July 13th, 2019


Big Little Lies: Behind the clusterfuck that is season 2

Andrea Arnold was hired by HBO to direct season 2 of Big Little Lies as season 1 director Jean-Marc Vallée was busy with HBO's limited series "Sharp Objects".
Arnold was given free rein, but it was never explained to her that the expectation was her footage would be shaped by Vallée into the show’s distinctive style.
Vallée and Arnold never spoke, nor was there ever a clear showrunner or creative producer who Arnold was answerable to on set. Showrunner Kelley made only a handful of set visits, each lasting approximately an hour.
David Kelley’s soapy scripts, featuring many scenes of two characters sitting across a table talking (which required his approval to alter), were not Arnold’s bread-and-butter, the director was free to shoot them as she saw fit.
The show wrapped production in August 2018, but before Arnold and her London editing team were able to even complete an official cut of an episode, Vallée, now finished with work on “Sharp Objects,” started to take over.
Post-production shifted from London to Vallée’s home city of Montreal, where his own editorial team started cutting what is now airing on HBO. Soon after, 17 days of additional photography were scheduled.
Vallée was now an extremely hands-on EP for the additional shooting in February of 2019, dictating not only what would be shot, but how it would be shot, oversight that Arnold never had during the initial shoot.
Vallée’s reconfiguration of the second season was removing Arnold’s signature contributions. Sixty-page scripts were slashed down episodes that were roughly 40 minutes of length.
While elements of Arnold’s work do remain on-screen – especially in the first episode – the scenes seem truncated, the editing especially choppy. Eleven editors are currently credited on the show.
Andrea Arnold is said to be heartbroken about the experience.



Everything You Need to Know About the New Season of Veronica Mars

The Veronica Mars revival drops on Hulu July 26th and TVGuide has released a video catching everyone up on the need to know info.

Kristen Bell is, of course, returning as our hero Veronica Mars. Also returning is Jason Dohring as Veronica's bad boy turned good true love Logan, Enrico Colantoni as Veronica's loyal dad and fellow detective Keith, Percy Daggs III as Veronica's long-suffering bestie Wallace, Francis Capra as biker Weevil, and Ryan Hansen as Logan's dumbass BFF Dick.

Joining the cast are Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Nicole, a nightclub owner and Veronica's pal, Izabela Vidovic as Mattie, teenager investigating her own mystery, J. K. Simmons as Clyde, an ex-con and fixer for Dick's dad, Mary McDonnell as a therapist and Dawnn Lewis as the new police chief Marcia.

While the show was not allowed f-bombs by Hulu, we will see language, violence and sex in the revival. The show gets around the no f-bombs rule by having Keith and Veronica engage in a no cursing contest, much to Logan's dismay. The cast also said this is a much darker show.

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Life After Lockup 2.19 "Kissing You Under the Ghettotoe" Discussion Post

- Michael's "friend" Roc throws Megan under the bus saying they didn't kiss
- Look at Misogylino apologin'!!!!!! He's a supportive Uber driver taking Brittany to see Sascha's court date
- Clint knows he did some of that crickety-crack! He drops Tracie off to finalize that she's off parole, but he should probably wait for her in the parking lot
- Bodega Lime Display Hater Andrea confronts Subpar Mormon Lamar about him going to hang out
- Lizzie and her Chi-Chis take Bob's Burgers Illustration Come to Life Scott on a beach date because she's tired of splitting the check with frat boys
- Apparently Sharlene, Scott's friend, is living with him and Lizzie's Tiddies are angry
- Clint found a THIRD woman to flirt with - how does this man have ANY mack to lay down?
- Vile Ass Imbecile Michael EXPECTED Megan to be loyal. The Idiot thinks he can magically travel from Michigan to New York in one day to see his 'daughter born' despite that he could've asked his PO weeks in advance for permission. His momma and her crimp weave ponytail gives him a D. West lecture
- Ummmm, they're going to fingerbang in the gang owned car wash again, aren't they?
- Peep Marcelino in the cowboy boots!
- Sascha tries to tell her story in front of the judge, but he sentences her to ten years in prison
- We don't have a jail/ jail sentence tag, but we've got a Jai Courtney tag?
- Vegas, baby, Vegas! I don't care if the champagne cost $2, do not drink it like it's a damn tequila shot.
- Michael has left the driveway.

This episode is brought to you by come on, ya know OP had to hit you and traumatize you with this thumbnail.

Scarlett Johansson opens up about politically correct casting

If acting paid next to nothing, she would still be happy to do it for a living.
However, she enjoys the glitzy lifestyle the career affords her.
Scarlett bowed out of an upcoming project as a trans character following backlash.
She addressed the 'political correctness' in casting
"I should be allowed to play any person, or any tree, or any animal because that is my job and the requirements of my job,"


Lil Nas X Wants Mariah Carey to Collaborate with Him on a Remix of 'Old Town Road'

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus just hit 14 weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
He wants to collaborate with the legendary singer on a remix that song.
Mariah Carey responds to the request.

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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Have A New Addition to Their Family


Two years after losing their beloved 17 year old dog George and five years after losing Belgian Malinois Hugo, huge dog lovers Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have adopted a fawn Doberman puppy, whom they've named Lucho. Eva introduced the eight month old pup to her Instagram followers earlier this week in a photo presumably taken by Ryan (he became a published photographer earlier last year)

She encouraged followers to adopt rather than shop, and name dropped the shelter where they got Lucho, the rescue organization Friends for Life. The founder shared with People magazine more photos and Lucho's story, including that he he was unable to stand until he was 5 weeks old and only began walking and running at 6 weeks. Lucho was adopted by Gosling and Mendes in March when he was 4 months old. The pair are also parents to daughters Amada, 3, and Esmeralda, 4½.

This is just an excuse for a dog post. Show me your puppers, ONTD.

Source, Twitter
Agron & Nasir
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Lion King's Billy Eichner talks about playing Timon

Eichner, who sings in the film, grew up doing musical theater and wanted to be on Broadway.

Considers Nathan Lane, the original Timon, a personal idol.

Is "glad that Jon Favreau kept the tradition of Timon being played by a gay actor, with a certain type of comedic sensibility, alive."

On reconciling his version of Timon with Lane's, "one thing that really helped is that Jon Favreau had Seth Rogen and I improvise a lot, and a remarkable amount of the improv ended up in the movie. Once you’re improvising, you have to be in the moment, you can’t be thinking about Nathan Lane and the original and all of that. And I think that really helped us tap into our version of who the characters were going to be."

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More at the source.

Channing Tatum Thinks Astrology App May Have Eavesdropped on Therapy Session

Channing Tatum took to Instagram/Twitter on Friday to talk about the astrology app The Pattern. According to its website, The Pattern aims to "helps you better understand yourself and connect with others on a deeper level."

Channing believes that the app was eavesdropping in on one of this therapy sessions.

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"I was just in therapy yesterday—yeah I'm in therapy, whatever, everyone should be in therapy, and I just get a notification on my phone this morning, boop, pops up, and using the exact words that we were using in therapy...is the phone listening?

Are you listening through the phone, Pattern? A.I., the algorithm that is The Pattern, are you listening through my phone and then just regurgitating the stuff that I'm afraid of?"

His posts have gone viral and the company's servers have crashed and the app is unable to load.

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Disney Shutting Down FX Plus Subscription Service

Disney is getting rid of the FX Plus subscription service.

FX Plus will no longer be available after Aug. 20, 2019. The service has only been out for two years. The service was $5.99 a month and it provided ad free access to more than 1,400 episodes of FX programming, including “Atlanta,” “American Horror Story,” and “Damages”.

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seb 1

Britney Spears works out to her cover of Tom's Diner + Giorgio Moroder posts new remix


The internet makes the people come together! After Britney posted an instagram video of her working out to her 2015 cover of the classic track Tom's Diner, the producer of the track, Giorgio Moroder, responded with posting a new remix which for the first time features Britney's vocals during the bridge. Soooo merry Britmas everyone!

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This new remix tho

Source 1: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz1sPbig41D/
Source 2: https://twitter.com/giorgiomoroder/status/1150017112016117760?s=20

Simona Halep beats Serena Williams to win Wimbledon

- Halep beat favourite S Williams in under an hour
- Second slam title for Halep (Roland Garros 2018) after losing her first 3 slam finals
- Serena has made at least one slam final for the last 13 consecutive years


Can we say Wimbledon 2019 was officially clay yet?

Nicki Minaj Goes Off After Being Accused of Not Supporting Other Female Rappers

Journalist Warren Stocker praised Cardi B for showing support to women MCs.
Stocker took to Twitter to express his appreciation for Cardi's video while also taking a jab at Nicki.
Nicki caught wind of Stocker's tweet and immediately put him on blast. 
Her responses ignited a wave of backlash against Stocker.
He has since deleted the original tweet ... along with his entire verified Twitter page.

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Sam Raimi Thinks About Canceled ‘Spider-Man 4’ ‘All the Time’


- back in 2011 Sam Raimi worked on a fourth movie in his Tobey Maguire Spiderman trilogy, which was suppsoed to star John Malkovich as Vulture

- the movie never ended up happening due to creative differences and general Sony messiness

- Raimi is still not over it:

“I think about it all the time. It’s hard not to, because each summer another Spider-Man film comes out! So when you have an unborn one, you can’t help but think what might have been. But I try to focus on what will be, and not look into the past.”

fave Spiderman?

Tobey Maguire
Andrew Garfield
Tom Holland