March 8th, 2019


'Captain Marvel' post-credit scene leaks online.

- Captain Marvel's post-credits scene has leaked online. Watch here. Alt link here in case it's taken down.
- Obviously it has spoilers for [Spoiler (click to open)]'Avengers: Endgame': Cap and Black widow are looking at the pager and War Machine tells them it stopped transmitting. Cap and Nat wants to reboot it and Bruce says they don't know what would happen. Captain Marvel appears and asks 'Where's Fury?'.
- CAP STILL HAS HIS BEARD!!!!! Confirming my theory that most of the scenes in the Endgame trailer are fake, same as the Infinity War trailer.


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Naomi Scott Covers British Vogue

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On relating to Bend It Like Beckham as a child: "It was an Indian girl who wanted to play football! That movie was literally made for me. I just thought I was Jesminder."

On the Charlie's Angels reboot: Calls Kristen Stewart a "pure artist". "[The movie is] about women at work. You don't see much about their personal lives or who they're dating. It's about the agency going global, getting into intelligence and tech, whistleblowing. You don't see bikini shots of their bums."

On auditioning for Jasmine: "I saw her as a young woman, not a teenager. With a mature strength that can cut you down. So I said to them, 'Just to let you know, I want to play her strong, and if that's not what you're looking for, that's OK, but it's not for me.'"

On playing Jasmine in 2019: "Playing Princess Jasmine in 2019, I'm very aware that young girls, young boys are going to be watching. What do I want to portray? This ICONIC character that I LOVED growing up. How can I make her well rounded and ambitious. Multi dimensional. Not there just to AID somebody else's story."


RUMOR: Which Female Star's Firing from a Network Show will be Covered Up as Her Choosing to Leave?

Blind Gossip claims to have an exclusive about a show where tension between the two female leads led to one being terminated.

-The titular lead of the show is male and not involved in this dispute

-Sweety vs Pizza where Sweety wanted to be treated like the female lead from the start but always felt undermined by Pizza when it came to her salary, story lines, etc. Didn't want to do anymore scenes with Pizza, and the writers have acquiesced

-Storylines have been reworked to get rid of Pizza. She'll be leaving at the end of the season, and while they'll say it was her decision to leave, it really wasn't.

-"The drama and trauma of ousting one of the stars of a successful show is usually over with in a flash."

The popular guess for this blind item is The Flash where Sweety is Candice Patton, and Pizza is Danielle Panabaker.


Amazon’s confirms Lord of the Rings show set in the Second Age, includes Númenor

Amazon has confirmed its upcoming “Lord of the Rings” television series will be set in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, putting to bed rumors the series would focus on the adventures of a young Aragorn (born in the Third Age). Further, Númenor — the island shown in Amazon's promotional maps — is destroyed in the Second Age, thousands of years before "The Lord of the Rings."

The Second Age ends with the first downfall of Sauron, so it appears Amazon’s series will take place during his rise to power. This may include Sauron building his forces in Mordor, the creation and distribution of the rings of power, and the destruction of Númenor.

Also of note: A map released March 6 included Minas Anor, the former name of Minas Tirith (the white city shown above), and Minas Ithil, the previous name of Minas Morgul. This has led fans to speculate that the show could eventually reach into the earlier years of the Third Age.

[Amazon confirms]



Billie Eilish - Wish You Were Gay (Audio)

Billie Eilish has released a new promotional single from her upcoming album 'When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?' (releasing 3/29), titled 'wish you were gay'.

As Eilish explained in an Instagram livestream, “wish you were gay” is about how it felt for her to be rejected by a boy she liked. At the time, Billie thought he didn’t like her because she was a “shitty person.“ She wanted some other reason for him not liking her, such as him being gay. Ironically, after she wrote this song, she found out he really was gay after all.

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"Captain Marvel" blasts off with $20.7M in Thursday night box office preview

To no surprise, and to celebrate International Women's Day, Marvel's 'Captain Marvel' debuted with a great $20.7M on Thursday previews, and is expected to reel in $125 million-$145 million, and even manage to break $150M this weekend (on a $152M budget) domestically, and $300M internatinally.

As you can imagine, this had no huge competition for new releases. Out in limited release this weekend are 'Gloria Bell' and 'The Kid'. Spoilers under cuts, y'all.

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(ONTD Original) #InternationalWomensDay : Portrait Of A Woman

Those last few years, TV shows have been extremely successful and have featured original writing as well as innovative directing. Their production costs have skyrocketed along with their cultural values, supported by the global echo provided by the Internet.

Consequently, actresses are given more and more complex roles with introspective journeys, as online platforms seem to want to target all audiences and give more freedom and opportunities to shows’ creators regarding women’s voices.

Here are the reviews of 3 shows whose writing showcases complex female characters, underlying interpretations of life’s challenges behind feminine glasses.

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ONTD, what are your favorite shows with feminist messages? Who are your favorite female characters on TV and online streaming platforms?
Happy International Women's Day!

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Gwyneth Paltrow talks Goop, elitist accusations, and pretending to be an actor

The New York Times did a profile on businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow, whose lifestyle brand Goop is now worth $250 million.

On what Goop is about: "We want to always be moving culture forward with what we do in the content and in the offerings and also create conversations and forums to help eliminate shame. I think a lot of women experience a lot of shame in their lives. The more we talk about things that are sometimes uncomfortable, it might resonate with somebody. [Goop is a brand for women] But I don’t want to eliminate men. And more and more, men tell me, 'We really need that same kind of content, and we want the same kinds of products.'"

On Hollywood: "I was masquerading as an actor." (She says her real passion is being a lifestyle entrepreneur)

On being called elitist: "[People] don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. So it’s easier to be critical of an entity or a person who is suggesting that, than it is to start making small, perhaps uncomfortable shifts in their lives. If you told our grandparents that eating whole, natural foods was elitist, they would have thought you were crazy."


Massive Attack Postpones US and Canada Concert Dates

*sighs eternally* Massive Attack, the Bristol trip hop duo was supposed to begin their US leg of the Mezzanine XXI anniversary tour on March 12. Apparently this is due to illness and the shows will be reschedule for the fall. Ticket holders are encourage to keep onto their original ticket as they will be honored for the new dates.


Who do you think you are, Janet Jackson?
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Who went home on episode 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 11?

- Mini Challenge: Quick drag photobomb. Each queen had 15 minutes to get ready and shoot an image to be green-screened into a famous celebrity photo.

- Maxi Challenge: A team acting challenge parodying recent black Hollywood films. The two teams are “Good God Girl, Get Out!” and “Why It Gotta Be Black, Panther?”

- Guest Judges: Bobby Moynihan and Sydelle Noel

- Winners: [Spoiler (click to open)]Scarlet Envy and Yvie Oddly

- Bottom two: [Spoiler (click to open)]Kahanna Montrese and Mercedes Iman Diamond

- Eliminated: [Spoiler (click to open)]Kahanna Montrese

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Race track featured in HBO's "Luck" cancels races indefinitely after 21 horses die

· California's Santa Anita racetrack announced on Tuesday that it was suspending races indefinitely after 21 horses have died since December 26th. The closure means two prestigious races - the Santa Anita Handicap and the San Felipe Handicap, which is a major prep race for 3 y/o horses hoping to qualify for the Kentucky Derby - will have to be postponed. Both races were scheduled for Saturday
· The deaths include 2017 Breeders Cup winner Battle of Midway who died during training on Saturday. The 21st death was a 4 year old filly called Light the Way who died after sustaining an injury during training on a dirt track
· The cause of the injuries is unknown. Experts looked for surface irregularities on the track but none were found. Some say the horses may be drugged, although there is no evidence to support this. It could also be that the horses' bodies are not strong, as they are bred for speed. It may also be the weather, as Santa Anita has seen 12" of rain since the track opened in December; during rainy weather, the track is sealed, a process which presses the dirt down and allow water to roll off it. Safety & racing-surface expert Mick Peterson inspected the track and said it was 100% safe for racing. Nearby Los Alamitos Race Track offered their track for training while Santa Anita is closed
· Following the 20th death last week, PETA staged protests outside the track and called on Gov Gavin Newsom to shut it down
· The racetrack was embroiled in controversy after two horses died during the 2012 filming of HBO's "Luck." The show was cancelled following the deaths, citing animal safety concerns

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Riverdale Roundup: Five Feet Apart Red Carpet, Camila's Open Letter on Body Neutrality, and More

Camila and Amanda Crew co-signed an open letter about body neutrality on International Women's Day

[Body neutrality is the idea that our worth is not tied to how we look. We may seem to be unlikely messengers of the body neutrality message, as three conventionally attractive, smaller bodied women. However, this issue is not just important for women in larger bodies, but for all women, because nobody can measure up to our societal beauty ideal — it’s unattainable]It’s a good time to be a woman in America. We’ve outpaced our male counterparts in graduating from college, the #MeToo movement is demanding an end to harassment and violence, we’re running for office in record numbers, and we’re beginning to demand equal partnerships at home as well. The women’s empowerment movement is in full swing, and women are finally demanding full equality.

But we will never have full equality until we tackle the unhealthy societal expectations placed on women’s appearance.
From a very young age, girls are brought up to believe that our most important attribute is our appearance. We spend an unseemly amount of time, money and mental energy on making ourselves "beautiful." Women are estimated to spend a quarter million dollars on vanity products over the course of a lifetime, and an average of 40 minutes getting ready each morning, three times more than their male counterparts.

We invest the most time, money, and mental energy on the "perfect body." According to a 2013 study, 91% of American women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Other surveys suggest that 67% of women are trying to lose weight. And it starts young: 40-60% of elementary school girls (ages 6-12) are concerned about their weight or about becoming too fat.
We have a beauty standard in this country that is unattainable for the vast majority of women. According to statistics from 2012, an estimated 67% of American women are plus-size, defined as a size 14 or larger. Further, almost all the ads we see are also photoshopped, meaning that we are literally comparing ourselves to something that is impossible to achieve.

To add insult to injury, we’ve been told that weight loss is critical to health, and diets will help us get there, but there’s strong evidence that that’s just not true. Weight is a poor proxy for health, and long-term studies show that the majority of individuals on diets end up weighing more than when they began.

Instead of questioning the system, we blame ourselves. Our bad feelings about our appearance overshadow our good feelings about other attributes. We continue to pour time and resources into “fixing” our appearance, rather than cultivating our meaningful qualities. And when you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you don’t value yourself. On a subconscious level, you don’t think you’re worthy of the dream job, a loving and equal partnership, being treated with full respect.

Body neutrality is the idea that our worth is not tied to how we look. We may seem to be unlikely messengers of the body neutrality message, as three conventionally attractive, smaller bodied women. However, this issue is not just important for women in larger bodies, but for all women, because nobody can measure up to our societal beauty ideal — it’s unattainable. But 30 million Americans of all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, ages, genders and body shapes and sizes almost kill themselves trying. Body dissatisfaction is the most important predictor of developing an eating disorder, which is the second deadliest of all mental illnesses. And trust us, recovery can feel pretty impossible in this society that puts such an emphasis on women’s appearance.

What got us to full recovery was not accepting that we were "close enough" to the beauty ideal, but really discarding the notion that appearance was an important part of who we are. We are intelligent, we are ambitious, we are changemakers. These are the qualities that we work to cultivate, and where we derive true self-worth.
Only when women’s appearance and body size don’t hold such outsize importance in our society will we be truly be equal. We need to be teaching young girls and women to spend time investing in the things that matter. Being smart, being creative, being curious, being kind. Unlike appearance, these are the things that build true and lasting self-worth. And there is nothing more powerful than a woman who values

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R. Kelly's Ex Lawyer Wants Everybody To Know "He's Guilty As Hell"

In we been knew news.

One of the lawyer who defended R. kelly in his 2008 child pornography case.

- Is dying of cancer

- Confessed that R. Kelly was guilty and is a pedophile who's attracted to young girls

- Somehow doesn't think R. kelly is guilty of his recent accusations, says "He hasn't done anything inappropriate for years"

- Had R. Kelly put on shots that killed in libido

- Made R. Kelly change the lyrics to 'Ignition' because it was about a Student/teacher relationship

Die faster plz
Will Graham shifty eyes
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Siren 2X08 promo (spring finale)

Promo for episode 2X08, 'Leverage', which is the spring finale. No date yet for the rest of the season.
' Mermaids and humans join forces in a radical plan to stop the oil company, but their efforts have a devastating effect. And facing an uncertain future, Ben, Maddie and Ryn come together for a romantic farewell.'


Are you all emotionally ready for the hiatus?

Jussie Smollet Indicted on 16 Felony Counts by Grand Jury

There is also an internal investigation in the Chicago Police Department into who has been leaking information to the press.

From the article:
"I would like to point out that a lot of the information out there was inaccurate and there were numerous agencies involved in this investigation," Sgt. Rocco Alioto said in a statement to THR. "As a standard procedure when there are allegations of information being leaked, an internal investigation has been opened and we are also looking at our vulnerabilities."

Smollett maintains his innocence. He is due back in court March 14 to face his disorderly conduct charge.

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Ava Duvernay, Constance Wu and Jessica Chastain on the April cover of Marie Claire

- They are said to be some of the most engaged women of the Time's Up organization

- There are labelled pictures of each: Constance is the firebrand, Ava is the groundbreaker, and Jessica is the champion

- Ava says her biggest career regret was to forgo her writing credit on Selma

- Constance says she's outspoken because she's sensitive, even though people assume she isn't

- People have told Jessica that she needs be a little more quiet with "all this woman talk"


If you had to pick famous women to represent feminism today, who would you pick, ONTD?

Also, happy international women's day ♥

Katie Cassidy to exit Arrow for 2nd time

-It is being reported that Katie Cassidy has decided to leave Arrow, exiting the series for the 2nd time (the 1st time she was written and killed off in S4 before coming back full time again in S6 as an evil doppelganger)

-Katie recently revealed a new look on IG further fueling the rumors of her exit with a caption that reads "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life"

-7x18 will most likely be her siren song though with Arrow ending with its 8th season she will likely cameo in at least 1 episode of its 10 episodes.

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Keith Urban reveals Nicole Kidman is a ‘maniac’ in the bedroom


Keith Urban has revealed the inspiration behind his racy track Gemini is wife Nicole Kidman.

Urban told British publication iNews:

“The song is actually about Nicole”

In the song he sings about her “waking to make love in the middle of the night”.

The 51-year-old added:

“She loves it,”

“It’s a fun song. My co-writer Julia Michaels asked me to describe Nicole and that’s what came out. She is Gemini but she’s not a contradiction. She can roll with things.”


Why China Has Embraced 'Green Book' Like a Blockbuster


the chinese box office for Green Book is crazy good (X), but why?

- China is very interested in the Oscars

- the movie came out right after it won best picture

- Jack Ma's Alibaba Pictures helped produce it, so the movie's win is seen as a win for China:

"All of China is celebrating Green Book's Oscar win. Alibaba surpassed even Netflix and Amazon to become the first internet company to co-finance and co-produce an Oscar best picture winner. After a film with Chinese investment won this award, it feels like Chinese cinema and our national pride are not so far from the Oscars after all."

- Chinese audience is not very familiar with US race relations, which was the biggest criticism in US reviews of the movie:

"The seemingly heavy and sensitive topic is presented in a road trip setting and in a rather comedic fashion. This somehow makes it easier for it to resonate and be understood for Chinese moviegoers — they don’t need to be equipped with a lot of historic background."
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Jordan Peele nerds out to horror films

-Scariest villain for him is Michael Myers.
-Favorite final girl is Jada Pinkett Smith in "Demon Knight".
-Favorite performance ever is Shelley Duvall in "The Shining".
-For his Avengers-style crew, he'd include Freddy, Chucky, Candyman, a silver ball from "Phantasm", and a graboid from "Tremors".


Any new horror movies you guys watching, ONTD?

Wade Robson and James Safechuck interview round up

Buzzfeed Interview:

  • James on whether or not doing the documentary was healing for him: “I think Wade found it cathartic. I did not. It was not healing for me.”

  • James on how his mom became a part of the documentary: Safechuck ruled out asking his mother, Stephanie, directly to participate, because he knew she would say yes to anything he asked. “She, at this point, would do anything for me,” he said. “So I tried to have it be as much of her decision as possible.” So he invited his mom over to his house while Reed was there, and let the filmmaker make his case on his own. “Dan has a way,” he said, laughing. “Once they built their own relationship, she was like, ‘OK, I get what he’s trying to do.’”

  • Wade on his mixed feelings about his mom appearing in the documentary: “She was going to receive a certain amount of negative pushback and, you know, blame for what happened. Because I felt that towards her, as well, you know? My mother was really suspicious of Dan and this film. There’s a certain amount of, uh, denial in her life. I didn’t know to what degree she had processed everything that really has happened to me, and had happened to our family. So I didn’t know to what degree she’d be able to speak in a clear way about it all. But then I also had to realize, ‘You know what? Wherever she’s at, that’s the truth.’”

  • Wade's mother has still not heard the details of his abuse and had Dan skip over the parts in the documentary because she can't handle it and said it would give her nightmares. Wade said this about it: “No. She, uh, she had Dan skip over the parts about the abuse. That’s a little challenging for me. It’s like, come on, mom, you’ve gotta face this whole thing.”

  • In the documentary, Wade's mom, Joy Robson, spoke about how Wade told her he didn't want to want to testify in the 2005 trial and didn't want her to testify either because he wanted nothing to do with it. Joy asked him now as an adult when Wade was 21 if Michael ever abused him. Wade looked her in the eye and told her no. Joy told him that he should testify because Michael was his friend, Wade and Malcaulay Culkin were the only two people in the world who could save him, and Michael wouldn't survive in prison.

[tw: sexual abuse, tw: suicide]

  • Wade revealed his father who committed suicide in 2002 was also a survivor of child sexual abuse: “I’ve learned in the last few years that he was also sexually abused, as a kid,” he said. “I never knew that when he was alive.” Robson shifted again. He brought up the family’s first trip to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch when he says the abuse began. “I learned this within the last, you know, whatever, five or six years,” he said. “My mother told me that my father said to my mother when he got on the plane to go back to Australia, ‘Let’s not tell everyone that Wade was sleeping in the room with Michael. People wouldn’t understand.’” Safechuck’s already wide eyes went wider. “What to make of that?” he said. Robson shook his head. “I don’t know what to do with that.”

  • Wade on the Jackson estate: “What the estate and the Jacksons are trying to do — with obviously no boundaries and no human limit in what they’ll do to protect the image [of] Michael Jackson, the cash cow — is maybe a slightly heightened example of what so many survivors go through. In so many survivors’ cases, they’re not believed. They’re discredited, they’re shamed, by the perpetrator or people surrounding the perpetrator. And they’re revictimized over and over again. This is what the estate and the Jacksons are doing. They’re doing it to me, they’re doing it to James, but more importantly, they’re doing it to all survivors by these actions that they’re taking. It’s a nasty attempt, clutching at straws, to discredit something that they know is true. They’ve been hiding it and paying people off and shaming victims and terrifying victims of Michael’s for years. The thing is, I’m not going anywhere, James is not going anywhere. No matter what happens, I will never be silent again.”

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First reviews are in for Jordan Peele's "Us" starring Lupita Nyong'o

Jordan Peele's very anticipated followup to 'Get Out', 'Us' starring Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, debuted tonight at SXSW, and the insanely positive reviews are coming in. Take a look.

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Lindsay Shookus doesn’t drink around Ben Affleck anymore

Affleck is back in a relationship with “Saturday Night Live” producer Lindsay Shookus

According to Page Six sources, Lindsay “is like his sober coach” this time around

“Lindsay doesn’t drink around Ben,” and, “She isn’t keeping alcohol in her home.”

About the paparazzi shots of the couple walking with giant coffees, a source says “They drink coffee a lot — she encourages that instead of alcohol.”

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you can win James McAvoy’s signed shirt from the Oscars by donating for a good cause


Know what I did on February 24th? Went to the Oscars. Presented. Got mugged by Sharpie-wielding celebrities!

When I found a Sharpie lying on the floor, I just asked people to totally deface my beautiful white shirt. Sure, it was an off-the-cuff, alcohol-infused idea, but now I get to auction it off and raise money for an organization that means a lot to me!

For only a $10 minimum donation to Ronald McDonald House® New York, you could win the shirt I wore to the Oscars (don’t worry, it’ll be clean!) and help a great cause! Just look at all these cool autographs you’ll get—me (of course), Brie Larsen, Frances McDormand, Charlize Theron, Amy Adams, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, Bryana Holly, Amanda Peet, Melissa McCarthy, Sophie Turner, Joe Jonas, Nicholas Hoult, Karamo Brown, Taylor Swift, Rumer Willis, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Sam Rockwell, Hellen Mirren, Elizabeth Banks, Kerry Washington, Zoe Kravitz, Jason Momoa, Michelle Yeoh...oh, and many more we're still trying to decipher!

Your donation helps Ronald McDonald House New York provide temporary lodging and care for families while their child battles cancer. If you want to give more, you’ll get extra entries!

Thanks for your support!


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