June 19th, 2019


"Old Town Road" tops Billboard Hot 100 for 11th week

OTR spends another week at #1, blocking industry plant Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" from getting the top spot for the 3rd straight week. So far, OTR has blocked the likes of Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, Post Malone and Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Beiber from getting the top spot on the chart.

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Reviews for Midsommar are here

Ari Aster's follow up to Hereditary just had two advanced screenings in New York and Los Angeles. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

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Midsommar hits theaters July 3rd. Here's the trailer:

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Lindsay Lohan losing her MTV show and Mykonos nightclub

The I'm sick of rumors starting, I'm sick of being followed chanteuse is having her beach club and mtv show CANCELED! MTV producers wanted to renew her reality show but under the circumstances that momager Dinah Lohan and sister Ali of (All The Way Around fame) be featured in the upcoming season to showcase drama. LiLo scrapped that idea so the show is not going to be renewed. Also people on trip advisor who had reservations to her Mykonos beach club said their reservations were canceled as the club would not be open this season. Paris Hilton and her curse!

source= https://twitter.com/PageSix/status/1141353269484281857

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Austin Mahone MV for new song 'Dancing With Nobody' + Wonderland photoshoot

Earlier this year, 23 year old Austin Mahone signed with Elektra and is expected to finally release a studio album in the US for the first time in his 8 year old career. In 2017, he released an album in Japan when his 2015 song "Dirty Work" was resurrected after comedian Blouson Chiemi used the song in the background to one of her famous routines.



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SOURCE: Wonderland IG | 1 2

Alexander Skarsgard, Richard Madden, & Samuel L. Jackson attend Armani Fashion Show in Milan

Alexander Skarsgard, Richard Madden, and Samuel L. Jackson attended the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Show on Monday afternoon at the Palazzo Orsini in Milan, Italy.

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Rihanna Attends a Fenty Pop-Up Event in NYC

Rihanna attended Fenty Pop-Up Launch Party on Tuesday night at The Webster in New York City. Her new collection launches today.

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Harry Potter was constantly crushing on Draco according to Tom Felton

Actor Tom Felton who infamously played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter series was joined by former co-star Rupert Grint for a game of "Fact of Fanfic" for AOL's In The Know segment.

"Fact or fanfic? Even while he was with Ginny, Harry was always in love with Draco," Grint read from a card.
"Ah!" Felton said, smiling. "I think it was clearly a fact. Harry was constantly crushing on Draco. He just couldn't hide it."
"I think he made quite an impression on Ron as well," Grint said.
"Yes," Felton laughed. "Well, exactly. It could have gone either way, really."

This pairing has been one of the strongest ships in the fanfiction world of Harry Potter.

Tom was asked if he had read any of the fanfictions and replied with "I've seen some pictures, some alarming ones."

Were you ever obsessed with fanfiction? Favorite ships?


FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - Group Stage - Matchday 13 Viewing Post

Today's Matches
Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 v. Argentina 🇦🇷
Japan 🇯🇵 v. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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Mathew Knowles Says Beyonce’s Career Benefited From Skin Tone Bias

Rumors have always swirled around Beyonce for bleaching her skin but now her father Mathew Knowles, Says' Beyonce’s Career Benefited, Kelly Rowland’s Suffered From Skin Tone Bias'. Knowles said he taught a college class that did its own research study on “colorism” in music spanning a period of 15 years and found that, “overwhelmingly,” light-skinned black women fared better than darker-toned divas, especially at Top 40 radio. Rowland who had a better tone than Beyonce and was the first child to break out with the #1 hit Dilemma was dawged out due to her skin, “I think she would have had — I think it would’ve affected her success. And I use Kelly Rowland as an example. She’s a great example. But you know, the great thing is, Kelly did exceptional outside of America, especially in Australia. Kelly sold over 4 million records. She just got off-script.”

Let's not act like Matthew didn't favor his daughter.

source= https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1141418386682974208
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

celebrities tweet about juneteenth

today, is juneteenth (a portmanteau of june nineteenth), also known as juneteenth independence day or freedom day, an american holiday (primarilry celebrated in texas and the south, but has been gaining national momentum with each year) that commemorates the june 19, 1865, announcement of the abolition of slavery in the state of texas, and more generally the emancipation of enslaved african americans throughout the former confederate states of america. if you're not familiar, below is a quick primer:

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also this juneteenth marks the first time a house subcommittee held a hearing to discuss reparations for the enduring effects of slavery in america since 2007.

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ontd, how are you celebrating juneteenth? if you need a suggestion...
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A Shang-Chi casting update

- The Shang-Chi movie is casting and Ludi Lin (Black Mirror, Power Rangers) and Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why, Shazam!) are being considered as the main hero
- Donnie Yen (Star Wars: Rogue One) is also being looked at for a role
- Chinese-American writer Dave Callahan is doing the script and production will be underway soon
- It would be Marvel's second movie with an Asian lead after the upcoming Black Widow film
Who's your pick, ONTD?
Side Eye

Meghan McCain Calls Joy Behar a "Bitch" On Live TV

Meghan McCain called Joy Behar a "bitch" on live television this morning in a heated exchange about Trump's rally last night and how personally hurt Meghan feels about her "Uncle" Lindsay Graham going full MAGA that ended up veering into Meghan defending the motives of Trump supporters. When Behar challenged Meghan's defense she began bemoaning how victimized she feels on a daily basis being a lone Conservative voice on the daily talk show while also telling Joy "don't feel sorry for me, bitch" and boasting that she gets paid to do this. Meghan McCain - not only is she rude and insufferable, she literally makes no sense!

You can view Meghan's latest tantrum where she uses the misogynistic slur below.

Source: 1, 2

ONTD, do you feel it's appropriate to call your co-workers slurs on national television?

The View: Howie Mandel, Then a Fight (!) and More Hot Topics

Howie Mandel Talks Marriage, Germaphobia, Therapy, Vegas, Americas Got Talent

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WYp3m7qpqA

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-kWV7pJspY

Howie has been married a really long time. They talk about phobias, germs, ebola. Howie thinks Sunny watches p/rn and her reaction lol. Sunny also brings up Gwyneth living apart (sometimes) from her husband. He talks about traveling a lot, and that their short times apart are probably good for them both! He talks about therapy and thinks everyone needs a coping skill, so whatever works. He attributes it to helping him function. Talks about Deal or No Deal plus Americas Got Talent. He says he’s asked back because he’s affordable (haha). They play a clip of the blind and autistic boy who played the piano and sang, it’s a moment, icymi.

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The Real discusses how much of a tip you should leave your servers (20-25%)

The panel on The Real (Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry) discuss what’s a proper tip after viewing a video by CNBC that angered Twitter back in April. The video suggests diners double the tax to calculate a tip that’ll “save” them money every year. People had issues with this because doubling the tax (depending on the state) is below 20% and suggesting diners tip less to save money was terrible advice.

People online suggest 20% is now the minimum and if you can, you should tip your server 25-30%. This brand new information stuns Tamera, she thinks this makes her look cheap because she gives excellent service 20%. Tamera then says she will tip more moving forward. Loni however disagrees and thinks 25% is too high and thinks the restaurant industry needs to start paying waitresses and waiters a higher wage.

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ONTD, what percentage do you usually tip?

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Nadine premieres her new video Fool for Love (shot on an iPhone )

Everyone's favourite (?) Girls Aloud member is back with new solo material! Nadine's new track Fool for Love now has a corresponding video which according to the behind the scenes footage, was shot entirely on an iPhone. As always you can count on Nuhdeen for serving copious hairflips and some cute choreo. Are you bopping?

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Have you ever had to do a video on a budget of $10?

Source 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwD-biRduMk
Source 2: https://twitter.com/NadineCoyleNow/status/1139677237161144320?s=20

New Netflix doc explores the rise of the far-right in Brazil

Directed by Petra Costa, the new Netflix original, "The Edge of Democracy", explores the Brazilian current political scenario, focusing on the impeachment proceedings of Dilma Rousseff, the first women to become the president of Brazil, and how it facilitated the rise of a far-right fascist president.

The documentary is out now and it's a must watch to everyone interested in politics.  Considering the important role Brazil has in Latin American politics, I think the doc is particularly important viewing to those in the Americas but, since the rise of the far-right is a global theme, it's relevant everywhere.

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Madonna teases gun control-themed music video for "God Control"


Madame X is making a statement - this time about gun violence. Madonna shared a teaser/behind the scenes clip off her new music video for her song God Control, the disco number found on her new album. In the clip Madonna can be heard saying "I tried to bring the world of disco and freedom, and having that joy silenced by a small thing made of metal that can enter someone's life". The video ends with Madonna stating in a sombre tone "guns need to be made illegal".

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/By0obk1HrGL/ transcribed by moi
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Janet Mock announces Netflix partnership

Janet Mock announced today a landmark three-year multimillion-dollar pact with Netflix. She will be writing, producing and directing shows for the streaming service. This is the first deal of its kind of a trans person.

Steve and Robin

Seth Meyers is living the dream; goes day drinking with Rihanna

• Late Night's producer Mike Shoemaker took to Twitter earlier today and announced that Rihanna and Seth Meyers were filming a 'Day Drinking' segment.

• It airs next Thursday.

• Previous guests include members of Seth’s family, Ina Garten, and last year’s instantly iconic: “Seth and Kelly Clarkson Go Day Drinking”

ontd, if you could day drink with any celeb who would it be?
tweet/seth and kelly vid

ONTD ORIGINAL: "She Truly is Amazing" - Taylor Swift's Recent Tumblr Likes

Self-appointed voice of the LGBT+ community Taylor Swift isn't letting her selfless allyship go unnoticed. Taylor (who fans insist is running her official Tumblr account) has been handing out "likes" to her devoted fanbase, further affirming her importance. Here is a selection of the fan opinions that she has "liked" since she threw the first brick at Stonewall released her new single:

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Taylor has also taken time out of her LGBT+ advocacy to appreciate the ultimate minority: POC Taylor Swift fans. She has been handing out likes for people of colour who are brave enough to post a selfie and declaring they are Swifties. Here are some of the posts that she has praised! No word on how these fans feel about Taylor's cease and desist letters that act against their interests, but that's neither here nor there! (Faces removed to protect the innocent)

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Source + screenshots taken by me!

ONTD, what are your fave likes from Taylor Swift's tumblr? Would Taylor like your "POC Selfie"?

‘Das Boot’ Starring Lizzy Caplan ,Vincent Katheiser,James D’Arcy Streaming On Hulu Now


This German eight-episode  miniseries is a sequel to director Wolfgang Petersen’s acclaimed 1981 film . . The  miniseries starts in the fall of 1942, around nine months after depicted in the film. It follows two storylines running parallel on land and at sea. The focus will be on both the inexperienced crew of the German submarine U-612 and members of the Allied forces and the French resistance.


Keke Palmer speaks of struggle with acne as the summer co-host for "Strahan and Sara"

-Keke Palmer speaks of her acne struggle. She is the summer co host.

- She says Tyler Perry , who she had worked with a year before pulled her mother aside at the NAACP Awards and offered to pay for a dermatologist when she was 14.

-Keke a Dr.and a fan play a game on Acne do's and don'ts.

Does toothpaste help clear acne? [Spoiler (click to open)] No. It dries the skin out. Use retinoid cream instead, $25

Does rubbing alchol work? [Spoiler (click to open)] No. Use tree oil and a warm compress if you need to pop a pimple. Never your hands due to germs

Does diet work to prevent breakouts?

[Spoiler (click to open)] Yes. Dairy can increase breakouts by 25 percent. A diet rich in vitimin A foods like peaches and apricots, also dark chocolate 70 percent and up.

Ontd: How do you manage breakouts?


Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman Set for August Wilson Adaptation 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'

Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman will be starring in a film adaptation of 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom'. Denzel Washington will be producing the Netflix film based on August Wilson's play.

The film is follows Ma Rainey, a famed blues singer, as she makes a record in a studio in 1920s Chicago. Soon tensions start to boil between her, her white agent and producer, and her bandmates.

George C. Wolfe, director of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, will direct the movie. Filming starts next month in Pittsburgh.

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milern, PJM

Celebrity Dodge-ball Team USA Vs. Team UK is here

In a follow-up to this post, its here:

#TeamUSA is led by the incomparable Michelle Obama, and includes Allison Janney, Melissa McCarthy, Kate Hudson, Mila Kunis, and Lena Waithe.

#TeamUK is led by No-One-Wants-To-Hear-You-Sing-James Corden and includes Harry Styles, Reggie Watts, John Bradley West and Benedict Cumberbatch.

YT Source.

Obviously Team USA FTW.

Max Landis Fired By Managers Following Emotional & Sexual Abuse Allegations

Follow up to this post.

Max Landis has been dropped by his personal managers amid allegations of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. He was fired by Writ Large after the Daily Beast article went public.

Per a statement via Deadline: “Writ Large does not represent Max Landis. As soon as we heard about the Daily Beast article, we parted company."

In The Daily Beast article, eight women came forward to accused Max of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. One woman detailed how she walked in on Max sexually assaulting her friend. And one of women alleged that he once threatened to kill her.

Sources: 1,2

Josh Brolin, Miles Teller Join Sean Penn in 'Flag Day'


Sean Penn will direct Flag Day.

Tony Award-winning playwright Jez Butterworth (Edge of Tomorrow) wrote the screenplay

Joining Penn will be Josh Brolin and Miles Teller, as well as Penn' daughter and son, Dylan and Hopper

The screenplay is based on Jennifer Vogel’s 2005 memoir Flim-Flam Man: The True Story of My Father's Counterfeit Life.

The book tells the story of a daughter that has to come to terms with her perceptions of her criminal father, a bank robber and career counterfeiter that evaded arrest for six months.

music | taylor swift

First look at Greta Gerwig's "Little Women"

  • Greta Gerwig's remake of Little Women hits theatres this Christmas.

  • Gerwig said that this film is also personal like her directing debut “Lady Bird”: “This feels like autobiography. When you live through a book, it almost becomes the landscape of your inner life. … It becomes part of you, in a profound way.

  • She points out that Jo and Laurie are mirrors of each other, and that the characters' wardrobes are key to the film: “Jo is a girl with a boy’s name, Laurie is a boy with a girl’s name. In some ways they are each other’s twins.

more interview and photos @ source

Are you excited to see Emma Watson flop and be outshined by talent, ONTD?

Amber Rose is promoting flat tummy tea for pregnant women, Jameela Jamil calls her out

Amber Rose is promoting "organic pregnancy tea" on her Instagram. It is from the same company that makes Flat Tummy Tea. According to Amber, it's "safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers". Jameela called her out on social media. There are many comments criticizing Amber on her Instagram for promoting the product.

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WTF, why is this a product? Does she need the money that bad?


How Carly Rae Jepsen scammed Disney


If you've listened to the new Carly Rae Jepsen album then you may have noticed that the song "Everything He Needs" sounds vaguely familiar. That's because it features an interpolation of a Harry Nilsson song from the Popeye movie soundtrack.

The 1980 movie starring Shelley Duvall and the late Robin Williams was produced by Walt Disney Productions so how exactly did Carly get the rights to sample the song for her new album? It's probably something only the Queen of Pop is capable of doing!

CR Fashion Book reports:

Collapse )Listen to the full song below:

Carly's Dedicated Tour starts next week and will have stops across the US, Canada, and Japan. Dates/tickets

Source: link link

How you ever fallen victim to a scam, ONTD?

Lord of the Rings

5 Lord of the Rings Movie Facts You Probably Don't Know

Pfft lbr we know everything

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is arguably one of the biggest events to happen to cinema. And the fans are arguably very passionate and don't miss a thing. Whether it's a behind the scenes tidbit (You can't double tig a tag) or an easter egg that Peter Jackson and Comp threw in for the die hard book fans, not a lot was missed.

But there could be a few. CinemaBlend picked the top five three moments you may not have known about.

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Fave bts moment or little bit of trivia?

Sorry mods, i hope this works.

Rose McGowan: Women are trained to be their own worst enemies

Rose McGowan feels that women don’t always have the best intentions but says it’s not their fault.
“It’s really hard. Women are trained to be their own worst enemies and others’ worst enemies. At the hands of women in my industry I’ve suffered a lot. They were the ones who set me up. They were the ones who said horrible, poisonous things that stuck in my head and had ill effects on my mind.”

She encouraged women to take control of their own lives and become powerhouses instead of trying to take down others because society has “trained” them to be like that.

“I think women are trained that there’s only one spot for you and everyone has to fight like crazy for that one spot, but I always say that table that you want to sit at is an illusion anyway, so start your own table.”

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Michael Sheen loves fandom and he wants you to know it

  • Kate Beckinsale's ex has been retweeting a lot of Good Omens fan art on his twitter recently (Sheen stars in the Good Omens miniseries as anxious angel Aziraphale)

  • When a fan begged him to stop retweeting fan art he literally told them to fuck off

  • Sheen also thanked fans for their positivity since he's been having a difficult time in his personal life recently

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source 1 2

ONTD which fandoms are you a part of right now?