April 13th, 2019


Future Emmy and Golden Globe Winner Diane Guerrero on Playing a Character with 64 Personalities

Doom Patrol is a very special series (LEGITIMATELY) that combines absurdity with a lot of pathos. Trauma/PTSD, depression, anxiety — all of these serious issues are central to the series and the main characters, a team of superpowered misfits just trying to make it through each day alive. In a lot of ways, they try to help each other heal and recover from their unique traumatic histories that make them who they are and gave them their superpowers. But UNLIKE Titans, the only other new live action content on DC Universe, there is A LOT of humor and comedy too — something Titans could desperately use in season 2, to be honest! It’s not super Dark with a capital D all the time.

Diane Guerrero was given perhaps the hardest role as Crazy Jane, a character with Dissociative Identity Disorder and PTSD who has 64 distinct personalities — some of which have superpowers, though some don’t have any powers at all. Jane is the current “primary” — the personality “in charge” for want of better words. In this interview, she talks about working with her acting coach to develop different physicality to help her better transform as she shifts into each personality. She talks to Entertainment Weekly about how she keeps track of each personality over the course of shooting:

“I have a notebook, and I have basically every personality there. Whenever one pops up in the script, I can reference my notes, and I reference music. I like to think I have a lot of sides to myself that I can easily access at any given moment, like if I feel threatened or if I want something to go a certain way.”

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Honestly, I’m just making this post b/c I have decided to stan and also need to discuss the last two eps (I just caught up)


5th Muster- Tae

One of the most underrated pop albums of all time, Charli XCX's debut album, True Romance turns 6

years old

"I remember having the conversation with my label about putting I Love It and Boom Clap on this album, having them be the lead singles and I said no no no. (...) if I’d put those songs on this album things might have been so different for me now," Charli XCX shares in a heartfelt Instagram post.


A throwback to all of the music videos during Charli's True Romance era:

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i'm including the Heartbreaks and Earthquakes mixtape in this post because justice for Grins (!!!) and Dreams Money Can Buy (!!!)

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ONTD, what is your favourite song from True Romance?

What is Charli's best album/mixtape/EP? True Romance? Sucker? Number 1 Angel? Pop2? Heartbreaks and Earthquakes? Superultra? Vroom Vroom?


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First look at the live-action "Lady and the Tramp" remake

During last night's unveiling, Disney+ revealed the first look at the live-action "Lady and the Tramp" remake. The movie will be available to stream on Disney+ at launch (Nov 12th).

The movie features the voice of Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux as the titular roles. Ashley Jensen, Janelle Monáe, Sam Elliott and Benedict Wong also features in voice roles, while Kiersey Clemons, Thomas Mann, Yvette Nicole Brown, Adrian Martinez and Arturo Castro appear in acting roles.


Netflix Releases Gay Sitcom Series 'Special'

Netflix just released 'Special', it's a sitcom about a gay man with cerebral palsy. Ryan O'Connell, the writer and star of the series, based it off of his memoir.

It has 8 episodes running at about 15 minutes each. You can binge watch the series in about two hours.


the series is sooo good and funny af!

Ellen mispronounces Hasan Minhaj‘s name during her show

Hasan Minhaj, host of Netflix show “patriot act”, attended the Ellen show earlier this week.

During this visit, the hostess mispronounced his name, prompting him to say "people always mispronounce it”.

The comic took this opportunity to correct the pronunciation of his name. "I'm so sorry I can't pronounce it. Meet my son, Higsby Witherthrottle III!" he joked. Adding, "if you can pronounce Ansel Elgort, you can pronounce Hasan Minhaj."

Do people mispronounce your non English name, ONTD? Does the Starbucks barista always misspell your name when ordering?

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Aaron Carter says he has his own experience with Michael Jackson

Aaron Carter talked to TMZ. After a fake Wade Robson twitter account run by someone from Italy tweeted Aaron Carter, Aaron went on a rant to TMZ about how he wanted to punch Wade Robson. Aaron said that Wade must be lying because Wade previously defended Michael and Aaron can't see Michael doing those horrible things since his own experience with Michael was nothing but loving, caring, and innocent. Aaron also said that he slept in the same room as Michael when he was 15, nothing happened, and if it did he would have told the truth because kids blab about everything.

Aaron has now softened his position on Leaving Neverland. He said that he was too aggressive because everyone has their own stories and he wasn't a fly on the wall, so he can't know what actually happened. Aaron says that he actually has his own experience with Michael and will talk about in a book he is writing about his own life. When asked if it includes abuse, Aaron says that you will just have to find out. Aaron says that he will always have Michael's back though even if it's unflattering. Aaron says his own family knows what it is and just never talks about it, but the Jackson family/estate doesn't know. Aaron says he's not worried if it's negative because "do I ever seem worried about what I say and I keep it real as fuck." Aaron's message to the Jackson estate is that "Just stay strong. I love you guys. And even if I say something you guys don't like it's still my truth and you guys will just have to accept it."

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File this under news we missed: David Henrie's wife gives birth to daughter Pia

-Henrie's wife is former Miss Delaware Maria Cahill
-They got married in April 2017
-Their daughter's full name is Pia Philomena Francesca Henrie
-Maria had 3 miscarriages before having Pia; the name Francesca is to honour Pope Francis, who David asked to pray for them that they'd have a baby
-Fun fact: Six decades have passed since there’s been a Henrie girl
-He's already telling dad jokes: He plans to sit Pia down for 9 seasons in order to tell her how he met her mother (He played the son on the couch in HIMYM)


'Depeche Mode: The Fans' documentary coming to Netflix

This documentary will tell the stories of life-long Depeche Mode fans from Mongolia, France, Columbia, America, Berlin, and Romania. They eventually meet up in Berlin and go see a Depeche Mode concert.

No release date yet.


Bless Netflix for this.


Basically what we’re going to do is go to Coachella 2019: “Fashion” Post


The only attendee that truly matters, Coachella Queen Vanessa Hudgens.

/end post

Well, it’d be a short and slightly boring post if we did that. Let’s give celebrity peasants of Coachella some shine I guess. Baby V is generous and can share the cultural appropriation limelight.

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Stay tuned for today’s Day 2 live viewing post!

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Guests: Kit Harington, Chris Hemsworth, Paul Rudd, Julianne Moore

-Kit Harington Cried To Fan After He Finished Filming Game of Thrones
-Paul Rudd comments on Antman VS Thanos anus theory
-Paul Rudd talks about his absolutely awful double date
-Chris Hemsworth swaps spoilers with Kit Harington
-Kit Harington will do anything you want him to do
-Kit scratches his balls when he sees an ambulance


Any awful date stories? 

Tom Welling is joining 'Arrow' for it's final season.

- Tom Welling recently confirmed during a con that he's joining Arrow.
- Now word yet if he'll play Superman or other character.
- He's been recurring on Lucifer, and famously played Superman for 10 years on Smallville.



Coachella 2019 - Day 2 Live Viewing Post

Can’t afford to attend Coachella this year? Maybe you’re not interested in attending but just want to check out the music? Well YouTube and T-Mobile have you covered with live streams all weekend. Here’s Day 2 for those interested or just curious.

Note: If you missed a performance on the schedule, don’t worry. You can rewind the live feed.

*schedule is subject to changes

Saturday, April 13th *all times PDT

4:15 PM - A R I Z O N A
5:00 PM - Guava Island, A Childish Gambino Film
6:10 PM - Sabrina Claudio
7:05 PM - Bazzi
7:50 PM - J Balvin
8:45 PM - Weezer
9:50 PM - Billie Eilish
11:00 PM - Tame Impala
12:30 AM - Bassnectar

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Beverly Cleary Celebrates 103rd Birthday; Her Work and Ramona Quimby Are Celebrated As Well

* children's librarian Beverly Cleary had trouble finding books with characters her young patrons would relate to. ("Where are the books about kids like us?") To correct this she wrote her first book Henry Huggins which was published in 1950 and included Henry's friends Beezus and her little sister Ramona.

* Ramona would go on to star in her own series of books.

* Cleary's books were meant to be the antidote for the sappy children's books of the 1950s.

* Ramona part of other "unruly, disruptive, tomboyish heroines of kid lit" like Laura Ingalls, Harriet the Spy, and Jo March.

* Ramona lives in a cozy house on Klickitat Street with parents and a sister who love her. But her parents financial problems are a dark and realistic streak through the series.

* however the "bliss" of the Ramona series is "a safe and happy space, and a little girl running wild within it. It’s what makes the books such uncontested classics."

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ONTD, are you a Ramona fan? What's your favorite in the series? I'm partial to Ramona Forever.

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Examining The Rise of Wholesome Internet Content

* opens talking about this Honey Maid commercial from 2014 and how it seemed to help usher in new connotations for "wholesome".

* wholesome used to mean "sexual chastity" but now means "valuing kindness" and "not judging simple pleasures".

* discusses "aspirational wholesomeness", our changing language, and how we embrace sincerity in "the face of the rise of the alt-right."

* in the last 90s/early 2000s wholesome felt "stale".

* "The idea of wholesomeness as friendliness and warmth and support" gained even more traction after the rise of the alt-right.

* does not discuss the popularity of shows like Queer Eye or The Great British Bake Off but I thought they were worth a mention. :)

* the article goes into much more detail, and it's pretty interesting.

ONTD, what's your favorite wholesome meme? Wholesome activity or show?

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Carly Rae Jepsen recreates 90's anit-drug PSA!

Since her label refuses to shell out money to promote her upcoming album, Carly has taken matter into her own hands by enlisting the help of her ex-BF/Video Director David Larkins to film her recreating the iconic anti-drug PSA made popular by an 18-year-old Rachael Leigh Cook back in 1997.

Her fourth studio album 'Dedicated' will hit store shelves on May 17th. Pre-orders for her new album in CD, vinyl, and digital format are available on her website: link

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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Officially Single!


According to The Blast, a bifurcated judgment was granted

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Brangelina filed a judgment Friday in their divorce that restored their single status.

The bifurcated judgment ends the marriage. They're still working on a final settlement agreement for assets and custody.

Sources told the Blast that the twosome wanted to “get on with their lives”


Dixie Chicks Singer Natalie Maines Reveals Net Worth in Nasty Divorce Battle

Natalie Maines is fighting her ex, Adrian Pasdar, on his demands for support.
He is currently making more money than her and that she is not worth as much he claims she is.
Maines believes Pasdar makes around $20,000 a month.

Maines has $4,476,258 in real and personal property, $121,205 in stocks/bonds and $1,943,452 in cash and checking accounts for a grand total of $6,540,915.
She lists her current average monthly income as zero.
Her income has been substantially reduced while not on tour. (no touring in 2018 and 2019)
Natalie Maines lists her monthly expenses at $49,767.

Pasdar is seeking $60,000 a month in support, along with $360k in retroactive support and $350k for legal bills.
He believes Maines is extremely wealthy, allegedly making around $2 million a year and $172,000 a month.


'Lizzie McGuire's Lalaine Vergara-Paras was made to look as white as possible during childhood

She is best known for her role as Miranda Sanchez, a Mexican-American student on Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire" from 2001 to 2004. 

Lalaine Vergara-Paras is opening up about the effects masking her ethnicity in Hollywood have had on finding her identity as an adult.

She was feeling out of touch with her Filipino heritage, revealing that most of her life growing up she was forced to look as 'white' as possible.

"These days I struggle to find photos where I look as ethnic as possible. Or like in this photo the most East Asian I've ever looked. In order to see, for most people, you have to zoom in on ma face."

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Tom Cruise has Been ‘Hesitant’ To Fall In Love Again


According to HollywoodLife, the notoriously private star has been single for seven years.

A source says that Cruise dates, but he’s not serious with anyone and has come to terms with the fact that he may not marry again.

Says the source: “Since his heartbreaking, very public split with Katie, Tom has been hesitant to live out loud or fall in love again and sometimes he feels like it will be OK if he never marries again”

“Tom does casually date women, but never in public. He is always very private and he does not have a steady girlfriend”

The source adds: “While Tom enjoys falling in love, he also is happy being by himself and has accepted that, after three failed marriages, he may never get married again,”


Are you hesitant to date again after a break-up, ONTD?

Mindy Kaling and Priyanka Chopra Jonas team up for Indian wedding comedy

Priyanka Chopra and Mindy Kaling have teamed up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Dan Goor for an Indian wedding comedy.
After a heated auction, Universal bought the rights beating out Legendary, Sony, Netflix and Amazon Studios.
The film revolves around a big wedding in India and the ensuing culture clashes. Today it was being called Crazy Rich Asians meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Mindy, who also has an option to direct, will write the script with Dan Goor.

shk profile

Saturday Night Live with Host Emma Stone and Musical Guest BTS

-Emma Stone hosts this weeks SNL episode with BTS!

Sources: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl/status/1117268792550281216