April 7th, 2019


The Eternals who? Did 'Shazam!' gave the world the first gay superhero... before Marvel?

- Marvel has been making a huge deal about introducing the first gay superhero in 'The Eternals' but it seems like 'Shazam!' just beat them to it.
- HUGE Spoilers for 'Shazam!'.[Read at your. own risk...]Pedro, one of the foster kids casually slips he's gay when Shazam and the foster kids escape through a stripper's club and he mentions that it's "not my thing". Later in the movie Shazam shares his powers with his siblings becoming the Marvelous Family and Pedro becomes a superhero too. Jovan Armand plays young Pedro and D.J. Cotrona plays Shazam'd Pedro.


ONTD, have you seen Shazam?
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BLACKPINK's 'Kill This Love' broke PSY’s 6 year old 100M YT Views Record

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Let's see if certain BG can break this record next week, lol
Do you care about your faves breaking records, ONTD?

"Fan" who attacked Bret Hart previously charged with stalking, tweets bizarre tweets

- This post is a follow up to this post.
In Wrestling terms, it's not a work. On April 6 at his Ring of Honor induction, Bret Hart was attacked by 26-year old Zachary Madsen.
- Madsen was previously arrested for stalking this year though there is no further information.
- He also has tweeted some bizarre tweets to WWE superstars. A lot of them having to do with the fact he doesn't think that "females" (his quotations not mine) deserve to main event Wrestlemania.
- Bret "Hitman" Hart is a member of the Hart Family a Canadian wrestling dynasty (which includes Natayla also pictured above). He is said by many to be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has held a total of 32 championships over 5 decades in his career. He left the WWE (then the WWF) in 1997 following the "Montreal Screwjob." In 2002 he suffered a stroke after he hit his head in a bicycle accident. He later became a spokesperson for March of Dimes Canada's Stroke Recovery Canada program. In 2016 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but had a successful surgery and is now cancer free.
- There are conflicting reports on whether or not Hart was injured (I'll update this post once something official comes out).
- Madsen has been charged with 2 counts of 3rd-degree assault and trespassing.

Update: Bret appeared alongside his niece Natayla and her tag team partner Beth Pheonix during their intro for the Women's Tag Team Championship match :)

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Tom Cruise’s kids are rockstars in the Scientology world


-Connor and Isabella, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's adoptive kids, are "rockstars" among scientologist
-A few days ago Isabella sent a message for all scientologist (see post here) and came out as a Top Scientology Recruiter
-According to the article, both are ready to step into the spotlight as prominent scientologist
-Tom is considered a deity in the religion
-After many years as a "heartbreaker" among Scientologist, Connor seems to be dating italian scientologist Silvia Zanchi a 26-year-old from Italy who was raised in a Scientology family and is a recruiter as well, Tom seems to be very happy about this match
-They need to step up as scientologist in public after a 20-year membership decline for the church
-After Tom and Nicole's divorce they got 50/50 custody, but the children were raised mostly by Tom as scientologist and in Leah Remini's book she recall asking Isabella about her mother and Isabella answering her "Our mom is a f–king SP" (Suppressive Person)
-Connor was a DJ and is now a fishing guide who lives in Florida and he's considered the most popular guy in the Scientology scene, but people who hang with him cannot ask about his father - and are glad to be out with him because he usually pays and they are poor because they work for free for the church
-Isabella is married to IT consultant Max Parker and lives in London, she recently launched her fashion line "BCK" (Bella Cruise Kidman), according to the article her husband is not a scientologist
-Meanwhile 13years old Suri Cruise lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, and is not raised in Scientology. Katie left Tom Cruise when Suri was 6, the age in witch usually children start being indoctrinated into Scientology
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Avengers Assemble for the 'Avengers: Endgame' movie's press conference in LA

Some highlights from the conference:

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Or you can watch the full press conference here:

Other than avoiding to spill any spoilers, not much happened to be honest so here are some more pictures from yesterday's press junket:

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R Kelly to the media: Take it easy on me!


R Kelly took to social media to ask the media to "take it easy on him" as doing live perfomances and events are essentially the only way he's getting paid.

The serial sexual predator gave a 28-second performance and spent about half an hour more with fans who paid $50-$100 to see him at a club in Springfield, Illinois.

According to sources, there were about 100 people at the 450 person capacity club and R Kelly performed for a record 28 seconds. The majority of his time was spent taking selfies and photos with fans and schmoozing with his supporters. Some fans complained of feeling ripped off by the short performance even though they can separate art from the artist.

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Celine Dion explains her thinner frame: 'I'm working hard'


Fans noticed that Celine is noticeably slimmer

She says she owes her new slimmed-down frame to her close pal and backup dancer Pepe Muñoz.

Celine is crediting him for getting her into dancing.

Dion explained to People:

"He's a dancer, but he's got many, many more talents. Dancing has been in my DNA all my life. I do this four times a week. People say, 'She's a lot thinner,' but I'm workin hard. I like to move, and [weight loss] comes with it."


What do you do to lose weight, ONTD?

Jamie Lee Curtis recreates those set of images from 2010

Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis recreated those set of images from 2010 where she appears upset in public wagging her finger at someone during lunch, ending with her taking a sip of her drink. Iconic. Accompanying that tweet, Curtis also shared a YouTube link of her playing Super Mario Party with her son Thomas, Dan, and Arin.

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ONTD Original: Late Night Shows and Geography

For years now late night shows have often featured segments about geography. Now the approach is sometimes different but the point always seems to be the same: some people often lack the knowledge or just don’t know where other countries are located on a map. Let’s explore a few examples while Adele guides us.

This compilation shows just how often host John Oliver repeatedly points out how clueless his studio audience is when it comes to finding their way around a globe.

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Poll #2091685 Geography

ONTD, are you good a geography?

Yes. 🗺
Somewhat. 🙃
No. 😅
I’m not entirely sure. 🤔

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Polygon's Brian David Gilbert updates and improves the PokéRap at PAX

Brian David Gilbert, the chaotic driving force behind the Unraveled videos, performed his magnum opus at PAX East. Using interpretive dance, audience participation, childhood stories, song, and of course, rap, the PokéRap has been updated from the original 151 to the current 812.

There is also a studio version with just the song under the cut.
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Get Right

Video Premiere for J.Lo's "Medicine" featuring French Montana

- Motown Music entertainer, Jennifer Lopez, premiered the music video to her new song, "Medicine," featuring French Montana.
- Shows you a bit of what she's learned for her movie role in "Hustlers."
- This is the 3rd time they've collaborated (watch out, Pitbull). The first, two collaborations were for "A.K.A." (her last album), which came out in 2014.
- No word if this is for an album. She doesn't know either, since she talked about the song's release during her interview with Ryan Seacrest.
- Pretty sure the Spanish album is getting scrapped.
- You can buy tickets to see her "live" this summer to celebrate her 50th birthday at her "It's My Party Tour."

- Most recently, J.Lo created a YouTube page to document her daily life/lifestyle.
- Provided a modern-day twist to the "Making the Video" days by showing us how the video was done.

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Anyone of you seeing her show this summer? Have any of you taken pole dancing classes?
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Killing Eve 2x02 Promo "Nice and Neat"

-"Killing Eve 2x02 "Nice and Neat" Season 2 Episode 2 Promo - Carolyn introduces Eve to her new team before Eve briefs them on the Villanelle case; Villanelle, needing to lie low while she recovers, finds a good Samaritan to take her in and care for her; Eve finds out a secret that Carolyn has been hiding."
-Didn't see the post for this up yet. Hopefully slayer4915 continues to post the remaining ones like last time!?

Source- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbD5eymmgkE

Texas Tech students riot to the tune of "Old Town Road"

If you needed further proof that Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" is having a bit of a cultural moment, students from Texas Tech University rioted in Lubbock to it on Saturday night after their men's basketball team beat Michigan State. The win earned Texas Tech a place in the NCAA Tournament final on Monday night, which is a first for the school, against Virginia. As is tradition, the students flipped cars and lit things on fire to celebrate. (A more subdued riot occurred in East Lansing amongst Michigan State students.) A rather sizeable portable speaker was procured, held aloft on one of the flipped cars, and the students all sang along.

The Texas Tech basketball team had already established themselves as fans, celebrating their win over No. 1 seed Gonzaga with the song.

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Have you ever participated in mob violence ONTD?

In Small and Cute News: Gabrielle Union Takes Zion Wade to Miami Pride

Gabrielle Union took her (step)sons Zion and Zaire Wade to the Miami Beach Pride Parade. Union (and Wade's) baby daughter, Kaavia, who curiously has an Instagram, was also there and tagged in a number of the stories.

DWade, Union, and Zaire each posted Instagram stories supporting 11-year-old Zion. Wade's captions included "We support each other with Pride," "It's a family thing," and "Zion had his on [sic] cheering section today. Wish I was there to see you smile kid!" and I know we generally think DWade is trash, this is a very nice way to support his kid. Zion's older brother, Zaire, also posted "Love you lil bro no matter what💉♥" He posted another that said "gotcha back kid. Support gang!"

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Some (morally reprehensible) media outlets have previously posted photos of Zion, which were then deleted when people were unsurprisingly hateful.

Sources: Growing up Gay Twitter, Gabrielle Union IG, Dwyane Wade IG, Zaire Wade IG, me and my IG. (Thanks for ontd.pictures for hosting!)

ONTD, which Prides will you be attending? For my gay and Black ONTD fam, how will you be getting your Black gay life this summer?