June 26th, 2019

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‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Series in Development at CBS

CBS has issued a series production commitment for “The Lincoln Lawyer,” with Kelley in position to write and executive produce.

Based on the series of novels by Michael Connelly it will center around Mickey Haller, an idealist who runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car taking on cases big and small across the expansive city of Los Angeles.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” novel was adapted for the big screen in 2011 with Matthew McConaughey playing the lawyer in question. The film was a box office hit and also starred Marisa Tomei in the role of his ex-wife.

There is yet no word on who will be playing the criminal defense attorney in this new series or when it will air.

Sources: the Variey tweet Variety

ONTD Original: Top Worst Tweets from Tana Mongeau

In celebration of Tana Mongeau's 21st birthday and her engagement to Jake Paul yesterday, I decided to to scour her twitter feed to bring the worst things she's ever tweeted (I only looked back about 3 months)

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source: Tana's Twitter feed

The Office leaving Netflix by December 2020

NBC Universal will be streaming The Office in their own upcoming streaming service starting January 2021. The streaming service will be free and ad-supported.

source: https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/1143642933763035137, https://twitter.com/netflix/status/1143643776637792257
uh ok

Author who tried to get a Black train worker fired sues her ex-publisher for $13.4 million

- Follow-up to this post
- Natasha Tynes got slammed on Twitter for contacting Washington DC Metro's Twitter to report that a Black female train worker ate on the train (which is against the DC metro policy), posting a picture of the employee and giving detailed info so DC Metro can find her in order to get her fired (she didn't get fired in the end btw)
- Tynes, who got a book deal for her first novel 'They Called Me Wyatt' (which is about a Jordanian woman that reincarnated as a White boy after being murdered but kept her consciousness), was criticized for endangering a fellow WOC's livelihood and ignoring the difficulties of working a 9-5 job
- The backlash was so big her publisher pulled her book deal and Tynes set her account on private
- Tynes since says she has received death threats following this and her loss of book deal gave her suicidal thoughts
- She accuses her ex-publisher, the "all-white" (her words) Rare Bird Lit, of breaching their contract with her and defaming her thus sueing them for $13.4 million

Tim & Saoirse

Letitia Wright & John Boyega to Star in Steve McQueen Series

  • Letitia Wright and John Boyega are set to star in Small Axe, an anthology series from Steve McQueen.

  • The six-part series is set to air on the BBC, with Amazon airing it in the United States.

  • The series, which is currently in production in London, spans from the 1960's-1980's, and is set in the West Indian neighborhood of London. It will tell five stories, rooted in the journies of those like McQueen's own parents.

  • Other series stars include Malachi Kirby, Shaun Parkes, Rochenda Sandall, Alex Jennings and Jack Lowden.

  • The title of the series comes from the Jamaican proverb "If you are the big tree, we are the small axe."


MIB producers Laurie MacDonald and Walter Parkes defend the rewrites on the summer megaflop

Recap: The Hollywood Reporter released an article detailing the problems behind the scenes on the Men In Black: International.

There were numerous script rewrites, infighting between Walter Parkes and F. Gary Gray, and Chris and Tessa hiring their own dialogue writers. F. Gary Gray almost walked away from the project but was convinced to stay. Most of the blame fell upon Walter Parkes trying to take over control over the film. And now Parkes and his wife, fellow MIB producer, Laurie MacDonald are speaking out.

Part of their statement:

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Basically Parkes and MacDonald place the blame on the initial writers of the script, F. Gary Gray for hiring Les Twins as the villains, and the studio for approving the script.

The Hollywood Reporter states that they stand by their initial story, citing interviews with nine people who worked on MIB: International.


Alanis Morissette did a great interview with Self

Alanis Morisette was interviewed by Nicole Cliffe for Self and the whole thing is a great read. Alanis is currently pregnant with her 3rd child at age 45 and she talks about being pregnant, post-partum depression, #MeToo, boundaries and all sorts of interesting things.

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Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5
Whole interview

Fav Alanis quote? What has Alanis' music meant to you?

Tessa Thompson & Rumored Beau Dev Hynes Step Out in Paris

Tessa Thompson was spotted walking around Paris with rumored boyfriend Dev Hynes. The pair were first spotted in January and fans speculated that they were a couple. No confirmation on the rumors.

Dev is an English singer who goes by the stage name Blood Orange.


Chris Hemsworth Promotes New TAG Heuer Collection in Sydney

Chris Hemsworth attends the TAG Heuer Autavia Collection Launch Event in Sydney, Australia.

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The Trio

'Annabelle Comes Home' starts off early mid-week box office with $3.5M on Tuesday night

Warner Bros. has at least one hit on their hands this year with the horror 'Annabelle Comes Home', which made $3.5 million from Tuesday night previews, and is the only wide release this weekend. It's expected to make around $30 million throughout this week and into the weekend (on a $15M budget).

The only other kind-of big release this week is 'Yesterday', which debuts on Thursday night in the U.S./Canada and is expected to make $10M opening weekend (can't find a budget, but it did cost $10 million just to get the rights of The Beatles songs to be played in the movie).

Regardless of new releases, Disney's 'Toy Story 4' is expected to top the box office this weekend.

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1143894009556983809
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Karamo Brown and Billy Eichner defend Taylor Swift

Queer Eye's Karamo Brown talked to People about Taylor Swift and some of the backlash she's received over her music video for "You Need to Calm Down."

“We had these amazing conversations about her influence and her understanding the importance of helping people to see that they should open their minds. That’s a woman who is using her power for good, and I’m just proud to be her friend now... As far as I know, black trans women are still dying in high numbers. So, it’s not just convenient, like, ‘Oh, everything’s solved, so now I want to get on it.’ She’s helping our community at a time when things are still going on. We have an administration that is literally saying trans people cannot serve in the military. It’s not convenient for Taylor Swift to be coming forward. It’s needed, and I’m thankful.”


Actor and comedian Billy Eichner was also asked about his thoughts on Swift at Variety's Pride event. He joked about not being included in her music video before showing his support for the singer.

“You know I think overall we need all the allies we can get. I was really genuinely impressed by how vocal Taylor was during the midterm elections, telling her following to vote, coming out on behalf of Democrats even though she’s from the south and a deep red state. I really thought that was so important. She got so many people into the system who now will hopefully continue to be in the system and continue to be politically engaged.”

Body language

Lena Headey, Sigourney Weaver, Awkwafina and more join The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Lena Headey, Benedict Wong, Awkwafina and Sigourney Weaver were among the new cast members announced for Netflix's Dark Crystal series.


Street Food Icons: The Dollar Tamale Queen of New York

Evelia Coyotzi has been selling dollar tamales in Corona, Queens since 2001. Her team starts every day around 9 PM, cooking through the night, so that by 4 AM, they're outside the Junction Boulevard subway stop selling her tamales.

Originally from Tlaxcala, Mexico, Evelia makes a large variety of tamales, like tamales con rajas, mole, pollo verde, Oaxacan tamales and more, which she sells for $1-2 apiece out of a pushcart.

ONTD, do y’all like tamales?

We need this

The Arctic Dogs Official Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here!

From the source:

"Swifty the Arctic fox works in the mail room of the Arctic Blast Delivery Service but dreams of one day becoming a Top Dog (the Arctic’s star husky couriers). To prove himself worthy of the Top Dog role, Swifty secretly commandeers one of the sleds and delivers a package to a mysterious location. He stumbles upon a secret fortress where he comes face to face with Otto Von Walrus, a blubbery evil genius who walks around on mechanical legs and commands a loyal army of oddly polite puffin henchmen. Swifty soon discovers Von Walrus’ plan to melt the polar ice caps and flood the world in order to reign supreme. Now, Swifty has to enlist the help of his friends: PB, a concerned polar bear, Lemmy, a scatterbrained albatross, Bertha and Leopold, two conspiracy theorist otters and Jade, a worldly fox. This ragtag group of Arctic misfits has to band together to stop Von Walrus’ sinister plans and save the day."

The film stars Jeremy Renner whose previous voiceover credits are "cops" in Catwoman: The Game & the naration for the History Channel mini-series "The World Wars". Also in the cast are Heidi Klum, James Franco, John Cleese, Omar Sy, Michael Madsen, Laurie Holden, Anjelica Huston, and Alec Baldwin.

Jeremy Renner will also be starring in a documentary about the film.

Arctic Dogs will finall be released on November 8th 2019!


ONTD, How's your Rennsday going?

Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, and Ariana Grande announce Charlie's Angels collaboration

Charlie’s Angels is directed by Elizabeth Banks and stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska. The first trailer is expected to drop tomorrow.

Ehh. Will it be a good as this:

Sources: 1,2
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Game of Thrones | The Complete Collection: GoT Reunion – Official Clip (HBO)

HBO is releasing a Game of Thrones limited edition blu-ray set, The Complete Collection, that comes with a reunion special feature hosted by Conan O'Brien. The box set also includes deleted, extended and behind the scenes, audio commentary and more. It'll be out on December 3, 2019.

In this sneak peek clip you can see Kit Harington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Isaac Hempstead-Wright reacting to behind the scenes clips from season 1.

Source: Youtube

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Hit In The Face With A Volleyball

During a recent trip to the beach in Malibu, Leonardo DiCaprio was seen playing volleyball with friends. It was when he went in to bump the ball as it went over the net, he missed and got hit right in the face with the volleyball and fell on the sand.

He was joined by Robin Thicke and his fiancée April Love Geary, who witnessed it firsthand. DiCaprio was then seen recovering quickly and getting up from the fall and playing as if nothing happened.

There’s no word on who ended up winning the game and if it affected DiCaprio’s confidence for the remainder of the match.

It’s also unknown if the volleyball that hit his face was in its 20’s or over 30.

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ONTD, have you ever taken a ball to the face?


Former RHONJ Househusband refuses to pay gay son's college tuition

According to the story, Jim Marchese found out his son was gay after his wife Amber was snooping through the kid's phone and found gay porn. He then refused to pay for his college. Jim has a long history of being trash, see this tweet from last year-

source 1 2
princess leia

Calvin Harris likes photo of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift reuniting as he gets ready for a new album

Even though Calvin Harris does not follow Katy Perry on Instagram, fans noticed that he liked one of her recent photos:

This has also intrigued Swifties because in 2016, Calvin called his ex Taylor Swift out on Twitter for trying to "bury Katy" with her single Bad Blood. He has also had his own beef with Katy after dropping out of one of her shows last-minute in 2017, and she called him out on Twitter for it.

Additionally, in 2016, Calvin accused Taylor of controlling the media in several Instagram comments after she dumped him via phone so she could frolick the beaches of Rhode Island with her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Calvin usually releases singles each summer that become huge hits, such as "Summer," "Feels," "This Is What You Came For," and "We Found Love." However, so far this summer, he has stayed quiet about new music. Katy and Taylor have just released their own singles, but his fans are bugging him to bring a "summer banger" and are sending him hashtags like #saveuscalvin.

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Despite his silence, he has been announced as the headliner for this year's SunnyHill Festival, and in a new financial report by Sony, it's been discovered that Calvin has a project due June 30th, which could mean a new album will, in fact, be released soon. When fans asked if it will be called Funk Wav Bounces Vol. II, he replied:

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

ONTD, do you think Calvin should send a plate of cookies to Katy & Taylor to celebrate their friendship?

Sienna Miller on her personal and professional growth and confirms men are trash

Sienna Miller is back working and is promoting upcoming projects "Loudest Voice" and her first lead role in the indie drama "American Woman" and opens up about her career and personal life. I've included excerpts here but the full read is available at source.

Looking back on her famous boyfriends and ex-boyfriends, for being the victim of an infamous paparazzi phone hack (and eventually the winner of a lawsuit), for refusing to extinguish her effervescent personality in public, for smoking.
“I did feel judged by people. Like, ‘Silly little girl, you asked for it,’” she says. “I felt paranoid and scared the entire time. At a certain point, my life was completely unmanageable.”

Would she do another girlfriend or wife role?
I don’t want to be someone’s wife, trying to embellish some role that’s really nothing. I won’t do that anymore. Foxcatcher changed a lot of things for me, though. I had more to do but not quite enough. But I was in an incredible successful and well-loved film. So yes, I’d do that again. I mean, if Paul Thomas Anderson called me and said, “You have one scene and you’re sitting in the background sipping tea,” I’d be like, “Yes.” [Laughs.]

Had she felt dictated by men in a professional sense?
Oh God, yeah. I was a woman in Hollywood! [Laughs.] I felt very out of control of a lot of decisions for most of my career — and very willing to accept that, which is the saddest part. How grateful I was just to be in the room. If I walked into a room with seven men, or actors, I’d feel inferior. And I still struggle with it.

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Avengers actress Lexi Rabe and her mother appear on Good Morning America to discuss bullying

Follow up to this post.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Lexi Rabe and her mother described an encounter in which a fan told her parents to "train" the actress on how to "act in public".

Lexi told Good Morning America she was at a mall in Los Angeles when a fan approached her and got upset that they couldn't speak with the 7 year-old. The stranger started to chastise Lexi’s parents and criticized her on social media.

“So somebody recognizes me and I was just like, playing with my brother, and they said, ‘You need to train your girl how to…’” Lexi said, before her mom Jessica interjects with, “’Act in public.’” You expect me to be a robot? Because I’m not a robot. Because I’m not all fancy at all. I’m just a normal kid!”

Lexi's mom, Jessica, said that she hope's Lexi experience can become a "force for good":

“I don’t know why you need to get mad at us because we’re not available. You know, we’re normal people, we have busy lives like everybody else...I’m just trying to have her understand that the power that she has… She has a voice and it can be used for good. People pick on famous people and they don’t think that they’re real people.”

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A-Rod talks about his Met Gala experience

source 2

he talked about his evening in an interview with Sports Illustrated:

“We had a great table. The black guy from The Wire—Idris Elba, yeah, and his new wife. Some famous singer next to me, I don’t know what her name is. Versace—Donatella. We had Kylie and Kendall. And we had an Asian gentleman from Rich Asians, the lead. Kylie was talking about Instagram and her lipstick, and how rich she is.”

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The View: Terry Crews, Debates, Mueller Time, More Hot Topics

Terry Crews on His Marriage, Americas Got Talent, His Book Come Find Me

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdKAGm4qjsE

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WznAfQMfjW0

(I like him but I wasn’t interested sorrynotsorry so I may have missed some things.) He covers his 30 yr marriage, being host on Americas Got Talent, a no-shirt hot guy clip, his book Come Find Me. Flexes his man-boobs, mentions they’re drooping with age. He’s bought himself a star on HW Walk of Fame. Joy mentions he was a self-made person, starting with NFL to now. His wife was always encouraging. Me-again hopes her husband will someday talk about her the way Crews talks about his wife (who is going to tell Me-again about those tweets 😲 someone feel free to drop them in the comments). Crews equates AGT to the cheers from NFL, that he does it for a live audience but no danger of concussions. Shirtless video with more man-boob flexing and playing the flute to Ginuwine (he really plays, since age 12). Used golden buzzer to send a Detroit youth choir to the finals, he cries. And he’s an artist! His friend Ken Harvey wrote a children’s book, which Terry illustrated.

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New Razor Campaign Promotes Models with Armpit and Pubic Hair with the Aim to Empower Women

Razor company Billie launched a new campaign timed to 4th of July, called “Red, White, And You Do You,” that features women of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities modeling swimsuits at the beach with visible armpit and pubic hair. The video is below.

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“This is the first advertisement to show PUBIC HAIR!” director Ashley Armitage wrote.

“In this film we wanted to normalize pubic hair because it is exactly that — normal. Body hair grows on people of all genders and it doesn’t suddenly become “gross” or “unhygienic” when it is on a cis woman, trans woman, or non-binary individual. We wanted to show that body hair is a choice; shave it, wax it, grow it, or do a bit of both. All are valid,” she continued.

Does this make you feel empowered?

YouTube Source

Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, Died Today


Beth Chapman had a successful surgery for throat cancer in 2017 but unfortunally the cancer had returned and she ended up undergoing an emergency surgery in November after a blockage appeared in her throat.


Creator of #FreeBritney movement being sued by the Spears conservatorship

Jamie Spears, on behalf of his daughter's conservatorship, is suing Absolute Britney blog creator Anthony Elia for defamation, in an effort to put an end to the #FreeBritney movement that alleges he and the rest of Britney's team have been violating her human rights.

In various posts to social media and his website, Elia has accused the troubled star's team of (among other things) "manipulating [her] Instagram account to create the illusion she needs help" and prohibiting her from driving or using a personal cell phone. The suit against him points out that the movement started by Elia has led to law enforcement getting involved in the family's affairs and death threats to "just about everyone" involved in the conservatorship.

In Elia's most recent post on Absolute Britney, dated June 14, he claims that Britney referenced red as her favorite color in an Instagram post to hint that "[she] is ready to take more of her life back," because "red in spiritual terms means strength, fire and power."

Source 1, 2

Trump Invites Megan Rapinoe and USWNT to the White House

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sources 1 2 3 4 5

Evander Kane's Accuser In Abortion Case Must Reveal Real Name, Judge Rules

A woman sued NHL superstar Evander Kane. She claims he promised to pay her $3 MILLION to abort their child ... so she did, but he never paid up

She says she had two abortions during the time they dated. She got pregnant for the third time, but this time she claims she did not want to abort. She says Kane offered her a $3 million to abort the child. She did, but she says Kane didn't pay up

The judge in the case said the woman must reveal her identity because "There is no clear California law allowing her to remain anonymous"

Kane denied the claim and argued in legal docs that even if he did agree to the $3 million deal, it was made in a private, consensual sexual setting and the court has no authority to enforce it.

Japanese make the hashtag #KimOhNo trend

Follow up to this post

Following the news that Kim Kardashian had trademarked the word kimono and the names "Kimono Body", "Kimono Intimates" and "Kimono World" for a shapewear brand, Japanese internauts said on social media that the trademarked brand disrespects traditional clothing.

The kimono, a loose long-sleeved robe typically tied with a sash, dates back to 15th Century Japan.

Considered the national dress of Japan, it is now mostly worn during special occasions. Many people have taken issue with the fact she trademarked a word of huge cultural significance in their culture. Others were annoyed that the traditional garment now shares the same name as an intimate wear brand. Making the hashtag #KimOhNo trend on Twitter.

One kimono expert said it was ironic that it identifies itself with a garment that is the opposite of shape wear. And many people fear some associate the word kimono to the reality star rather than the Japanese garment.

The hashtag has gained enough traction that even some Japanese celebrities, like talent Murasame Tatsu have commented on it.

Source 1

Richard Dreyfuss on coping with an abusive Bill Murray on 'What About Bob?'


In an interview for the latest episode of Role Recall, Richard Dreyfuss recounted stories from his long and prosperous career.

On coping with an abusive Murray on What About Bob?: "I didn't talk about it for years. … Bill just got drunk at dinner. He was an Irish drunken bully, is what he was. … He came back from dinner [one night] and I said, 'Read this [script tweak], I think it's really funny.' And he put his face next to me, nose-to-nose. And he screamed at the top of his lungs, 'Everyone hates you! You are tolerated!' There was no time to react, because he leaned back and he took a modern glass-blown ashtray. He threw it at my face from [only a couple feet away]. And it weighed about three quarters of a pound. And he missed me. He tried to hit me. I got up and left."

Sabrina OLY 9

"The Current War" trailer

The epic story of the cutthroat competition between the greatest inventors of the industrial age (Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse) over whose electrical system would power the new century. Backed by J.P. Morgan (Matthew Macfadyen), Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) dazzles the world by lighting Manhattan. But Westinghouse (Michael Shannon), aided by Nikola Tesla (Nicholas Hoult), has seen fatal flaws in Edison’s direct current design. Igniting a war of currents, Westinghouse and Tesla bet everything on risky and dangerous alternating current.

Also stars also stars Katherine Waterston (Marguerite Westinghouse), Tom Holland (Samuel Insull) and Tuppence Middleton (Mary Edison).

source 1/2

Celebrity Reactions LIVE VIEWING POST Democratic Debate NBC1

It’s the first time in US history that more than one woman candidate will be on the presidential debate stage

9PM Eastern on NBC MSNBC and Telemundo. Debate is expected to last 2 hours. Moderated by Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie, Rachel Maddow, Jose Diaz-Balart, Chuck Todd. Notable first night: 3 Women, 3 POC

Albert Brooks Source

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ONTD what are your comfort drinks and food during tonight's debate? Politics OT ok while waiting for debate to begin.

[Source links are with each tweet]

#demdebate, #democraticdebate, #lateshowlive, #lnsm, #acloserlook, #jokessethcanttell, #lnsmlive

ONTD Original: Eight songs that will make you go...

Just look at this iconic gif of Penny Hartz “feeling” the music. Find a song that makes you feel that way and share it in this post! :D

Here are 8 songs will make you go pennyhartzdanceswoon.gif...

Artist: TLC
Song: “Red Light Special”
Released: 1994


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