March 9th, 2019

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Eliza Dushku: Going Back To School, Social Media, #MeToo, and the Political Climate

Human Goddess Eliza Dushku sat down with Boston Magazine and talked about studying holistic psychology in school, leaving L.A, dealing with social media after speaking about her sobriety and opioid awareness in 2017, Hollywood's current climate (#MeToo), and taking action.

- Produced Mapplethorpe - a provocative biopic of controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.
- Moved from L.A to Boston for 'personal reasons'. Says living there for 18 years was an "honest effort".

On addressing Mapplethorpe's nude and homoerotic imagery in today's political climate:
It’s entirely relevant right now, and maybe more so than ever, given what we’re facing with the current administration and this sort of cultural divide our country is wrestling with. I think it’s horrifying to a lot of people because we came so far and now it feels like we’re going backward. And that’s alarming, especially to so many artists and members of the LGBTQ community. And so now more than ever, we have to fight. We have to fight for the freedom of the press. We have to fight for freedom of expression and art.

On Hollywood after #MeToo:
You know, for many women, and men as well, it’s been an important year of reckoning. It’s liberating, and it shows that when we speak our truths—as terrifying as that might be—we afford ourselves a chance to heal. And we’re seeing that we also get a chance to create change for others, which for me is powerful and really important.

On social media after her talk at the New Hampshire Youth Summit on Opioid Awareness in 2017:
Yeah, it can cause a bit of a panic attack. And to be honest, in the past couple of years, I’ve been on social media so much less because of that. I remember a therapist once saying to me that reading your reviews and what people say about you on Twitter is like putting a loaded gun to your head. And it’s just human nature that a thousand people could say you’re great and there’s one person that just drills into you, and that’s all you can focus on. And today with the trolls and the fake bots, it’s just too much.


It's a pretty good interview and a fairly quick read. She's well-spoken, I recommend reading it tbh

Robyn Fans Sing "Dancing On My Own" in Subway Station

A Twitter user captured this footage of fans giving us an #unexpected singing sequence irl -singing in unison to the almost decade-old Robyn classiq "Dancing on My Own" on a subway station in New York after a Madison Square Garden show. Robyn: Swedish queen of bringing people together with anthems about loneliness!

Here are more recordings of this spontaneous moment:

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"Body Talk" Will Get a Vinyl Reissue on RSD

$300 LP on Discogs no more! One of the record store day exclusives this year (April 13th) will include Robyn's "Body Talk" on white vinyl, which went out of stock a few years ago.

According to this Ebay link it might run on a limited 2500 copies. No word yet if she will continue to release it. #SupportIndieRecordStores

#Fembots will you be copping a Body Talk LP?

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Captain Marvel gets A CinemaScore, eyes $160M opening weekend

Cinema goers have given Captain Marvel an "A" CinemaScore, in line with most MCU movies. Only The Avengers and Black Panther have gotten the highest A+ score, while The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor: The Dark World have A- scores, while Thor (the first one) stands the lowest with a B+ score.

‘Captain Marvel’ Tramples Internet Trolls & Skyrockets To $160M Opening
After $62M Friday (including $20.7M Thursday previews), Captain Marvel is looking at $160M opening weekend, which would be the third highest opening for March ever, after the live-action Beauty and the Beast and Batman v Superman.

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post your spoilers under a cut, just in case.

Surprise! Early Reactions to 'Shazam' Call it "Brilliant" and "an Absolute Blast!"

Warner Bros. screened their latest DC superhero flick Shazam earlier this month and the social media embargo has finally been lifted. So what did critics think? Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, praising the film for its comedic elements and also how much heart it brings to the story. Check out a few mini-reviews below.

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In-N-Out Burger sues PUMA over drive-thru-themed sneaker

The SoCal-based burger chain In-N-Out is suing popular shoe and clothing brand PUMA for allegedly ripping off its logo and colors with their new Cali-0 Drive Thru sneakers. Released in February as a collaboration with streetwear designer Mike Cherman, the burger chain filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Puma North America, Inc and Cherman just last week.

“By using In-N-Out’s designs and trade dress, Puma and Cherman intentionally confused consumers for their own benefit and have also created the impression that our marks and unique trade dress are available for public use. We will always vigorously defend our trademarks and the distinctive elements that represent our brand to our Customers.”

PUMA has since removed the shoes off of their website.

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Love After Lockup Discussion Post - "Prison Blues to Wedding Bells"

I can't believe we made it (we made it!) to the season finale after Love After Lockup. We get a 90 minute episode - the least we deserve after the producers have been fucking with us for two damn months! Let's see what happens in this peak gutter trash of a television. Sad Sack Scott tells Lizzie and Lizzie's bubbies that he's broke and pissed off after finding out she charged $2000 worth of clothes on his credit card. Lizzie says that it's only money (gorl no!) and point blank tells the Sad Sack "If you have no money, I don't need you." She didn't even finesse it y'all. Fast forward, Sad Sack gets a new girlfriend and Lizzie gets a job - even I didn't see the job part coming.

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This cinematography, Cuarón is quaking!

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More celebrities react to Michael Jackson documentary "Leaving Neverland"

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, says that everyone should "chillax and some some weed" because there is no chance her dad's name and legacy will be torn down.
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Source: Instagram 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, YouTube 1, 2

Mods, none of these tweets or instagram posts were included in the first celebrities react to "Leaving Neverland" post. When you're on the same side as Piers Morgan and writing "Piers Morgan is a real one", you've already lost... @T.I. @Justin Bieber @ Rita Ora. Also Peter Andre still being bitter about losing the dancing contest to Wade Robson and not getting to meet Michael Jackson is a mess.

Full Trailer For Rashid Johnson's 'Native Son' Starring King Ashton Sanders

First we got a little tease, and now we have a full trailer for Rashid Johnson's 'Native Son'. Based on the Richard Wright novel, it is the tale of an African-American man in Chicago who is hired to be the driver a wealthy businessman. Directed by Rashid Johnson, from a screenplay by Suzan-Lori Parks.

Starring Ashton Sanders, Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, KiKi Layne, Bill Camp and Sanaa Lathan.

Premieres April 6 on HBO.


Bless us, Ashton!

MARINA - 'Love + Fear' [Album Trailer]

MARINA aka Marina and the Diamonds is ready to release her new album Love + Fear on April 26 and now we have a trailer for it. So far we've heard 'Baby', 'Handmade Heaven' and 'Superstar' - you can listen to those songs behind the cut. I also added a very interesting interview with Marina in which she talks about the power of pop, tackling female shame and the politics behind her new album. It's a very sweet and honest interview, and my heart kind of broke when she started crying discussing such topics as racism, homophobia and female experience 😢

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The National Announces New Album 'I Am Easy to Find' + Short Film Starring Alicia Vikander + Tour

It hasn't even been two years since The National last album release ‘Sleep Well Beast’, and this week the band announced they're ready to drop their 8th studio album ‘I Am Easy to Find’ on May 17! The release of the album will be accompanied by a short film directed by Mike Mills (Beginners, 20th Century Women) starring Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.). So exciting!!!

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S S1 S2 S3

Any fans of The National on ONTD? Favorite album(s)/song(s)?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are Engaged!

Jennifer Lopez, 49, and Alex Rodriguez, 43, are engaged to be married!

And look at that ring!

They have been dating since February 2017

This will be her 4th marriage and his 2nd marriage. She has twins (a boy and girl, 11) with Marc Anthony and he has two daughters (14 and 10) with his ex-wife.

Awww, they seem like a good fit, yes/no?

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R. Kelly walks out of jail AGAIN!

After spending 3 days in jail, R. Kelly is out of jail again. An anonymous person (WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT?) turned in a check Saturday morning to the Cook County clerk’s office covering the full $161,663 that the judge presiding over Kelly’s divorce case ordered him to pay for his release, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

R. Kelly's next hearing on the sexual abuse charges is March 22.

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Trailer for gay period drama "Tell It to the Bees"

Dr. Jean Markham (Anna Paquin) returns to the town she left as a teenager to take over her late father’s medical practice. When a school-yard scuffle lands Charlie (Gregor Selkirk) in her surgery, she invites him to visit the hives in her garden and tell his secrets to the bees, as she once did. The new friendship between the boy and the bee keeper brings his mother Lydia (Holliday Grainger) into Jean’s world. In the sanctuary of the doctor’s house the two women find themselves dram to one another in a way that Jean recognizes and fears, and Lydia could never have expected. But, in 1950’s small-town Britain, their new secret can’t say hidden forever.

Starring Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger, adapted from the Fiona Shaw book of the same name, written by Henrietta Ashworth and Jessica Ashworth, and directed by Annabel Jankel, the film will be on theatres and VOD (video on demand) May 3, 2019.


Any gay TV/movies you've seen recently, ONTD?
Harry - glance

Idris Elba hosting tonight's SNL, with musical guest Khalid

Idris Elba will make his Saturday Night Live debut tonight, to promote something or another, with musical guest Khalid.