May 18th, 2019


Michael Fassbender, Jamie Foxx, Peter Dinklage in Talks to Join Mel Gibson's 'Wild Bunch' Remake

Gibson is set to co-write and direct a remake of the violent and influential Western.
Michael Fassbender, Jamie Foxx and Peter Dinklage are in talks to star.
Gibson has as his next project Rothschild, where he stars alongside Shia LaBeouf.
He is also on board to direct Destroyer, the World War II Navy movie.


"Game Of Thrones" actor Jacob Anderson on "Strahan and Sara"

- Jacob Anderson who plays Grey Worm On " Game of Thrones, was on "Strahan and Sara" before the last episode.

-When asked if it ended the way he expected it, he said "No not at all. Very unexpected".

- Was very surprised he lasted until the end.

- Commenting on the petition to have the season redone, he says that while people may feel like the characters belong to them, and he thinks thats great and heartwarming, in a way they don't ,and feels it' s rude to the very hardworking crew members.

- Was annoyed Starbucks got the publicity for the coffee cup in the show, as it was from craft services.

- His music has been streamed 200 million times and he goes by Raleigh Ritchie, which he thought up in high school, will have a new album coming out soon.



Selena Gomez uses her voice for something that matters, abortion

To see what is happening right now in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and several other states in our country is not only deeply upsetting but seems that it can’t possibly be real in 2019. It’s no one’s business what a woman chooses to do with her body. End of story. If you want to help fight this, click on the link in my bio to find out how you can volunteer or make a donation.


Keanu Reeves finally does a puppy interview

- What keeps him down to earth? Gravity
- Would like to travel to the 1600s to see who is really behind Shakespeare's plays
- Mediates a few puppy fights in between questions
- Of all the Marvel/DC characters, he would most like to play Wolverine
- Recently read book he loves: "Overstory" by Richard Powers
- dry sense of humor is the only characteristic he says he shares with John Wick


Halle Berry Speaks to Black Journalists After PR Team Says She Had No Time

- Emerald Marie, an enterainment reporter for was invited to the John Wick III: Parabellum premiere.
- she mentions that she was one of only two black reporters there
- someone from Berry's PR team told them she had no time to take their questions
- however, upon seeing them, Berry said, "I can’t skip a brother and a sister on the carpet" and talked to both reporters
- the reporter was emotional and saying how touched she was by the moment and how Berry saw her and acknowledged her
- OP has warm, fuzzy feelings about this


Halle Berry names the movie she most regrets making

She knew 'The Rich Man's Wife' would turn out to be a disappointing movie.
It was written and directed by Amy Holden Jones.
Halle apologized to everybody who worked on this movie for trashing it.

Berry was asked about the one actor she'd never work with again.
She did not give specific names she did drop a couple of hints.
One of them 'used to be' famous, but is 'not so much anymore' and 'went to jail.'
The other one is 'super-duper famous' and 'not too tall.'


ONTD, who are the two actors ?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Assaulted at Event in South Africa

In WTH news today, Arnold was advocating fitness and filming his @ArnoldSports athletes at a sporting event in Johannesburg South Africa

Out of the blue, some rando kid at the event tries to drop kick him from behind, while yelling "Help me I need a Lamborghini"

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ONTD have you randomly jump kicked a celebrity because you want a luxury car but ultimately failed

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Jack Whitehall hosts The Graham Norton Show with guests Gwendoline Christie, Luke Evans etc

-Jack lists which scenes with Brienne he had seen
-Luke Evans talks about Gaston
-Peter Crouch hung out with Jack's mom and Jack joked that he might have a sister now
-11:35 Gwendoline talks about her theater experience and how some audience members were vomitting onto people in front of them
-Luke Evans was a hairdresser
-Luke Evans talks about the movie he did with Jennifer Aniston
-Gwendoline is adorable. She talks about some fashion show she did in which she looked like a sexy sea cucumber
-Luke Evans sings to Peter Crouch
-Peter Crouch was once asked what he would be if he weren't a football player, and he said "a virgin"
-Prince Harry asked Peter Crouch once: "Crouchy, how did you bag Abbie???"
-David Walliams and Peter Crouch are people's weird crushes
-Jack Whitehall asked the audience what their weird crush was and someone said Hugh Jackman and he thought they said YOU JACK, so he thanked them lmaooooooooo
-Jack says that David Walliams sold tons of copies of his previous book in 5 days, and David said "Only one person bought all those copies and that was your mother." and Jack was like "Nah, she prefers this one" *and he showed David Crouch's book* lmaooooo
-The woman in the red chair put Jack on blast for being rude last time she was in the red chair because he thought her story was dumb LMAOOo
-Jack's mom is in the red chair


Next week the cast of Dark Phoenix will be on the show, with Taylor Swift as the musical guest.

Who is your weird crush, ONTD?
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Vulture examines ten years of Christine Baranski playing Diane Lockhart

[Spoilery finale recap]

  • Roland Blum has Maia sue Reddick & Boseman by bringing a class action against them on behalf of their ex-clients saying they profitted too much from them

  • Diane and Liz wonder what to do about the other members of book club and decide to ask Jay and Marissa to threaten them back. It does not go well.

  • Kurt is asked to introduce Trump at a rally and Diane ends up writing his speech for him

  • Julius Cain gets his judgeship opening up a partner position. The partners debate whether it should go to Lucca or another black associate

  • The lawsuit between Blum & the lawfirm goes forward with an idiot judge (Chris Sullivan). Diane comes up with various tricks to get him to understand the complexities of their case including illustrating concepts like a children's book and having an expert use ASMR

  • Marissa accidentally overhears that the partners are considering Lucca for partnership but don't think she's black enough. Lucca goes to Jay who points out all her friends at the firm are white. Lucca makes awkward attempts to hang out with the other black associates 

  • Diane ends up offering Maia the partnership in order to get her to ditch Blum

  • Maia and Blum lose the lawsuit but even though Diane says the partnership offer is still open Maia says she would rather stick with Blum. She gets in a car with him after implying that they are heading off to D.C.

  • Marissa and Lucca drop acid while watching lightning fireballs out the window (lol no this is for real)

  • Kurt gets removed from the Trump rally for not being enthusiastic enough

  • The season finale ends with Diane and Kurt in bed and they're super happy but they hear a noise that comes from a SWAT team in their apartment!!! Implying that book club will get its revenge!

  • Article basically talks about how Diane has changed over 10 years from an aspirational figure to a more human and flawed woman with a lot of anger

  • In season 3 of The Good Fight Diane takes up akido. The Kings originally wanted Diane to take up meditation or find religion and Baranski was the one who suggested Diane find a physical outlet for her anger

  • TGF has already been renewed for a 4th season so this cliff hanger will be resolved!


An excuse to talk about the season finale. OMG people are speculating that [Spoiler (click to open)]
Kurt will die!

It's also hilarious that it's implied that [Spoiler (click to open)]
Maia and Roland aren't coming back and no one cares. It also looks very likely that Julius is gone though he could easily come back as a guest star.

Holland Roden Detained At Brazil Airport Without Food Or Water While Her Team Works Free Her

Holland Roden is facing issues with Brazilian officials in Sao Paulo.
She had been held for six hours already and claims that she has a valid visa to the country.
For two years she has been travelling to Brazil to give the “love back” to her “Teen Wolf family”
Roden hopes she can make the convention tomorrow and doesn’t want to let anyone down.

4U Experience Convention has also been working on getting Roden freed and said that after a fight with immigration, they got them to give her food and water.

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source, 2, 3

Hilary Swank Opens Up About ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Backlash

Hilary Swank took a look back at “Boys Don’t Cry”, the 1999 movie that put her on the map.
She had the opportunity to portray transgender Brandon Teena in “Boys Don’t Cry” she jumped at it.
She never expected the film to be as successful as it was. 
In recent years, the film has been criticized for not casting a transgender actor as Teena,
She believes the film was able to start a cultural conversation that’s become increasingly louder.

“I think in some ways it’s been criticized and in others it hasn’t. And I think if people knew the outpouring of letters and people on the streets who have come up to me in tears, thanking me for telling their story… I hold on to that. That’s important to me, and to be that spokesperson for that amount of time. I’m happy that times are evolving and changing and that people are getting the opportunity to tell their own stories.”


Teen Wolf actress allowed to enter Brazil; had tampered with passport

32-year-old Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden was allowed to enter Brazil after problems at the border. She will be participating in a fan event today.

Despite claiming on social media that her visa was valid to enter Brazil and she was being unjustly stopped from entering the country by the Federal Police, it has emerged that Holland had manually removed her visa from an expired passport and stuck it to her new passport. This invalidated her visa and is considered an illegal practice in Brazil (tampering with a document). (This practice is also not allowed in the US).

Despite this she was not immediately sent back to the US, but allowed to request a new visa, given government assistance to speed up the process, and allowed to sleep in the airport hotel. She was not arrested, but had originally been stopped from leaving the immigration area.

Ironically, she might not have had an issue if she had not tampered with her passports.

sources 1 2 3


Reddit Asks: People that work on movie sets, what are the most entitled actors you have ever met?

[James Corden. so much James Corden.]
-Also a TV set, James Corden is an absolute jack ass, not the funny happy go lucky guy you see on TV.

-My favorite James Corden moment was when Jimmy Kimmel won a round of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts by asking Corden to name one camera man in the room right now.

-He’s from a town near to my home town and we all knew he was a dick when he started being famous way back when

-Went to school with him. Can confirm.

-Can confirm. He has this thing where he won’t talk to anyone bar the most senior crew. He treats everyone else like crap. Once witnessed him have a meltdown because the script supervisor (who’s job is partly to ensure continuity and keep dialogue true to script) spoke to him directly when the Director was occupied (script supervisors normally filter issues via the director). He thinks he’s above everyone.

-My sister's ex was a cameraman for an episode of Corden's sports show here in the UK, and when Corden messed up he apparently couldn't accept it was his fault and allegedly got the stage manager fired over it.

[Steven Segal is a POS]
- I used to work in the industry for a while. Asked some colleagues about the worst people they've worked with. More than one said Steven Segal was a grade A douchbag.

- Segal brought his mom into the hospital where my ex-wife worked. He parked his car in the ambulance only area and refused to remove it, citing his authority as a special county deputy sheriff.

- My boss is a former stunt man who worked with Steven Segal. He roundhouse kicked my boss without warning once. Big no-no, and if he wasn't the "star" he would have been immediately suspended. Instead, he griped about my boss's reaction and sidelined him for the rest of the film. He still got paid, but got no screen time.

- In my over 20 years in film. There is no one who compares to Segall. He is the biggest fucking piece of human shit I have ever encountered anywhere. He is also a sexual predator. Yes that's a serious allegation but I do not fucking care. It's true. He preys on young women who are new or desperate. He showed up at wardrobe fittings, crossing boundaries, he would offer roles to female extras or actors, asking them to come read the scene in his trailer where he would come onto them. This isn't a secret in my industry. Almost everyone knows. He's fucking garbage and deserves to be lying in a ditch.

- Steven Seagal shows up and rejects his stunt double for being too fat (aka, a perfect double for him) and selects a stunt double for himself who was much thinner, in fact it was Star Lord's double for all those movies. Production had to put Star Lord in a fat suit so he would look like Seagal, and he ends up doing 90% of Seagal's scenes, which is a good thing because it turns out Seagal likes to literally punch stunt men during choreographed fights and then taunt them if they wince.

Edit: Also, Seagal got in trouble for flirting with underage girls and bringing prostitutes on set.

[Michael Cera]
- Not that it’s any surprise to anyone, but Michael Cera is a huge fucking asshole.
I watched so many young musicians come up to him during the Sex Bob-omb tour come up to him to talk about music or gush about how he inspired them, only for him to either brush them off completely, ask them why they’re talking to him, or just have security come take them away.
Total dick.

- YUP. worked at wine shop.
at closing we are ringing one last guy out, doors locked.
Cera comes to door, disappointed we're closed; we can't sell any more. Guy GIVES Cera his own wine, knowing he could not get more tonight. so nice. then asks for a picture for his kid.
Cera says no. what a dick.

- I met him in a bar and he was a JERK.
Everyone in Brampton hates him with good reason.

a lot more going on at the source:

Elizabeth Olsen recalls her Game of Thrones audition story

The actress broke big in the Marvel franchise with Scarlet Witch.
She auditioned to play Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones.
She auditioned with a monologue from the end of season 1, from “after she just burned.”
They didn’t know if they wanted a British accent or not. So, she did it in both.
It was terrible. It was the most awkward audition She’d ever had.

Tamzin Merchant was originally cast in the role of Daenerys for the infamous pilot.
She dropped off and was later replaced with Emilia Clarke.

Devil in disguise

Zoe Saldana to Star in ‘Keyhole Garden’ Romance

Zoe Saldana is attached to star in the upcoming 'Keyhole Garden'.

“Keyhole Garden” traces the sprawling romance of a man and woman whose love for each other struggles to overcome the divisiveness of life on America’s southern border. The film is a timely exploration of the humanity of immigration and the fragility of life through three interwoven narratives: a young boy trying to save his undocumented friend from deportation; an immigration agent unknowingly dooming a former lover; and a cartel trafficker carrying out his last mission.


James Charles posts ANOTHER video responding to Tati

-I can't even look at him, he's so annoying
-He gives his opinion on what happened at Coachella (4:00)
-9:27 he says that Tati is lying, and that he never does dedicated product reviews but that he did it for her
-He said that he was never inappropriate, and that he never talked about things he would do to a waiter 13:00 (he shows receipts of his conversation with that waiter)
-He acts a lot in the video


Gavin Rossdale (53) makes red carpet debut with 26-year-old girlfriend Natalie Golba

-The new couple made their debut on the red carpet of the John Wick 3 premiere
-She's a model
-He broke up with 29-year-old model Sophia Thomalla in December
-This OP recommends checking out Natalie's red dress/beige peep-toe suede boot duo at the source. Woof!


Blessed Be! Trailer for the Extended Season of Love After Lockup is Unleashed

- the best peak trash television is coming back with full force
- WEtv's Lock After Lockup has been gaining traction with increased viewership every week
- this increased viewership has led to producers giving us a spinoff of the couples we've laughed and screamed at with "Life After Lockup"
- now you can see what these crazy kids are up to
- Andrea (Black Mormon Weave Lady) and Lamar are back!!!!!!!!!!!
- the love triangle of Sarah's blaccent, Megan and Michael return
- OP feels like this show isn't scripted and that this shit happens and a camera crew just rolled up


OP really wants a "trash tv" tag because reality tv just doesn't encapsulate this masterpiece enough.