May 19th, 2019


Singers from Iceland wave Palestinian flags during voting at Eurovision Song Contest held in Israel

The only people that took any sort of stand on this year's Eurovision song contest, that was held in Israel, were Hatari, a band from Iceland. The audience booed them but since the production of Eurovision was a mess, they didn't cut to another camera so they let them show the flags lmao.


7 Celebrities That Have Crohn's Disease/Ulcerative Colitis

In honor of World IBD Day, I bring you a list of some celebrities (in no particular order) that have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, as I also have Crohn's disease!

Celebrities... they're just like us!! 💩

Shannen Doherty
Best known for her roles in Beverly Hills, 90210, and Charmed, Doherty finally revealed her Crohn's diagnosis in 1999, saying that she had kept it a secret because it wasn't very "sexy". Well, that all depends on what you're into, my good sis! 😉

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POOP POST! Share your most hilarious (or embarassing) shituation!


Halsey Hosts Twitter Conversation About Sex Workers

Halsey is trying to elevate the conversation about sex work on social media.

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Women get political at Cannes: Pro-choice protests, dress code violations, boundary breakers + more

  • Variety co-editor Claudia Eller posted a video showing that she was denied entry by a security guard for not adhering to dress code (she was wearing a suit and some snazzy silver oxfords)

  • This has been an ongoing problem with Cannes over the years as various women have been harassed and denied entry for not wearing heels. This is only a problem for regular working women as Kristen Stewart and Julia Roberts have been celebrated for kicking off their heels and walking around barefoot

  • Eller was eventually granted entry after her co-worker who was filming the incident threatened to post the video on Variety

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Avengers: Endgame directors hint Loki series could feature Captain America

Joe and Anthony Russo hint that we may not be done with Chris Evan’s Captain America.

The fate of Loki is a mystery and with the addition of his upcoming Disney+ show, Joe and Anthony Russo hint that Captain America will be involved in tying up that loose end.

In a new interview via the Business Insider, the brothers add a new tease: Catching Loki may be part of Captain America’s mission when goes back to restore the borrowed Infinity Stones and return Thor’s Mjölnir.

Joe: “Loki, when he teleports away with the Time Stone, would create his own timeline. It gets very complicated, but it would be impossible for Cap to rectify the timeline unless he found Loki...”

Anthony: “We’re dealing with this idea of multiverses and branched realities, so there are many realities.”


Future Gave His Son a Rolex for His 5th Birthday

This weekend Ciara and Future’s son baby Future turned 5-Years-Old. To celebrate, his father Future gave his son a brand new Rolex. Here’s hoping baby Future doesn’t play with his new expensive watch in the sandbox during recess.

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ONTD, what did you get on your 5th Birthday?

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James Charles retaliates against Zara Larsson, Zara responds

So, if you’ve been in the loop, you know that during the #jamescharlesisoverparty, singer Zara Larsson joined in on the party and further "exposed" James as trying to slide in her boyfriend’s DM’s. In Larsson’s Original (now deleted) tweet, she claimed that James slid in her man’s inbox SEVERAL times. Days later, Larsson retracted her statement and admitted that it was only one DM message and one comment left on his picture. James did give her the benefit of the doubt on that but then further exposed her with receipts that she basically did the exact same thing he did with the guy before he was her boyfriend, publicly. You can see the tweet in the video above.

Now, Zara Larsson has taken to her Instagram story to write James an apology and further explain where she was coming from.

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Tati Westbrook releases an official statement calling to an end her feud with James Charles

Tati Westbrook has tweeted an official statement in regards to the recent drama she started with James Charles. She’s calling for an end to the feud and says she’s been in contact with JC through an intermediary and believes it’s time to put all of this to rest... For the sake of everyone and their own mental health. Read her full statement below.

[Text]I have been in contact with James Charles through an intermediary over the last week, and we believe that it is the best interest of our community, our viewers and our own mental health to put this matter to a rest.

For that reason, I will not be making any further public comments and I hope and pray that no one else will make anymore hurtful statements on my behalf. In my original video, I felt the need to publicly breakup with James with a warning call loud enough for him to hear. I was attempting to explain my upset and concerns so that everyone would understand my position and end the speculation that it was all over vitamins. Over the last eight years, I built my career based on honesty, integrity and trying my best to do what I thought was right. The toxicity and chaos that ensued over the last 10 days was absolutely not my goal, as it was a fight I was almost certain to lose.

Although I do not regret raising my concerns, I completely regret the way I went about saying them, I could have and should have found a better way. Even in this moment, I still have so many things I'd like to clear up, however the continued call for ‘receipts’ is nothing more than a call for never-ending bloodshed. As such, I'm setting aside my overwhelming need to be understood and will continue my conversations with everyone in private.

I hope that our community is somehow strengthened from all of this madness and that we will strive to hold ourselves and each other to a higher standard.

To my audience, I need you to know that I'm blessed to have your support and love making videos for you guys. I'm truly sorry for all of the hate it brought to our doorstep. I love you and look forward to returning to my regular content soon.

Note: Tati’s video that started it all titled “BYE SISTER” has not been deleted, it was simply “unlisted.” If you click here you’ll see the video is still available.

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Britney serves candid looks, says she loves her fans

Comin' back looking delicious! Britney is back in LA and is not only looking good but also feeling fine (slay). The singer was spotted running errands in Westlake and also grabbing dinner with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. Brit has been extra chatty lately and responding to a question from a paparazzo reiterated that she loves her fans, many of which have spent the last week spreading #freebritney on social media.

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Madonna in hot water with EBU over Palestinian/Israeli flags

It wouldn't be Eurovision without controversy and this year's competition was perhaps the most controversial in recent memory. Madonna, who was this year's surprise guest performer, is now in hot water with Eurovision's organizer the European Broadcasting Union, better known as the EBU, over her showcase of Palestinian flags.

Madonna chose to have two of her backup dancers embrace, while wearing a Palestinian and Israeli flags on the back - a move which apparently had not been shared with the producers of the show. In a statement they said: “This element of the performance was not part of the rehearsals which had been cleared with the EBU and the Host Broadcaster, KAN. The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political event and Madonna had been made aware of this.”

Madonna's reps have responded with their own statement noting that "a message of peace is not political.”

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Bill Hader's Hilariously Accurate NYC Impressions- Desus & Mero | Plus Barry Season 2 Finale |

-"DESUS & MERO sit down with actor Bill Hader to discuss his HBO series Barry, doing his own stunts, getting recognized in public, and more."

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'Busy Tonight' Reunites 'George of the Jungle' Co-Stars Leslie Mann & Brendan Fraser

On one of the final episodes of her talk show Busy Tonight, Busy Phillips surprised guest Leslie Mann by reuniting her with Brendan Fraser, her leading man from the 1997 flick George of the Jungle. Brendan makes his appearance after Leslie recalls how she fell in love with him while making the movie (and while she was still dating writer-director Judd Apatow). The two then share a few more cute stories from the set that may or may not have you shipping them together in real life. Check out the clip below.


ONTD, did you love George of the Jungle back in the day? Also, are you going to miss Busy Tonight now that it's off the air, or do you not care at all?
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First look at 'Game of Thrones' 2-hour documentary post series finale

Right after the end of 'Game of Thrones', HBO released the trailer for the two hour-documentary on the series called 'Game of Thrones: The Last Watch', airing a week from today, May 26. Trailer above.