May 25th, 2019

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Do You Have A Secret? Celebs Come Forward With Abortion Stories

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Since we have seen Alabama and Georgia pass some of the most restrictive abortion rights since the passage of roe vs wade in 1973. We have seen many brave celebs come out with stories with the #YouKnowMe movement sharing  there own abortion stories.

I just want to make this post a open forum for people to post secrets that they have been keeping inside and want to be free off. It does not have to be an abortion story it can be anything bothering you.


Harrison Ford Wants Indiana Jones to Die With Him

In an interview on the Today show he responded to a question about another actor taking over the iconic role.

“Nobody is going to be Indiana Jones, don’t you get it?”, quipped Ford. “I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy.”

Ford continued; “This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this. I’m sorry, man.”

He mixed-up his big-name acting Chrises (OP: don't we all?), speculation recently has had Chris Pratt in the role of a possible rebooted Indiana Jones, not Pine.

Ford is still attached to a fifth Indiana Jones film. The long-delayed sequel no one wants unless it makes up for #4 was pushed back to 2021 from a prior 2020 date.

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Aladdin heads for magical $100 million opening in North America

Aladdin is exceeding expecting this Memorial Day weekend and is looking to earn around $100M for the 4-day weekend. Projections from earlier today had it at around $80M.

Two other smaller new movies which also released this weekend are looking at $10M for Brightburn and $9M for Olivia Wilde's Booksmart.

In holdovers, John Wick 3 is looking at $27M second weekend and will cross the $100M mark. Avengers: Endgame will earn around $20M while Detective Pikachu is looking at $17M.


ONTD Original: Pop Singers Singing/Covering Spice Girls Songs

The Spice Girls kicked off the first date of their 2019 tour yesterday and reminded us how much they made an impact in the world in the name of girl power, inclusion, people power, etc. and in the music industry itself - with many artists citing the Spice Girls as an influence. Here are some high profile artists who are not afraid to admit the Spice Girls served as an inspiration and had classic, timeless bops.

Charli XCX and Halsey
While Charli is gearing up a grotesque house version of "Wannabe" produced by Diplo, Charli and Halsey had an okay take on the classic at Lollapalooza a few years back.
Charli named the Spice Girls as a big influence countless of times, even cosplaying Baby in her UK semi-smash "1999".

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Do you now recognize how much of an impact Spice Girls are, still to this day?

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

'Parasite' wins the Palme d'or + full Cannes winners list

Elle Fanning's jury handed out the prizes today.

South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, director of Snowpiercer and Okja took the Palme for his widely praised film Parasite.

Despite rumours that she would win the Palme, Sciamma walked away looking upset with a Best Screenplay award for her film Portrait of a Lady on Fire. While only winners usually get invited to the red carpet Once Upon a Time in Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino arrived anyway and went home empty handed. Mati Diop, the french director who was the first black woman to ever have a film In Competition got the Grand Prix (runner up) prize for her directorial debut Atlantics.

Full winners list:
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ONTD what do you think of Elle Fanning's picks?

NBC execs “furious” with Adam Levine before his exit from The Voice

Yesterday Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine announced that after sixteen seasons, he would be leaving NBC’s singing competition “The Voice.” His exit however had a nice PR spin to it when in reality, it was pretty messy. So if Constance Wu and her name is going to be dragged through the mud, Levine deserves just as much criticism if not more for the diva antics he pulled days before “quitting.”

Levine was angry he had to attend a pre-taping for Season 16’s Semifinals on a Sunday instead of a live airing on Monday because all coaches were due at the NBC Upfronts presentation on May 13 in New York the next day.

A source tells TVLine that Adam expressed frustration for having to be present when he had no artists left in the competition. They add that Levine was “very difficult” during the entire taping, refusing opportunities to offer commentary to the other judges’ performers.

Adam’s resentment initially began over a Season 16 rule change that did not guarantee that each coach went to the Live Playoffs with the same amount of competing singers. This ultimately left him with zero singers by the Semifinals. He was pissed.

Levine took his pettiness to new heights right in front of his NBC bosses at the annual Upfront showcase of returning and new programming.

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ONTD, would you pull these diva like antics right in front of your bosses that pay your annual salary of $26 million?

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Roommates Richard Madden & Brandon Flynn Shared a Hotel Room in NYC + Sharing Clothes?

*Roommates™ Richard Madden & Brandon Flynn were spotted leaving their hotel in NYC
*Richard was in town for a couple of days to promote Rocket Man
*Brandon was in town to split the hotel bill like any good Roommate™ would

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Can we get a Roommates™ tag?

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Paris Hilton "Best Friend's Ass" MV

If the nostalgia wave Paris Hilton has been riding in recent years hasn't been exhausted enough by now, allow the music video for her new single to really showcase just how tired her lack of evolution is.

Yeah, it features a cameo from Kim Kardashian. Let's all remind ourselves of the time Paris referred to Kim's ass as "cottage cheese inside of a trash bag."

source 1
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Taylor Swift shut down a sexist question she was asked in a recent interview

During a recent interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Swift was asked if turning 30 is a "turning point" in her life and if she's ready for marriage and children with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

"I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30. So I'm not going to answer that question now."

Taylor did add: "I hear others say that one in his thirties no longer has as much stress and anxiety in life as in my twenties. And I can join in the observation that we are in our twenties looking to gain experience, try things out, fail, make mistakes."

Taylor with fans in Paris and walking around with Joe:

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ONTD, did you feel pressure to get married and have kids when you turned 30?


The Graham Norton Show FULL episode: "Dark Phoenix" Cast + Taylor Swift

-Sophie says that they didn't choose Diplo to be their wedding photographer, he just chose to livestream it lol
-Robert Redford asked James McAvoy to speak with a british accent because he couldn't understand his lmaooo
-Jessica Chastain loves pranks
-Sophie Turner has a superpower and that superpower is SLEEPING. She can sleep anywhere, anytime in any position.
-Michael can sing a lot of 80s tv shows theme songs
-Jessica Chastain spoils Michael on the ending of Game of Thrones
-They show a picture of Joe Jonas dressed as Sansa Stark
-Taylor and Sophie screamed when they greeted each other
-Taylor says her new album is gonna be happier because she's in a much better mood
-Taylor talks about the interview with Rolling Stone magazine and how she wanted to be her best self and to drive the best she had ever driven, but she ended up in two car accidents, one was her fault and the other one wasn't
-I wonder how Joe feels about this couch lmfaoooo
-Taylor says that being in the Cats movie is her dream come true
-Taylor is playing a manipulative sociopath cat (ontd will have a field day with that lmaoo)
-Sophie asks Taylor if she can do an english accent for her and Taylor is like 'nope' lmfao
-Taylor only had to come for 3 days of cat school (to prepare for the movie) but she was there 4 months
-Taylor compliments Sophie on the thing she did at the beginning of the episode where she put her leg around her neck and Sophie is like "Thanks, anytime you wanna see it I can just..."


Did you like the episode?

Moby is publicly apologizing to Natalie Portman, remains a creep while doing so

Moby wrote about having a relationship with Natalie in his recent memoir, at first claiming he dated the actress when he was in his 30's and she was 20. Turns out it was false and Natalie stated that they were never in a relationship. And she was only 18 at the time. Moby accused her of lying and dragged it out on Instagram.

However, he has issued an apology. Not for lying about the relationship or trying to get with a young teen fresh out of high school, but for not telling Natalie about the story in advance.

Part of his "apology":

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10 Famous Movies Critics Got Right, But Audiences Got Wrong

There are notable movies in Cinema, where, the critics DID get it right but the moviegoers, who, in their poor lack of judgement, let a true gem sink.

The following is a list of films, when first released, were financial clunkers, but their dignity is preserved only by enviable star ratings and glowing grades from critics

1. Blade Runner 2049

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Do you usually agree with critics, ONTD?

" Live All in the Family and "The Jeffersons" gets an encore presentation

Here's your chance to relive those memories! Watch an encore of #LiveInFrontOfAStudioAudienceagain TONIGHT at 8|7c on ABC!

— ABC (@ABCNetwork) May 25, 2019

- The live "All in the family and "The Jeffersons" with an all star cast comes on tonight on Abc at 8pm.

Trivia about the original serios and today.

-Carrol O Conner(Archie Bunker) was 47 when the show premiered and Jean Stapleton(Edith Bunker) was 47.Woody harrelson is 57, Marisa Tomei is 54.

-Jean Stapleton' s birthday was one week after January 12, 1971 premiere of the show, at January 19.

- Harrison Ford turned down the role of Mike "Meathead" Stivic(Rob Reiner) because he felt Archie Bunker was to offensive.

- "All in the Family "was based on the BBC show " Til death do us part"

- "All in the family" was not an instant hit and was close to cancelation until the summer reruns gained viewers and it was renewed.

- After the second season, Carrol O Connor's name was to be first shown before the credits. He insisted tv wife Jean Stapleton get the same treatment, and the producers relented.

-"The Jeffersons was the longest running spinoff of "All in the Family" at 10 years, beating all in the familys 8 years.

- The interracial kiss between. The Jeffersons married neighbors Tom and Helen was going to be edited out , but Excutive producer Fred Silverman lobbied to keep it in.

- Isabel Stanford(wheezy) was the first black actress to recieve a lead actress Emmey in comedy.

- Isabel Stanford was 57 at the premiere of " The Jeffersons" Sherman Hemsley was 37. Wanda Sykes is 55. Jaime Foxx is 51.

-Lionel Jefferson, played by "The leftovers" actor, Jevan Adepo on the live broadcast, was played by two actors in the ten year run. Mike Evans and Damon Evans. No relation.

- The theme song, "movin on up" performed by Jennifer Hudson on the live broadcast, was performed by Ja'net Dubois, who played The Evans family neighbor and friend Willona Woods on "Good Times".

- The show was cancelled abruptly after 10 years and Sherman Hemsley found out about it in the paper. The cast reunited a few years later for a stage play based on the sitcom.


The original british "All in the family". "Till death do us part"


Lucifer Bosses: We've Known How Season *5* Opens Ever Since We Started Season 4

The Lucifer writers recently did an interview in which they talked about Season 4 and how well it was received. Their favourite scenes include:

- Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen) singing.
- Any time Lauren German (Chloe) had to act against Tom while he was wearing the green screen cap and dots.
- Aimee Garcia (Ella) going all out during the Molly scene in the club.
- Maze and Trixie making up and hugging.
- Graham McTavish and Inbar Lavi sharing scenes together.

They already know what the opening sequence of Season 5 will be - they've been planning it since they started Season 4!

As for renewal, they have no official confirmation from Netflix, but they expect an answer by June 8th.


Hot 100 Early Projections


-Ed Sheeran and Justin Beiber still No. 2

-Rising Pop Star Billie Eilish might take over No. 2

-Fading Pop Star Taylor Swift drops out of the Top 10

-Sam Smith and Normani still in Top 10

-Halsey debuts at 15

-New Prince of Pop Post Malone has 2 singles in the Top 10 for the 53rd time in his career


Diplo realized he already had Travis Scott’s number and that he sent him 15 unanswered text messages

Reggae song at an airport music producer Diplo took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and Travis Scott mid-conversation after a festival along with a screenshot of several messages that were left unanswered by Travis. One text reads, “hey bro text me back,” on Feb. 15th. A few weeks later on April 4th, Diplo follows up with, “its diplo think something might be wrong with my texts .. hit me back.” After a full month on May 5th, Diplo writes, “yo trav u must be super busy lol i know how it goes anyways hit me line my guy.” He then adds, “are u mad at me.”

He explains in his caption: “Travis sees me after a festival and says ‘Hey let's make another song’
Me ‘What's your new number ?’
Adds number, Texts him next day ‘this is Diplo ‘.. notices the number was saved and I already sent desperate looking texts to the same number fifteen times over 5 years. Also I look dumb in this picture because I'm mid conversation about a really fire beat I made.”

ONTD, have you ever ignored someone’s text messages fifteen times or more? Or do you promptly respond?

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Sky Ferreira's "Guardian" leaks five years after its live debut

Sky Ferreira really can't catch a break. Despite having released "Downhill Lullaby," the presumed first single from her long-delayed second album Masochism, nearly two months ago, there has been no word from Ferreira about the project since. And now, five years after debuting it at a Los Angeles, CA concert, it appears her hotly anticipated song "Guardian" has leaked.

"Guardian" was originally slated for a summer 2015 release before being repeatedly delayed. A midtempo ballad dripping in '80s synth, Ferreira took to Instagram in April 2018 to inform fans that it was being re-mixed. She has yet to comment on the leak, and it's unclear at this point what, if any, impact it will have on the song's official release.


Dynasty getting a new showrunner for season 3! (Plus spoilers from the finale)

-Josh Reims of Dirty Sexy Money fame will be taking over Sallie Patrick's role as showrunner
-Sallie broke the news on Instagram, saying “While I’m excited to move on to my next challenge, it’s of course hard to part with a world I put so much love into, from first pitch to this 44th [episode], but I’m so pleased with the team carrying it forward”
-She says season 3 is "gonna be great!"

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15 (5) Things You Never Knew About 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' on its 30th Anniversary

2. Chris Columbus wrote a sequel screenplay called "Indiana Jones and the Monkey King," which involved the Chinese folk hero Sun Wukong and the fabled Garden of Immortal Peaches.

4. River Phoenix was Harrison Ford's choice to play the young Indy, as Phoenix had previously played his son in 1986's "The Mosquito Coast."

6. The gun used to shoot Henry Sr. in the temple was a Walther PPK. Which is known as the gun James Bond uses.

10. The uniforms used in the Berlin book-burning sequence are authentic. The costume designer discovered a cache of old uniforms while scouting in Europe.

15. Director Steven Spielberg named the sequel as his favorite movie in the series.

Source 2

Lucy Liu and James Marsden don't age

After James shows an old "Ally McBeal" clip featuring both of his guests, he is shocked to realize that Lucy and James look the same as they did 20 years ago. James recalls Calista Flockhart asking him to join her on a first date with her eventual husband, Harrison Ford. And James really committed to the third wheel role that night.


Which celebrities seem like they don't age, ONTD?