March 10th, 2019

Forget you all the time

Pete Davidson Compares R. Kelly Sexual Abuse Scandal to Catholic Church

Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson stopped by the show's "Weekend Update" to give his R. Kelly take.

"Before I continue, this guy is a monster and he should go to jail forever," Davidson began. "But if you support the Catholic Church, isn't that the same thing a being an R. Kelly fan? I don't see the difference. Only like one's music is significantly better."

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Podcast Drama: Podcast Network Wondery drops “Sword & Scale”


Sword & Scale is a controversial but also very successful True Crime podcast.

The host Mike Boudet seems to get off on gore, is anti-women, homophobic, transphobic, calls everyone a psychopath, and just recently outed a rape victim's full name.

Wondery announced that they were done with him after he posted a violent anti-women meme on International Women’s Day. (x)

Mike Boudet is putting the blame on Aaron Mahnke (Lore) and Rabia Chaudry (Undisclosed) (x) (idek)

Debate Theatrical vs. Streaming ft. "Long Shot" cast; ‘Theater Is the Best Place to See Our Comedy"

"US" was not the only film to make a big splash at this year's SXSW in Austin. The cast of Long Shot think that their "more creepy than romantic" comedy fares better in the theater than on streaming.

There's typical guff about 'room full of people shared experience thing' to try and persuade you to spend money on a movie about a loser schlub and beautiful woman (Will they get together??????????? Inquiring minds don't want to know) and the death of the mid-budget movie being financed for theaters.

“I think it’s a good thing we have all different formats … it’s not 20 years ago and there’s only one way you can do it. That freedom has opened up for more interesting filmmakers, and for people to actually see their movies,” said Theron, who produced this, as well as "Tully" and the criminally underrated and awesome "Atomic Blonde".
Rogen doesn't really care about the Awards For Netflix debate because “As someone who never gets nominated for any awards anyway, I don’t give a f— how to deal with that,”, and his returns have been consistent enough so that studios keep giving him money to make nonsense (Though he did not direct this movie)


Do their thoughts entice you to see 'loser and competent woman relationship' for 16$ at the cinema? What was the last non-blockbuster movie you saw at the movies?*

*MCU fans need not respond.

Freddie Highmore teaches you British slang with Vanity Fair

The British actor frequently puts on an American accent for his roles, but in this episode of “Slang School,” Freddie Highmore returns to his roots and teaches you British Slang.

Peng Ting
All To Pot
Throwing a Wobbly
Bits & Bobs
Have a butchers
Sixes and Sevens
On your bike

ONTD, what kind of slang do you use in your everyday life?


Stars are releasing singles faster than ever. That’s a problem for radio

-Pop radio program directors find that they are being buried under Ariana Grande songs, which seem to be released every Thursday
-They are finding the same issue with Cardi B, who has 3 hit songs right now and a 4th coming ft. Bruno Mars
-The issue here is how can they still play the songs, while spreading them out evenly so that people don't complain?
-They long for an era like when Katy Perry's Teenage Dream album released a single every 3-4 months
-They are wary of "hot person syndrome" - meaning there will be backlash if they constantly play a single artist
-Radio might be forced to take a "streaming music" approach, but 10 percent of tracks account for 99 percent of all streams in 2017


ONTD, do you still listen to the radio?

#SXSW Doc Answers the Question of Our Times; "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

New Yorker Ben Sisto (Whose name sounds vaguely familiar so if he's pulled some shit, don't @ me bc I didn't know) has been obsessed with finding out who truly owns the song, made popular by the Baha Men.

  • The Hook dates back to 1959

  • 9 Different peple claim they wrote the song.

  • There are several versions dating from the mid-90s to the one we know that came out in 2000.

  • The titular chant has been dated back to a 1989 Austin High School football team.

  • "Who let the dogs out" has been ID'd as a Trinidadian term.


I really hope someone picks this up and it gets distributed.

Orlando Bloom Caught Putting His Dog In A Bag

Trash bucket, Orlando Bloom was spotted carrying his little pup, Mighty in a bag as he rode his motorcycle to the Brentwood Country Mart.

And yes it's him there's more pics on JJ


Nicki Minaj Apologizes to Fans for Cancelling 2 Shows Due to "Technical Issues"

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Nicki Minaj has taken to Instagram to apologize to her fans for cancelling yet another show on her tour, this time in Bordeaux, France.

She says the arena didn't have enough electricity to power her show, the second time she uses this excuse. Fans were pissed after waiting 2 hours for her to come out when her team told them the show was cancelled. They then started chanting "Cardi B, Cardi B" as they were leaving. There were only 5K people at the venue apparently.

Nicki fans were further angered after video showed her at Funfair in Bordeaux when she was supposed to be performing.

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Adnan Syed of "Serial" Podcast Denied New Trial


Adnan Syed has been denied a new trial by the Maryland Court of Appeals in a 4-3 decision. He began serving a life sentence in 2000 after being convicted of murdering his 17-year-old girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. His case rose to fame after the NPR podcast "Serial" did a season about him.

Timed to coincide with this announcement, HBO has a new documentary airing tonight called The Case Against Adnan Syed.

Hae Lee, 1999

True crime post. Do you think Adnan is guilty?

Source, source

Celebrities react to losing an hour of sleep aka daylight savings time

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ONTD, for those affected by the change, are you pissed you lost an hour of sleep or are happy you gained an hour of daylight?

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Chris Evans Approves of Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s ‘Captain America’ Glass Eye

Chris Evans took a trip to Washington, D.C. this week and he met up with Rep Dan Crenshaw, who showed the actor his Captain America glass eye.

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Shameless boss talks Fiona's exit and Ian's return

-Fiona's been a mother to all her siblings and wanted to be true to the moment when you realize you did a good job.
-Felt like Ian was the right one to tell her that her job was done and she should do what she wants
-Will learn where Fiona went next season.
-Doesn't know yet what's in store for Ian and Mickey.

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Bill Paxton | Near Dark cigarette

ONTD Original: Wholesome Movie Trivia*

*trivia according to IMDB


* Tom Hanks was reluctant to hire Tom Everett Scott because he felt Scott looked too similar to Hanks' younger self. Rita Wilson, Hanks' wife, convinced him to change his mind because she thought Scott was cute. (good call, rita! tom is cute as hell in this movie.)

* Steve Zahn was best man at Tom Everett Scott's wedding.

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I thought we could use a cute, possibly feel-good Sunday night post. Hope you all have a good upcoming week!


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Justin Bieber Asks Fans to Pray for Him Amid Reported Depression Struggle

Bieber posted on his Instagram page a 2016 photo of himself while embracing and praying with Kanye West and manager Scooter Braun.

Also on Saturday night, Bieber posted on his Instagram Story videos of the his wife doing laundry pantless and playing with their dog, Oscar.

A source told E! News last month that Hailey has been "doing whatever she can to help" Justin and has been going with him to appointments and meetings.

"She's very involved in his plan of action and making decisions. She's the rock right now and he goes to her for everything. She listens and is always there for him"


Jose Canseco Claims Alex Rodriguez is Cheating on JLo

He is claiming Alex Rodriguez is cheating on JLo with his ex. JLo and ARod just got engaged.


Possible Anchor Changes for ‘CBS This Morning’

CBS executives are considering a potential change that could send at least two of the show’s four anchors to other spots on the network.

John Dickerson may end up covering politics at 60 Minutes.

Executives are considering putting Norah O’Donnell in the anchor's seat at CBS Evening News (making her the fourth anchor in eight years) & possibly relocating the show to Washington, D.C.

Gayle King is in contract negotiations with the network & a future restructured CBS This Morning may be centered on her.

Sources: the Variety tweet Variety

Charmed 1x15 Promo "Switches & Stones"

-Charmed 1x15 "Switches & Stones" Season 1 Episode 15 Promo - FREAKY FRIDAY — Maggie (Sarah Jefferey) shows Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Harry (Rupert Evans) and Charity (guest star Virginia Williams) the strange room under Vera Manor but they quickly learn just how dangerous it is when Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie switch bodies and powers. Macy turns to The Elders for guidance about how to overcome her inner demon, which in turn leads her to have an eye-opening experience. Meanwhile, Maggie learns the secrets that Mel has been keeping from her sisters. Nick Hargrove also stars. Claudia Yarmy directed the episode written by George Northy (#115). Original airdate 3/17/2019.

out of your mind Elders GIF by W Network

ONTD Original: 3 scenes that got cut from Captain Marvel

As we all know, by the time is film is shot till the final cut is locked in, there are a bunch for scenes that don't make to to screen. We will have to wait till the DVD release to actually see them but for now, here are some details about a few scenes that we know have been cut from Captain Marvel.
[spoilers obviously]
1) Ronan and Yon-Rogg

When Entertainment Weekly revealed the first look photos from the movie back in September, there was a BTS photo of Anna Boden directing Lee Pace (who plays Ronan) and Jude Law (Yong-Rogg) for a scene. That scene did not make it to the final cut, and in the movie we got, Yong-Rogg and Ronan never actually come face-to-face, instead talking to each other hologromams. From this 2nd photo released, which shows Starforce walking by Ronan, this scene takes place as they leave for their first mission in the start of the movie.

2) Yon-Rogg and Supreme Intelligence
In an interview with Collider, Jude Law confirmed that he had a scene with Supreme Intelligence that was cut from the movie. According to a redditor who worked on some of the VFX on the movie, that scene takes place right before Yon-Rogg is sent to find Carol and the Tesseract. Want to know who Yon-Rogg sees as Supreme Intelligence? [Spoiler (click to open)]It's himself.

3) Carol and Supreme Intelligence
According to the same redditor, almost a third of Carol's second interaction with Supreme Intelligence was cut. You might have noticed that the memorable (for me at least) line from the 2nd trailer which SI says to Carol "We made you one of us, so you could live longer, stronger, superior." wasn't actually in the movie. Apparently, the scene as shortened because TPTB felt that it dragged on a bit.

Additionally, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck teased a "really kind of fascinating, bizarre, fun scene that didn't make it into the final film" in an interview.

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