August 17th, 2019

'John Wick' director Chad Stahelski to oversee reshoots on action scenes in Birds Of Prey

According to THR, Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick series, will be assisting and designing action sequences for BIRDS OF PREY reshoots.

Cathy Yan is making her big studio debut as director


Anne Hathaway for "Allure"

-Anne Hathaway covers the Septeber issues of "Allure"

-Anne and the interviewer learn to make sushi.Hathaway"Ordering sushi, all of the containers and napkins, it would be less expensive and less wastefull for me to do it myself. I've been very lucky in my life and I just see it as my responsibility as a person with the means and time to do it".

- On growing up in a musical family" My family sang constantly. Ella Fitzgerald and Areatha Franklin were staples. " I didn't know that wasn't normal until the 7th grade. One day a friend sat me down and said "We have to talk about the singing" Hathaway says laughing.

-She sings and dances in an episode of the series " Modern Love" being released in the fall by amazon studios.Hathaway" I think there is no better way to express joy in a performance. Singing and dancing forces you to open yourselfn up to vulnerability.". I don' t think anyone is expecting me to win a Grammy or anything so I just kept my expectations realistic and did my best".

-On fighting: Hathaway " I use to love to fight! It felt so good to fight and be right. As anyone in a healthy relationship knows, an insistence on being right won't last long on matters of love. You have these moments where you just want to grab them like, Nooo! I just want to be petty for a little while longer".

- On how the role in " The last thing he wants" affected her. Hathaway" It had a big impact on me because anger is something that's a big part of my journey. Not necessarily neutalizing it, because anger is useful, but learning the ways of it. Learning how to ask how does this serve me".

-Hathaway plays Elena McMahan, an investigative journalist. Hathaway" She's not wrong for the reason she is angry but it's taken over her life and now she is more angry than alive".

-On change in Hollywood." Hathaway" It's more nuanced and it's more interesting. It's allowed more interesting characters and stories. Now the big question is are audiences appreciating it? If it's not supported it won' t continue. It will go back to the way it was and people will say, okay that didn't work".

Ontd:Do you always have to be right in a conversation or fight?

Into the Blue.

Orange is the New Black props, wardrobe up for auction

Want to dress as an Orange is the New Black character for Halloween?

Now’s your chance to bid on authentic costumes worn by Natasha Lyonne, Laura Prepon, Taylor Schilling, and more!

With OITNB ending with Season 7, like many shows when they end, screen-used props and wardrobes are up for auction.

VIP Fan Auctions is hosting the auction, which runs through Sept. 20.

Highlights so far include Alex's and Piper's screen-used prison ID set, at a totally reasonable bid of $410.0 after 17 bids.

A screen-used Alex Polaroid set from Ep 705 is up to $235.5, with 26 bids.

Prices too high?

You can be the first bidder on Joe Caputo’s screen-worn robe, pants and shoes from Ep 707!

If you’re not a fan of OITNB, other active auctions are going on for Killjoy, The Passage, and Star.


Thoughts on the final season?

Megan Thee Stallion Bringing “Hot Nerd Fall”

Many don’t know that Megan Thee Stallion is also a Junior at Texas Southern University and will be back in the fall!

Megan is pursuing a degree is Health Administration and wants to use her degree to open up assistant living for senior citizens. Megan’s mother (who passed away earlier this year) was her inspiration to pursue a degree in health administration


What is your degree in or what are you in school for?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Criticizes Bruce Lee's Depiction in Tarantino Film

** feels "torn" about controversy because he is a fan of Tarantino movies. But Lee was his friend and teacher.

** makes the point that though we know scenes are fiction, they live on in the cultural conscience and corrupt our memory

** "[F]ilmmakers have a responsibility when playing with people’s perceptions of admired historic people to maintain a basic truth about the content of their character. Quentin Tarantino’s portrayal of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood does not live up to this standard. Of course, Tarantino has the artistic right to portray Bruce any way he wants. But to do so in such a sloppy and somewhat racist way is a failure both as an artist and as a human being."

Sort of a follow up to this post as well as this post.

Lee and Abdul-Jabbar in 1979's Game of Death

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Tim & Saoirse

Kirby Howell-Baptiste Brings Secondhand Style to the Red Carpet

Kirby Howell-Baptiste is everywhere on TV these days, from Barry to The Good Place to Killing Eve to Veronica Mars. She currently stars in Why Women Kill, and attended the premiere wearing a mostly thrifted look, which she says is reflective of her day to day fashion choices.

[Full caption from her instagram post]The full caption from her instagram photo from the premiere:

I bought the suit I’m wearing for $6.99 (not a typo) from a thrift store in the valley. I had the idea that I wanted to wear a suit and also cover my face somehow. Then stylist extraordinaire @aubreybinzer helped the whole look come together with a white shirt, a “category is: funeral realness” fascinator and lots of gorgeous vintage accessories.
Most of the looks I wear (irl and for shoots/carpets/press) are vintage, second hand or borrowed. I firmly believe we have more than enough and in making more fast/throw away fashion we further damage this rad-ass planet unnecessarily. When possible, I try to buy second hand clothes, or things that are consciously made, then pop in a few newer bits and bobs here and there.
There are some setbacks: vintage shoes are hard for those of us with “boat feet” as my Nan would say, and often vintage clothes can be limited to smaller sizes. Thrift stores (non-exclusively vintage), @crossroadstrading and @buffaloexchange are great for second hand clothes and shoes that carry an array of sizes. If you’re curious about fast fashion and its environmental effects, a great starting point is @truecostmovie. Also, @mariekondo shares some amazing tips in her book and @netflix show about the things we own and how we can spark joy by being conscious of what we accumulate.

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Do you shop at thrift stores, ONTD? Any recent finds?
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Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, + More Look Back at Their InStyle Magazine Photoshoots

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, InStyle magazine brought in actresses who've graced the cover of the magazine multiple times to reflect on their photoshoot experiences, style, as well as personal growth.

The most common tidbit from these women mention how magazines don't travel much for photoshoots anymore. Take a mini marathon watching Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, and others under the cut!

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Do you have favorite style eras/moments from any of these ladies?

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Taika Waititi Has Lunch with Ryan Gosling + Receives Birthday Wishes from Friends

Director Taika Waititi met up for lunch with Ryan Gosling on August 16th - which also happens to be Taika's 44th birthday! Ryan was previously speculated to be part of Taika's Akira film, which is on hold right now.

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‘The Bachelor”s Bekah Martinez Hasn’t Shaved Her Legs In A Year Out Of ‘Self-Love’

She is showing off her hairy legs as she heads out to a red carpet event.
“I stopped shaving my legs and armpits about a year ago as a practice of self-love. I grew up HATING the hair on my body. I was teased for it, snuck my mom’s razor at age 9, and would pray that God would remove my hair from the neck down. I would panic every time I got invited to go swimming and hadn’t shaved,” 

“It’s not about ‘not believing in shaving’, it’s about believing I AM BEAUTIFUL, ATTRACTIVE AND ‘FEMININE’ NO MATTER WHERE I HAVE HAIR ON MY BODY. It’s about showing girls you don’t have to listen when society tells you your natural features are ugly or gross. It has taken months to get used to it.”

She received nasty comments about her body on Instagram, which don’t help her in her self-love journey, but she’s trying to stay positive.
“Remember, if someone has a problem with the way you look, that’s an issue with THEIR mentality, not YOUR body.”


Faye Dunaway Sued for Allegedly Calling Her Assistant a 'Little Homosexual Boy'

Faye Dunaway's former assistant is suing her. He was fired after he complained to the producers of her Broadway show that she was berating him because of his sexual orientation.

He was regularly on the receiving end of "abusive demeaning tirades" from Dunaway.
On one occasion, he claims Dunaway referred to him and other employees as "Little gay people."

He claims Dunaway again berated him, this time calling him "a little homosexual boy."
He told the lawyer for the play and the general manager about what happened but nothing was done.
He claims to even have the incident on video.

Two weeks later, he was fired and was told that Dunaway "was not comfortable with you anymore."
He believes he was fired in retaliation for reporting Dunaway's allegedly discriminatory behavior.
He is suing Dunaway, the play, a producer and the lawyer for retaliation and discrimination.

Dunaway worked on the play "Tea at Five." She was eventually fired from the play.


'The Boys' Star Chace Crawford Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In New Promo Calendar

Chace Crawford stars in the new Amazon Prime show 'The Boys'.
A promotional calendar went out to members of the press for the show.
It featured 12 months of pin-up-worthy images of Chace.
In the March image, Chace's dick-print is on full display.

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ONTD Original: 3 Women That Dated Cody Simpson


Mindhunter season two is now on Netflix

After Mindhunter premiered in 2017 the David Fincher series is back and now streaming on Netflix!

Jonathan Groff, Anna Torv, and Holt McCallany are all back for season two, which touches on the Atlanta Child murders, Manson, BTK and Son of Sam.

Mindhunter Twitter
Collider Twitter

Who is binging season 2 this weekend?


Michael Sheen Slams Claims He Wasn't Single When He Met Girlfriend

Michael Sheen has hit back at claims he was in a relationship when he met pregnant girlfriend Anna Lundberg.
Michael’s previous romance was with actress Aisling Bea.

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Brian Austin Green Says He Didn't Want to Date Megan Fox at First

The two got together in 2004 when they met on the set of Hope & Faith the TV series.
It was before she hit the A-list thanks to her role in 2007's Transformers.
Her age at the time as well as him just getting out of a relationship were the reasons why he turned her down.
Green kept pushing Fox away at first, when she told him she would then date other people, he changed his tune.
They tied the knot in June 2010 and have three sons together.


Spotify is considering adding a tipping option for artists

Earlier this month, Spotify exec Alex Norström said the company was exploring the idea of implementing a tipping or fan like micro-payment option for artists and creators.

Norström appeared alongside artist Fletcher at a conference saying, “For an artist like Fletcher there’s huge potential in looking at things that are beyond just ad sales and subscriptions, which is our business model of today,” he explained. “You can add stuff on top like micro-payments, a la carte, prepaid plans for different contexts. The revenue infrastructure will then create lots of opportunity for you to innovate with the art.”

Just last year Spotify CMO Seth Farbman expressed interest in the possibility. “This sense that when you receive something of value, you can immediately recognise the value of that content or artist by giving them a little tip or something,” he said. “I think that’s done in Asia much better than it is in the rest of the world, so that’s something we’re watching carefully.”

ONTD, would you tip your faves?

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Ted Bundy and Charles Manson fans are deep in a Twitter feud

A twitter war between Manson and Bundy fans erupted on Twitter over the past week. Although it started a joke (with people posting videos of Manson and Bundy to Nicki Minaj songs) it blew up to such an extent that 'Ted Bundy' trended on Twitter. Ted Bundy in particular has actual fans on social media with women writing erotic fantasies about him and making videos on Bundy fanvids on TikTok cosplaying as his 'dates'.

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Vulture ranks every Taylor Swift song

Vulture magazine ranked every song that Taylor Swift has ever released. The rules are that it has to be released under her name and it excludes songs that only feature her. That's a total of 128 songs (ignore the 126 in the tweet).

128. Look What You Made Me Do

Dead last is the Right Fred Said lead single off Reputation. Vulture says "the songwriting just isn't there" and calls the chorus dropping after the buildup a musical equivalent of a Looney Tunes gag.

127. Umbrella (iTunes Live From Soho)

I don't know why this is ranked so low because I think it's nice

4. Blank Space

My personal favorite. The Max Martin produced song was a big hit. Vulture says it has the right mix of irony and sincerity.
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What do you think Taylor's top 5 songs are?
by alexia_drake

George RR Martin: the end of Game of Thrones on TV was a liberation

Ser Gurmy recently sat down with the Observer to share his thoughts on the controversial ending of the GOT HBO series, as well as the future (lol) of the remaining still-to-be-written-and-published books.

During the interview, Martin admitted that the TV show had not been “very good” for him, adding that its end in May had been “freeing”. He said: “The very thing that should have speeded me up actually slowed me down. Every day I sat down to write and even if I had a good day … I’d feel terrible because I’d be thinking: ‘My God, I have to finish the book. I’ve only written four pages when I should have written 40.’”

He says that the endings of the last two books would be unaffected by the controversy of the show's ending, saying: "It doesn’t change anything at all … You can’t please everybody, so you’ve got to please yourself."

Martin also said that he is now unable to attend GOT conventions as he used to do in the past. “I don’t want to go to a party where an unending succession of people want to take selfies with me,” [...] “Because that’s not fun the way it was in the old days. That’s work.”

The full interview will be published on Sunday.


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Sebastian Stan attends Broadway event, meets up with Jake Gylenhaal

Gwyneth Paltrow's fave co-star made a red carpet appearance last week at an event for Fiji Water on Broadway where he posed with (former) fellow hottie Jake Gylenhaal.

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ONTD Original: Great use of songs in TV Shows - Part 2

"Untitled" by Interpol
While i also think that Joey/Rachel was pointless (like a normal person with commmon sense) i gotta admit i was hooked with the season 9 cliffhanger, and it was so rare for Friends to use soundtrack, but that Interpol song added a lot to that moment.

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ONTD, any more favorite songs used on TV shows?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper holiday together as relationship speculation mounts

According to the Mirror, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were reportedly spotted sharing a meal together on a vacation. They were spotted by a source on the private island of Panarea

The source claims: “Lady Gaga and Bradley were seen at breakfast together. They were together until 1pm, when they had lunch. They looked very cosy and were chatting away, but wouldn’t pose for pictures together.”

They then moved on to Chateau La Coste in Provence, France, where Bradley met up with U2’s Bono.

Blurry pictures at the source

EDIT: Some people say the person in the picture with Bradley is not Gaga, but Bono's friend GUGGI