March 26th, 2019


Alyssa Milano Urges Hollywood To Speak Up On Georgia’s “Heartbeat Bill”

  • Milano is filming season 2 of Insatiable in Georgia and points out that it was home to 455 filming projects last year.

  • HB 481, the so-called “Heartbeat Bill,” would effectively ban abortion in Georgia because it would prevent women from seeking an abortion once a heartbeat has been detected in the fetus which is usually around six weeks.


Krispy Kreme owners admit to Nazi family history

The Reimann family, which owns the controlling stake in JAB Holdings that owns Krispy Kreme doughnuts, as well as Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Panera Bread, Peet's Coffee, Pret A Manger, Einstein's Bagels and Coty., will donate €10 million, or $11 million, to charity after a three-year investigation that the family commissioned to discover details of their ancestors' behavior.

The family expects to publish a book next year that will detail their family members' ties to the Nazi party & use of slave labor.

Sources: the CNN tweet CNN

YouTuber Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

YouTube star Eugene Lee Yang, best known for his work with BuzzFeed and The Try Guys, officially ranks the twelve zodiac signs from Best to Worst. According to the video description, “Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking.”

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ONTD, do you agree or disagree?

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Chris Evans for The Hollywood Reporter

Chris Evans talks to The Hollywood Reporter about the last day of 'Avengers: Endgame,' the 'Captain America' costume and more. Evans described his last day of shooting 'Avengers: Endgame' as "surprisingly emotional." The actor is expected to exit the franchise from his role as Captain America.

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Blumhouse to remake 'The Craft'

Several years ago a reboot to The Craft was announced with Leigh Janiak to write/direct the film for Sony Pictures. Back in February Robin Tunney said of the idled reboot/remake, "They are still remaking it... Zoe Lister-Jones is writing it. And I may or may not do it."

According to a new report, Sony's reboot to The Craft has been cancelled as Blumhouse has obtained the rights to remake the 1996 cult classic.

The original film starred Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True and Robin Tunney.

SOURCE: Dread Central | Twitter

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Old Drift

On the banks of the Zambezi River, a few miles from the majestic Victoria Falls, there was once a colonial settlement called The Old Drift. Here begins the epic story of a small African nation, told by a mysterious swarm-like chorus that calls itself man’s greatest nemesis. The tale? A playful panorama of history, fairytale, romance and science fiction. The moral? To err is human.

In 1904, in a smoky room at the hotel across the river, an Old Drifter named Percy M. Clark, foggy with fever, makes a mistake that entangles the fates of an Italian hotelier and an African busboy. This sets off a cycle of unwitting retribution between three Zambian families (black, white, brown) as they collide and converge over the course of the century, into the present and beyond. As the generations pass, their lives – their triumphs, errors, losses and hopes – form a symphony about what it means to be human.

From a woman covered with hair and another plagued with endless tears, to forbidden love affairs and fiery political ones, to homegrown technological marvels like Afronauts, microdrones and viral vaccines – this gripping, unforgettable novel sweeps over the years and the globe, subverting expectations along the way. Exploding with color and energy, The Old Drift is a testament to our yearning to create and cross borders, and a meditation on the slow, grand passage of time.

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Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner Cover the Rolling Stone

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner are on the cover of the new issue of the Rolling Stone. They share their story of their unbreakable friendship and growing up with the Game of Thrones.

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Ariana Grande Pays Tribute to Mac Miller, Cries During 'thank u, next', Performs Unreleased Track

Ariana Grande reportedly played a Mac Miller song before the concert started, which fans speculate is a 'celebration' of what marks the 6th anniversary of the first time they worked together. "The Way" was released on March 25 of 2013.


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sky ferreira is pitchfork's premiere cover artist

sky ferreira is the cover artist for the premiere issue of pitchfork's quarterly digital zine (op note: which i      guess is a thing that's separate from what pitchfork was already doing...?--idk--don't @ me).

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ontd, how excited are you for (what i'm presuming sky's sophomore album is still titled) masochism on a scale of 9.9 - 10? also, don't come for me or my lack of hanging quotes--posts are hard enough and stuff.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to 'The View' and addresses Rosie O’Donnell's comments

In an upcoming book by Ramin Setoodeh about The View, former co-host Rosie O’Donnel said that she had a "little bit of a crush" on Elisabeth. She emphasized that it was not sexual but she said there were "underlying lesbians tones on both [of their] parts." Elisabeth says that Rosie's comments are disturbing and tries to equate it to sexual harassment in the workplace. Elisabeth remains just as self-righteous and annoying as ever.

Elisabeth freaked out and had an asthma attack after she got fired from The View back in 2013. She admits that it hurt her pride, but she's in a much better place now. Joy had gotten fired, too, but she had a much more positive outlook because it allowed her to pursue other projects. Meghan fangirls over Elisabeth and talks about her being a huge inspiration. Joy throws major shade at Meghan by pointing out that while she argued with Elisabeth on the show, she never fought with her backstage.

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'Guys and Dolls' getting another film musical remake

In more unnecessary remake news, the Broadway musical “Guys and Dolls” is getting yet another film adaptation. The first iconic one in 1955 famously starred Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra, and Vivian Blaine.

The original musical hit Broadway in 1950, and won three Tony Awards. It was revived, of course, several times, including in 1992 which launched the career of theatre legend Nathan Lane.

TriStar Pictures (that's still around?) got the rights to it, though no word yet on production... or casting.


Hilary Duff posts video of her daughter hugging her shortly after giving birth


Isabella Cruise Is A Top Scientology Recruiter

the whole email

Tony Ortega's anti Scientology site The Underground Bunker got their hands of a promotional email written by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's daughter Isabella.

In it Isabella describes her Scientology journey and an "internship" hat “[...] for me, is what made me a Scientologist. I don’t just believe the tech works now. I know without any doubt that it does”

"Internship" is Scientology speak for the training to become an auditor

She is now an auditor for the "Church of Scientology"

At the end she thanks her dad, LRH (L. Ron Hubbard), and COB (David Miscavige) for "everything"

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Author Elizabeth Gilbert Is Dating Late Partner Rayya Elias’ Close Friend

Elizabeth Gilbert announced in 2016 that she had separated from her husband of 10 years, Jose Nunes, the Brazilian importer she wrote about in her 2006 memoir. Two months later, she revealed that she was in love with Rayya Elias, her longtime best friend.

One year after her partner Rayya Elias died from pancreatic and liver cancer, Elizabeth Gilbert began a new relationship with Rayya's close friend Simon MacArthur


Rosie O’Donnell Reveals Secret Crush on Elisabeth Hasselbeck


In the upcoming book, Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View — set for release April 2 — O’Donnell, 57, reveals that she had “a little bit of a crush” on Hasselbeck.

“There was a little bit of a crush,” O’Donnell states in a Variety excerpt

“I think there were underlying lesbian undertones on both parts. I think this is something that will hurt her if you write it. She was the MVP of a Division 1 softball team for two years that won the finals. There are not many, in my life, girls with such athletic talent on sports teams that are traditionally male that aren’t at least a little bit gay.”

Although O’Donnell was attracted to Hasselbeck, she never wanted to act on it.

Katya satan forehead

Gwyneth Paltrow Posts Picture Of Daughter Apple Without Her Consent

Gwyneth Paltrow posted an Instagram picture of her and her daughter Apple, 14, on the ski slopes. But Apple apparently is not happy to appear on her mom's Instagram. The teenager wrote in the comments:

"Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent."

Gwyneth wrote back:

"You can’t even see you [sic] face!”

Some commenters are chiding Apple for talking back to her mother. Others are chiding Gwyneth for sharing pictures of her child without consent.

What do you think of parents who overshare on social media?

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Emily Ratajkowski Defends Her Husband For Not Paying Rent


If you recall, Emily Ratajkowski's rich husband was living in his loft and not paying rent. They live in a loft in downtown Manhattan and do not pay for it.

New York City has a loophole that prevents landlords from evicting artists who were living in commercial buildings. The law is meant to protect struggling artists who live in poverty. But Sebastian Bear-McClard is apparently worth $12 million.

Emily wrote several tweets about her husband's rent-dodging ways:

What do you pay in rent? Do you know any insufferable rich hippies?

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Jordan Peele explains why he's unlikely to cast a lead white dude


After the smash opening weekend totaling 71 million for Us (and rave reviews), the director talked a little about his creative vision for the future.

"I don't see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie. Not that I don't like white dudes," he said at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in East Hollywood. "But I've seen that movie."

"It really is one of the best greatest pieces of this story, feeling like we are in this time [where] a renaissance has happened and proven the myths about representation in the industry are false," Jordan adds.

While some may see that as (lol) "reverse racism", the impressive box office stats reflect an audience that is here for diversity in movies. Peele feels fortunate to be in a position he can approach Universal with things on his terms and they say yes.

For R-rated recent opening weekends in horror, Us sits only behind IT(2017) and last year's Halloween.

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ONTD, are you still shook and going a second time?

Celebrities tweet about Betsy DeVos cutting funding for Special Olympics and autism programs

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos unveiled that her department will end all funding for the Special Olympics under Trump's new budget.

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BREAKING: Charges against Jussie Smollett dropped by the state

Statement from Jussie's lawyers: Today, all criminal charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped and his record has been wiped clean of the filing of this tragic complaint against him. Jussie was attacked by 2 people he was unable to identify on January 29th. He was a victim who was vilified and made to appear as a perpetrator as a result of false and inappropriate remarks made to the public, causing an inappropriate rush to judgment."
"Jussie and many others were hurt by these unfair and unwarranted actions. This entire situation is a reminder that there should never be an attempt to prove a case in the court of public opinion. That is wrong. It is a reminder that a victim, in this case Jussie, deserves dignity and respect. Dismissal of charges against the victim in this case was the only just result."

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Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, & Supergirl promos

Legends of Tomorrow Sizzle Reel

The midseason premiere is called "Lucha De Apuestas.”
BELIEVE IT OR NOT — When the Legends hear that Mona (Roman Young) has let a fugitive go, they must head to 1961 Mexico City to clean up her mess. Mona tries to convince the Legends and the Bureau that the people responsible for releasing the fugitive were some mysterious Men in Black and not her. With no evidence to back up her theory, the Legends must decide if they should trust her and go against the Bureau. Meanwhile, Nate and Zari go on a recon mission to find out what Hank (guest star Tom Wilson) might be hiding from everyone. Andrew Kasch directed the episode written by Keto Shimizu & Tyron B. Carter (#409). Original airdate 4/1/2019.

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The Flash is off until April 16th


Avengers: Endgame character posters + new featurette


#SurvivingCardiB Spreads Online After Rapper Claims She Used to Drug and Rob Men

People on social media tried coming for Cardi B following her impassioned speech on Instagram Live where she revealed that she used to drug and rob men when she was a stripper. "I had to go strip, I had to go, 'Oh yeah, you want to fuck me? Yeah, yeah, yeah, let's go back to this hotel,' and I drugged niggas up, and I robbed them. That’s what I used to do." 

Her revelation spawned the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB.

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My Fave is Problematic: Gwen Stefani, Queen of Cultural Appropriation

Gwen Stefani has made a career of some questionable and culturally appropriative looks/actions.

Is YOUR fave problematic, ONTD? Discuss! Also, I'm new to this channel after her absolutely correct take on the Leaving Neverland doc and I couldn't click subscribe fast enough.