August 7th, 2019


Cameron Diaz Calls Husband Benji Madden The ‘Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me’


She has not acted in anything since Annie in 2014 and is not planning on returning anytime soon

“The way I look at it is that I’ve given more than half of my life to the public. I feel it’s OK for me to take time for myself now to reorganize and choose how I want to come [back] into the world. If I decide to.”

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THE SECRET'S OUT!!! Marvel Studios finally reveals their first gay superhero/actor.


- The Secret is out! Marvel has finally revealed who's gonna be their first gay superhero and who's the actor playing the anticipated role.
- Brian Jordan Alvarez, Wilson Cruz and Conrad Ricamora were runner-ups but the role finally went to...

[Click the spoiler for the reveal!]
[No, seriously, are you sure?]
[i mean it. Last warning.]

Marvel's first openly gay leading superhero is... IKARIS, the leader of the Eternals. (yay!)

... and he will be played by Brandon Flynn's "roommate" Richard Madden (welp.), as announced in San Diego Comic-con.

Richard Madden is believed to be Bisexual, he dated Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), and recently is believed to be in a relationship with Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), if he identifies as LGBTQ+, he's not out. He has played gay characters before in 'Rocketman' as a love interest for not-gay Taron Egerton, and one of the leads in the underrated UK show 'Sirens' (cancelled too soon!).You can take a look at some of his talents:

For those who don't know Ikaris is a 20,000-year-old human augmented with cosmic energy. Ikaris spends milliannia hopping around the galaxy before returning to Earth as a superhero. According to legend within the Marvel universe, the character is actually the dove sent by God after destroying the world in the Noah’s Ark story. In the comics he had a wife and a son. Ikaris gave his son a flying device but the careless fuck flew to close to the sun and fell to the ocean and died.

Ikaris powers are immortality (i see u trying to make your own Captain Jack Harkness), super strength, cosmic energy manipulation, regeneration, flight and teleportation. So he's basically Goku.

At least he's nice on the peepers:

Will he take Brandon Flynn to the red carpet, tho?
Props to all the sis in the last few posts who called it.

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ONTD, are you happy with this casting choice?

Diplo post IG message saying "I might be gay" before emergency plane landing.

- Diplo was flying in a jet with a heavily cracked windshield, so he posted a pic of it on Instagram saying he’s gay. Or rather, he “might be gay.”
- He landed ok.
- Some people have interpreted the comment as a reference to Cameron Crowe’s 2000 film Almost Famous, the fictional bandmates all spill their secrets when they fear their plane is about to crash. The drummer calls out “I’m gay!”


ONTD, any weird coming out stories?
horny christmas

Barbra Streisand & Ariana Grande become besties

yuh yuh & yentl have become best of friends. From getting matching manicures to performing No More Tears (Enough is Enough) together. Both ladies simply cannot get enough of each other. rumor has it both have recorded a song together.


Taylor Swift's Lover™ Tracklist ALLEGEDLY Leaks & Secret Sessioners Go Ballistic

Over the weekend a random twitter account called @TracklistLover popped up, with what they claimed was the list of songs that will be featured on Taylor Swift's upcoming album Lover™! According to the account, which claimed they were at Taylor's London Secret Sessions®, this is the tracklist for the album:

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Naturally, the Swifties have mobilized and have gotten the account suspended:

But not before a couple people from the Secret Sessions® all but confirmed the accuracy. Here are some meltdown tweets that have since been deleted:

Now an alleged ~insider~ has popped up on reddit confirming that the tracks mentioned are all real, and the Swifties are only denying their accuracy because it's actually Cornelia Street and not Cornelius Street.  She also has been playing the tracks out of order at the secret sessions, so nobody knows the true order yet. In the comments of their post, this insider revealed that there are two more singles coming before the album is released (a buzz single this week, and an official single next week). Here is the original post from the TaylorSwift subreddit (lots more details in the comments):

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Taylor Swift to perform at the VMAs

Taylor Swift is the first announced performer for this year's MTV VMAs. She's probably going to perform You Need To Calm Down or Cruel Summer.

The VMAs snubbed Taylor a couple of years ago, giving her no nominations for anything off Reputation. In return, she snubbed the show. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Both the VMAs and Taylor aren't doing as well as they used to so each will leech off the other, like two parasites forming a symbiotic relationship.

The VMAs will be on August 26th.

Tim & Saoirse

Theater Roundup: Times Square Scare, 'Six' to Broadway + more

Last night’s performance of To Kill A Mockingbird ended abruptly after a backfiring motorcycle led to mass panic outside and then inside the theater. After two mass shootings in the past week, attendees and visitors to Times Square were on edge and mistook the loud noises as possible gunfire. Gideon Glick, who plays Dill Harris in the show, tweeted about it afterward:

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I feel terrible for anyone in Times Square last night, that must have been terrifying.

YouTuber accidentally posts video abusing her dog

A YouTuber known for making videos with her doberman accidentally posted an unedited video that shows her abusing her dog while attempting to set up a prank for him. At one point, she even spits on the dog while pinning him down. (Warning: The clip linked above is disturbing)

The video is currently going viral on Twitter and social media, which led to the YouTuber posting a lengthy apology blaming her mistreatment on having a bad week and teaching him discipline:

Her channel still has over 300k subscribers.

Source, Source

Joshua Rush Shares His Thoughts with Yahoo on Twitter

In a follow up to yesterday's post, actor Joshua Rush has some concerns about the photo Yahoo Entertainment chose for a tweet.

Yahoo fixed it.

Ron by the fire

FOX confirms 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards will have no host

Maybe because it worked so well for this year's Oscars, or maybe because Jost and Che were fucking terrible last year, but FOX made the decision to not have a host at this year's Primetime Emmy Awards, set to take place live on Sunday, September 22. Part of the decision came from the terrible ratings from last year's show, which averaged a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49 and 10.2 million viewers, making it the least-watched Emmys on record.

It’s the first time the Emmy Awards has been host-less since 2003, when the show also aired on Fox.

Tim & Saoirse

Celebs React to Equinox/Soulcycle Owner Holding Trump Fundraiser

Stephen Ross, the billionaire owner of Related Companies, is hosting a fundraiser for Donald Trump's re-election effort. He owns many companies and organizations, including but not limited to the Miami Dolphins, the Hard Rock Stadium, the Time Warner Center, Hudson Yards, and Equinox Fitness Clubs. This includes the pricey Equinox gyms as well as PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness, and SoulCycle.

The fundraiser was reported on today, and many celebs (like Billy Eichner) who use Equinox and SoulCycle are not happy.

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ONTD, did you cancel your Equinox membership?

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd may have called it quits!

According to a source Bella Hadid (22) and Abel Tesfaye (29) broke up because of distance. A source reveals that "their increasing isolation from one another seemingly led to much friction. They have been arguing a lot recently."

"They are in different places right now, physically and mentally. Bella is prepping for her fashion week commitments and Abel is working on his music and his upcoming acting debut."

Some history:
- The couple made it official the first time back in April-May 2015, around the time Bella turned 18 and Abel was 25.
- They made their red carpet debut in February 2016. They also attended the met gala together.
- They broke up late November 2016, shortly before Abel started dating Selena Gomez.
- Abel and Selena broke up in October 2017 and Abel was spotted at Hadid's apartment only one month later.
- The duo has been 'official' since May 2018 and even moved in together in October last year.

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Marvel's House of X completely rewrites X-Men history

Several months ago, Marvel teased that the most important scene in Marvel comics history would occur during the major X-Men relaunch House of X / Powers of X.

While teased last week in Powers of X #1, today's House of X #2 fully reveals what that scene entails and in doing so, completely rewrites the entire history of the X-Men.

[Spoiler (click to open)]Moira MacTaggert is not a human as we were always lead to believe, but a mutant with the power of reincarnation and the ability to prevent mutants from discovering her power. She has spend 9 lives trying to change mutant lives for the better with poor results. In life 10, she meets with Xavier and makes him read her mind as seen above, leading to everything that has happened in the comics since. The timeline of her lives at the end of the issues also confirms that she is currently still alive, and was not actually killed off back in 2001.

The relaunch continues with Powers of X #2 next week.

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Nate Parker’s ‘American Skin’ To World Premiere At Venice Film Festival

A move that is likely to draw increased attention to the event.
The drama about police violence and racism in America is directed, written by and stars Parker.
It is his first feature since news of rape allegations from his college days surfaced in 2016. 
The premiere of American Skin will be attended by Spike Lee.
Lee will present the film together with Parker and the two will hold a discussion post-screening. 
Lee today praised Parker for his work.


Mindy Kaling and Tracey Wigfield talk “Four Weddings and a Funeral” with THR

first question asked, “what’s your most romantic comedy moment irl.” i didn’t care enough about the answer to transcribe, same for the following question, “what was your [mindy and tracey’s] meet cute?”

third question asks, “what did you hope to accomplish with your diverse [four weddings and a funeral] cast?” mindy talks about the difficulties adapting a beloved story and add, “we definitely wanted an African-American woman to be the star, and we wanted a British Pakistani man to be the male lead. That felt different and worth doing.”

fourth question is actually funny, “can you confirm nathalie emmanuel is not the funeral in four weddings and a funeral?” to which tracey and mindy exclaim [Spoiler (click to open)]that she IS the funeral and is killed the exact same way as in GOT.

i blacked out, but then the interview segues to the “play within the play” in the show, Love, Chalet a take on uk phenomena Love Island. tracey admits she had never seen the show before and the other british writers brought it to her.

final question asks their fave romcom quote. mindy answers “i like you very much. just as you are.” from bridget jones’ diary. and tracey says, “driving you home is my favorite part of the day,” from love, actually.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

honestly, i made this post to talk about four weddings and a funeral and love island (UK ONLY) so please indulge me

fave rom com quote?

Nicholas Cage Said Things in an Interview

I read this roller coaster of an interview
Come, follow me into this lair 🚶🏼‍♀️

[Spoiler (click to open)]
➡️ He talks about acting, philosophy, and his search for the Holy Grail (not a euphemism)

➡️ Cage has been in 20 films in the last 2 years. That is not a typo. Filmography link here
🎥 His career covers nearly every genre
Art house Wild at Heart
Romantic comedy Honeymoon in Vegas
Bleak Oscar winning drama Leaving Las Vegas
Smarty pants comedy Adaptation
Action blockbuster Con Air
High concept Face/Off
Character indie film Joe
Horror Mandy
😳 He has owned cobras, castles, had to return a (stolen) dinosaur skull, made and lost a fortune, has a tomb in New Orleans for his eventual death, wears a giant dragon ring

➡️ He’s going to TIFF. The one in Transylvania, not Toronto (sorry scriptedending)

➡️ Nephew of the esteemed Francis Ford Coppola. He likes being an enigma, he cultivates it on purpose.

➡️ Tells a story about Warren Beatty and the beauty of Beatty becoming wildly famous before social media ruined everything for everybody

🎤 Got caught wailing singing to Prince’s Purple Rain when he was just out with a buddy looking to blow off steam, have fun, at a place that had no videotaping, but someone did anyway, it became a thing

😳 Says his pet cobras tried to kill him and he used to get high on mushrooms. Except he doesn’t do drugs, only drinks occasionally. Then explains his murderous cobras, and his cat who wanted the mushrooms, so he did do mushrooms (my head hurts lol).

➡️ He’s happy to improvise, knows films, likes to plant easter eggs, but defers to the Director as the final decision maker

➡️ Tells a story about Uncle Francis making him do Peggy Sue Got Married. It’s wild, includes Pokey from The Gumby Show

➡️ Talks Stockhausen effect in Rage. Yes, for real.

➡️ The Bees meme is mentioned, they discuss Wicker Man, Charlie and Martin Sheen, Johnny Depp and Monopoly and A Nightmare on Elm Street, acting styles of Western Kabuki and nouveau shamanic

⚠️ About that stolen dinosaur skull, he out-bid Leo DiCaprio at a legit auction. Only to discover that it had been abducted from Mongolia illegally, so he had to give it back, lost $276,000.

➡️ Went through a phase where he meditated 3x a day and went on his own personal National Treasure quest, following mythology. Which led him to Rhode Island, which he thought was beautiful and thus bought property there.

🎥 Hopes to make 150 films, so far he’s at 90 films

➡️ He doesn’t have social media on purpose, truly wants to be a private person as far as his personal life is concerned

😀 He took a line delivery from John Stamos in a Neet commercial and put it in his performance in Peggy Sue Got Married

➡️ Speaks of being in therapy back in the day. Eventually wondered why was he talking to (them), he was more interesting than the boring therapist, so he left.

☮️ This was a hippy trippy existential ride ☮️
Ontd what is your favorite Nicholas Cage film? Raising Arizona is soooooooo funny to me.
chris hug

Disney announces plans to remake Home Alone for Disney+

*Disney announced in an earnings call for shareholders that they are planning to "re-imagine" the film Home Alone for their new Disney+ streaming service.

*Also being considered for remakes are Night at the Museum and Cheaper By the Dozen

*No word yet on if these are being adapted as movies for the streaming service or some type of TV series.


Would this even work today ONTD? Kevin would totally have a cell phone, could order his own pizza online, and the parents would have a Alexa-enabled interior camera to see him.


Iggy Azalea says cultural appropriation is subjective, reveals hate affected her mental health

Iggy Azalea is Cosmopolitan's September cover girl, and inside the issue she opens up about a variety of topics including mental health, second chances, and cultural appropriation. The Australian-born rapper is promoting her sophomore album 'In My Defense', out now.

On mental health: She says her management insisted she attend a mental-health retreat in Arizona 2 years ago; "They just didn’t want me to f-ck up my own life, basically. [I was] not being able to separate well-intended criticism from trolling. The whole thing was very overwhelming, you’re suddenly mega f-cking famous within a few months. [And almost immediately, people make headlines by criticizing you.]"

On cultural appropriation: “You could ask one person of the same race, ‘Does this affect you?’ and they will say yes, but another person will say no. They could be from the same place, same everything, but have different perspectives about it. [In the past] I would hit back and say, ‘What about this that I had to go through?’ because I wanted to talk about my experiences of things I didn’t have, and it felt like I wasn’t acknowledging that there is white privilege and there is institutionalized racism... it seemed to people like I was living in this bubble or unaware of all these things that people have to experience.”

On apologizing and not giving up: “I’m still going to make the same type of music and still be ridiculous and larger than life, so I can’t be that f-cking sorry about it. I’m not going to stop fighting for a second chance until somebody f-cking gives me one, and then I’m not going to f-ck it up.”

Other reveals inside the issue are her discussing being her own boss now that she left record labels and became an independent artist. She says she moved from LA back to Atlanta. And she hopes to still be with her boyfriend Playboy Carti 10 years down the road - regardless if they get married or not.


Source, Source
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

new music mini-post: august 7th

featuring ari lennox, caroline polachek, björk, flame 2, pivot gang, ariel pink, fotocrimes, levitation room, the big moon, mon laferte, !!!, cecily, raphael saadiq, g&d, r.i.o., d'sound, shikoswe, mylezia, myra, keke palmer, battles, tool, pixies, noel gallagher's high flying birds, & more:

ari lennox | "bmo"

caroline polachek | "ocean of tears"

björk | "losss"

[more]flame 2 | "dive/rain"

pivot gang | "houdini" (feat. themind)

ariel pink | "stray here with you"

fotocrime | "head on" [the jesus & mary chain cover]

levitation room | "mr. polydactyl cat"

the big moon | "it's easy then"

mon laferte | "canción de mierda"

pivot gang | "soho freestyle" (feat. kota the friend)

!!! | "this is the door" (feat. meah pace)

cecily | awakening [pt. i]

raphael saadiq | "so ready"

g&d | "p.a.l."

r.i.o. | "in janeiro"

d'sound | "somewhere in between" (feat. armi millare)

shikoswe | "swimming"

mylezia | issues

myra | "motorola"

keke palmer | "twerk n' flirt"

labrinth | "all for us" (feat. zendaya)

battles | "titanium 2 step" (feat. sal principato)

tool | "fear inoculum"

pixies | "catfish kate"

noel gallagher's high flying birds | "this is the place" (op note: not a talking heads cover)

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Celebrities React: Green Shirt Guy Goes Viral on Twitter

A couple of MAGA CHUDs showed up at a City Council meeting regarding a sanctuary city measure on the November 2019 ballot in Tucson. Everyone booed. Green Shirt Guy's reaction is delightful. #BanjoGuy also trended.

Asked by Mashable why he was laughing so hard, Alex Kack said he was laughing at the absurdity of the situation: "Who has the time in their day to come into a public space just to spread hatred and negativity? Like honestly what happened that made them so ridiculous and hateful?"

Kack is a field organizer working to keep immigrant and refugee families together in Tucson: "I think it's a bold statement of morality that our community needs to make, given our history with the larger sanctuary movement and the community that lives here it's something that we need to pass. Families deserve to be together and all people deserve the right to feel safe."

Celebrity reactions under the cut!!! Yes, they're all equally famous, and I needed 5 celeb reactions so

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Gringo Harry Styles looking sweaty and feo while filming in Cancun, Mexico

Harry Styles was spotted looking rough while filming what people and fans are speculating is a new music video in Cancun, Mexico over the weekend.

The retired actor looked sweaty and like he needed a bath stat. He wore a non-tailored sailor inspired outfit that looked like glitter ate it and spit it back out.

According to The List: “Harry Styles and his crew failed to keep the filming of his new music video a secret as they told locals in Cancun, Mexico, they were shooting a commercial for mayo.”

Well, technically they didn’t lie.

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Competent Studio Annapurna will probably file for Chapter 11 if not bailed out by Larry Ellison

The studio behind distributing such, um, hits, as uh, "Vice", "Destroyer", "Sorry To Bother You", "Booksmart", "Detroit", and the sadly ignored "If Beale Street Could Talk", may not be here next year.

According to multiple sources, Annapurna has burned through much of the $350 million credit facility the company secured in fall 2017 on movies they don't advertise or distribute properly.

Banks expected Larry Ellison, the 4th richest person in North America, to bail out his daughter and her studio. If he doesn't, Annapurna Studios will file for Ch. 11 in either Delaware or California.


Imagine having invested in Sinemia, MoviePass, and Annapurna in the past year....🤡

Chloe Bennet reveals she has a new sibling

Chloe appeared on the Fired Up With Brad Jenkins podcast to promote her new movie, Abominable and chat about the movie Stepbrothers, along with the fact that she was a teenage pop star in China. She then talked about growing up with six brothers (three biological, three adopted) and proceeded to drop the bombshell that her mother, Stephanie Crane, gave birth three weeks ago to her seventh brother, Luca, at the age of fifty-three.

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Sources 1 and 2

Disney Loses $170 Million Over ‘Dark Phoenix’ Box Office Bomb and Other Fox Titles

Disney may be the king of the 2019 box office.
That couldn’t stop Disney from posting financial declines in the second quarter. 
Disney CEO revealed that they lost $170 million because of the titles it inherited from the 20th Century Fox.
He blamed a large part of the financial loss on the performance of “Dark Phoenix".
It will take at least a year or more for the effects of Disney’s ownership of Fox to be felt.

The Fox films set for release through 2020 under Disney :
“Ford v. Ferrari,” - “West Side Story,” - “Woman in the Window,” - “Ad Astra.”


“Southern Charm” and “Below Deck Med” Round Up Post!

After a raucous night in Colorado, Cameran and Whitney decide to hightail it back to Charleston while the rest of the gang hits the hot springs. When it becomes clear that Austen and Madison’s road to reconciliation won’t be an easy one, Shep gloats. An infuriated Madison repeats a rumored secret that not only throws Shep under the bus, but Danni too. After this bomb is dropped, Austen is left to pick up the pieces, and the rest of the Charmers to take sides.

Watch the cast above react to Madison telling Shep that he allegedly gave Danni chlamydia.

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ONTD, are you watching Below Deck Med / Southern Charm? Can we all agree that Shep is the absolute worst and has to go? Do you think Captain Sandy will replace Anastasia as chef? Who will be fired next?

Sources: 1 | 2

ONTD Original: Suddenly the Koons is flop: ARTPOP revisited.

This is a follow-up to the last post about Katy's best, cohesive album (we're not talking about singles), Witness. ARTPOP won the poll, Bionic was a close second but tbh, we've had so many posts revisiting it, IDK if I'm going to revisit anytime soon.

Around this time, Gaga was at a peak. However things were beginning to change for Miss Stefani. If we're really looking back, the tables began to turn at Alejandro. While her fans think she invented costumes, colorful wigs, and high budget realistic observers knew better.

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Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

zoë kravitz is launching a lipstick collection

  • as part of her brand ambassadorship with saint laurent, zoë kravitz is launching a lipstick collection with ysl beauté.

  • i’ve been working with ysl beauté for a while now, and i really wanted to get more involved and more creative,” kravitz added. “this collection is for anyone who wants to be playful; anyone who wants to express themselves.”

  • the collaboration will include six new shades of ysl’s rouge pur couture—three reds and three nudes in satin, matte and shimmer satin finishes, in black packaging inspired by ysl’s niki bag, apparently one of kravitz’s favorites, as is the bestselling lipstick line. “rouge pur couture is one of my favorite products,” she said. “the texture is so beautiful. it doesn’t get too dry; it’s not too shiny. it’s kind of perfect.”

  • while we don’t yet know when they’ll land stateside, u.k. fans can express themselves with zoë’s new shades on september 1st at harrods.

sources 1 | 2

ontd are you going to support this self-effacing gorgeous person?

feel free to turn this into a beauty/makeup/skincare post.
shk profile

SM Entertainment Announces US Launch Of Super M: Mix Of SHINee, NCT, WayV, & EXO w/ Capitol Records

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-SM Entertainment has launched a super boy band with the help of Capitol Records to launch in America this October.
-U.S. debut in October. Capitol promises "massive marketing, promotion and publicity campaigns." SureJan__ .Gif (We've to see it to believe it)
-Called the Avengers of K-Pop by Soo Man Lee (SM Chairman)
-“Super” refers to the impressive synergy of the talented artists, while “M” in the group’s name stands for “matrix” and “master.”
-Lee Soo Man will be in charge of producing for the group, which will promote in both Korea and the United States.
-Are y'all ready for this supergroup lol?

Sources: Official Website I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5

Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop-Tarts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet strawberry Pop-Tarts.

But where do Pop-Tarts come from? Pop-Tarts (scilis erumpant) may be a childhood favorite of many, but their history long predates everybody who enjoys them today. First discovered by the ancient Kelloggians around 300 BC (and not cooked -- or toasted -- over flame until 100 BC), they were originally found in nature in four distinct forms: apple currant jelly, strawberry, blueberry and brown sugar-cinnamon. Throughout the following centuries, the Kelloggian empire would grow and flourish largely due to the cultivation and trade of Pop-Tarts. Today, Pop-Tarts are available in 30 different flavors and the Kellogg empire lives on.

For more reading, see: ‘The Kelloggian Empire Vol. 1: 600-100 BC’, ‘The Search for the First Pop-Tart’ and ‘How to Legally Grow Your Own Pop-Tarts.’


Do you like Pop-Tarts???
tove lo

David Berman, American Poet & Indie Singer, Dies at 52.

Known for his work in the early 2000's with the band the Silver Jews, David Berman had a new project out this July titled Purple Mountains. He was a reluctant star and shied away from fame. He was set to begin a tour this Saturday. The record was receiving heavy buzz & acclaim from music writers.

Berman was a celebrated singer, songwriter, a published poet and an environmentalist. His father was a feared lobbyist for guns and alcohol. He retired from his band the Silver Jews in 2009 to fight to undo some of the damage his father had done to this world. Check out his work:

What sad news. I only heard of him this week and was just listening to Purple Mountains recently.


BH90210 1x02 promo + Ian Ziering denounces 90210 + Shannen reveals why she returned

-BH90210 1x02 "The Pitch" Season 1 Episode 2 Promo - The reboot will only be approved if the original seven cast members agree to participate, which prompts Tori and Jennie to try convincing their old castmates; the group confronts the aftermath of their Las Vegas shenanigans.

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Tove Lo

Robyn Announces More North American Tour Dates

10/08/19 Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theater
10/10/19 Columbus, OH @ Express Live! (Outdoors)
10/13/19 Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits
10/15/19 Dallas, TX @ Toyota Music Factory

ONTD are you still listening to Honey, the greatest album of 2018? (and 2019 lets be real)
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Melissa McCarthy and Elisabeth Moss promote 'The Kitchen'

  • They are promoting The Kitchen where they, along with Tiffany Haddish (who isn't there, boo) play mob wives who take over their husbands business when they go to jail 

  • McCarthy and Moss bonded when McCarthy was considering buying a lifesize yellow fiberglass horse off of Etsy

  • They discuss their obsession with Etsy (James Cordon doesn't know what it is???)

  • McCarthy discusses getting into trouble behind the scenes of the Gilmore Girls when she was taking a smoke break while fake pregnant and having a trolley full of fans on the WB lot totally appalled to see her smoking

  • Moss knew Alexis Bledel as a co-worker and friend before watching GG but now she only sees her as Rory Gilmore

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source 1 2

ONTD do you shop on Etsy?
Lick Me Like This Jeremy!

Rennsday Renner Update: Dating A Spaniard? & Wrong Endgame

Some Spanish woman, (no not our beloved Anna Allen) Monica Hoyos an actress/tv presenter went on a TV show and claimed that she met Jeremy at an Elton John party & that they've "talked".

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ONTD, have you had a long distance relationship?