May 2nd, 2019


Jude married Girlfriend Phillipa Coan in Surprise London Town Hall Wedding

She is a business psychologist

Jude was previously married to actress Sadie Frost, 53. They had three children

He was in a relationship with his Alfie co-star Sienna Miller.

Jude and American model Samantha Burke have child Sophia, now nine

Jude became a dad for the fifth time when musician Catherine Harding gave birth to Ada in 2015.


Outstanding Heterosexuals Taron Egerton and Richard Madden for GQ.

- The cast of 'Rocketman': Taron Egerton, Richard Madden and Jamie Bell talk about their style and Elton John's.
- Richard reveals he listened all of Elton's music once he got the part.
- Jamie loves Elton's Donald Duck costume.
- Taron reveals he likes to go for simple stuff. He looks his best when people dress him.
- 'Rocketman' premieres May 30.



Scarlett Johansson will reportedly be a producer on the "Black Widow" movie

Per Hollywood Reporter, apart from starring in her solo Black Widow movie, ScarJo will also serve as a producer.
This is the first time an actor will serve as a producer on an MCU movie.
ScarJo will receive a payday in the $20 million range for the movie.


Lucy Liu receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame + a surprise Charlie's Angels reunion

- Lucy is the second Asian American woman ever to get a star (after Anna May Wong in 1960) and the first one in the TV category.

- Lucy's credits include Ally McBeal, Southland, Elementary, Saturday Night Live, Mulan 2, Kung Fu Panda, Charlie's Angels, Chicago, Kill Bill, Netlix's Set It Up, et al.

- Demi Moore and Rhea Perlman gave speeches; angels Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz showed up as surprise guests; Mike Colter, Michael Cudlitz, Jon Michael Hill, and her son Rockwell were there as well.

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Jaden Smith to star as young Kanye West in Showtime series

Showtime has put in development a limited half-hour anthology series called "Omniverse" from Kanye West.

Omniverse examines the many doors of perception. Season One explores the Ego through an alternate reality Kanye West. Smith stars as an Alternate Reality Kanye West.

Nick Kiss
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Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union pose makeup free for People magazine for the second time

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30 year old Vanessa Hudgens and 46 year old Gabrielle Union have returned roughly ten years after their first time to once again pose without makeup for people magazine.

Vanessa looks at the quote her 19 year old self gave, "I just recently learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup," and now claims "lie, that is SUCH a lie. I did NOT feel great about not wearing makeup. I feel like just last year I started to feel good without wearing makeup."

About returning ten years later, Gabrielle says, "I feel mildly less confident than I did ten years ago, but you know what once I made peace with who I am and where I'm at and being 46 I actually feel pretty solid about being back here ten years later. I'm finally really okay with me."

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Left pics-late aughts. Right pics, 2019.

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ONTD, do you wear makeup?
Iamamiwhoami dance

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are married!

Immediately following the Billboard Music Awards, Sophie and Joe were seen entering an Elvis themed wedding chapel. Their reps later confirmed that they did officially tie the knot.

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Congrats to the newly weds!
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After doing the Damn thing last nite Paula Abdul announces Vegas Residency

Paula Abdul hands down had the best performance at the BBMA last nite. From swan diving to decapitating Julianne Hough Paula Abdul killed it on stage last night. Riding high from her tour, Paula will headline her own residency at the Flamingo. The Flamingo housed Toni Braxton and Abdul will be replacing Donny & Marie.


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i just wanted to make a post centered around the gif
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

New films by Quentin Tarantino and Abdellatif Kechiche join the 2019 Cannes lineup

  • Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Kechiche's Mektoub My Love: Intermezzo will compete for the Palme d'or

  • Both men are already Palme d'or winners with Tarantino winning for Pulp Fiction and Kechiche winning for Blue is the Warmest Color

  • Kechiche was accused of sexual assault in 2018 while accusations of Tarantino knowing about, and still working with sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, were later confirmed by Tarantino himself

  • Cannes has been under heavy criticism in recent years for continually supporting male directors over female ones

  • Last year festival director Thierry Frémaux signed a pledge towards working towards gender parity in films

  • At the 2019 edition of the festival 21 films will now compete for the Palme d'or, only 4 of the films are directed by women


'Knock Down The House' has been released on Netflix!

A young bartender in the Bronx, a coal miner's daughter in West Virginia, a grieving mother in Nevada, and a registered nurse in Missouri build a movement of insurgent candidates to challenge powerful incumbents in Congress. One of their races will become the most shocking political upsets in recent American history. Go behind the scenes as four determined women -- including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- challenge big-money politicians in the 2018 race for Congress.

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Taylor Swift ignored the history and legacy of Black marching bands for her personal gain

Taylor Swift is facing major ridicule and backlash from her performance of ME! at the billboard music awards. Swift's performance inspired the hashtag, #Mayochella, a play on Beychella, which Beyoncé's Coachella performance was nicknamed. Nylon cites, Black marching bands are the pride, culture and tradition of HBCUs (historically black college and universities) Marchers where accompanied by uniformed marching drummers, majorette dancers, steppers and other performers. Marching band culture were deployed with pride and context. Swift used her marching band to tell one of the dudes from Panic! at the Disco that he'll never find another lover like her.

To add insult to injury Swift has resorted to cringe worthy tactics to ensure her lackluster single ME! is a hit. She has released a rehersal billboard performance on vinyl, discounted the song and now is sending out personal videos to people who purchased the song.


ONTD Roundup


Rose McGowan's iconic VMA dress was a response to sexual assault

Rose McGowan says her completely see-through dress at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards had a purpose: it was a response to her sexual assault.

“I [wore] that for a reason. It was my first public appearance after being raped. And I thought, it was kind of like Russell Crowe and ‘Gladiator’ when it comes out in the ring and he’s like, ‘Are you not entertained?’ And that was why I did that. That was my response to being assaulted.

Rose was one of the first women to accuse Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, alleging that he raped her in his hotel during the Sundance Film Festival in 1997. He has since been accused by more than 60 women, and currently faces a potential life sentence.



Not happy meals. Burger King releases meals for wide range of moods

Poking fun at its major competitor, Burger King released “real meals”, because “no one is happy all the time”.

Among the new meal options, each of which was inspired by a different mood, is the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and the DGAF Meal.

The food chain partnered with Mental Health America for the campaign.

Real Meals will be available for a limited time, and will have a 'whopper' meal, which includes a burger, french fries and a beverage.

They will be available at select restaurants in Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

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Inside Alicia Silverstone’s Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Peek inside Alicia Silverstone’s perfectly organized pantry and you’ll find a plethora of vegan and organic foods. The “Clueless” actress has been a vegan for over 20 years and enjoys living an eco-friendly lifestyle. From reusing jam jars and old dish cloths to buying her favorite items in bulk, see how Silverstone makes everyday life a little more green. She also shows us how to make a one-ingredient waffle — and yes, it’s vegan, too!

ONTD, is your kitchen eco-friendly?


'AVENGERS: ENDGAME' Showing Exposed People to Measles

A woman who recently returned fron international travel and decided to watch the 22nd MCU movie might have exposed the packed crowd to measles.

Any patron of the AMC Dine-In Fullerton 20 theater (1001 S. Lemon Street) who saw Avengers: Endgame at one of the late opening-night screenings (between between 11 p.m. on April 25 and 4 a.m. on April 26) are advised to monitor themselves for symptoms through May 16.

This is the first confirmed measles case in the county. The woman is voluntarily quarantined in her home after also going to her job and St. Jude's emergency center.

Officials  have worked with all three places to contact those who may have been exposed, especially those at higher risk, such as infants, pregnant women, anyone with a compromised immune system, and people using The Brady Bunch as their health guide.



Justin Bieber shares an emotional prayer about struggling with anxiety

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to tell fans he's still going through it.

The troubled singer shared an emotional prayer on Instagram to detail his continuing battle with mental health.

"Don’t stop fighting the battle has already won.. fight for what you love and who you love don’t let fear and anxiety win."

He continues, "I havent believed the truth about myself I haven’t believed I am loved I haven’t believed I am forgiven it’s a hard thing for me to wrap my head around. I hang my head in shame and I wallow in sadnes about the the people who have betrayed me."

Tim & Saoirse

Indie Film Release Guide: May 3rd [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

Major studios wisely decided to hold off on new releases this week while Endgame continues to break box office records. But there are a couple of wide releases from smaller studios, as well as a handful of indies, so read on for some alternatives to Avengers 4.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: April 26th, April 19th, April 12th.

Long Shot

Stars: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, June Diane Raphael, O’Shea Jackson, Jr.
Writer: Dan Sterling, Liz Hannah
Director: Jonathan Levine
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Plot: When Fred Flarsky reunites with his first crush, one of the most influential women in the world, Charlotte Field, he charms her. As she prepares to make a run for the Presidency, Charlotte hires Fred as her speechwriter and sparks fly.
What you should know: Jonathan Levine just signed a first-look deal with Lionsgate, which is distributed this film in the US.
Opens in: Wide release

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?

ANOTHER!!! Chris Hemsworth renews his contract for two more Marvel movies!

- Chris Hemwsworth has reportedly renewed his contract for two more Avengers films.
- As set at the end of 'Avengers: Endgame', Thunderbae is set to join [Spoiler (click to open)]Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
- It's still unclear if the second film [Spoiler (click to open)]is Thor 4 or Avengers 5.


ONTD, are you excited for more shirtless Thunderbae?!
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

rihanna trolls charlize theron because why not?

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ontd, when's the last time you engaged in/was on the receiving end of some quality trolling? feel free to turn this into a rihanna post or charlize long shot promo tour fashion post.

Maluma announces new album '11:11' out May 17 with guest spots by Madonna, Ricky Martin and more

Prior to making his debut at the Billboard Music Awards last night, Colombian singer-songwriter Maluma took to social media to announce that his fourth studio album, 11:11, is slated for a May 17 release. The followup to last year's F.A.M.E., which featured collaborations with Jason Derulo, Prince Royce and Timbaland, is set to be an equally star-studded affair, with guest spots by Madonna, Nicky Jam, Ozuna, Ricky Martin and Ty Dolla $ign.

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Looks like we're gonna need a Maluma tag...

ONTD Reading Challenge May: "I've Never Even Been to Luxembourg!"

Hi everyone! It's time for our monthly ONTD Reading Challenge! Sorry we're running a bit late this month. So let's get started: our theme for May is "I've never even been to Luxembourg!". A reference to a certain Game of Thrones actor. You may have never been to Luxembourg (and cheated on your aristocrat wife with a Russian model there), but you can read about it! So this month, let’s read a book set in a country you’ve never been to. You can read a fiction book or non-fiction, basically anything goes. It doesn't have to be a contemporary book.

Here are 15 suggestions of books set in different countries. You can pick any of these, or choose entirely different countries and books.

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top gif by thoka maer

what are your picks for this month, ONTD?

"Live Action" Sonic Getting Redesigned After Unenthusiastic Response

The director of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film tweeted the following after the mostly tepid to negative response to the reveal of live action Sonic's character design in the trailer. The design will be altered before its November release date though it's unknown how much they can do before then.

The film comes out November 9, 2019.


It’s time to talk about Thor in Avengers: Endgame (Endgame spoilers)

In an article on Buzzfeed News, author Jenna Guillaume discusses the changes to the character Thor.

Warning, this post has spoilers.

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What are your thoughts on the Russos’ portrayal of Thor?

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'The View' Round-Up: Barr's Senate Testimony, Talking Behind Someone's Back, and More

Joy was absent today.

Abby compares Barr to Eric Holder. Meghan defends Barr and then pauses to take a snipe at Sunny saying, "you don’t need to look at me that way," to which Sunny replied "I can’t look at you?"

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Poll #2092486 The top 5 candidates according to Quinnipiac...

Who are you most likely to vote for?

Joe Biden (38%)
Elizabeth Warren (12%)
Bernie Sanders (11%)
Pete Buttigieg (10%)
Kamala Harris (8%)
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Zoe Saldana shares epic Avengers Picture

Box office legend zoe saldana shares a pic from the set of the Avengers. Saldana has starred in box office hits such as avatar, crossroads and galaxy of the guardians. no word if she shared kegel exercises with goop.

Katya satan forehead

Juliette Lewis And Rage Against The Machine's Drummer Had An Affair That Ruined His Marriage


Rage Against The Machine's drummer, Brad Wilk, is divorcing from his wife. Why? An affair with Juliette Lewis.

His wife filed for divorce in 2013 after he had an affair with a woman in Las Vegas, but he agreed to reconcile. They tried to make the marriage work by having her stop touring and stay home to raise their two children.

In 2015, they filed for divorce again, but reconciled after a family Christmas vacation but Bradley began touring with Juliette Lewis's band in 2016, and had a long affair. He surprised his wife by telling her he wanted mediation and he was moving in with Juliette Lewis. However, he never went to the mediation meetings, so he was still technically married.

He has not yet responded to his wife's motion for divorce. She is seeking temporary spousal and child support. He and Juliette are apparently still living together.

Spice Girls Say You'll Be There

Emma says the Girls Love the Drama & The Spice Girls join the Mr. Men series

A month before the Spice Girls Spice World even though they're only touring europeSatdium tour begins and Emma Baby Spice Bunton reveals they're loving the attention the press has been giving them.
"We’re in the studio and we’re laughing; we love the drama,” Bunton said. “We’re having a ball. And we watch all of that happening in the press and it’s quite funny. We’re there having our lunch (reading the gossip) going, ‘Oh, did that happen today?’ It’s quite funny.”

The Spice Girls have joined the Mr. Men series: Little Miss Baby, Little Miss Ginger, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Sporty each have their own unique story.

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Blake Lively is pregnant with her 3rd child

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their 3rd child together.

She attended the premiere of 'Detective Pikachu' tonight displaying a baby bump.

The couple wed in 2012 and already have 2 daughters; 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Inez.


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Woodstock Needs to Woodstop! Production Partner Jumps Ship, Organizers Still Delusional

Meet your new favorite scam or "just stop procrastinating" story of the season. After the financial backer for the festival with no festives dropped out, their festival production partner, Superfly, has also jumped ship! Superfly is the production partner for large, legitimate, actually occurring festivals like Outside Lands and Bonnaroo so these people know they shit. Who can Woodstock run to, to fill this empty field with people? The answer: AEG (Coachella) or C3 (Lollapalooza), the latter was quick to say they wasn't giving no coinT. Michael Lang, the organizer believe the production partners are sabotaging him, "saying they never belonged, so they don't have the right to cancel it" -- Lang insists that somehow, somewhere over that potholed rainbow, Woodstock 50 will happen.

The problems plaguing this hubbabaloo so far:
- Questionable lineup
- The Black Keys dropping out
- Some acts not getting paid on time
- Acts getting paid but ain't no festival progress
- not getting the proper permits for a festival
- tickets delayed, then never sold
- financial backer leaving
- production partner leaving

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New Inductees into World Video Game Hall of Fame include Mortal Kombat, Windows Solitaire

To be eligible, the games must have longevity, geographical reach, and influence with cultural icon status. 12 games were chosen, including

  • NBA 2k

  • Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Dance Dance Revolution

  • Candy Crush

  • Myst

  • Super Mario Kart

See the rest at the source

Taylor Stans Desperate To Get ME! to #1

Stans will do just about anything to get their fave's song to #1.

In the days following the release of Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated and highly-panned TS7 lead single, “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie, Taylucifers across the globe have mobilized online to ensure the song debuts #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

They have created fake tickets directing people who want to dispute it to a YT link of her song and have created a fake online ad to stream the song with the goal of getting a year of Netflix Premium for free. For the foodies, they have created a fake McDonalds Fries for Life ad if you stream the song.


#Blowjobs4Applause's Impact!!
Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

peggy gou announces 'dj-kicks' compilation

  • south korean born and berlin based dj, designer, producer, model, peggy gou has been named as the latest selector to curate the 69th edition of its long-running mix series, dj-kicks.

  • gou's instalment will be released on june 28th and includes "hungoo," the first song she ever wrote.

  • gou describes her addition to !k7's series as being "a portrayal of her musical journey," as opposed to a pure relfection of her dj sets. the 73-minute mix features tracks by aphex twin, kode 9, and pearson sound alongside jrms, an artist signed to her gudu label.

  • the album artwork shows gou posing alongside a tiger. "as the first korean woman to contribute to the dj-kicks series i wanted to do something from my heritage," she said in a statement. "i chose the tiger, which is very important in korean traditions and a metaphor for my personality. as it is not humane to shoot with a real tiger, i and the photographer, jonas lindstroem, used a library image to make a composite. the tiger disappears when you turn to the inside-cover photo, to highlight that these beautiful animals are already extinct in my home country and in danger of disappearing from our world entirely."

  • stream "pert" by hiver, a selection from the mix, below:

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i love her sound and style and tats. ontd, what's your favorite dj-kicks mix? hercules & love affair's has been my fave for a while.
Green Fury

BLINDED BY THE LIGHT - Official Trailer

In Theaters August 14

From writer/director/producer Gurinder Chadha (“Bend It Like Beckham”) comes the inspirational drama “Blinded by the Light,” set to the music and lyrics of Bruce Springsteen’s timeless songs.
“Blinded by the Light” tells the story of Javed (Viveik Kalra) a British teen of Pakistani descent, growing up in the town of Luton, England, in 1987. Amidst the racial and economic turmoil of the times, he writes poetry as a means to escape the intolerance of his hometown and the inflexibility of his traditional father. But when a classmate introduces him to the music of “the Boss,” Javed sees parallels to his working-class life in Springsteen’s powerful lyrics. As Javed discovers a cathartic outlet for his own pent-up dreams, he also begins to find the courage to express himself in his own unique voice.


Nicole Kidman: Hugh Jackman Helped Me Through Tom Cruise Divorce


Nicole Kidman Credits Hugh Jackman and His Wife Deborra-Lee Furness for Helping Her ‘Heal’ After Tom Cruise Divorce

In an interview with Australian Women’s Weekly she reveals: “When I got divorced, Hugh and Deb were so much a part of my healing,” “They were some of my best friends through that period.”

In the same interview, Kidman opens up about being "desperate" to have children of her own before meeting Keith Urban:

She said: "I had spent my whole life trying to get pregnant. [Keith and I] both were desperate to find that person [to have children with]. We'd also reached that place of going, 'Gosh, I wonder if it's ever going to happen.'"

Eyebrow Lady

Green Book producer says the movie was intended for "older, white people"

In no shit news, Jonathon King, producer of Green Book said they made the movie for old, white people. He said, "the audience for that kind of movie is largely older and largely white. If you believe that older white people don’t need to be told to be less racist anymore because that’s an issue from the past, look around. Because they do. Occasionally you need to make a movie that is directed at older white people." He then went on to say that criticism of Peter Farrelly, the director and admitted sexual harasser, aren't fair because you could never find a director that would properly represent "the lives and lived experiences of those two main characters."

Spicks and Specks

The Veronicas have a new song and you can probably guess who it's about

Brisbane twins, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso have released a new single that seems to elude to a very famous former partner of one of them. Lyrics include "I underestimated how complicated you are I don't miss being hated, I don't miss fighting your war"

Who? questions can be directed at these former ONTD posts one & two

Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

steve lacy talks debut album, which includes a nine minute long 'middle finger' of a song, and more

in a new interview, with i-d magazine, 20-year-old steve lacy (of the internet) has spoken about his debut solo album for the first time. the record, which doesn't have a release date but is expected imminently, (op note: shaking rn!) is lacy's first major release since steve lacy's demo in 2017.

  • [on growing up in compton] "steve is quick to point out that the stereotypical image of compton that dominates the public perception, its streets, its neighbourhoods and its communities, are completely warped, exaggerated and inaccurate. 'it’s not just the compton portrayed in, like, boyz n the hood, that was years ago. the image painted of compton is very negative. a landmark of compton is a damn courthouse, that’s fully fucking sad to me.' such is his pride and respect for his neighbourhood, the word “compton” is tattooed across his chest."

  • [on collaborating with established artists and performers] "the accolades soon followed, as did call-ups from kendrick lamar, j. cole and denzel curry to work on the production of their albums. “they’re all just nice, well-rounded, smart, talented people,” he says, of what he learnt sat in studios with such illustrious names. 'they pretty much ensure that I’m one of them. that’s probably the biggest thing that i’ve learnt...that I’m one of them. i didn’t feel any different around them, intimidated around them, you know? we were just cool. just human.'"

  • [on working with solange] "working with solange was 'cool', steve says. 'she was to all of to my ideas. i remember there was this one time where I had this chord progression that was very, very tedious. i was so nervous, because it was the first time that i had met her, so i’m like oh man, and i’m like fucking it up, and she’s like 'no, no, don’t worry', and she turned the mic up to my face because i’m playing this like, this chord progression, she was just very open and calm, i ended up getting it out. it didn’t make the record but that was a fun moment.'"

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ontd, are you ready for mini-frank the new album and more bisexual representation in popular media? what are your favorite steve lacy songs? "some" is still my jawn.
Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Keira Knightley appears to be pregnant with her second child

  • Knightley, a Chanel spokeswoman, appeared at an event in Paris to promote a new Chanel watch with a very visible baby bump

  • She and her husband, James Righton, already have a 4 year old daughter, Edie

  • Knightley has yet to officially confirm the pregnancy but she was cradling her stomach at the event

  • More pics at US Weekly


Emilia Clarke on Epic Game of Thrones Battle, Kit Harington & Riding Dragons

Emilia talks about people kneeling in front of her, shooting 'The Long Night' episode of 'Game of Thrones' over 55 days, filming dragon scenes with Kit Harington, her brother working in the camera department, and she reveals that none of her friends watch the show.


So now that you thought about it more, how did you like last episode?