June 8th, 2019

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'Dark Phoenix', 'Secret Life of Pets 2' both expected to underperform at box office this weekend

Contrary to earlier reports, 'Dark Phoenix' is underperforming so much on Friday that early estimates are saying the last in the FOX X-Men saga will bring in an estimated $37.7 million, when it was originally estimated to make around $50M in the U.S. The budget on this one was $200M.

'Secret Life of Pets 2' was expected to make around $50 million to $55 million, but now estimates are looking for it to fall a bit short of that, at $48.5 million (which isn't as bad), on a $80M budget.

Disney's 'Aladdin' is expected to overtake Godzilla and take the third spot this weekend.

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1137107642755760129

Gwyneth Paltrow Did Not Know That She Was in Spider-Man: Homecoming


While chatting with Jon Favreau on his "The Chef Show" Netflix show Goop was genuinely confused about being in Spider-Man: Homecoming

Aubrey Plaza interview "Cosmopolitan"

- Aubrey Plaza moved from Queens to L.A. and lived in a Days Inn on Hollywood Blvd.

-She pretended to be a stand up for the film "Funny people" and when she got the part became one for real.

- On the ten year reunion of "Parks and Rec". " It was kind of freaky,because when we were on the air we were always told that we were going to be canceled. It was really fun and we all love each other,It's just the feeling that you can never recreate something that was so perfect.

-On bombing on stage." It's exhilarating because you just have to work through your ego in a way that you don't get to do so often. You really have to take a moment with yourself to just get over it".

-"I have a pretty high tolerance for public humilation. I kind of get off on it or something. It's this sick thing that makes me feel more alive and connected to the world".

"Child's play" comes out June 21

Ontd: Are you a glutton for punishment?



The Bold Type 3x10 Promo "Breaking Through The Noise"

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When Jane and Jacqueline’s exposé makes an impact, Jacqueline takes a hard look at how she can make Scarlet an industry leader that practices what it preaches. Sutton celebrates the end of her design seminar with a fashion show but surprises herself with the results. Jane deals with an emotional fallout amidst a career high. Kat makes a choice not to run from her problems anymore.

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Pauley Perrette Says She’s “Terrified” Of ‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon, Reviving Assault Claim

Pauley Perrette says she’ll never return to CBS drama NCIS because she’s “terrified” of star Mark Harmon.

[Photo on set accident]
a crew member with stitches around an eye from an on-set incident. 

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‘The Good Place’ To End With Upcoming Season 4 On NBC

NBC’s The Good Place is ending after its upcoming fourth season.
Schur was tempted to go beyond four seasons, but decided against it.
He expressed his gratitude to NBC and the team behind the sitcom.

Woozi laughing but not
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'The 100'-leads Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are married to EACH OTHER

Source: WildpipM Twitter, MissElizaJane Twitter

TV guide and Jasom Rothenberg sent their congratulations.
Eyebrow Lady

FIFA Women's World Cup Group Stage, Day 2 - Live Viewing Post

Todays matches (EST):
Germany vs. China, 9 a.m. (FS1)
Spain vs. South Africa, 12 p.m. (Fox)
Norway vs. Nigeria, 3 p.m. (Fox)

Tomorrows matches (EST):
Australia vs. Italy, 7 a.m. (FS1)
Brazil vs. Jamaica, 9:30 a.m. (FS1)
England vs. Scotland, 12 p.m. (Fox)

Hey, lesbians, you ready?

Green Fury

Brittany Runs A Marathon - Official Trailer

Hilarious, outgoing and always up for a good time, New Yorker Brittany Forgler is everybody’s best friend ― except maybe her own. At 27, her hard-partying ways, chronic underemployment and toxic relationships are catching up with her, but when she stops by a new doctor’s office to try to score some Adderall, she gets slapped with a prescription she never wanted: Get healthy. Too broke for a gym and too proud to ask for help, Brit is at a loss, until her seemingly together neighbor Catherine pushes her to lace up her Converse sneakers and run one sweaty block. The next day, she runs two. And soon, after finishing her first mile, she sets an almost unthinkable goal: running in the New York City Marathon. Award-winning playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo makes his directorial debut with Brittany Runs a Marathon, an uproarious, irreverent and surprisingly emotional comedy inspired by real events. The irresistible cast, led by Jillian Bell, lends heart and soul to this inspirational story of a party girl who finally finds real friends — and dignity — by taking control of her future, one city block at a time.

Coming to Theaters August 23, 2019!


ONTD Original: Fifteen Movie Makeovers

Ah, yes. The classic but problematic “makeover” trope you’ll find in several films. Sometimes lighthearted and fun but a lot of other times not so much. Here are 15 movie makeovers we might remember in recent and older films.

Feel free to share others not included on this list in the comments.

How do you feel about “makeovers” in films?

Miss Congeniality (2000)
F.B.I. Agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) goes undercover in the Miss United States beauty pageant to prevent a group from bombing the event. A styling team gives her a makeover to better fit in with the rest of the beauty pageant contestants.

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After "When They See Us," Linda Fairstein Continues to Have a Bad Time; CP5 will sit down with Oprah

  • On June 12, Oprah will interview The Innocent 5, Ava Duvernay and the cast of When They See Us.

  • It will air on Netflix and OWN.

  • Prosecutor Linda Fairstein's book publisher has terminated its relationship with her following the release of Netflix's When They See Us.

  • Fairstein’s most recent book, “Blood Oath,” came out in March.

  • Fairstein said Friday that she and Dutton had “decided to terminate their relationship.” She then declined further comment.

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Melanie C Serves Fitness, Stays On Brand


Mel C is living up to her Sporty Spice name showing off her ripped bod in the midst of the Spice World 2019 show, sharing her work out and vocal warm up sessions on IG Stories. The four girls are 9 dates in their UK tour and living their best lives, performing in the rain and even taking shots on stage. The power of five who? Also Mel C has been killing it with her stage presence while Geri seems a bit out of touch during their dance numbers.

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Does sporty spice reflect your current fitness life at the moment?

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Charli XCX Performs 2 New Songs, One Sequel to "1999"

After releasing a re-release of a song she already made and a Spice Girls cover, Charli made a few appearances at festivals and concerts debuting two songs called "2099" ft. Troye Sivan (likely a sequel to "1999" which also featured Sivan) and "Gone" ft. Christine and the Queens - both in the soundscape of Pop2ish. She recently mentioned that her upcoming album/mixtape will be more 'experimental', and that she'll be dropping 5 singles leading up to it (four count already.. including Sp*cy?).

Nothing of this era is the tea yet
Charli bb Kanye did ~experimental autotuned music 11 years ago

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Sabrina Carpenter Reveals "Singular Act 2️⃣" Cover + "In My Bed"

Sabrina Carpenter is on the Edge of Gory and is releasing the continuation of her previous album "Singular Act I" [[featuring the underrated track "Mona Lisa"]] following the releases of the singles "Pushing 20", "Exhale", and her most recent "In My Bed" - in which she rolls around in front of the camera in Dangerous Woman fashion. Sabrina shared the tracklist under the cut -

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Keep on delivering short B-Grade replayable bops!

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Emerging Artist LIZ Teases New Music

Independent and emerging R&B artist LIZ (who is not affiliated with OP) revealed her next mixtape/album is already finished and that she is working on the artwork. And yesterday she teased that she's lining up the release schedules for the summer. This would be her first body of work since the under-appreciated 2016 Cross Your Heart Mixtape.

There have been leaks and previews for the upcoming LIZ project, one modern Y2K-tinged smash titled "Mickey" (Toni Basil is shaking) -

and one leaked instrumental snippet of a song called "Better Together" co-written by K*m P*tras -

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Are you ready to be y2slayed?

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Local, global, now cosmic up and coming quartet PRETTYMUCH got a nod from NASA for #NASAMoonTunes - the hashtag celebrating Apollo 11's 50th anniversary (and the announcement 2024 trip to the moon) by asking the public suggestions to form a playlist. The tasteful organization thought the chill + emotional lead single off the Phases EP "Phases" was nice, but OP thinks the underrated could-have-been-smash "On My Way" would be more fitting.

Songs will be played on NASA’s Third Rock Radio on July 13th and 14th. Read more about it here and submit a song suggestion to NASA here.

What song(s) would you play on the way to the moon?

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Signature Entertainment Presents ROBERT THE BRUCE in Cinemas Nationwide from June 28th.

Scotland 1306, Robert the Bruce (Angus Macfadyen: Braveheart) crowns himself King and takes the ambition of Scotland’s freedom as his own. But he cannot overcome England’s power: defeated again and again, his army is scattered and Scotland’s nobility abandons him. Hunted, with a price on his head, he finds himself alone and wounded. The cause of freedom seems lost once more.
Hidden secretly in a secluded croft of a clan pledged to England, and close to death Robert is nursed back to life by a young widow and her orphaned children. His determination to do what is right, regardless of the cost, reinvigorates his passion to rise again. But it’s not revenge he desires. It’s freedom. Now.

Also starring Daniel Portman (Game of Thrones) Anna Hutchinson (Cabin in the Woods), Jared Harris (The Crown), Zach McGowan (Black Sails, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Emma Kenney (Shameless) and featuring original music from Scottish national treasure, Lulu.


Always here for more Jared Harris.

Trooping The Colour: Prince Louis Waves, Meghan Markle Glows, and Others

Prince Louis is getting his wave on at #TroopingTheColour celebrating the ceremonial birthday of the British sovereign Queen Elizabeth II
QEII turned 93 yrs old on April 21

What is Trooping the Colour?
[Spoiler (click to open)]Trooping the Colour is a ceremony performed by regiments of the British and Commonwealth armies. It has been a tradition of British infantry regiments since the 17th century, although its roots go back much earlier. On the battlefield, a regiment's colours, or flags, were used as rallying points. Consequently, regiments would have their ensigns slowly march with their colours between the ranks to enable soldiers to recognise their regiments' colours. Since 1748, Trooping the Colour has also marked the official birthday of the British sovereign. It is held in London annually on a Saturday in June at Horse Guards Parade by St James's Park, and coincides with the publication of the Birthday Honours List. Among the audience are the Royal family, invited guests, ticket holders and the general public.

Meghan Looks Lovely

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ONTD have any of you ever been to Trooping the Colour? When the weather is nice, it's a lot of fun! ...
Feel free to drop more photos in the comments.

by alexia_drake

Russian TV to air its own patriotic retelling of Chernobyl story

Hoo boy. Looks like HBO has tickled the sleeping dragon, by dragon I mean ex-KGB agent Putin the Kremlin.

Russian State TV is planning on airing its own version of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster; however, theirs is set to revolve around the role of an American CIA agent who according to this version was present for the worst nuclear accident in history.

And y'all thought that the Cold War was over.

The plot of the Russian version will relate how a CIA agent was dispatched to Pripyat, tasked with gathering intelligence on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He is followed by a Russian counterintelligence agent who is sent to track him down.

The director, Alexey Muradov, claims that his version will "tell viewers about what really happened back then”.

“There is a theory that the Americans had infiltrated the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and many historians do not deny that on the day of the explosion an agent of the enemy’s intelligence services was present at the station,” he also added.

Conversely, a brave, brave Russian journalist called Ilya Shepelin stepped into the fray and wrote to the Moscow Times, saying that, “the fact that an American, not a Russian, TV channel tells us about our own heroes is a source of shame that the pro-Kremlin media apparently cannot live down."


ONTD, what is the truth?

Kim Kardashian West slammed by victim's mom for trying to free convicted murderer, Kevin Cooper

· In her ongoing battle to help free wrongfully convicted inmates, Kim Kardashian recently met with California death row inmate Kevin Cooper, who was sentenced to death in the 1980s following the home invasion hatchet murders of 4 people, including three children. He was convicted on four counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted murder with the intentional infliction of great bodily injury (an 8 year old boy was injured but survived). Kim believes DNA will exonerate Cooper
· Mary Ann Hughes, mother of 11 year old Chris Hughes who was killed in the attack, says Kim is being used for publicity and there's no denying he's guilty, pointing to evidence which includes an eyewitness account from the 8 year old boy who survived the attack, Josh Ryen. Mary Ann says there's no excuse for the pain Kim is causing in trying to exonerate Cooper
· Cooper's past criminal history includes the rape & kidnapping of an underage girl and two convictions for burglary. In the 1982 he escaped from a psychiatric facility and and the next year escaped from prison in Chino, CA. He was apprehended by authorities in Mexico seven weeks after the murders when a woman in Mexico saw his face on a wanted poster and reported that he had raped her. (Per Newsweek article, Cooper confessed in court to one rape)

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Teen ASMR Youtuber Makenna Kelly quits Youtube because her videos are being flagged 'inappropriate'

· 13 y/o ASMR Youtuber Makenna Kelly - who has 1.5 million followers and earns roughly $1k per day - announced that she's quitting Youtube and looking for other platforms as her videos are being flagged "inappropriate" by the website
· Youtube recently deleted one of her videos that featured her eating a honeycomb over concerns that the video could be considered sexual
· Makenna has taken precautions to avoid her videos being flagged, including avoiding certain food, and feels she's been discriminated against due to her age. Youtube has not provided solid guidelines for ASMR creators and deals with flagging videos on an individual basis
· In February, following a report that pedophiles engage with each other on videos featuring children, Youtube blocked comments on most channels that feature minors
· Makenna's mom Nichole Lacy supports her daughter and wants Youtube to tackle their pedophile problem instead of creators. Nichole is helping her daughter find another platform where they won't have to worry about fetishists (lol good luck)


Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves attend the Saint Laurent Mens Spring Summer 20 Show


New Couple Alert?

Saint Laurent face Keanu Reeves showed up at the Saint Laurent Mens Spring Summer 20 Show holding hands with Alexandra Grant

Alexandra, born 1973 is an artist. According to Wikipedia, she uses language and exchanges with writers as a source for imagery in sculpture, painting, drawing, and video.

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Turkish President Erdoğan was Best Man at Mesut Özil's Wedding

- Footballer Mesut Özil got married to his fiance, Amine Gulşe, a model/actress and former Miss Turkey.
- His best man was Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has been accused of human rights violations such as imprisoning journalists, dissidents and political opponents and discrimination and ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish minority.
- There has been a backlash against this tendency to normalise Erdoğan through his association with celebrities. Erdoğan often attends weddings of popular Turkish celebrities, often before election seasons (such as the upcoming Istanbul mayoral elections). However most mainstream sports publications have just wished Özil and Gulşe congratulations.
- Özil and Gulşe also donated to the Turkish Red Cross to provide meals for Syrian refugees.

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Do you like to invite the politician who is destroying the country to a position of honor at your wedding, ONTD?
Katya satan forehead

Those Nuns Are Still Mad at Katy Perry For Buying Their Convent

katy perry 1.png

Katy Perry is still involved in a bunch of nun-related drama. In case you missed it, Katy paid a California archdiocese $14.5 million for a convent in Los Angeles.

But the nuns who lived their claimed that they actually had the right to sell it. They accused Katy Perry of being Satanic and doing witchcraft, so they wanted to sell it to a nightlife developer.

Last year, one of the nuns collapsed and died before she was set to appear in court before Perry's legal team. The last surviving nun from the convent claims that Katy "has blood on her hands." She also says, “I really didn’t like Katy Perry. I’m sure she doesn’t like me.”

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ONTD Original: Madonna's Top 10 Collaborations.

You would think that an extensive 37 year-long career would provide one with vast material for a top ten list of collaborations, but that's not the case for Madge.
Throughout her career, Madonna has rarely been a feature on another artists' song, and her own catalogue does not include many choices either.
Her upcoming fourteenth studio album though, Madame X, includes over seven collaborations, so while we wait for that release, let's take a look at Madonna's ten best collaborations so far.
Haters, please take into consideration that there was not much to choose from and that I am a homosexual who is TRYING, also it's #PrideMonth

10. "Medellín" Featuring Maluma from Madame X (2019)

Medellín served as the lead single off Madame X yet it did not manage to chart in the Billboard Hot 100, despite Maluma's momentum over the last years and the prevalescence of latin music in the US.
The song is just off and a let down to what the song could have been.

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Police Investigating Noose Left In Rainn Wilson's Friend's Yard

Rainn Wilson shared a photo of a noose hanging from a friend's tree.
The police are reportedly looking into it. 
Wilson characterized the police response as blasé,
"When the police were called they said, essentially, 'what’s the big deal?' Well, officer, the noose is the symbol of lynching which was used to hang thousands of African Americans, especially by the Klan."
The police said that Wilson's account was inaccurate and that they are working on finding the culprit. 

[IG post with the picture]

source, 2

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are married

It’s official: Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger tied the knot in front of friends and family today. The two reportedly wed in an intimate ceremony in Montecito, California on Saturday. The ceremony took place at San Ysidro Ranch, a luxury 500-acre resort.

Afterwards, cocktails were served while a live band played music. Guests were served a “light Summer menu” mainly consisting of local vegetables. For dessert: raspberries, blueberries and red currant. No mention of cake, but we’re assuming there was.

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Miss Paula Abdul does it again at LA Pride


After her show-stopping performance at this year's Billboard Awards, Paula has taken her show to the streets of LA, just in time for Pride! The entertainer headlined the city's Pride celebrations and gave the audience a night to remember, accompanied by the LA Gay Men's Choir.

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Netflix’s "I Am Mother" is a slick take on the woman-vs-robot story

- If you’ve seen a science fiction movie in your time here on planet Earth, you can probably guess where I Am Mother, Netflix’s new sci-fi thriller, is going.

- The movie does not rely on jump scares and blunt action sequences, a slow, restrained implosion makes the proceedings unsettling.

- The film keeps finding ways to make its relatively familiar story arc feel fresh.

- Mother (Rose Byrne), given form by a practical robot suit built by Weta, is always completely believable.

Source 1, Source 2

What did you think of the ending, ONTD?
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Jennifer Lopez opens her summer tour + duets with her daughter on stage


Jenny is back on the road! The celebrated singer, actress, dancer, producer and more opened her "It's My Party" tour at the LA Forum yesterday, performing all her hits but with a special surprise this time...a duet with her daughter! They both sang Jennifer's song Limitless in a special moment for the fans in attendance.

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