July 23rd, 2019

Kyle Richards and Jameela Jamill comment on Macys portion plate controversy


Potential Trigger warning

[Spoiler (click to open)]-Kyle Richards was asked about the Macys plate controversy

- A picture of the plates that showed diffrent sized portians with the lines"Mom jeans" on the biggest portion, favorite jeans on the middle, and skinny jeans on the smallest portion.

-Alie Ward , A correspondent on CBS's " Innovation Nation"
tweeted the picture with the line" How can I get these plates from @Macys banned in all 50 states"?.


-Actress Jameela Jamill had a strong response.

-F**k these plates! F**k these plates to hell @Macys.


-Richards said quote"I think it was pretty obvious that they were a joke" She than said she " Definitley wouldn't buy them for my daughters".

-Macys has since removed the plates and apologized.

Tim & Saoirse

TIFF 2019 Announces First Slate of Films

The Toronto International Film Festival has announced its first slate of films set to run at the festival. Notable premieres include Uncut Gems, Knives Out, Joker, Harriet and A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Check out the full list under the cut, and stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.

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Calum Scott

Lance Bass came out to Britney Spears to make her stop crying

Lance Bass was on WWHL and shared that he came out to Britney two years before coming out publicly.

“It was the night she got married the first time, to Jason [Alexander],” Bass said. “I went up to Vegas to kind of see the craziness that was happening, and she was a little upset once she realized what she had done.”

“She started really crying. Like, she was so upset,” Bass continued. “And so, I took her to her room and we were sitting on the bed and she wouldn’t stop crying, so I was like, ‘I’m gay.’ And it made her stop crying.”

When asked whether Britney was “sweet and supportive,” Bass responded, “Yeah, she chuckled.”

Coming out stories?


Jamie Lynn Spears in talks for 'Zoey 101' reboot

Though it's been 11 years since the show went off the air due to Jamie Lynn's unexpected pregnancy, Zoey 101 could be returning to Nickelodeon.

TMZ has learned that Jamie Lynn Spears has been in talks to reboot the series, but with some major changes. "The premise of the show would follow Zoey's life in SoCal ten years later at the age of 28 -- only this time, she'd have a couple of kids in the mix."

No confirmation has been announced, but a source at Nickelodeon says execs are currently negotiating deals with the star.


Cardi B concerns fans after posting an alarming tweet

Cardi B raised concerns over the weekend after tweeting (and quickly deleting) an alarming tweet.

The 26 year old rapper, who previously broke down on Instagram live over trolls harassing her, tweeted "Wish I was dead".

Fans of the star started trending '#WeLoveYouCardi' following the tweet.

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Green Fury

Wu Assassins | Official Trailer

He’s on a mission to save Chinatown, even if it means killing his own father. Kung Fu meets sci-fi meets Asian street food in Wu Assassins — only on Netflix August 8.

An unassuming San Francisco chef becomes the latest in a long line of assassins chosen to keep the mystical Wu powers out of the wrong hands.


Between John Wick 3 and this I'm glad to see Mark Dacascos is having a good year.

HARRIET - Official Trailer


Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, HARRIET tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman's escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. Her courage, ingenuity, and tenacity freed hundreds of slaves and changed the course of history.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse's breakup explained by Astrology

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart's Breakup Can 1000% Be Explained by Astrology https://t.co/jvfMUyITwF

— Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) July 23, 2019

-Between Mecury Retograde, Cancer Season and two eclipses, Cosmo says we should have seen the breakup a mile away.

-Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year and last about three weeks. There is also a shadow period of two weeks before where you may still feel the effects. It's a period where your inspired to review areas of your life like your relationship.

- They broke up at the tale end of Cancer season, the moodiest time of the year. This time makes you more focused on your closest and most intimate relationships.

- Reinhart is an Virgo. Sprouse is a Leo.

Ontd: Do you feel certain times of the year your more focused, due to the stars or anything else?


IndieWire's Top 50 film performances of the decade

Fresh off of giving us their 100 best films of the decade, IndieWire is back to give us the Top 50 performances of the decade. Again, even with 5 months still to go.

Here's 5:

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The View: Beto O'Rourke, Kofi Siriboe, Hot Topics

Beto O’Rourke Talks Campaign




(His wife Amy joins for third segment)

Summary of convo [Spoiler (click to open)]
Talks re-launching his campaign. Mam brings up poll numbers, below Marianne W., fundraising down. He replies that it’s soon, campaigns have flows, talks about how he feels when he’s out there, it’s energetic.

Sunny brings up Tr/mp vs Squad and Send Her Back. Wonders if it will be a campaign theme. Beto says it’s more than Dems who are outraged, details Tr/mp racist words. Believes the voters will reject that racism and bigotry. Joy said she thought Tr/mp ratings went up since his remarks, and the GOP strategy is to paint Dems as unpatriotic socialists, how will Beto go up against that. Beto explains his strategy. Joy & Sunny bring up that Tr/mp wants to cut Meals on Wheels program, cutting out the only meals for 3M people. Mam thinks comparing Tr/mp to Nazis is extreme (it’s not, crack a history book). Beto tries to explain, Mam interrupts, Beto carries on. Mam thinks people who voted for Obama then Tr/mp (o_ok) will need to be won over. Beto continues that he went into high red territories because they deserve to be heard, quotes his election votes from 2018 (run for Senate, dude).

Wife Amy joins them. Nice dress. 3 kids. Shows photo. Joy wondered if she cried when he said he was going to run. Amy says No, she cried back in 2008-9 when she was pregnant and it seemed out of the blue. Flash fw, she’s fine with it now. Amy read Michelle Obama book Becoming, recounts similarities in being a working mother. Beto says she’s amazing and they made the decision together. Mam brought up quotes about sometimes raising kids. Amy says she wasn’t upset with him, he was trying to illustrate that it was tough for her. Sunny and Amy talk a little Spanish. Sunny mentions they revealed they’re both descendants of slaveowners. Beto talks about that. Reparations = yes pass bill to study (which is the first step).

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Mam My Father™ count = 0

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Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

the weeknd confirms casting in the safdie brothers' upcoming film, 'uncut gems'

  • abel tesfaye, (b.k.a.: the weeknd) confirmed that he will appear in the safdie brothers upcoming crime thriller uncut gems.

  • [the movie's synopsis ] "an electrifying crime thriller about howard ratner (played by adam sandler), a charismatic new york city jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score. when he makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime, howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides, in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win."

  • uncut gems is the safdie's brothers' first film since 2017's palme d'or-nominated good time

  • abel will play himself (op note: but does he have the range...?), with lakeith stanfield, idina menzel, judd hirsch, eric bogosian, pom klementieff, and kevin garnett all set to feature.


ontd, do you prefer the weeknd as an actor or the go-to creator of problematic hits and fuckboy anthems?
Griffith & Guts
  • drbat

Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner From "The Lion King" Play Ship or Sink

Seth Rogen (Pumbaa) and Billy Eichner (Timon) from Disney's "The Lion King" sit down and weigh in on some of the most iconic duos in film and TV history...and are already preparing for the Twitter firestorms that will follow.


Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande Lead 2019 VMA Nominations

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande both received 10 VMA nominations this morning, including Video of the Year.

It is unclear if Swift will participate in this year's awards; the 'revenge porn' music video for Kanye West's Famous nominated for Video of The Year in 2016. Since Scooter Braun promoting Famous with a single tweet is a partial reason for her anger towards him, it would make sense for her to boycott the VMAs altogether. That said, her album Lover is conveniently schedueled for release three days before the ceremony.

The awards show will air on MTV on Monday, Aug. 26 at 8 pm ET

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Lifetime is making a movie about the college admissions scandal

- Lifetime released a press release saying:

"College Admissions Scandal will follow two wealthy mothers who share an obsession with getting their teenagers into the best possible college.

When charismatic college admissions consultant Rick Singer offers a side door into the prestigious institutions of their dreams, they willingly partake with visions of coveted acceptance letters in their heads.

But when Singer cooperates with the FBI and pleads guilty, the mothers who risked everything for their kids, must face the consequences of their crimes and the loss of trust and respect from their families."

- Movie is expected to premiere this fall


Favourite lifetime movie, ONTD?

Celebrities react: Boris Johnson is the new UK PM

It was announced today Boris Johnson has won the Tory leadership and will take over as UK PM after Theresa May. Celebrities react:

Sam Neill, actor

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Ashley Benson gets Cara Delevingne's initials tattooed on her


Ashley Benson revealed in a new instagram photo that she got her girlfriend Cara Delevingne's initials tattooed on her.

The 29-year-old “Pretty Little Liars” actress has the initials "CD" inked on her body –– matching Cara who got the letter "A" tattooed on the same spot on her body last month.

The couple reportedly began dating in May 2018, and only confirmed the dating rumors this June after Delevingne posted a video of the pair kissing to celebrate their one year anniversary.

princess leia

Taylor Swift scanned pages from her diaries for fans to purchase with a deluxe album

While filming another music video today, Taylor took a moment to film an Instagram story for her fans.

In the story, dressed in new merchandise, she reveals that the four deluxe versions of her album "Lover" will include 120 pages from her diaries. Each deluxe album will include 30 pages, so there will be 120 in total. The pamphlets will also include personal photos and original lyrics. (She starts to show examples around the 5-minute mark.) Each deluxe album is $16.99.

She also explains why her newly released track "The Archer" is the 5th track of her album. She says, "I really wanted to give you track five before the album came out. So track five is kind of a tradition that has really started with you guys because I didn't realize I was doing this, but as I was making albums, I guess, I don't know why, but instinctively, I was just kind of putting a very vulnerable, personal, honest, emotional song as track five ... So because you noticed this, I kind of started to put the songs that were really honest, emotional, and vulnerable, and personal as track five."

Sources: 1, 2

ONTD, how many deluxe albums do you plan on purchasing?
uh ok

Actor Ricky Gervais weighs in on Canada's transgender ball-waxing controversy

- British Actor Ricky Gervais of 'The Office' and 'Night at the Museum' fame commented on current controversial case in Canada involving transwoman activist Jessica Yaniv vs 16 waxing and esthetic salons
- Jessica Yaniv sued the, mostly immigrant owned, home beauty services for human rights abuse denouning their transphobia for refusing to serve a client because they didn't have the 'right' genitalia
- The home salons argued that they refused Yaniv as a client because their religion prevent them from touching male genitalia, they work at home with children around and/or they lack of expertise/equipment to wax male genitalia
- Yaniv is suing these beauty salons for $500,000
- Ricky Gervais tweeted about this case defending the beauty salons and thus engaged in a 'Twitter fight' with feminists and trans right activists

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Snooki Says Sex After Pregnancy Feels Like Being A Virgin Again

- Snooki went on a podcast and discussed sex after childbirth:

"It feels like you are a virgin again. It just hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It starts to feel good after you get into the motions, but you need a lot of lube, let’s just put it that way.”

- Snooki has three children named Lorenzo (6), Giovanna (4), and Angelo (2 months)

- She waited 6 weeks to have sex after the birth of her oldest son and daughter because she ripped during labour.

- She didn't tear with her newest baby, but her and husband Jionni haven't had sex yet because she wants to wait longer

- Snooki said a dinner date and some wine might make her change her mind


Teen rapper Tay-K sentenced to 55 years in prison

Last week, Soundcloud rapper Tay-K was found guilty of murder and he pled guilty to three counts of aggravated robbery.

Today he was sentenced to 55 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the 2016 murder of 21 year old Ethan Walker that led to his big song "The Race".

He'll be eligible for parole once he's served half of that time.

He was also sentenced to 30, 13, and 13 years for his three counts of aggravated robbery, but all of the sentences will be served concurrently.

He avoided a capital murder charge in this case but he's still potentially facing one in another county for the death of an unrelated 23 year old man.

Amos 2
  • ivy_b

The Expanse SDCC roundup

io9 gave a break down of the panel and some of the cast interviews from afterwards.


[Spoiler (click to open)]* Bobbie isn't really in book 4, so they got to write new material for her and showcase Bobbie the human, rather than just Bobbie the Marine, which Frankie Adams enjoyed doing. Ty Franck (one half of James S.A. Corey) talks about the Roci landing for the first time on a planet, having to redesign the ship and adding landing struts that come down. He also mentions the brutal physical aspect Belters go through to prepare for being planet-side, a side of Belter life we hadn't seen before and how Dominique Tipper was committed to it.

* Regarding adapting the books to the show, Ty says they have a rule when writing the books, which is also true for the show's writers' room: The best idea wins, the only thing that matters is that they make a thing that's good. They don't fight about whose idea should win. Naren Shankar (showrunner) praised the two authors for not being 'precious' about things and willing to change chronology, folding character arcs into different characters and moving storylines around. This season they took a character that they didn't include in an earlier season for the storyline in the book for that season, and pulled that character into this season. They say book readers will be very excited when this character shows up, because we thought the writers forgot about this character.

* Cas Anvar says there's a nice evolution between Alex and Naomi in season 4, that has to do with the huge shift that they're taking, going to the planet. Dom says it's the first time you really see the Roci crew as a family, kind of settled in who they are and their relations with each other. They start off in a lovely family dynamic, but you know it's all gonna go downhill, basically.

* They talk a bit about Murtry (played by Burn Gorman)- the character has a certain perspective, one of the things they like doing in the show is not having anybody who is just evil for the sake of being evil, everyone who's in conflict is there because they think they're doing the right thing. You see in the clip that was released the Earth corporation, the Belters and the Roci crew, that gives you a good sense of what a core conflic in the season is going to be about.

* According to Steven Strait, season four will have a different tone- book four is kind of a gear change and has a different flavor to it. The show approaches that also on a technical level with lens changes- they use anamorphic lenses that are kind of wide screen and gives a frontier look to it. But there's also a gritty intimacy with the Roci crew and the people on New Terra/Ilus. You move into this vast and different space, and yet you kind of delve deeper into each character as well. The world does get much larger, and yet it also gets far more intimate at the same time.

More at source.

EDIT: The panel is now up, you can see it for yourself here:

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Only 5 more months to go before we get season 4.

‘Homecoming’: Janelle Monáe To Star In Season 2 Of Amazon Drama Series

Janelle Monáe is set to headline the second season of Amazon’s drama series 'Homecoming',
Monáe succeeds Julie Roberts who toplined Season 1 in a one-year deal. 
Bobby Cannavale, Stephan James, Hong Chau and possibly Shea Whigham are looking good to return.

The premise of Season 2 :
She plays a tenacious woman who finds herself floating in a canoe, with no memory of how she got there — or even who she is.

Are You Afraid?

Lou Pearlman Biopic in the Works

A big-screen biopic about Lou Pearlman, the boy band mogul turned Ponzi schemer, is on the way. It will be titled Transcon.

Pearlman was famous for starting and managing the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, LFO, O-Town, and others. He died in 2016 from a heart attack while serving a 25-year prison sentence.

The film will be based partly on a 2007 Vanity Fair article about Pearlman. Songwriters Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson have signed on as producers. Carlsson helped write the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way” and *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye."

The Boy Band Con, a documentary about Pearlman produced by *NSYNC member Lance Bass, premiered earlier this year.

Hope the casting for this will be better than that budget Lifetime Britney movie.

Source 1 2

Wesley Snipes Responds to Marvel Rebooting Blade

At Comic-Con Mahershala Ali was announced as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Blade. 
Wesley Snipes, tells fans to "chillaaxx" and embraces the new casting.

“To all the DAYWALKERS losing their minds right now, chillaaxx. Although the news comes as a surprise, it’s ALL GOOD. Such is the ‘business’ of ‘entertainment!’ Much peace to the MCU crew - always a fan. Honor and respect to the grandmaster Stan. Congratulations and Salaam to Mahershala Ali, a beautiful and talented artist whose expressions I look forward to experiencing for many years to come. Inshallah, we will someday work together. Most importantly to my loyal fans, the incredible outpouring of love is overwhelming. I am grateful for the never-ending support. So, ‘nah fret nah worry, it’s not de end of de story.’ Welcome to the Daywalker Klique.”


7 Great Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Marriage Clock by Zara Reheem

You should read this if you like: Contemporary romance, buzzy debuts, Bollywood love stories, hilariously bad speed dates and blind dates, trying to please your traditional parents

About: In Zara Raheem's fresh, funny, smart debut, a young, Muslim-American woman is given three months to find the right husband or else her traditional Indian parents will find one for her--a novel with a universal story that everyone can relate to about the challenges of falling in love.

To Leila Abid's traditional Indian parents, finding a husband in their South Asian-Muslim American community is as easy as match, meet, marry. But for Leila, a marriage of arrangement clashes with her lifelong dreams of a Bollywood romance which has her convinced that real love happens before marriage, not the other way around.

Finding the right husband was always part of her life-plan, but after 26 years of singledom, even Leila is starting to get nervous. And to make matters worse, her parents are panicking, the neighbors are talking, and she's wondering, are her expectations just too high? So Leila decides it's time to stop dreaming and start dating.

She makes a deal with her parents: they'll give her three months, until their 30th wedding anniversary, to find a husband on her own terms. But if she fails, they'll take over and arrange her marriage for her.

With the stakes set, Leila succumbs to the impossible mission of satisfying her parents' expectations, while also fulfilling her own western ideals of love. But after a series of speed dates, blind dates, online dates and even ambush dates, the sparks just don't fly! And now, with the marriage clock ticking, and her 3-month deadline looming in the horizon, Leila must face the consequences of what might happen if she doesn't find "the one..."

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Book Post 📚

Amy Winehouse is remembered on the 8th anniversary of her death by friend Kelly Osbourne

-Kelly Osbourne posted a touching message remembering singer Amy Winehouse on the 8 year anniversary of her death at 27 from alchohol poisoning

-Osbourne posted on Instagram "Not a day goes by that I don't miss you #lul".


Ontd:Do you remember when you heard of Winehouse's passing?

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Slammed For Apparently Parking In A Handicap Spot

Kylie Jenner shared a picture with Travis Scott on IG in front of their car.

Fans picked up on the handicap sign in the background.
“Sooo, Which one of y’all are handicap?” 
“I believe you. It’s a crime to park in the handicap parking spot. I sure hope you are bragging because you’re parked there. Karma has a way of making things equal. I would not tempt fate.”
“please pay the $250 fine if you don’t mind.”

Disability inclusion group The Ruderman Family Foundation’s president Jay Ruderman slammed the photo :
“Accessible parking is meant for people with disabilities who need it. As a role model to many, this is an opportunity for Kylie Jenner to use her celebrity status to help society understand why accessible parking is a basic right for people with disabilities to be included in daily life.”


20(5) things you may not know about"Drop Dead Gorgeous" on its 20th anniversary

On-Set Feuds, Offended Audiences and a Box Office Disaster: 20 Secrets You Might Not Know About Drop Dead Gorgeous https://t.co/P0tURUBDgY

— E! News (@enews) July 23, 2019

"Drop Dead Gorgeous came out in theaters 20 years ago to bad reviews and bad box office, costing $15 million and taking in 10. It became a cult classic and for its 20th anniversary here is some trivia.

-The film was based on screenwriter Lona Williams own Minnesota beauty pagent days.

- On the first day of filming Kirstie Alley announced to the crew that she had just quit smoking, was on a diet and just got her period.

-DDG was Amy Adams first film. Adams" Everything about that film was so surreal to me. That was the first time I relized, " I think I could go to Hollywood and at least get some commercials or something".

-The scene where Denise Richard's character performs the Frankie Valli hit" I can't take my eyes off of you" while dancing with a Jesus doll on a crucifix. Some extras were not amused.
Richard's " Halfway through the performance they were offended and actually walked off set".

"Drop Dead Gorgeous" is currently streaming on HULU


[Spoiler (click to open)]In honor of Kirstie Alley, this surprisingly informative video