March 31st, 2019


Emily Bett Rickards exiting Arrow ahead of final season

Arrow's fan favorite Emily Bett Rickards posted a weird poem on Instagram which makes it appear that she is exiting the show ahead of the 10-episode final season.

Statement from executive producers Greg Berlanti and Beth Schwartz: “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily since season one and in those past seven years she has brought one of TV’s most beloved characters to life. And although we’re heartbroken to see both Emily and Felicity leave the show, we’re completely supportive of Emily and her future endeavors. She will always have a family at Arrow.”


Marvel reportedly choosing Hercules as their first gay superhero and to lead 'The Eternals'.

- Follow up to this. Marvel has been looking for gay actors to play their first gay superhero. The character will reportedly lead 'Marvel's The Eternals'.
- New reports have announced that the character is Hercules.
- In the comics Hercules is actually bi and has had relationship in alt-universes with Wolverine and Northstar.


ONTD, who do you think should play Hercules?

Someone made a video of that 'Avengers: Endgame' Thanus theory

- Follow-up to this post. Fans have been talking about how Ant-man should shrink, get in Thanos ass and get back to normal size to defeat him.
- They even told Paul Rudd about it.
- Now there's a surprisingly well made video.


ONTD, which Avenger's ass do you wanna crawl up?

Elle Fanning sings 'Wildflowers' for the 'Teen Spirit' soundtrack

'Wildflowers' is an unreleased song by Carly Rae Jepsen and features on the 'Teen Spirit' soundtrack.


I know the film doesn't look that original but I'm still looking forward to it anyway. !! Her voice sounds a lot better on this song.

Miley revives Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus seems to have revived her Hannah Montana persona by getting her hair done the same as her iconic character (seen above). She also posted a bunch of videos and photos on her Twitter.

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source: Miley's Twitter
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Holland released his self-titled mini album “Holland” today (March 31).

The lead single “Nar_C” is an electronic dance track with a deep house sound and addictive drop. The music video tells the story of a tumultuous love between two men, going through the ups and downs of their relationship. It creates an interesting effect as it is often in contrast with the addictive beat of the song.


Mussolini's granddaughter upset with Jim Carrey for tarnishing the reputation of Mussolini

Jim Carrey has mostly dedicated his Twitter to posting the political art he makes. Yesterday he posted a drawing of Benito Mussolini and his mistress' corpses hanging upside down. His granddaughter Alessandra, a right-wing Italian politician, did not appreciate the criticism.

She then began tweeting at Jim Carrey images of horrific things America has done and telling people in her mentions that they're the ones with the bad families.

ONTD, which relative of a fascist dictator do you think is going to be next to have a Twitter meltdown because their notoriously mass-murdering family member is not being praised by a comedian on Twitter?

19 (5) Celebrities Who Attended an Ivy League School

In honor of the rest of the country finding out/being outraged that the rich, famous, and connected have been getting their progeny into Ivies since the dawn of time, here are some celebrities you may have forgotten went to Ivies before they were famous.

19. Wintson Duke, Yale University

16. Kate McKinnon, Columbia University

11. Angela Bassett, Yale University

7. John Krasinksi, Brown University

3. Rashida Jones, Harvard University


The Real Discusses Why Millennials Are Not Having Sex

The Real co-hosts, including Dr. Drew Pinsky, discuss why they think millennials are in a sex recession. Dr. Drew thinks adolescents are not forming relationship skills because they're hiding behind social media and Internet porn, and this carries into adulthood. Adrienne thinks maybe people are holding out for deeper, more meaningful relationships. Loni is skeptical of the data.

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Kanye West Has His Own Cult Church

- Forget Hillsong Church and Kabbalah, Kanye West's Sunday services are the hottest celebrity church.
- Kanye founded his own cult church that has a choir and is reserved for friends and family.
- Kanye's services originally started at home but the outdoor venue called for an A-list experience.
- Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom, Busy Phillips, Courtney Love, Diplo, and Rick Rubin were among those who attended last week's services.


ONTD, did you attend church today?

Chris Rock Roasts Jussie Smollett at NAACP Awards

Chris Rock was told to steer clear of the Jussie Smollett case at the NAACP Image Awards, the comedian couldn’t help it.

“They said no Jussie Smollett jokes. I know. What a waste of white skin. You know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here. F—ing running Hollywood. What the hell was he thinking? From now on, you’re Jessie from now on. You don’t even get the ‘U’ no more. That ‘U’ was respect. You don’t get no respect from me.”


How I met your mother ended 5 years ago today.The author defends the ending

-The show how I met your mother ended 5 years ago today and the article details the controversial ending.

-Says the premise put an increased responsibillity on the show and its ending compared to other comedies.

-States how the major twist was set into the show in the first season.

- Says that the ending challenged the genre, and was more relistic then other sitcoms.

My real ending:


Ontd: Do you think tv shows should have shorter seasons and runs, 4 years tops, like many British shows of the past, to preserve quality?
Ellie Andrews

ONTD Original: Wholesome Movie Trivia: Old Hollywood Edition

It Happened One Night (1934)

* Clark Gable won an Oscar for his performance but later gave the statue to a child who admired it. Gable reportedly said that the winning of the Oscar is what mattered, not the owning it. The child returned the Oscar to the Gable family after Clark's death.

* Bugs Bunny is said to be inspired by this film: the personality of Oscar Shapely and the way Peter Warne (Gable) eats a carrot.

* first movie to win the Oscar "Grand Slam": Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Screenplay. (The only other 2 movies to do this were One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Silence of the Lambs.)

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ONTD, what's your favorite classic movie? Are you enjoying a waffle cone or diet soda on this wholesome Sunday?

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Fenty Beauty in hot water over "Geisha Chic Hunny" highlighter

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Michael Jackson's former spiritual advisor believes "devastating" claims made in 'Leaving Neverland'

Orthodox Jewish rabbi Shmuel "Shmuley" Boteach befriended Michael Jackson in the early 1990s and became his unofficial spiritual advisor.

• Boteach vehemently defended documented antisemite Jackson against suggestions that his relationships with children were "anything other than wholesome."

• In 2001, Boteach had a falling out with Jackson, which resulted in him being added to the singer's "list of enemies" (other names on the list, brought to light following Jackson's death in 2009, included music mogul Tommy Mottola, psychic Uri Geller, and Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon).

In a new interview for Australian television, Boteach called the allegations leveled against his former friend by Wade Robson and James Safechuck in Leaving Neverland "devastating, painful, and traumatizing," adding he believes the two men and that "there will now have to be a fundamental reassessment of the legacy of Michael Jackson, in light of [the] documentary."

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle dead at 33

Two other men were in serious condition in the incident at Marathon Clothing in South Los Angeles.

The rapper leaves behind two children as well as longtime girlfriend actress Lauren London. The couple both have one child together.

The suspect is still at large.

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Barry 2x02 Promo "The Power of No"

-"A disillusioned former Marine-turned-assassin reluctantly accepts a job in Los Angeles, where he inadvertently discovers an interest in the performing arts."

[Spoilers about the Premiere Episode]


Omari Hardwick Draws Backlash for Kissing Beyoncé at NAACP Image Awards

Omari went in for two kisses—including one near the mouth. Beyoncé looked at least slightly uncomfortable afterward.
He fell out of the Beyhive's good graces.
Hardwick was attacked by Beyoncé's loyal subjects and fairweather fans.

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Nicki Minaj's Former Stylist Is Suing Her for $43,000

Cristina Acevedo is alleging in her lawsuit that she was never paid for her services. 
The stylist's daily fee was $1,500 per day and her duties purportedly entailed that she would "personally style Minaj and/or members of her family from time to time as needed."
She began her time with Minaj in April 2017 and worked with her for a total of 24 days, "frequently beyond a 10-hour day," over a two-month span.
Acevedo is seeking $43,200 in damages because that is allegedly what she is owed with her daily fee as well as a 20% agency fee.


YouTube Personality and Nickelodeon star JoJo Siwa babysits North West

-Kim Kardasian drops child North West at dancer/singer/author/ youtube star, JoJo Siwa's house for fun and games.

-Kim tells North West to call her if she needs anything and North West tells her she does not know the number, but blurts out a bleeped out password.

- JoJo takes North West to her room where she plays on a slide, plays with bows, pets a dog, and plays hide and seek.

-JoJo shows off her car and watches North West closely as she climbs around.

- JoJo and North West make slime, and have a dance contest. North West performs a split.

-Mom Kim comes back and North receives concert tickets.


Alexandra Shipp doesn't want Storm's relationship with T'Challa in the MCU

•On the idea of their characters continuing in the MCU, Alexandra Shipp had this to say:
“I would and I wouldn’t (like it), because Storm barely has anything to say as it is. I don’t know about you all (other actors) but like we never talk. So it would be really nice if we weren’t piled into yet another jam packed cast, in which you only see me in the back of the shot like f***ing sasquatch.”

•If Shipp would like to do the romantic comedy story from the comics, between Black Panther and Storm :
“No! No, I don’t think Storm needs T’Challa, and I think she needs her own movie! It doesn’t have to be me, it just needs to be made. A woman does not need a man in order to give her validity and she has also been around longer than him.”