July 24th, 2019


Bindi Irwin is engaged!

Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi got engaged to longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell, 22 on her 21st birthday. The two wildlife lovers met in 2013 when Chandler visited the Australia Zoo with his family and hit it off. They have been together since 2014 and in 2018, Chandler moved from Florida to Australia to work at the zoo with the Irwins.

People has more photos from her birthday celebration at the Australia Zoo and their engagement shoot.

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Daniel Bruhl teases Zemo's new look for Disney+ The Falcon & The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige unveiled the Phase 4 slate for the Marvel Cinematic Universe last Saturday at San Diego Comic Con, including Disney+ miniseries like The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Daniel Bruhl also filmed a clip for the panel teasing his reappearance as the 'proper' Baron Zemo (he was last seen in Captain America: Civil War without any costume). However, no actual footage of the clip had been leaked - until Bruhl himself uploaded what appears to be stills from it on Instagram today.

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The Falcon & The Winter Soldier arrives on Disney+ in fall 2020.


ONTD, are you excited for Daniel Bruhl's acting to run circles around Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan?
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Ed Sheeran celebrates his album debuting at #1 with “zero promo”

Ed Sheeran posted a message on his instagram stories celebrating the #1 debut of his fourth studio album, “No.6 Collaborations Project”, with “zero promo”. He said:

“Just got the news that No.6 has gone #1 in the USA and a bunch of other places. Feel incredibly fornutate to be able drop an artistic project that’s outside of my usual wheelhouse with zero promo and for it still to go number 1 - You are all amazing, thank you for all the support, and thank you for every artist that shared their talent with me for this project x”.

Upon release, the album was added to over 800 playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify, the most for any album ever.

The album features artists such as Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, Travis Scott, Eminem, 50 Cent, Cardi B, Paulo Londra, Young Thug, Bruno Mars, and others.


What's promo for you, ONTD?

ONTD Roundup

Celebrities React to (Ongoing) Live Mueller Testimony

Robert Mueller Testimony is streaming live on ABC, CBS, C-Span, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, Twitter, Youtube channels

Mueller continues his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. He will testify later before the House Intelligence Committee.


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Demi Lovato celebrates 1 year of sobriety

One year ago today, Demi Lovato was hospitalized for an overdose – just a week after admitting to relapsing in her song 'Sober'.

Today, the former Disney actress celebrated her first anniversary of sobriety by going out to a friend's birthday dinner.

A source close to the star revealed to Us Weekly, "Every day is a constant struggle for Demi. She’s remained determined to lead a life of sobriety and live her life to its fullest potential, especially following the first anniversary of her relapse."

Clintasha Love

Rennsday Renner Update: Jeremy's No Longer Ashamed To Show"Roommate"?! & The Avengers Play A Game

A few days ago Jeremy Renner posted throwback a video of him at the Avengers Endgame. The video opes with Jeremy and his roommmate Kristoffer Winters in  the back of a vehicle. They are both staring in different directions they both seem very tense. Usually kristoffer is in the back gound and even in pictures (excludding pap shots) they are not alone.

Jeremy Renner posted on his app (yes its still around) a video of him & his castmates playing a game of "This Or That".


ONTD, if you or one of you frinds where to become rich and famous, would they hire you as their assitant go everywhere toghether or viceversa?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way - "Pawn Shop Fridges, Pots, Pyros and Proposals, My Boy" Recap

- okay cool so it's obvious that Dora the Failed Explorer did absolutely no research on South Africa or her fiancé who thought it was appropriate to explain to a seven year old boy about human trafficking without his momma having the whole ass sense to nip that in the bud
- Dear universe, please let only the best, most wonderful things happen to Daniel. He got his own little talking head!
- the Koreaboo without her Wild Child acts surprised about the proposal but you already had his parents' blessing to get married sooooooooooooo
- this is the most ghetto proposal and OP guesses we're supposed find it cute like a K-drama/ K-romcom. We don't doe!
- Pyro Shart Run Dipshit Paul is still using the translator app while Karine gets an ultrasound
- The Unemployeds, Jenny and Sumit, is gettin' hitched
- Brigham Young University and Sociopathic Rinsing Queen are in Engaobao and the pigs want them to leave after the gringo was over here bringing that magia negra
- Jihoon's adorable parents leave to reunite with their adorable dog
- Our Boy Gotta Know when Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em Ronald gives us lessons on how to pawn fridges. Can you believe it girls? It's so easy!


This episode has been brought to you by Sesame Street by Dark: How to Brusquely Tell Adorable Child the Kidnapping is Real, My Boy.
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Go behind the scenes of Britney and Sam's first red carpet appearance


Making it red carpet official! This week Britney Spears joined her bf (and aspiring actor) Sam Asghari for the world premiere of the new Brad Pitt / Leonardo Di Caprio movie, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. The couple documented the outing through everyone's favourite social media app, allowing you to see the night through their own lenses.

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Jennifer Lopez to do the next Super Bowl Halftime show?

JLO discussed the possibility of doing next year's halftime show telling Entertainment Tonight: "Yeah, we've thought about the Super Bowl and it's in Miami, it's a big deal but we'll see. They make their own decisions over there" (the NFL presumably).

Jennifer is quite close with Miami as she shares a house there with her fiance Alex Rodriquez while her current North American It's My Party tour wraps with three shows in the city's AmericanAirlines Arena from July 25 to 27.

ONTD would you be here for a JLO Super Bowl?

Source: https://twitter.com/etnow/status/1151255185836015616?s=20
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

'are you the one?' s08e06: 'hate to burst your bubble' promo

and a sneak peek of tonight's episode and some of the drama just waiting to unfold:

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ontd, are you ready for the drama tonight at 9 est...? what developments are you anticipating? do you already have your snacks (and feels) on deck?

Kim Kardashian And Ariana Grande React To Collaborator Marcus Hyde’s Alleged Sexual Harassment

Kim Kardashian is speaking out about the allegations of sexual harassment levied against her collaborator and photographer Marcus Hyde.
Hyde is accused of offering a model a free photoshoot in exchange for nude photos.
A model named Sunnaya posted a series of Instagram direct messages she had with Hyde.
The photographer allegedly asked $2,000 for the shoot unless she was willing to first send nude photos.

Bella Thorne, Shay Mitchell, Michelle Visage and Aquaria have also taken aim at Hyde's behavior.
Hyde has since deleted his Instagram page and has yet to publicly comment on the accusations.

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"Another Life" (Netflix sci-fi series) drops tonight!

The Netflix sci-fi series drops its 10 episode first season at midnight (times vary per region).

Here's the full trailer:

The show stars Katee Sackhoff, Selma Blair, Tyler Hoechlin, Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, Elizabeth Ludlow, & Jake Abel.


Good people of ONTD, I ask that within the first week of its release, you do one of the following:
1-Watch the series.
2-If you have no interest whatsoever, just let it play in background.
3-If you do have an interest, but too busy to invest in another show right now, just let it play in background.

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Audra McDonald Calls Out Theatregoer For Taking A Picture Of Her Nude Scene With Michael Shannon

Audra McDonald is calling out a theatregoer for taking a picture of her nude scene.
She currently stars in “Frankie And Johnny In The Clair De Lune”, alongside Michael Shannon.
The start of the play opens with a graphic scene with the main characters having sex.

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R.I.P. Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

The prolific Dutch actor, who spent much of his career typecast as a villain, has passed away at age 75. His greatest legacy remains his work in the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, where he not only acted the hell out of his part, but personally rewrote his character's iconic final speech to make it really sing (to the point that it even has its own Wikipedia entry.

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MTV scrambling after Ariana Grande says she's not attending the VMAs

MTV's Video Music Awards announced their nominations this week, and Ariana Grande (alongside Taylor Swift) was their most nominated artist with a total of 10 honors.

Now the network is scrambling after the star revealed on Twitter she wouldn't be attending the award show due to the date clashing with her concert dates.

“MTV likes to give awards to bodies in the building. [They're] in a tough spot.”

The network was not only relying on Grande drawing in viewers, but now they won't be able to award her any big honors –– despite her success and streaming numbers placing her ahead of the other nominees in her categories.

Her tweet announcing she won't attend:

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Book post: the 2019 Booker Prize longlist is out!

It's the UK’s biggest literary award. The Booker Prize recognises the best novel written in English and published in the UK and Ireland. Previous winners include Wolf Hall, Lincoln in the Bardo,The God of Small Things, The Remains of the Day, etc.

The shortlist will be announced on 3 September 2019. The final winner will be announced on 14 October 2019.

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Have you read/will you read any these books, ONTD? do you like any of the previous Booker winners?

Rachel Bilson Gets Candid About Dating As A Single Mom

She is the mother of a four-year-old daughter and admits that dating as a single mother can be complicated.
Bilson has yet to introduce her daughter to any of the men she’s dated.
She’s not above using her daughter as an excuse to avoid things she doesn’t want to do.

“I was talking to these guys a few months back, any time I would bring my daughter up, they would never pursue the question or ask more about her. It was a red flag because anyone that you’re going to get involved with, if you have a kid, they have to be all about the kid. I always put it out there. She’s my world and I talk about her all the time. How f**ked up would it be if I hid that? If you’re going to pursue something with someone, they have to be interested in the kid or be willing to be around the kid.”


Wonder Woman: Bloodlines first image revealed

-WB has released the first image of WW:B coming out later this year...with Roasario Dawson returning to voice the character.

-Film will be a WW rogues galore with her taking on all of her iconic villains.

-Will be the 2nd animated WW film in 10 years with the first celebrating it's 10yr anniversary earlier this year. WB had allegedly put a freeze on all future female dtvs after WW released and wasn't a quick seller. It currently sits at #8 in sales out of the 35 films released.

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caroline polachek premieres two new songs, 'ocean of tears' and 'parachute' from her upcoming album

  • singer, songwriter, beyoncé collaborator, and former lead singer of chairlift, caroline polachek, has released two "lyric booklets" for her new singles, "ocean of tears" and "parachute" from her upcoming debut solo album, pang, to be released this fall.

  • watch "ocean of tears" and "parachute" below:

sources 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

to the three other chairlift/caroline polachek fans on ontd, how are you enjoying caroline's solo output? the "door" song and video are two of my faves of the year. to everyone else, get into the evolution of the lyric video.

Alyssa side-eye

People Are Defending Luke P., The Misogynist Bully From "The Bachelorette"

luke p.png

This season on The Bachelorette, Luke P. was the villain. He was demanding, angry, beat another guy up, judged Hannah for having sex, and tried to justify it using his religion.

So, everyone hates him, right? Nope. Many people are defending him.

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Is Luke the victim of bullying?


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Beyonce accused of plagiarizing from Petite Noir

Beyonce has been accused of plagiarizing African artist, Petite Noir's, "La Maison Noir: The Gift and the Curse" video for her "Spirit" video from "The Lion King: The Gift." A video comparison was posted, as well as frame by frame comparisons from the art and fashion director of "The Gift and the Curse," Gabrielle Kannemeyer.

Source: Twitter 1, 2

Well the Lion King is basically stolen from Kimba the White Lion and Beyonce gets accused of stealing every single era, so I guess this isn't surprising. I wonder if this happening again and also Beyonce's album flopping (predicted for 949 copies in UK and only like #2 or #3 in the US with 49k) will make her stop stealing and also start promoting her albums again. I love Beyonce as a performer, artist, and vocalist, but her constant stealing is yikes.

Nepotism in the movies: it's time to call out the acting school of mum and dad

In an interview with Variety at the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Maya Hawke denied that a personal connection led to her being cast in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film. Maya is the daughter of frequent Tarantino collaborator Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke

The Guardian says that nepotism has to be considered wrong. Inequalities in film are now being met with initiatives to correct, for instance, gender and racial disparities. But children of rich actors never seem to have trouble finding work also propagates systemic inequality.

Eliminating nepotism, we may end up with an industry that is more open to recognising and paying talent fairly and reflecting a diverse, complex society.

The children of Melanie Griffith and Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Bono, Will Smith and Johnny Depp are now becoming stars.


Worst case of nepotism in Hollywood, ONTD?

'Why Women Kill' - Official Trailer

Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu and Kirby Howell-Baptistestarring in Marc Cherry's Why Women Kill.
It is set in the 1960s, 1980s and in 2019 and follows three different women dealing with marital issues.
The new series premieres Thursday, Aug. 15 on CBS All Access.

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Does DiCaprio Need a Career Check? Actor Called Out for Not Working With Women Directors

DiCaprio is one of few stars left in the industry whose name carries serious box office clout.
He hasn’t necessarily leveraged that star power to lift up women and minority directors. 
DiCaprio has not worked with a female director since 1995.
Peterson and Holland are the only two women directors DiCaprio has worked with in his film career. 
His filmography is dominated by collaborations with established male directors 

film | trainspotting (1996)

Behind the scenes of Ang Lee's "GEMINI MAN"

- Paramount released a short clip showing how Ang Lee and Will Smith made their latest film 'Gemini Man.'

- Will Smith plays an assassin who is pursued by a younger clone of himself. In order to do this, the VFX team used photos of Smith from the 1990s from the Fresh Prince to Independence Day. They did a digital scan of Smith and studied how every part of his body moves to create a digital clone.

- Ang Lee told Will Smith to "act less good" when directing him playing the younger clone.

- The film opens October 11 and stars Will Smith, Clive Owen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong.

read more @ source 1 + 2

Priscilla Presley wants Lana Del Rey to play her in upcoming Elvis biopic

It was recently announced that Austin Butler (The Carrie Diaries) won the coveted role of Elvis Presley in an upcoming Baz Luhrmann biopic about the star and his relationship with manager Colonel Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The question now becomes who will play Priscilla, who was married to The King from 1967 to 1973.

When 74-year-old was spotted leaving LAX earlier this week, she did not have any comment on the news of Butler's casting. But when ask about who she wanted to see portray her onscreen, she did not skip a beat: "I like Lana [Del Rey]."

According to a banned source, Del Rey is clamoring for the role, as is Ariana Grande. And while the former does bear a striking resemblance to Priscilla, and have a preexisting professional relationship with Luhrmann (she contributed the theme song to his 2013 take on The Great Gatsby), at 34 she may be too old for the part—it was previously reported by Vanity Fair that the Presley biopic will cover his rise to fame, as well as a 1959 trip to Germany on which he (at 24) met a then-14 year old Priscilla Beaulieu.


Nicole Murphy apologizes for kissing married director Antoine Fuqua

Antoine Fuqua was spotted kissing model Nicole Murphy in Italy over the weekend.
Murphy initially brushed off rumors of impropriety saying that she and Fuqua are just friends.
“Antoine and I are just family friends. I ran into him in Italy and we exchanged a friendly hello and that was it.”

Nicole Murphy has changed her tune.
“Without going into the entire situation, I want to apologize to my family, and to Lela and the Fuqua family for what transpired. It was not my intention to be in this situation. I do not condone women kissing or interacting in anyway inappropriately with a married man. I too was once married and I would never intentionally undermine another woman, despite what has been written.”

Rochon has deleted both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Fuqua and Lela Rochon married in 1999 and share two children: daughter Asia, 16, and son Brando, 15. 
Murphy was previously married to comedian Eddie Murphy, with whom she shares five children.


Jennifer Lawrence to Star In True-Life Mafia Story 'Mob Girl'.


'The Young Pope' filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino will direct.

The movie is based on the life of the mob wife turned police informant Arlyne Brickman

Mob Girl centers on Arlyne Brickman, a woman who grew up among racketeers and mobsters on the Lower East Side of New York City. From dating the wise guys to then running errands for them, she became a “mob girlfriend” who then wanted a piece of the action herself. She eventually became a police informant and major witness in the government's case against the Colombo crime family.


Are you excited for Jlaw's comeback, ONTD?

Lizzo almost quit music after the song " Truth Hurts" did poorly in 2017

Lizzo Reveals She Was Depressed, Almost Quit Music After Dropping Breakout Hit ‘Truth Hurts’ 2 Years Ago https://t.co/H5Yn7Dtyrv

— People (@people) July 24, 2019

-Lizzo tells People magazine how she was depressed and almost quit music.

-Lizzo(born Melissa Jefferson) was born in Detroit and raised in Houston where she trained to be a classical flautist.

-She moved to Minneapolis in 2011 to pursue music and quickly became a local celebrity in the hip -hop community and even recorded with Prince before his death. She signed a major label deal with Atlantic records in 2016.

-Lizzo-" The day I released " Truth Hurts " in 2017, was probably one of the darkest days I've had in my career". I remember thinking" If I quit music now, nobody would notice. This is my best song ever, and nobody cares. I was like 'F**k it, I'm done'.

- Lizzo's family, publicist, and producer rallied around Lizzo at the time. " Just keep going because this is the darkest before the dawn".

-The song now sits at No.6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and garnered renewed attention in April when it appeared in the Netflix rom-com " Someone Great".

- Lizzo- " Who would have thunk"? What a moment in a movie can do for an artist is crazy. I had everything else, the hard work, the good music , touring- but then there's that extra special magic that nobody really knows what it is that can really change your life.

-Lizzo"Now the song that made me want to quit is the song that everyone's falling in love with me for, which is the testament to journeys. Your darkest day can turn into your brightest triumph.

-Despite success, Lizzo still deals with depression as she revealed on Instagram last month." I practice self love. I look into the mirror and tell myself I can do anything.

- Lizzo" Reaching out to people when your depressed is really hard. I use to shut myself away from my family and friends, so I've been working on communicating with the people who love me".

Ontd: What song did you discover from a film or tv show that ended up becoming one of your favorite's?