June 7th, 2019

The Hit Books of the First Half of 2019

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides


Alicia Berenson writes a diary as a release, an outlet – and to prove to her beloved husband that everything is fine. She can’t bear the thought of worrying Gabriel, or causing him pain.

Until, late one evening, Alicia shoots Gabriel five times and then never speaks another word.


Forensic psychotherapist Theo Faber is convinced he can successfully treat Alicia, where all others have failed. Obsessed with investigating her crime, his discoveries suggest Alicia’s silence goes far deeper than he first thought.

And if she speaks, would he want to hear the truth?

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book post?? // have you read any good book this year?? 📚
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

new music releases: june 7th

this week's new music releases include stef chura, tim heidecker, yeasayer, loamlands, mattiel, lust for youth, tee grizzley, jambinai, perry farrell, nicole yun, mattson 2, cave in, valee, vitamin string quartet, candy says, carla geneve, megan thee stallion, glitterer, trentmøller, fruit bats, daphni, stone temple pilots, the armed, team dresch, japanese breakfast, culture abuse, kool keith, g&d, florentino, mc bin laden, & mc buzzz, tei shi, whitney, goldlink, tyler, the creator, & jay prince, blanck mass, bas, girl band, dude york, shannon lay, bleached, mal blum, ada lea, meek mill, (sandy) alex g, juls, tiggs da author, & santi, laundry day, and more:

stef chura | midnight

tim heidecker | what the brokenhearted do

yeasayer | erotic reruns

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prince, private agenda, norwell, mote, sunbathers, ozuna and pixx also have new releases this week, but did not have their music available on public platforms with embeds compatible with livejournal at the time of this post.

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this week i'm on róisín murphy, prince, pixx, juls, daphni, mattson 2, fruit bats, tei shi, and (sandy) alex g. ontd, what are you listening to this week? feel free to share in the comments.
choerry [12:00]

Madonna - "Dark Ballet" (Official Video)

Madonna has just released the official music video for "Dark Ballet," the fifth and final pre-release offering from her new album Madame X out June 14. Directed by Emmanuel Adjei, the video stars underground rapper Mykki Blanco as Joan of Arc.

In a statement accompanying the video, Madonna had this to say about Joan: "She fought the English and she won, still the French were not happy. Still they judged her. They said she was a man, they said she was a lesbian, they said she was a witch, and, in the end, they burned her at the stake, and she feared nothing. I admire that."


BTS drop new song featuring Charli XCX to promote mobile app game

To promote their new game app BTS World where you can play as a manager for the band, BTS is going to be releasing a few subunit songs leading up to the game's launch. The first one, from vocalists Jungkook, Jimin and Jin, also features Charli XCX.

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Rupert - fanboy

'Dark Phoenix' blasts off with $5M in Thursday night box office previews

The critically-trashed final FOX installment of the X-Men series, 'Dark Phoenix', kicked off this weekend's BO with $5 Million on Thursday, and is expected to take in $40M-50M this weekend (on a, eep, $200M budget).

Right behind it is the animated feature 'The Secret Life of Pets 2', which brought in $2.3 million in its previews from 3,250 screens, and is actually expected to go neck-and-neck with 'Dark Phoenix' to the point that it could be number one this weekend with around $55M (on a $80M budget).

Also out this weekend is the comedy 'Late Night' and drama 'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' in limited release.

Source: https://twitter.com/TheWrap/status/1137006966352502786
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Breaking News: Lana del Rey is a Water Sign!

Many of Lana's fans had been itching for the queen of melancholy bops' birth time in order to get an accurate portryal of her natal chart. It had been long assumed that Lana was a Gemini but because she was born in the later afternoon, she is now considered a Cancer.

Fans began speculating on the zodiac news after Lana's continual mentions of the 'Tropic of Cancer' in her music and poems.

What's your sign ONTD?


Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Bill Skarsgård Atop Hot Pic Package ‘Nine Days’

Developed through Sundance Institute, "Nine Days" has Winston Duke interviewing the personification of human souls for the privilege of being born.

Beetz, Skarsgard, Benedict Wong, and David Rysdahl are the voices; Directed by Edson Oda.


That sounds major cool.
Tim & Saoirse

Entertainment Weekly is No Longer Weekly

  • Entertainment Weekly is moving to a monthly print schedule.

  • Current editorial chief Henry Goldblatt is stepping down after 17 years, and JD Heyman is taking over as editor in chief.

  • They are going to produce more digital exclusive content, along with podcasts and videos.

  • The last weekly issue will be for July 5th, on sale June 26th.

  • It is keeping its name despite no longer being a weekly publication.

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Sad news, even if it was somewhat inevitable. I'm with Chris Kelly in that I read it every week as a youth and it fueled my pop culture obsession. Favorite EW covers? I loved this one (at the absolute height of my Buffy fandom!):

ONTD Roundup


FIFA Women's World Cup 2019 - Group Stage - Matchday 1 Viewing Post

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• Today is the opening match of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup.

• France 🇫🇷 v. South Korea 🇰🇷.

• The tournament runs June 7 through July 7.

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Have you filled out your bracket yet?

Brad Pitt gives Angelina Jolie 'divorce ultimatum to sign papers or face fine'

The Sun reveals that Brad Pitt has decided to get tough with estranged wife Angelina Jolie

A source close to Brad said: “He has been incredibly patient throughout the divorce process despite being pushed to his limits on many occasions.

"But he’s finally had enough, and while he is a relatively calm person, he can only be pushed so far.

“He’s sick and tired of Ange constantly moving the goal posts and stalling their divorce month after month — painfully dragging out the process which he now feels has become almost a game for Angelina.

“He wants to move on with his life and stop having the divorce hanging over his head.”

The Sun says that a frustrated Brad has instructed his lawyers to get a judge to 'impose a final date' on the divorce, with an enforceable fine if the process continues to be delayed.

The Sun revealed in April that Angelina was trying to delay the process in a bid to win Brad back.

David Tennant Discovers the Eggplant Emoji & Sexting

David Tennant talks about watching a video about workplace harassment and being confused when it ended with a line about "and remember the eggplant emoji is not just an eggplant *wink*!" And then this leads to him discovering how food items are used to represent sex things in text messages.

When asking his fellow couch mates if they knew about this phenomena, his Good Omens co-star Michael Sheen explodes with a "YES, of course! Where have you been??" (1:26) before going on about the peach emoji and having fun with the raindrops emoji.

Tennant finds himself alone in his new discovery as both Graham and Chris Hemsworth comment on also knowing about this phenomena.

What's your favorite double entendre emoji? 🍆🍆🍑🍑💦💦

What's New & What's Leaving HBO in June

New Series:
Big Little Lies (Season 2) - June 9

Euphoria (Series Premiere) - June 16
Los Espookys (Series Premiere) - June 14
Years and Years (Series Premiere) - June 24

New Movies:
A Star is Born - June 8

The Hate U Give - June 15

Movies Leaving - June 30:
Love, Simon

Fifty Shades Freed
Tomb Raider


Jamba Juice drops the “juice” from their name

Jamba Juice is now just Jamba.

The company announced on Thursday that they would drop “juice” from their name and revealed that major changes were coming in the next few months: expanding and improving menu options, remodeling its 800 stores, a new logo and more.

Jamba plans to help attract health conscious consumers by emphasizing on their bowls and offering lower sugar options.

“The reality is that many guests don’t know that Jamba offers bowls and therefore the name change with the new sub-brand (smoothies, juices and bowls) is a way to help highlight to guests our wider array of offerings and keep up with the changing marketplace," said Geoff Henry, the company’s president.

[New Logo]

New menu options include matcha, acai, coconut milk, pea protein, and spirulina.

Jamba has also been working with nutritionists to help better offer lower sugar options. While classic smoothies will still be available, the new menu will emphasize on juices and smoothies formulated with plant-based milks and sweeteners over dairy products and sugar.

ONTD, do you drink smoothies?

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Dennis Quaid Dating University of Texas PhD Student Laura Savoie

The actor, 65, has been dating the 26-year-old graduate student for a number of months.
Savoie hasn’t held back from sharing her happiness.
She has featured Quaid in several photos on her private Instagram.

During her time at the Malibu college, Savoie dated actor Jeremy Piven.
Quaid was dating Auzina, 32. 


Japanese office ladies fight back against mandatory heels at work

Yumi Ishikawa, Japanese actress and writer, started the #Kutoo movement, a wordplay for 靴 (kutsu, shoe in Japanese), 苦痛 (kutsuu, pain or agony in Japanese) and #metoo, that seeks to fight against heels in Japanese offices as obligatory dress code for women. This ties to the ideas in Japanese society of what a woman should dress.

The Internet movement gained enough signs traction on social media, that they could submit a bill proposal to the Labor Ministry, but was ultimately turned down by Japanese officers

Does your office has a strict dress code?

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Peta is worried about the wellbeing of all the Wooloo in the world (?)

After Wooloo, the sheep Pokémon, was revealed this week on a Nintendo Direct as one of the new creatures that are part of the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield dex, the Internet was taken by storm by its cuteness. A barrage of memes praising it followed suit.

Peta took to its Twitter profile to raise awareness over using sweaters made out of the adorable Pokémon's wool and possibly also for its real-life counterpart.

Are you a wool-wearing trainer, ONTD? Do you like sheeps?

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Smallville star Allison Mack lured actress into NXIVM sex cult with talk of female empowerment

31-year-old actress named Nicole, testified in leader Keith Raniere's trial this week.
Nicole said Allison Mack lured her into DOS by painting it as a women's empowerment group.
Nicole was depressed and suicidal, and thought DOS would help her.
Mack coached her to write letters falsely accusing men in her life of sexual abuse. 
Mack ordered her to stop having sex with her boyfriend, and pressured her into being celibate for 3 months.
Nicole tried to leave, Mack told her, 'You can’t go back, it’s not an option'

sunmi - why so lonely

Elizabeth Hurley will play a villain in The Runaways Season 3

- She'll play Morgan le Fay who is one of the most powerful sorceresses ever and who was a student of the wizard Merlin
- Season 3 will have 10 episodes and has started production
- Hurley was last seen playing Queen Helena in The Royals


“Hot Fuss” by The Killers celebrates its 15th Anniversary

This day in music history, The Killers released their iconic debut album “Hot Fuss” and today marks it’s 15th anniversary. The album would go on to sell 7 million copies worldwide and spawned four hit singles: “Mr. Brightside,” “Somebody Told Me,” “All These Things That I've Done,”
and “Smile Like You Mean It.” Watch a throwback interview the band did with MTV back in 2004. What songs off the album are your favorites?

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Are most Democratic hopefuls to far to the left? +Mindy Kaling"The View"

- Whoopi Goldberg read of a Wall Street Journal piece that says people want a centrist candidate that does not lean too far to the left.

-Joy Behar(who is having cataract surgery, hence the shades) says she does not know what that means and says back in her day there was cleaner air, low cost education and the dr. did'nt charge much and that's the left she believes in.

- Ana Navarro says the right tried to define the whole party by the elections of AOC and others seem like that was the only way democrats felt , instead of them being multifaceted.

- Meghain says Biden is the only candidate that does not demonize republicans.She likes a more middle of the road candidate that doesn't say she is evil for having a diffrent opinion. She talks about the things she's against like the Hyde amendment and late term abortions. Whoopi stops her to say late term abortions don't exist. Only if the mother is in peril is something done.

- Sunny says the notion that the democrats are so leftist was a Republican strategy that was very effective and reads a statistic that says 54 percent of democrats that voted in the 2018 election consider themselves moderate and conservative.


Nowhere near as good as Sweet_Heloise View round ups, but I had never seen one topic for the entire hot topics before. I've been watching since 98.P.s. The cut won't work on my phone. The spoiler cut does.??

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Joy still does not agree she is far left. A laugh is had when she almost says she is central american when she means to say centrist. Ana tells her as a central american she can tell joy she is not one.

- Joy says she sees herself as someone with common sense as the audience claps" People need free education". She says that her semester of college was the same as Meghain's, but hers only cost $75 and why can't it still be like that.

-Ana says we are who we are and our circumstances. People from different places have different values politcally.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Meghain says Joy is the most radical left person she knows. Meghain says from the moment she leaves her home in new york city, culturally, in the news, when people yell at her on the street, that she is confronted with being conservative, and it is not the same for a liberal that lives in new york city.

- Joy says she and meghain actually agree on a lot of things and Sunny seconds that, but meghain disagrees.When Sunny ask what are conservative values meghain says no disrespect but she's not there to teach people(my words, I don't know the word she uses). Meghain then says conservative values are small goverment, strong national defense, pro military and very pro life. Also she says it's wrong that people like Tulsi Gabbard say Americans have no business being involved in places like Venezuela. Whoopi says that's only one opinion and meghain says it's a very popular one.

-Meghain asks Ana why is she a conservative. Ana says she does not call herself a conservative, she calls herself a Republican. She says she does because she fled communism, free trade, pro immigration. She brings up porn stars and the president and Meghan gets mad saying it's not about him, but Ana says with Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham cow towing to the president it is. Joy is very happy with that statment.

-Sunny says family members of hers who are Republicans were ones because it was the family party in the Reagan and Bush years.

- Ana says republicans agreeing with tarifs make them the Tr**p party.

- Meghan asks Ana is she is a Mccain republican. Ana says she agreed with Mccain except when he did not vote for Sonia Sotomayor.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Mindy Kaling said she was happy she had a suprise pregnaucy at 38 as she might have not taken the time to have a family.

- Her father was there with her new step mom


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Mindy speaks of having emma thompson in mind when writing the film. Emma did stand up in the 80's.

- Mindy hade her set be 50 percent woman and does that again on the show four weddings and a funeral coming up. She is looking foreward to lily Singh on replacing Carson Daly in late night.

The movie "late night" is in select theaters on june 7 and opens wide june 14th


[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Future former co host Abbey Huntsman gave birth to her twins.

- Ruby kate was 5 pounds 12 ounces and william jeffrey was 5 pounds 4 ounces.


Former co host jedediah bila announced she was expecting and the gender.

🎉🥳@JedediahBila's #BabyBilawill be a BOY!!
Congrats Jed-Eye pic.twitter.com/6Jf1YfmASY

— Cable News Watch (@CableNewsWatch) June 1, 2019


Michelle Williams says 'Dawson's Creek' soured her to TV for a long time: It was 'like a factory job


The actress said in an interview with Patricia Clarkson for Variety that the experience kept her away from TV for a long time.

Michelle Williams has compared working on 'Dawson's Creek' to a "factory job". She says Dawson's Creak was 'formulaic', she wasn’t creatively fulfilled

Williams who stars in FX mini-series Fosse/Verdon, added, “When this came around, people had been saying for a long time, ‘Television is different now.’ And I could see that that was true and that it was something that I should open myself up to.”


LoveIsReal.gif Taron Egerton reunites with Hugh Jackman to perform during his London Live Show

- Hugh Jackman announced a special guest for his London show. It was fellow lover actor Taron Egerton.
- Taron sang 'Your Song', to also promote his movie 'Rocketman'.
- Hugh met Taron while filming 'Eddie the Eagle' a few years ago. Which led Taron to fall madly in love develop a very good friendship as you can see:

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Gotta love Hugh Jackman taking pics and being all 'You're doing amazing sweetie!'

Thomas Rhett had to disable comments on Instagram when trolls started insulting his wife

“There just kind of comes a point where you can say whatever you want about me and my outfits and how ridiculous I look, but once you start talking about my wife, sometimes I can’t hold back,” 

A number of haters and critics felt the need to mock Akins’ red carpet style.
Some haters said the look gave off “Jersey Shore vibes”
Others said she needed to hire a better stylist, among other various insults.

The comments and criticisms got so bad that Rhett felt the need to disable comments on a picture, 
The criticism was just as rampant on an Instagram pic shared by People.
“All of you with these hateful comments should be ashamed. This world doesn’t need more of your negativity.”