soho House


the new couple "couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They were kissing and making out everywhere. In the bathroom, at the bar, in the middle of the floor. They were basically having sex. There’s no question they’re together. They were making out all over the place, and didn’t care who saw”

Disney/Fox moves some release dates

"The Woman in the Window" went from this fall, to next fall, to next Spring; May 15th, 2020.

"Cruella" goes from next winter to Memorial Day, 2021.

Fox's "Empty Man" (???) opens August 7th, 2020.


The Walking Dead Actress Set as Selena Quintanilla for Netflix Series

Christian Serratos (Rosita on The Walking Dead) is in negotiations to star in the scripted series about Selena, the late Tejano singing legend. While Netflix won't comment, they are apparently trying to work out scheduling issues with her TWD duties.

Considering the two shows will overlap in filming, and the Netflix series is designed as a two-season run, this might mean Rosita could meet her end soon.

The Netflix series will chronicle Selena's life and rise to fame, until her untimely death. Moisés Zamora (American Crime) will write the scripts, and Selena's father and sister will executive produce the series after blocking her widower from making his own series.

Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

happy national radio day!

each year on, august 20th, national radio day recognizes the great invention of the radio. to celebrate national radio day, listen to your favorite radio station and give special recognition to the station, radio personalities and the programs that make your days better--or just comment in this post. in honor of this totally real and not at all made up holiday, below are ten of my favorite musical entries inspired by the radio, ranked, but without commentary cause i ti'ed:

nelly furtado | "shit on the radio (remember the days)"

franco battiato | "radio varsavia"

kylie minogue | "radio on"

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sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

i guess this is where i give shot97, power 105.1, and late night on the weekends wbls a shout out. ontd, what are your favorite lyrics about the radio? what radio stations did you listen to as younglings?

The superior drag competition released it's full trailer. Watch "Dragula" season 3 trailer.

- So far quest judges that's spotted in a trailer are - Milly Shapiro ("Hereditary"), Amanda Lepore, Bonnie Aarons ("The Nun"), Henry Rollins. Obviously we'll see more iconic judges as the season will be airing.
- Season starts August 27th on Amazon Prime Video.


Andy Richter Shuts Down Plane Passenger Who Put His Dirty Bare Feet on Seatback TV

Andy Richter was disgusted by a fellow passenger on a recent flight over the weekend and had no problem putting him and his nasty feet on blast via Twitter.

The longtime sidekick to Conan O’Brien was just not having it when a man sitting next to him took off his shoes and socks, then placed his dirty feet on the seatback TV screen in front of him.

Despite having been asked twice to put his feet down, the guy was somehow shocked when asked to put them down for a third time by a flight attendant. He replied asking, “Is that like a just-when-taxiing thing?”

“It’s a basic airplane courtesy thing,” replied the flight attendant according to Richter.

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ONTD, do you lack proper airplane etiquette?

Alyssa side-eye

Lena Dunham Writes About Her Interior Decorating + Why Jack Antonoff Left

lena dunham ontd.jpg

Lena Dunham wrote an essay about her emotional connection to interior decorating, and why Jack Antonoff moved out. Details:

bulletpoint.png Lena's parents constantly moved to different mansions, townhouses, condos and lofts when she was a child, but:

"My mother would be mad if this made us sound like we had a lot of money to hurl around"

(Her mom's current home is a Colonial home in Connecticut that has artwork from Richard Prince and Matisse.)

bulletpoint.png Lena bought a pre-war apartment in New York when she was just 26.

bulletpoint.png Jack Antonoff did not care for Lena's decorating taste, and she did not want to compromise with his taste.

bulletpoint.png Lena wanted pink walls, artist-designed furniture, designer pillows, pastel dishes, a pile of vintage Harlequin novels, and all her tchotchkes. He wanted light gray walls, a Restoration Hardware couch, and an oversized clock.

bulletpoint.png But it was his fault. Lena says, "But he didn’t like living among the insides of my mind."

bulletpoint.png Lena also let the dog pee wherever it wanted on the floor.

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What's ur decorating style?


Katie Holmes was “hesitant to go public” with Jamie Foxx due to his “flirty ways”

A source tells In Touch exclusively that “He’s always turning up to Hollywood parties and L.A. events and being photographed with other women. He’s always been this way.”

“That’s part of why Katie was so hesitant to go public with their relationship,” the source explained. “He can’t help himself.”

His lifestyle caused a rift between them.

“Jamie and Katie have been arguing nonstop over his partying. For months he’s been promising to calm his wild ways, but nothing’s changed and she’s finally come to the conclusion that she wants to be with a guy who’s more mature and ready to settle down”

Jamie and Katie were together for six years

HBO's Succession renewed for a third season

The ratings and strong response to Succession's first two episodes of season two was enough to convince HBO execs to renew the series for a third season. The HBO series also received its first Emmy nominations in 2019.

Statement from HBO exec Francesca Orsi: "We are elated that Succession and its exploration of wealth, power and family has resonated so powerfully with audiences. We cannot wait to see how the complex characters that Jesse Armstrong has created continue to navigate this captivating, ruthless world of the uber-rich."

Also, Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) stumbles (adorably and awkwardly) through his first official late night interview with Colbert.

HBO Twitter
Colbert Interview
  • theemii

Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pocky | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Claire Saffitz had never had Pocky before. And then one day in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen her life changed forever. Her eyes are open and now she has ascended to Pocky level: Tsubu Tsubu (Strawberry Flakes), a level that it usually takes decades to reach. With her work in making a gourmet version of four flavors of Pocky - Chocolate, Matcha, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Flakes - she is quickly climbing ever upwards in the Pocky Movement. Join Claire as she seeks Pocky Perfection.


do you like Pocky??

Lea Thompson Insists ‘Once You Push A Baby Out, You Can’t Be A Movie Star Anymore’

She questioned how many actresses remain successful after welcoming a child.
Thompson is married to director Howard Deutch.
The pair share daughters Zoey Deutch, 24, an actress, and filmmaker Madelyn Deutch, 28.

“I did 900 movies in a row, but what happens is it all screeches to a halt when you have a baby. I wanna do the research on this because, once you push a baby out, you can’t be a movie star anymore. You can adopt a baby, but once you actually create a placenta you can’t be a movie star anymore. Does your face change that much? Or what happens? I never did a movie after that, a starring role, I did ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’, after that I’ve never done a big feature.”

Meryl Streep was the only actress she could think of where it wasn’t the case.


The House of Flowers S2 opening credits and premiere date

The House of Flowers (La casa de las flores) season 2 will Premiere on October 18th.
Veronica Castro (Virginia) will not return for season 2 after her character sold the House of Flowers and left the de la Mora family.
Juan Pablo Medina (Diego) will return despite his character stealing the de la Mora's money and skipping town after being betrayed by his fiance Julián.


James Corden Signs 'Late Late Show' Extension at CBS

James Corden will continue as host of 'The Late Late Show' through August 2022

David Nevins, chief creative officer at CBS Corp, said Monday in a statement:

"James Corden has burned his way to the top of American television with a daring, energetic and inventive broadcast that stands out in the late night space"

shk profile

Taemin's Solo Debut 5th Anniversary: Roundup of His Recent Interviews + Most Memorable Live Shows

Disclaimer: Due to the number of gifs in my post, anyone viewing this on a mobile device please be aware of the bandwidth usage and proceed with caution after the cut! Thanks.

-His first solo debut song Danger premiered August 15, 2014 from his first EP/debut album Ace which was released on August 18, 2014.

-Since then, he released 3 full studio albums and 5 EP's. OP fell down the rabbit hole recently, and his progression as an artist/performer has been quite interesting to see over a decade.

-For his first solo debut, he said that he tried to offer some opinions about the songs/direction he wanted to go in but ultimately there were more of the company's ideas in it. His songs tend to more open about sexuality and sex positive embedded with a lot of sensuality.

-It wasn't until his next album, he was able to have a bit more leeway with his choices and his input with the music, choreography, and song choices. This is a bit lengthy but hopefully this was a somewhat of an interesting/intriguing and in-depth read of the artist!

[Interviews During WANT]

-Said that wearing makeup at first was like wearing a mask not because he was uncomfortable but because he thought he looked looked kind of cool yet a bit unfamiliar at the same time, and how his attitude towards his looks changed.

-"As I utilized makeup, I found the increasing need to build my own artistic image," he says. "The synergy created from clothing, hair, and makeup combined is truly amazing, so makeup has been, is, and will be a key factor in establishing my identity as an artist."

-"It was overall very elegant and androgynous, which might have gained mixed reactions," Taemin notes. "However, I have no regrets on taking risks to express and differentiate myself from others as an artist.

-Thanks the fans for being able to continue to support him taking on risks, and he wants to continue to keep on trying and finding new looks that can help bolster his performance and music.

-Auditioned at 11 for SM and debuted as part of SHINee at 14. Has been in the industry for 11 years now.

-"In spite of K-Pop’s ever-quickening revolving door of idols, where you’re only as relevant as your latest chart position and YouTube view count, Taemin has become a stable fixture, unperturbed by the trends that often dictate the sound of the entire K-Pop industry, instead focused on making records that wholly suit his dramatic, and often melancholic, flair."

-"Unfeasibly grounded, quick to smile, Taemin, despite the sensual stage persona and having coming out of his self-confessed introverted shell over the years, retains a certain, endearing, reticence. I also don’t want to let anyone down. Just like they have, I’ve always had others that I respected and admired, and the fact that I could become that person for someone is a dream for me.”

-Says he's more at ease and has coped better on his nervousness, and instead of comparing himself to others he wants to showcase express himself as an artist but at the same time still be special and different.

-Credits his team more than himself for his creative and personal evolution, and says debuting at an early age gave him a lot of pressure it also helped him to absorb things faster and he's now grateful for it.

-“I’ve had a lot of experience, and put out many albums. And because of that, I’ve been exposed in a particular way to the spotlight and attention. Fans and audiences have certain expectations of me and, as much as that expectation is there, I really do enjoy myself and try to have fun while promoting. And if there’s another opportunity, I definitely want to try out new concepts as well.”

For the Korean Herald:

-“Many renowned male solo singers have their own stage attitude, or presence,” he said. “For me, I have my own attitude. It could be more androgynous, and maybe less masculine, making some people wonder why I dance like this. And that’s how I want them to perceive, giving a fresh hunch that will stand out, if done right.”

-"He named Japanese choreographer Koharu Sugawara (His good friend) as a source of inspiration in transforming him into a solo artist with a unique style, countering the stereotype of other male solo artists in the industry that is divided between either ballad performances or singers with aggressive, masculine dance moves."

-“When I saw her, I realized this is what dance is. Her dance expression is extraordinary, and inspired me to do something that is different than other acts.”

-Also revealed Norwegian indie folk-pop duo Kings of Convenience is an act he likes and is interested in. He says that'll be very fresh to dance to this kind of music genre in the future.

-He says he is open to all types of trends, genre and classics for inspiration for his music.

-"I considered maybe inserting more catchy choreography to make the performance to stand out, but for this song, I focused more on the overall mood of the song, rather than one specific move. From beginning to end, it’s more like one piece of an artwork. I want to continuously work hard so that I can create high-quality works. Rather than focus on others, I want to create music that I am really proud of.”
Shabekuri 007: ok??

-I guess, I suppose.

-Stacey Nam (The Interviewer): "I wanted to give him the platform to speak freely and comfortably about his solo career and struggles/successes to becoming the brilliant artist he is today. And yes he is the sweetest angel ever..I've worked with him many times so sitting closely to him is not an issue lol. I think the bigger problem is every time I see him I realize even more what a beautiful person he is inside and out and that's a problem >.<."

[Speaking about androgyny & gender ideals]

[Soloist Looks Throughout The Years]

[Most Memorable Live Performances]

[His Favorite Movies+Music Recommendation w/ Throwback Interview]

-Suddenly his albums make sense given the sensual and sexual imagery/themes in Raw and The Lobster...

-Recommendations to listen with your family: Minho picked Despicable Me 3 OST and Taemin picked Korn The Path of Totality...

Throwback Interview During Move 2017 on Lee Guk Joo's Radio Show:

-(*The female comedian was the first to cover his dance. He thanked her years later for starting the trend, and that her dance cover is his most favorite out of the ones to come out).

-“It seems like my appearance has changed, but when I get a haircut similar to the one I had during the debut days, I look the same. Looks don’t change as much I thought they would. When I first debuted, I was shy. I was defensive at the time.”

-Shared that he listens to Rain’s “Me” when he’s having a hard time, Taemin went on to reveal that he cries more often than he used to these days. “I feel lonely from time to time. I don’t cry because of that, though. I’m not the type to cry even when watching movies. But this year has been different."

-“I’ve even cried during a conversation with the members. We weren’t fighting, but I cried while we were talking. Also, my friend was trying again in an audition show. I cried watching that.” (His friend auditioned for a competition show which made him cry b/c of how hard its been for his friend to be successful)

-Said he doesn't know if he's good looking and he joked by saying that all men are the same and they think they're handsome.

-Also said back in the day people confused him with Minho and he was flattered. He noticed how attractive Minho was when he saw a clip of him in a suit at an awards show.

Happy Together:

-Yerin of GFriend said her dance choreography was really hard compared to other girl groups, but the mixed response to her comments after her dance came off very poorly.

-Out of the male panelists who spoke, he was the only one who showed understanding/empathy to her. "It might look easy but a lot of techniques were used. For example, there was Neck-O-Flex, which is when the upper body and the leg go opposite. There were also a lot of steps."

[His Most Respected/Valued Choreographers]

-"Taemin: Koharu’s really sweet, looks cool and stylish like a model, but warm-hearted. She listens to me about worries, with better Japanese I could express better. Sorry, please cheer for her and a bit for me too."

-"Koharu: (laughs) he beats me as expected in comments as well as in dance! Great."

-"During an Instagram live of Sugawara Koharu, someone asked about Taemin. She answered “he’s a good guy, a totally good guy. He also likes Princess Mononoke."

[From his trainee days to becoming a soloist]

[Some Random Moments]

-Had to put this in here his most recent charity work/support and such.

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Demi Lovato celebrates her birthday at an Ariana Grande concert

Demi Lovato celebrated her birthday attending an Ariana Grande concert with Scooter Braun. Demi shared some moments on her Instagram, even referring to Ariana and Scooter as her 'new family'. She wrote: "[this is a] perfect glimpse of how fucking happy and rad my birthday is this year. So so happy. And I love my new family."

Before the concert, Ariana and her dancers / back-up singers wished Demi a Happy Birthday

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source: 1, 2, 3, 4

Heidi Montag returns to pop with Christian-tinged "Glitter and Glory"

Nearly a decade after taking the pop music charts by light drizzle with her debut album Superficial, Heidi Montag is at it again with her new single "Glitter and Glory." The song's lyrics find the reality television star denouncing the same material things she exalted on such Superficial highlights as "More Is More," instead setting her sights on eternity and capital-H-i-m.

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film | trainspotting (1996)

Official teaser for "Antlers"

A small-town Oregon teacher and her brother, the local sheriff, become entwined with a young student harboring a dangerous secret with frightening consequences.

Starring Keri Russell, Jesse Plemons and Jeremy T. Thomas, the film opens next year 2020. Directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Guillermo del Toro.