June 12th, 2019

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Shailene Woodley visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Shailene Woodley stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, where she discussed the new season of Big Little Lies and played a round of Catchphrase with fellow guest Brian Tyree Henry. She also taught Fallon how to execute Meryl Streep's Big Little Lies season two premiere scream.

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Timothée Chalamet ventriloquist dummy with Louis Vuitton harness is now available for only $122,795!


- "You are bidding on a one of a kind, handcrafted Timothee Chalamet ventriloquist figure, dressed in a recreation of the Louis Vuitton outfit worn to the 2019 Golden Globes, complete with beaded and sequined harness," wrote the dummy's Geppetto, "Makes a perfect gift for any occasion, from baby shower to bar mitzvah! Sorry, due to the very low price on this, stand is not included."

- December 27, 1995 is Timothée Hal Chalamet's birthday, hence the exorbitant starting bid.

- 20% of the sale will be donated to The Trevor Project.

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FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - Group Stage - Matchday 6 Viewing Post

Today's Matches
Nigeria 🇳🇬 v. South Korea 🇰🇷 (Final 2-0)
Germany 🇩🇪 v. Spain 🇪🇸
France 🇫🇷 v. Norway 🇳🇴

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Jessica Biel Lobbies CA Legislature with Noted Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

• While no further details are known about the content of their meetings, Jessica Biel headed to the California State Capitol and apparently sat in on meetings alongside noted anti-vaxxer/anti-truth advocate RFK Jr.

• One of RFK Jr's main goals right now is stopping a bill authored by California State Senator and pediatrician Dr. Richard Pan, which would increase oversight on "medical exemptions" that are used to allow parents to obtain doctors notes which essentially keep their children from being vaccinated.

• The article also references an alleged story from 2015 which reported that Jessica Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake were not vaccinated their son, Silas, due to a fear of "complications."

• OP would like to remind everyone that there is no link between vaccines and autism, but there is a link between vaccines and children reaching adulthood!


Unbielievable, tbh.

ONTD Roundup

Tim & Saoirse

DIY FYC (For Your Consideration): Emmy Nominations

Emmy nomination ballots are out now, and the voting period for who will be nominated for the 2019 Emmys has begun. There are a lot of traditional ways that shows and the persons involved are promoted to potential Emmy voters. In LA, various venues host "For Your Consideration" panels, where the cast and creatives of a show assemble to be interviewed by a moderator and talk about why their show is so rad. There are also billboards strewn across the city with quotes about how great shows are, and DVDs sent to the homes of Emmy voters and various influential people.

And in some cases, like in the link above, journalists for pop culture publications champion shows they like that they feel might be (or have historically been) overlooked. In this piece, Vulture writer Kathryn VanArendonk talks about all of the reasons she appreciates the NBC sitcom Superstore, and why there's no other show more deserving of a nomination this year. Several actors from the show retweeted it, including Colton Dunn and Lauren Ash.

But a healthy, well-rounded FYC push takes money, and when there isn't money or motivation to make that happen (or even when there is) the casts and creatives of shows turn to social media for their own DIY FYC campaigns.

Dan Levy, star of Schitt's Creek

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Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Full Emmy Nomination Ballot

ONTD, what shows/actors/writers/directors would you nominate for Emmys this year? Have you seen any other examples of DIY FYC?

Khloe Kardashian Komes for her Haters with Her "Truth"

Good American Kompton Khloe was tired to not be in the spotligh decided to tell her truth to all her IG followers about her story with Tristan.

ICYM: Khloe started dating Tristan "community dick" Thompson when his ex was still pregnant. He then cheated on Khloe  while pregnant and after the birth of their daughter True with Jordyn Woods.

During the cheating scandal people were quick to point out that Tristan is a cheater but Khloe is no better, since she started fooling around with him while his alleged ex girlfriend was pregnant.

Nobody has been talking about the scandal for a while, but Khloe decided to shine the IG spotlight on the story for whatever reason.

Source: Khloe's IG

ONTD, What do you think? Was there really need for this?  Would you ever start dating a guy whos girl is pregnant?
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

shura announces new album, 'forevher', and releases a video for her new single

  • today, shura announced her sophomore album, forevher, will be released august 16th.

  • fun fact: the album cover is inspired by rodin's the kiss, but features two women

  • the album tracklist is below:

forevher tracklist:
"thats me, just a sweet melody"
"side effects"
"religion (u can lay your hands on me)"
"the stage"
"princess leia"
"skyline, be mine"

  • shura also premiered a video for her latest single, "religion (u can lay your hands on me)"

  • watch the video below:

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i had no idea she came out until this announcement. i've missed her. i still listen to nothing's real semi-regularly. ontd, how's your pride month so far?

Mira Sorvino reveals she's a date rape survivor

Mira Sorvino opened up about being date raped during a press conference with Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushing for stricter sexual harassment and rape-reporting laws. She argued that the state's five-year statute of limitations on second- and third-degree rape is too short of a time period for survivors to "sort through the trauma."

“I’m a survivor of date rape. I have never said that in public, because it is impossible to share those kinds of things, and I'm doing it here to try and help.”

While Sorvino expressed that she didn't want to go into detail about her story, she did open up about the emotional trauma she experienced, "I can tell you in situations of second-degree rape, which is what mine would constitute, you feel shame. You feel like somehow it was your fault. You should've been smarter, you should've protected yourself better. You should've not taken that drink, who knows what was in it, but you somehow got yourself into this situation."

Video of her speech:

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Sony Drops a Lot of Info About Their Animated Projects at Annecy

Sony Pictures Animation does what DisDon't, and it looks like the trend is continuing.

At Annecy, they dropped a lot of news about their upcoming animated films. Their last one, "Spider-man: Into The Spider-verse" swept the 2019 award circuit.

Their first musical is VIVO, with Lin-Manuel Miranda writing songs, and Rich Moore (Zootopia) as producer, slated for a December 2020 release.

WISH DRAGON is set in modern day Shanghai and will release in China in 2020 (no word about a US date).

Later this year, THE ANGRY BIRDS 2 releases. But the movie I personally am so excited for is 2020's THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES, not only because it's produced by Lord and Miller, but because it's the kind of wacky middle grade book I want to write. Both movies got some footage shown at the festival.

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The View: Jon Stewart Robocalls Biden RHONY plus Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Jon Stewart Shames Congress Over 9/11 Fund

Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94VdasPpaWI

See separate post from inkstainedlips yesterday

Whoopi wonders why there has been problems with solving for this. Joy says they didn’t talk about Tribeca when they attacked, they talked about America, and wonders if some people have lost touch because it’s not local to them. Me-again blathered no1curr. The panel was unanimous that the first responders should be taken care of. Sunny noted Tr/mp wants money for the wall, but hasn’t pushed for extending funds for first responder victims.

UPDATE: Bill was passed in the House Committee for additional 70 years funding. Now it goes to a House floor vote, but is expected to pass, as the legislation has 313 bipartisan co-sponsors. Schumer noted today that we’re reaching a point where more people will have died from 911 related illnesses than on 911 itself. The Senate version, sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, also has bipartisan support, but it’s still short of a veto-proof majority.

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HBO's Explicit 'Euphoria' Courts Controversy: How Much Teen Sex and Drugs Is Too Much?


HBO's new show is very explicit. How explicit?

the show shows:

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Careless ::AlexWinston::

Aly & AJ Release Star-Studded Lynchian Music Video for "Star Maps"

Aly & AJ Michalka just released a psychedelic, David Lynch-inspired music video for "Star Maps," one of the new songs off their latest EP, Sanctuary.

Celebrity video guests include Brenda Song, Bryan Callen, Thomas Middleditch, Haley Lu Richardson, Brett Dier, Emma Kenney, Martin Starr, Willam Belli, Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman and Mariah Balenciaga.

Source, 2

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger Want to Expand Their Family 'As Soon As Possible'

A source tells PEOPLE that the newlyweds, are ready to have a baby. Chris Pratt, 39, shares 6-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris, and Schwarzenegger, 29, has often been seen bonding with the little guy.

“She can’t believe how much her life has changed since meeting Chris,” said the source. “He was very clear with his intentions from the start, and she has never felt so loved and safe. They both feel so blessed to have found each other, and they can’t wait to expand their family as soon as possible.”

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Hmm, do you think she's pregnant already? 👶🏻

Quentin Tarantino Reveals His Favorite Film In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Speaking with Empire Magazine, Tarantino revealed his appreciation for Thor: Ragnarok.

Tarantino said:

“I think the only comic-book movies I saw last year at theaters were Wonder Woman and Black Panther,” “But about a couple of weeks ago I started catching up with some of the Marvel movies so I could go see Endgame. I just finished Captain America: Civil War, so next up is Doctor Strange,”

When asked about Thor: Ragnarok, Tarantino said that he loved it, more so than any other film in the MCU:

“I loved it. It was my favorite one of the series since The Avengers – drastically my favorite”


ONTD, what's your favorite MCU movie?

Another Spice Girls Movie is Coming!

- While rumors were circling around last year, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively announced Paramount Animations is working on an animated Spice Girls movie

- All five members are on board with the project, and it will feature their songs and new songs too

- The Spice Girls' manager Simon Fuller is producing the film, and screenplay by Karen McCullah and Kiwi Smith (known for 10 Things I Hate About You, The House Bunny, Legally Blonde [this lead me to their IMDb page and there's a Legally Blonde 3 coming soon?? themoreyouknow.jpg])

- Still unknown if it will be a super-hero themed movie as gossiped before

Let's hope this is not an Emoji Movie or Viva Forever Musical mess!
Are you hyped??

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Katya satan forehead

New Documentary Will Cover Life Of Anton Yelchin (RIP)

It was only three years ago that Anton Yelchin was killed in a freak accident at age 27, when the brakes on his jeep malfunctioned his jeep rolled backwards onto him. A new documentary called Love, Antosha will tell about Anton's life through rare footage and anecdotes from his friends.

If you're going to watch the trailer, have a box of tissues ready.

The film will debut in theaters on August 2nd.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Eternally fresh-faced Bianca Lawson talks about her career and Queen Sugar

  • To promote season 4 of Queen Sugar Bianca Lawson did a series of interviews about her career with Complex and Bust

  • Earlier in her career she was too busy hustling for jobs to notice that she was often the only black person on set. Said that it became something she noticed more as she got older and fans told her that she had been their only source of representation growing up

  • She played a teenager on different TV shows for 20 years

  • For awhile she found herself typecast and couldn't book adult roles because people kept telling her she looked too young

  • She enjoys playing Darla, her character on Queen Sugar who is a recovering drug addict, because it's one of the first grown up roles she's had

  • Praises Ava DuVernay for only hiring women directors to work on Queen Sugar and points out how it exposes the hypocrisy of Hollywood where many TV shows claim they can't find any women to hire

source 2

ONTD do you look younger than your age?
Popcorn Katya

Cory Booker & Rosario Dawson Are Still IN LOVE!

Senator Cory Booker dropped by RuPaul's new talk show today and his super serious girlfriend Rosario Dawson was a featured audience member. Booker hinted at a future between the two lovebirds that could very well include a marriage proposal! 😍

The fiercely private couple went public with their hot romance earlier this year, just in time for the launch of Booker's 2020 presidential campaign. Could we be seeing a smitten Dawson in the audience when Booker takes the stage later this month for the first Democratic primary debates? Fingers crossed!


ke$ rainbow

Selena Gomez Doesnt Have Instagram On Her Phone

She was on Live with Kelly and Ryan
- She doesnt have instagram on her own phone, doesnt think its healthy to be fixating on comments
- Comments made her unhappy and depressed, would look at her body differently
- Her instagram is on someone elses phone so she uses it then when she feels like
- Her voice gets her recognized when she tries to be incognito so she doesnt try to disguise herself in public

do you use social media a lot, is it affecting you?
Katya satan forehead

Tom Hiddleston Returns In New "Loki" Preview


Disney's new streaming service will have a Loki miniseries, and Tom Hiddleston is starring. A new image from the series leaked. Apparently, Loki will travel back in time to the 1970s.

In other breaking news, Tom was recently photographed walking his cocker spaniel.

Okay, NOW let's try it, mods!

What era would you like to visit?

Steve and Robin

Television Academy announces that several actors have been disqualified from voting @ the 2019 Emmys

• On Wednesday the Television Academy circulated a memo which announced that several members of the Performance Peer Group branch (aka actors) were found to be engaging and advocating for block voting.

• Block voting is essentially when a group of voters discuss and agree to vote for the same nominee, therefore stacking the votes in favor of one or more specific projects.

• The memo reads: "The integrity of the Emmy competition is of paramount importance to the Television Academy. Any suggestions of voting impropriety, whether implied or acted upon, are taken very seriously and will not be tolerated. The Academy will continue to investigate this matter, and will take appropriate action should other members be implicated."

• No names have been released and it is not clear how many actors were disqualified from voting at the 2019 Primetime Emmys. It's also not clear if the actors will face any further discipline from the Television Academy.

ontd, who do you think the disqualified members were? my money is on james corden being part of it tbh.

Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer, Brandon Johnson Facing Heroin Possession


Johnson is facing three misdemeanor counts for shoplifting and possession of heroin and ketamine after getting caught by security for trying to make off with $440 worth of items at a Macy’s department store

He reportedly attempted to walk out of the store with with a Puma hoodie, Michael Kors backpack and a pair of pants (lmfao wtf)

“100 percent she knew what she was taking. I disclosed to her these were not pharmaceutical. These are aftermarket pills. They’re much stronger,” Johnson explained
. “She understood fully. It was unfortunate what happened but for people to think there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous. I’m not here to hurt anybody. I care for her very much.”


This gif is dedicated to the "Jonas Brothers" and there little act of not putting Demi in there documentry at all.  You fuckers treat her like a stain on your shoe its all gonna come to back to you!!!!!!! When Kevin goes missing well YA KNOW!!


Bradley Cooper Has a ‘Huge and Overwhelming Connection’ to Lady Gaga, Says Source

A source tells People Magazine that “He has a huge and overwhelming connection to Gaga but whether it becomes a real love story in their lives for all the world to see is premature”

The source says that the pair’s chemistry is strong and “The rumors about Bradley and Gaga having a love affair didn’t help [in Cooper’s split from ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk ]especially with his constant travels [promoting the film]”