May 27th, 2019


Aurora Perrineau talks about Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner and forgiveness

Aurora Perrineau did a wonderful interview with Glamour magazine about the last couple of years, including accusing Girls writer and executive producer Murray Miller of sexual assault in 2012 when she was 17, and her newest project about the Central Park Five called When They See Us. The entire interview is worth a read.

Recap of that mess: one, two, three, four, five

  • Aurora had never planned on going public with her assault or being a part of the #metoo movement, but Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner open letter calling her a liar forced her into the public eye. She had already planned to talk to police and took a lie detector test before the Weinstein news broke.

  • She told her parents of her assault in mid-2017 after months of emotional decline and self-harm. She was placed in therapy and the assault was reported to police.

  • Although the DA declined to press charges due to inconsistencies and delay in reporting the crime, Aurora is glad she came forward. She thought it was over until the Wrap wrote an article about the assault and Dunham and Konner released their statement defending their friend of half a decade.

  • Although she was in shock over the statement because she thought woman to woman they would have had her back, she listened to her father Harold Perrineau: “We just need to take a second, be silent, let the facts speak for themselves...They’re going to be on the wrong side of history.”

  • While Aurora did not publicly respond to their statement, she was touched by how black women jumped to defend her and within 24 hours, Dunham had recanted her part of the statement. Dunham later privately and publicly apologized to Aurora, which she accepted. Konner has yet to apologize and wouldn't respond to a request for comment from Glamour.

  • Aurora wants to refocus the attention on her career and the bigger picture, saying “It’s been continuously about Jenni and Lena, and they weren’t the perpetrators. There is still a bigger problem than them.”


"Eat In With Little Mix" Episode 2: Bingo & Jade's failed Angel of the North + "Bounce Back" snippet

  • Because Jesy cheated and bought her cheesecake, Jade decided to also cheat and get some help from a friend of hers who is a chef.

  • Even though she cooked most of the dinner because she can actually cook, Tim made pretty much the whole cake they had for dessert.

  • Jade did put some effort on the dessert by building an Angel of the North that was on top of it, but it died at some point and about half of it ended up on the floor. It also left chocolate stains on her wall.

  • Jade also kept drinking wine while cooking, so she got drunk. She also got the rest of the girls drunk.

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Gender-swapped US version of Peep Show in the works at FX.

- Portlandia and Superstore writer and co-executive producer Karey Dornetto is currently writing a gender-swapped version of Peep Show for FX.
- In the past Starz attempted an American remake in 2016, and Fox made a pilot starring Johnny Galecki in 2005 that Spike eventually ran in 2008, but it went nowhere.
- Sam Bain, creator of the original show, said he was excited to see how the new take on the show would work and he's looking forward to seeing it.


Would you watch this? Who would you cast in it?

ONTD Roundup

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Beyonce and Kelly Rowland attend Janet's Vegas residency show

There were three Queens in Janet Jackson's Metamorphosis show this weekend. Beyonce was spotted dancing and singing along with bff and fellow Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. Beyonce previously saw Britney's Piece of Me show in town back in 2015.

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ONTD Original: Foods, Drinks, Fruits & Vegetables Celebrities Refuse To Eat or Drink, Part II

Kendall Jenner vs. Bananas
Earlier this year during an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Kendall admitted she is not a fan of bananas. “My dad ate them all the time,” she said. “And my dad carpooled Kylie and I back and forth from school, and would eat them in the morning, would eat them when he would pick us up, and would golf all day and would have bananas on him. So I think the smell just over and over started to get to me,” she explained.

Zendaya vs. Water
In a 2017 interview with Harper's BAZAAR, the “Replay” singer admits she does not like water. “I don't drink coffee; it doesn't do anything for me. I don't drink energy drinks or soda, either. And I hate water. I'm a juice drinker but not fancy-people juice. Like Tropicana or lemonade—not fancy,” she says.

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Part One

ONTD, which foods, drinks, fruits & veggies do you refuse to eat or drink?

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Charli XCX joins Miley Cyrus onstage to perform "We Can't Stop" at Radio 1's Big Weekend

Miley Cyrus performed at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2019 on Saturday, where she premiered three new songs set to appear on her new EP She Is Coming, out May 31. She was also joined by some very special guests: Mark Ronson accompanied her performance of their single "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart," and later in the set Charli XCX appeared to make Cyrus' 2013 hit "We Can't Stop" a duet.

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The Duggar Family Just Keeps Expanding...

Josiah Duggar, number eight in the Duggar clan, and his wife just announced they are expecting a baby together. Josiah joins FOUR of his siblings (out of the 8 married Duggars) who are also adding little God Warriors to the family at some point this year.

[Spoiler (click to open)]- Family pervert Josh, the oldest of the Duggar Clan, and his wife Anna announced they are expecting baby #6. This should come as no surprise, since Anna seems to pop kids out every two years like clockwork: Makcynzie in 2009, Michael in 2011, Marcus in 2013, Meredith in 2015, and Mason in 2017.

- Jessa, Duggar #5, and her husband Ben are expecting their third child sometime in the spring. They already have two little boys, Spurgeon (yep) and Henry.

- Joseph, Duggar #7, and his wife Kendra announced in April that they are expecting their second child. They already have a son named Garett who was born in 2018.

- Joy, Duggar #9, and her husband Austin announced at the beginning of May that they are expecting their second child. They also already have a son, Gideon, who was born literally 9 months after they got married--wedding on May 26, 2017 and baby on February 23, 2018. You do the math.

Cousin Amy is also pregnant but does anyone really care?

Still no pregnancy news for John David (aka the former Bachelor ’til the rapture) and his wife Abbie, who got married last November, or for current mom-of-2 Jill Duggar, former straight-laced and devoted Duggar #4 who shocked fans by getting her nose pierced and wearing pants.

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Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray performed "Good Morning Baltimore" at DragCon

The actress hit the main stage at the LA Convention Center at 10:50AM to usher in DragCon festivities on Saturday. Iconic!

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Read The Room: Alexandra Shipp Invokes X-Men Colorism Controversy Again

Shipp has being called out repeatedly for dismissing criticisms of colorism in the casting of Storm.
She has once again made some X-Men/Storm-related comments that haven't gone over too well.
Shipp presented her idea for a hypothetical Storm film featuring only lighter-skinned actresses.

"Okay, so this is what I've come up with. I think it'd be really cool if you had me and Halle both teaming up together and fighting a baddie. We have to save the planet past, future, present and maybe throw in Yara in there, and have her be a young one, or Amandla be the younger one. I think it'd be even cooler. So I feel like we just gotta get a whole bunch of Storms together, because then people will just be like, 'Oh my God, that's so much Storm.'"

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New Snapchat filters receive complains from trans people

A couple of weeks ago, Snapchat released three new filters that allow the user to switch between looking like a man, woman or a baby. These filters proved to be a hit among Internet users, creating a barrage of memes and stories featuring the filters.

However, while many trans individuals acknowledged that the filter is fun, for some it’s been jarring to see their social networks manipulating their gender so casually. One of them calling it “unsettling” because she’s “spent the last five years trying to feminize my appearance.”

Criticisms also comes because for cisgender people, “At the end of the day, you get to just turn it off and it’s not sort of a reality for you.”. Out Magazine adds that the filter “makes a joke out of transitioning.” Assistant professor, Cáel Keegan, says “It’s a privilege to be able to play with being a different gender.”

In the past, many apps such as the FaceApp, have allowed people to change the appearance of their gender.

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Iggy Azalea Releases Statement on Photo Leak, Plans to Press Criminal Charges

Earlier today Iggy Azalea deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts after a nude photo leak. The photos were from a GQ Australia shoot back in 2016. Iggy didn't want to use the photos and they were shelved. She plans on pressing charges against whoever leaked the photos.

Part of her statement:

"A lot of high profile women have shot covers for GQ with a strategically placed hand, etc., covering their breasts etc. I always felt they were very beautiful covers, so I jumped at the opportunity.

I hadn’t seen other women’s covers leak so I felt comfortable on a closed set to model for such a reputable magazine knowing only the images with my hands covering would be considered for print. I never consented to taking topless pictures for potential release, period. It was my understanding BEFORE shooting, GQ do not print topless pictures....

I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad, and a million other things. Not solely because I did not consent to this – but also because of the vile way people have reacted."


Chris Hemsworth Greets Fans at 'Men in Black' Event in Indonesia

Chris Hemsworth greets fans during the Men in Black: International fan event at the Pan-Asian Media Summit Bali on Monday in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Chris also brought his parents and brother Liam for the trip.

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Aladdin's Mena Massoud defends himself over Israeli restaurant criticism

The Disney star responded to critism over a video where he talked about going to an Israeli restaurant for Middle Eastern food on his "Evolving Vegan" show.


The 21 Best Moments of Game of Thrones

The 8th season fucking suuuuucked like OMG it was so bad! I was really sad that this show was ending but season 8 was so fucking bad I'm now happy that it's over...fuck you D&D...

Anyway here's 21 (5) best moments of GOT.

xoxo Gossip Girl.

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What's your favorite GOT moment??