May 17th, 2019

Should you wear your street clothes indoors ? " GQ" says no. "Strahan and Sara"

- Michael Strahan does not allow people to put their feet on his furniture because of outside germs.

- GQ had an article that states there are 35,000 more germs in a rideshare like Uber then on a toilet seat.

- Sara wears slippers in the studio and puts her feet on her chair. Michael says that because the slippers are on a floor where people with sneakers walk they are still dirty.

- They ask the audience and one woman says people wearing street clothes are not allowed to sit on her bed. Two nurses are spoken to. One says keep the clothes off of indoor furniture, the other says we need the germs.

Ontd: Do you wear street clothes indoors and while on furniture?

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The CW's 2019-2020 season trailers

Batwoman (Sundays, 9 pm ET)

Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) never planned to be Gotham’s new vigilante. Three years after Batman mysteriously disappeared, Gotham is a city in despair. Without the Caped Crusader, the Gotham City Police Department was overrun and outgunned by criminal gangs. Enter Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) and his military-grade Crows Private Security, which now protects the city with omnipresent firepower and militia. Years before, Jacob’s first wife and daughter were killed in the crossfire of Gotham crime. He sent his only surviving daughter, Kate Kane, away from Gotham for her safety. After a dishonorable discharge from military school and years of brutal survival training, Kate returns home when the Alice in Wonderland gang targets her father and his security firm, by kidnapping his best Crow officer Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy). In order to help her family and her city, she’ll have to become the one thing her father loathes –– a dark knight vigilante. With the help of her compassionate stepsister, Mary (Nicole Kang), and the crafty Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), the son of Wayne Enterprises’ tech guru Lucius Fox, Kate Kane continues the legacy of her missing cousin, Bruce Wayne, as Batwoman.

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What CW show are you “hate-watching,” ONTD?

Grumpy Cat Has Died

Grumpy Cat, the grouchy looking cat who had feline dwarfism and became a viral sensation after being posted on Reddit, has died at the age 7.

"Despite care from top professionals, as well as from her very loving family, Grumpy encountered complications from a recent urinary tract infection that unfortunately became too tough for her to overcome. She passed away peacefully on the morning of Tuesday, May 14, at home in the arms of her mommy, Tabatha."


Maluma's new (pseudo) visual album '11:11' is out now!

On the heels of appearances at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, the Met Gala and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Latin superstar Maluma presents 11:11, his fourth studio album. The 16-track affair sees the singer-songwriter collaborating with such industry heavyweights as Madonna and Ricky Martin, and each song is accompanied by a "pseudo video" on his YouTube channel.

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Liam hiiii

Liam Payne shares his thoughts on the abortion ban

In a very bold and surprising move, Liam Payne posted on his social media his stance regarding the latest bullshit ban on abortion in Alabama.

I don’t usually comment on politics but this one got me and is so important. This whole abortion law thing in America is a mess I mean your completely taking away the rights of women and the ownership of the bodies that belong to them. I have so much respect for women Watching someone go through pregnancy and how tough it can be at times and us as men never have to go through that so how can we even comment or decide what women should or shouldn’t go through, it is total BS that anyone is even given that power. It’s bad enough that women have to go through cycles of periods that can be painful without making some of them have to go through with unwanted pregnancies that will literally change the course of the lives they lead at all ages. Here was me thinking it was supposed to be the land of the free it all looks very tied up from where I’m standing. Abortion up to a certain point should always be legal it’s only right that woman are given that choice to make for themselves.

Una publicación compartida por Liam Payne (@liampayne) el

-Says that experiencing Cheryl's pregnancy made him realize how it can be tough, how priviledged men are and how nobody should decide for women what to do with their bodies.

-How America is supposed to be the land of the free but it really isn't.

-Women should be given the choice to decide themselves.

Now, we all know 1D are usually slow at realizing things but good for him. Out of all of them I never thought he'd be the first to say something about it and in a way that is not bad, as he normally does.

Would Harry Styles ever?!

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Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Superstore creator Justin Spitzer talks about the season 4 finale and why he's stepping down

Last night Superstore aired the final two episodes of season 4 and delivered a shocking season finale. Showrunner Justin Spitzer was interviewed by Vox about what the series finale means going forward and why he's stepping down from his position.

[Spoiler plot recap]

  • The first ep saw Sandra using her new found attention to rally the workers towards unionizing

  • After Amy got a tip from Jeff that corporate was looking to close down one of the stores in her region and transform it into a warehouse Amy and Dina left to talk to corporate and persuaded Jonah to stay behind to to break up the union

  • Amy was able to keep her store open by leveraging her knowledge of her boss's drug problem

  • Jonah was able to dampen enthusiasm around the union but after Amy returned and asked him for the names of pro-union workers he decided to sign his union card

  • Ana Ortiz also guest starred in this ep (she and America Ferrera previously worked together on Ugly Betty!)

  • In the series finale tensions rose between Amy and Jonah as she continued to try to break up union activity and a conversation in the break room revealed that Amy doesn't want kids though Jonah seemed more open to it

  • After Jeff revealed to Amy that one of their union busting activities involved calling ICE, Amy and the rest of the store rallied together to try to protect Mateo

  • They were unsuccessful at getting Mateo, an undocumented immigrant, out of the store and he left in the back of an ICE van

  • Amy then decided that the workers should unionize

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Trey Songz is a father, welcomes son Noah

After the speculation on Twitter, Trey Songz confirmed he is a dad. He debuted a picture of his newborn son Noah on Instagram.

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Celebrities react to Taiwan legalizing same-sex marriage

Taiwan just became the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. This establishes full legal marriage rights in terms of insurance, taxes, and child custody. Marriage equality was part of President Tsai Ing-wen's 2016 campaign platform. She tweeted the following:

Celebrity Reactions

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'The View' Round-Up: Confronting Bullies, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and More

Joy would have appreciated this mom sticking up for her when she was being bullied as a little girl. Ana jokes that she wants this woman to run for president against Trump. Sunny talks about when her kids were being bullied in school.

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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and some heirs get arrested for smuggling weed

Okay stick with me here, because it is a wild one. The heirs to the Coca-Cola bottling fortune and DISH networks have teamed up with actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers on a CBD/cannabis venture. They were on a private plane to St. Kitts and were detained and arrested for smuggling marijuana into the country. They were trying to bring in 5,000 cannabis plants worth $1.3 million.

St. Kitts and Nevis recently expanded the use of cannabis and these tools were apparently trying to start a business there.

One bro posted $300k bond and was released. Another was released but later arrested for more drug charges and is still being held. Johnthan Rhys-Meyers was traveling, for reasons unknown, with his wife and mother-in-law- they were released and not charged.

Wild photos of the whole adventure can be found Elsewhere .

Various media outlets claim that they will either be suing the government for the ordeal, or to be returning in three weeks ‘with rolling papers baby.’

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Are you a cannabis enthusiast and looking to take part in these wild ventures?

ONTD Roundup


Premiere: Carly Rae Jepsen - Too Much (Music Video)

Prime Minister of Pop™ Carly Rae Jepsen continues to bless us on this release day with a new music video for “Too Much.” Three music videos leading up to this album’s release? Phew, sis had a decent budget this era! But now we need a music video for “No Drug Like Me.” But I digress...

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ONTD, favorite song(s) off of Dedicated?

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Woodstock 50 Secured the Bag - Gets a New, Probably Naive Investor

- after the financier and production companies quit working and giving money to this tomfoolery, another investment bank - Oppenheimer & Co. will supply Woodstock 50 with the money needed after a judge ruled Woodstock can't have the money back from the original financier, Denstu Ageis
- they have the money but will anything be happening in this damn field? Probably not as it seems they still do not have the permits to actually hold this event
- look up topsy-turvy and just let "Woodstock 50" be the definition

Let Blu Cantrell tell you about this summer scam:


To Oppenheimer & Co.: oh no baby, what is you doing?


Interpol Releases "A Fine Mess" EP

- the title describes OP
- follows the 2018 release of Marauder
- features six songs including the singles "The Weekend" and "Fine Mess"
- currently on tour with a right-wing politician masquerading as a singer, Morrissey (choices!)
- listen on all major streaming platforms


This early aughts post-punk revival right now - OP is too ready!

Trailer for Woody Allen's "A Rainy Day in New York"

Since Amazon will likely never release anything from this movie, the overdue-for-the-urn director posted it on his own Facebook.

If you don't want to actually watch it, it's ok, you're not missing anything besides some bad acting and even worse writing. The movie will be released in some European countries later this year, cause Europe and all.

The movie stars:
Timothy Chalamander
Elle Fanning
Jude Law
Liev Schrieber
Selena Gomez
Diego Luna


Rose McGowan defends Constance Wu: 'When Charmed would get renewed I would cry'

Rose McGowan has come to the defense of actress Constance Wu, who faced backlash for being upset over her show 'Fresh off the Boat' being renewed for a 6th season. (Wu later addressed the situation, saying she was upset the renewal of her show led to having to give up another project she was passionate about.)

Rose recalls experiencing the same emotions over her show 'Charmed' being renewed:

"When I would get renewed on Charmed I would cry. I was made [fun of] in front by my co-star in front of the crew at lunch for crying. I was painted as ungrateful because I was making money. But what if the money isn’t everything to us, wealth doesn’t justify being trapped in a life you don’t want. Everyone, including you, is entitled to change their perception of what equals wealth. I hope you feel no shame for sharing your true feelings. Do not let them shame you."

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New 'His Dark Materials' footage + stills

"Now is the time to choose a side." His Dark Materials, coming to BBC One later this year.

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Jaskier Bomb

Riverdale Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa Talks the Season Finale, Senior Year, and Luke Perry

-Fred Andrews' fate will be dealt with early next season: "So we are 100% going to deal with it narratively at the beginning of season 4, and we want that episode to really honor the character of Fred and honor the actor Luke and our friend Luke [...] We didn’t want to rush into that at the end of the season and give it short shrift or not make that story as great and emotional as it needs to be [...] I think that’s going to be a big part of Archie’s journey next season, honestly."

-Once again claims that the show will go back to high school shenanigans because it's senior year: "we're really, really leaning into the fact that this is the last year this group of friends, this group of people, might be together [...] it’s also kind of what senior year is always about. It’s a huge step to go from high school to college, you say goodbye to your high school friends, you become more of a young adult, and I think that's what season four's really gonna be about"

-The mystery will (obviously) be core four based instead of having them branch off into their own things: "We also wanted to get the core fourback together, after a long time of telling separate stories [...] We’ll always go back to that grouping"

-The Farm's not over, but it won't take over the whole season next year. It'll be wrapped up "pretty quickly". The biggest thing from The Farm stuff is real Charles being back in their lives, and Betty dealing with the fact that she inherited the serial killer gene. Didn't tell Madchen about the Alice twist because they didn't want it to affect her acting. Hal's dead for realsies though.

-Originally planned to either jail or kill Penelope, but they love writing for the actress and character a lot. On that Blossom tangent, they'll be revisiting Cheryl as a gothic heroine and the fact that so much of her life had been defined by her love for her brother. They're not going full Norman Bates with the corpse thing though.


Kendall Jenner says having a famous last name made things harder for her

In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, Kendall Jenner opened up about the downside of having a famous last name, saying there's a misconception about how it made her life easier:

"I’ve always been a hard worker: that’s in my blood. My parents raised me and my little sister to be that way and the rest of my sisters, too. A lot of people assumed that because I came from a 'name' that it was a lot easier for me to get to where I got, but actually it's the complete opposite."

Jenner also discusses the struggle of maintaining longevity in the competitive world of modeling:

“Most of the time [modeling] is all about new faces and it happens really fast. They kind of grab onto that person and then all of a sudden you take off and you’re doing a bunch of shows and you’re getting a bunch of jobs. So for me it was that initial two to three seasons where I was like: ‘Oh wow, people are feeling me’, but my goal with everything is always longevity. In this industry specifically, it can be really challenging to maintain, so it’s always a work in progress. I am still so young. Most people my age don’t have it figured out as much as I do.”

You can read the full interview here.


Halle Berry and Anjelica Huston Spill Their Guts w/James Corden

-Anjelica Huston eats a bull penis rather than answer a question about her relationship with Jack Nicholson. Also eats a cow tongue rather than name a current actor she thinks is overrated

-Halle eats turkey testicles rather than name the two actors she hates and will never work with again. One used to be famous, isn't so much anymore, and went to jail. The other is SUPER DUPER famous and not too tall. Popular speculation thinks the two are Wesley Snipes and Robert Downey Jr

-Halle talks about her 1996 film The Rich Man's Wife and realizing during filming that it wouldn't be the best product


Shannen Doherty Slams Rumor Linking Her to BH90210 Staff Quitting: I Refuse to Be 'the Villain'

According to Variety, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith and several senior writers have quit Fox’s Beverly Hills, 902010 reimagining, titled BH90210.

Sources told Variety that two of the actresses were “running the show” and causing problems. Variety did not name the actresses but people have speculated that one of them was Shannen.

Doherty posted a statement on Instagram saying it wasn’t her.

Part of her statement:

“Being a part of tv history is an honor but it also comes with some massive backlash. There has been many stories floating around about this show and me. One of the reasons I hesitated to say yes was for this crap. The only thing I’m a control freak over is my health. Trying to stay healthy and positive.”

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2NE1: dalong & pudong

2NE1 celebrate their 10th anniversary together! yes all 4 of them in the same room

you can watch CL, Dara and Bom's lives on youtube too!

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

all 4 2NE1 members in one room speaking to each other, SNSD could never, sones stay losing!!! #feelslike2009

Chrissy Teigen says JackInTheBox and Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches are better than Chick-Fil-A’s

Chrissy Teigen lit Twitter on fire this evening declaring Jack in the Box and Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwiches as “better” and tastier options over Chick-Fil-A’s offering.

ONTD, do you agree?
Do you still eat at Chick-Fil-A?

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Two teasers for Harlots season 3

There are two teasers for Harlots season 3, which returns July 10th on Hulu.

Most of it is a recap of s1+2, but towards the end there's some new footage. The bottom one is completely new material.

SOURCES: #1, #2

Are you ready for season 3 in about two months?

Britney Spears Out & About

- Giggles then checks on a pap who fell down in front of her

- Said she loves her fans

- shuts down her probably soon to be ex manager a couple days after, he said she would never perform again by saying she will perform again.


Carly Rae Jepsen ranks her classics and hit songs!

Carly Rae Jepsen recently sat down with BuzzFeed and was asked to rank 32 songs from her discography! Song choices ranged from her Kiss album all the way to her latest album, Dedicated. Which song will come out on top? You might be surprised!

Dedicated is now available in stores, iTunes, and all streaming platforms: link

Source: link

ONTD, what is you favorite song from her new album, and what is your all-time favorite CRJ song?

SVU Season Finale Post-Mortem: Just Like Barba's Exit, But Worse

In last night's SVU Season Finale, ADA Stone left the show in what was essentially a rehash of Barba's exit, filmed in the exact same spot and featuring similar dialogue, except somehow it was even more non-sensical (although, to be fair, there was less baby-murdering involved).

To be more specific, Barba at least compromised his job due to his own personal morals, but said he did it because Olivia Benson, his close friend of many years, "opened his heart". Stone, who has known Benson for about 15 minutes, compromised his job directly because of Benson, and told her she "became more important to him" than the cases (lol) because she has an "open heart". And I guess that's bad? Or something? So they both left because of her, except Barba left because she changed him and Stone left because he didn't want Benson to change him? And also they both probably had a thing for her? Was that on purpose or just lazy writing?

No one knows, and no one cares, because the showrunner who wrote both of those half-assed exits (and the extremely half-assed Seasons 19 and 20 of this show) is also gone. Good riddance. Next season sees the return of Warren Leight, who gave us Seasons 13 through 17 and created Barba, Amaro and Carisi (and Rollins back when she was not horrible). So let's all get excited for the record-breaking Season 21! Speaking of:

ONTD, what are your hopes for Season 21? Dream casting for the new ADA? Or a new detective? Are you hoping for the return of any familiar faces? Any storyline ideas for our fave SVU characters? And Rollins? And, for the first time in a while, are you looking forward to more SVU?


ONTD, I only watched that one scene, so tell me about the episode! Was it good? I hear my bb Carisi also participated in a frame job? Cool beans! It's a good thing the last 3 seasons never happened! Also, now that the season FINALLY ended, I want to thank you all for sticking with the show, and visiting these posts, which were the only good part of this season for me. I wish us all a better Season 21, with more enjoyable episodes and (even) more fun ONTD posts ❤️❤️❤️

Syfy’s ‘Vagrant Queen’: Adriyan Rae To Star In Live-Action Space Tale

Syfy has given a series order to Vagrant Queen, a live-action adaptation of the Vault Comics series.
Produced by an all-female team of writers and directors with Jem Garrard as creator and showrunner.
Adriyan Rae has been cast in the lead role of Elida.
The show is described as a “fun, violent, snarky space opera,” 
'Vagrant Queen' will premiere on Syfy in 2020 as 10-episode, one-hour science fiction adventure series.