March 7th, 2019

Someone Great | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Aspiring music journalist Jenny (Gina Rodriguez) has just landed her dream job at an iconic magazine and is about to move to San Francisco. Rather than do long distance, her boyfriend of nine years (Lakeith Stanfield) decides to call it quits. To nurse her broken heart, Jenny gathers up her two best friends Erin (DeWanda Wise) and Blair (Brittany Snow) for one outrageous last adventure in New York City. From writer/director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (creator of MTV’s Sweet/Vicious) SOMEONE GREAT is a hilarious and heartfelt story of friendship, love, and what it means to let go of your twenties and enter adulthood.

Watch Someone Great April 19 on Netflix!

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Riverdale 3x15 Promo, "American Dreams" + More

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FP — As Gladys prepares for FP’s 50th (neither time nor math exist in this town) birthday party, Jughead questions his mom’s motives for returning to Riverdale.

When an unexpected encounter with a random juvie guard brings Archie back into the world of G&G, Bughead formulate a plan to help him.

Finally, Choni find themselves at a crossroads, and Veronica tells Betty that Gladys is the big, bad new drug dealer in town.

Alice, Fred, Hiram, Kevin, and Reggie also appear.

Directed by Gabriel Correa and written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.


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A collection of Madonna demos/alternate versions has leaked

Madonna might not have released new music officially in four years now but here's something to tie you over until the next record comes along; various Madonna tracks including some unreleased new songs and different versions of released ones have leaked online this week. The songs come from a 1997 demo CD from the Ray of Light sessions.

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Are you jamming ONTD?

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Emma Watson to (possibly) co-star in Black Widow

Per That Hashtag Show, Emma Watson is the front runner for the role of the co-lead in Black Widow. The character is described as a “kick ass female Bond”, for which the studio is said to be seeking an actress capable of a physically demanding role who also “feels similar” to star Scarlet Johansson.

Other names in contention are Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures and the upcoming Netflix series Ratched) and Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages, Neighborhood) and Florence Pugh, who will star alongside Watson in Little Women.

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Kate Beckinsale defends the meme of her making out with Pete Davidson by saying :“Antoni is gay"

Kate Beckinsale and Butthole eyes, visually assaulted the public with their gross pda. Antoni Porowski unluckily sat next to the couple at New York Rangers game at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Sunday. Porowski is visibly disgusted and repulsed by beckinsale and butthole eyes. Since then the internet made butthole eyes and beckinsale into a meme. The underworld actress addressed the meme with: “Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all,”adding the hashtag, “#queereye.” Beckinsale dug herself into a deeper grave with that comment.

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Love is Dad: Rita Orta and Andrew Garfield Split

Rumored to be a couple in Nov 2018.

Probably broke up right after the New Year.

Garfield allegedly wanted a more "private life" and was concerned about Rita's high-profile lifestyle (lmao what?).

Garfield has recently been linked to actress Aisling Bea.


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to open May 31 at Disneyland (CA), Aug 29 at DisneyWorld (FL)

Disney's highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands will open on May 31 at Disneyland in Anaheim and August 29 at DisneyWorld in Florida. This is sooner than rumored, and Disney CEO Bob Iger says the timeline was accelerated “in light of the tremendous demand.” There will initially be a no-cost reservation system to keep crowds managable (thanks for the note, kerosene_pill).

The areas of the park will tie in with a promotional push around Star Wars Episode IX, including an interactive experience called “Rise of the Resistance."

Of the "Rise of the Resistance" experience, which will open later than the lands as a whole, Iger says “It will blur the lines for our guests between fantasy and reality and put them right in the middle of the Rebellion. No one has ever attempted anything of this magnitude."


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Indie Film Release Guide: March 8th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

We all know that Captain Marvel is coming out this weekend; in fact, the other big studios didn’t even try to counterprogram against it. But there are more than a handful of indies being released this weekend, and this post aims to be an informative guide to those films.

The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: March 1st, February 22nd, and February 15th.

Feel free to add your letterboxd handle in the comments!

Gloria Bell

Stars: Julianne Moore, Sean Astin, John Turturro, Jeanne Tripplehorne
Writer: Alice Johnson Boher, Sebastián Lelio
Director: Sebastián Lelio
Genre: Drama, Romance
Plot: A free-spirited woman in her 50s seeks out love at L.A. dance clubs.
What you should know: This is an American remake of 2013’s Gloria, by the same director.
Opens in: Select cities

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What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Planning on seeing anything this weekend?

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Demi Lovato and boyfriend split

Demi Lovato has split from designer Henry Levy, who she met while in rehab following an overdose last Summer.

A source close to Lovato, 26, confirmed to PEOPLE that the couple are no longer dating, and reports indicating he was her sober companion are 'not true'.

The couple dated for 4 months.


Ariana Grande gets ready for the Sweeterner world tour!

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Do you plan on seeing Ari on tour? Have you try her new Starbuck drinks?

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Ariana Grande facing backlash over Starbucks partnership

Ariana Grande partnered with Starbucks this week to launch her very own drink called the 'Cloud Macchiato', and social media erupted in complaints criticizing the singer for both making a mockery of the 'working class' by taking selfies in a barista apron, and also the fact her drink isn't vegan (the foam is made with egg) despite the singer previously claiming to be vegan herself.

Starbucks confirming the drink isn't vegan:

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Except maybe Song of the South.

The streaming wars just got the ante upped.

Bob Iger said very recently, like an hour or so ago, "And at some point fairly soon after launch it will house the entire Disney motion picture library, so the movies that you speak of that traditionally have been kept in a ‘vault' and brought out basically every few years will be on the service."

So buh-bye pain in the ass Disney vault.

No word on if this extends to their television properties. Probably not.

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Arrow Cast & Crew Post to SM About the Shows End

It was announced yesterday that the first of the CW's DC shows, Arrow, will come to an end with a 10 episodes season 8 that will premiere in the fall. Cast members, both current and past, took to social media to start to say goodbye to the series that kicked off the Arrowverse.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now In The Water Business; Also Has Thoughts On Psychedelic Drugs

Gwyneth demoed "Flow Alkaline Spring Water" at a trade show recently with founder, Nicholas Reichenbach.

While there she tried out the company's Flow Alkaline Spring Water’s Augmented Reality Grocery Experience which per the article is " 'a unique augmented reality mirror' that allows 'consumers to tap into their own superpowers by tracking [their] face to add superpower illustrations that coincide with Flow’s original alkaline spring water.' "

(this sentence is damn near incomprehensible)

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HBO's 'Bleed For The Throne' blood donation contest excludes gay and bisexual men

HBO partnered with the American Red Cross on a blood donation campaign, the winner of which gets to attend the Season 8 Game of Thrones premiere. The problem? Per FDA regulation, men looking to donate must not have had sexual contact with another man in the past 12 months — effectively excluding many gay and bisexual men from the contest.

HBO and the Red Cross issued a joint statement saying their immersive "Bleed for the Throne" event at SXSW, which kicks off the contest, is open to those who cannot donate blood if they are willing to wait in a standby line. Those who can’t donate in the national blood drive can still enter the contest by contacting the Red Cross Donor Support Center.

However, these alternatives were not included in press materials, and both organizations refused to say where (if at all) they publicized them. Plus, participants who enter without donating do not receive the limited edition blood-splattered Iron Throne t-shirt that donors do.

For many, this was a spark to talk about the larger issue surrounding the exclusion: the FDA's outdated and fear-based regulations.

Of note, the Red Cross is currently facing a major blood shortage.

[HBO and the American Red Cross tweet advertising the contest]


Michael Jacobs-hagen comes forward as one of Michael Jackson's victims + more

Michael Jacobs-hagen who was called "Rubba Rubba" came forward about being one of Michael Jackson's victims.
[trigger warning: details of sexual assault here + under the cut]
He says that Jackson never performed explicit sexual acts on him, but he slept in the same bed with him with both in just boxer shorts and always cuddled with him inappropriately and kissed his head and cheek and rubbed his hair, especially when he was high on medication. In 1998, Jackson stripped in front of him in a jacuzzi and asked him if he wanted to take of his swim trunks as well, but he told him that he felt uncomfortable being naked since he was only 14 and didn't. Jackson also gave him the NAMBLA book "The Boy: A Photographic Essay" which had pictures of naked young boys. At the source you can see a photo of the book with a note to "Rubba Rubba" from Jackson, pictures of Jacobs-hagen and Jackson together, and notes/letters Jackson wrote to Jacobs-hagen.
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Late Night - Official Trailer

Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) is a pioneer and legendary host on the late-night talk-show circuit. When she’s accused of being a “woman who hates women,” she puts affirmative action on the to-do list, and—presto!—Molly (Mindy Kaling) is hired as the one woman in Katherine’s all-male writers’ room. But Molly might be too little too late, as the formidable Katherine also faces the reality of low ratings and a network that wants to replace her. Molly, wanting to prove she’s not simply a diversity hire who’s disrupting the comfort of the brotherhood, is determined to help Katherine by revitalizing her show and career—and possibly effect even bigger change at the same time. LATE NIGHT is in theaters June 7th.
Sabrina 103

"Triple Frontier" Madrid & New York Premieres

Madrid Premiere

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New York Premiere

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for those who haven't seen it yet or haven't heard of it before, here is the trailer

Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal attempt to rob one of the world’s most violent cartels in Triple Frontier — on Netflix (March 6th) and in select theaters.

for those who have seen it, how was it?
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Meet the New Members of the SUICIDE SQUAD Reboot.

After it was reported yesterday that Idris Elba would replace Will Smith as Deadshot, some more members of the team have been announced (not cast);

  • Ratcatcher; An exterminator who turned to a life of crime, summoning rats to do their bidding. Rumored to be gender-swapped.

  • Sorry Killer Croc; Welcome King Shark. He's a shark person.

  • It's almost his time to shine; After a brief, brief cameo in The Lego Batman Movie, Polka-Dot Man could have a bigger appearance in this reboot-quel. He grows polkadots on his body and summons weapons from them.

  • Finally, there's Peacemaker, who uses murder to achieve peace. Kind of like the US Military. Gunn has said that he imagines his most vocal supporter, Dave Bautista, in this role.

  • Also, Joel Kinnaman is not returning as Rick Flagg. Zero tears were shed.


Candyman News: Tony Todd Not Contacted for New Film + Teyonnah Parris In Talks for Role

Though Tony Todd is hurt that he wasn't contacted for the Candyman reboot, he also asks that people not be quick to "cancel" the reboot

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This "spiritual sequel" to the original film will still take place in Chicago, but the area is now gentrified. Abdul-Mateen (Aquaman/The Get Down), who is still in talks for the movie, would play an artist who becomes obsessed with the legend of Candyman. Teyonnah Parris is in talks to play Abdul-Mateen's girlfriend, who is an art dealer.

Parris was reccently in If Beale Street Could Talk, though others may recognize her for her roles in Mad Men, Dear White People, Chi-Raq, and Empire

Have you ever been excluded from something you helped create?
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Riverdale Roundup: 3x15 Promotional Stills, Camila in the MCU (??), and More

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FP's turning 50, and Gladys is prepping for the party, but Jughead is getting wise to the fact that mom didn't really come back to town just to reunite the family. He'll probably find out she's a drug dealer eventually since Veronica will tell Betty who will probably tell him at some point.

A past encounter brings Archie back into the world of G&G, and Bughead come up with a plan that might involve him fighting a bunch of costumed LARPers who want to kill him.

Finally, Choni find themselves at a crossroads (probably Pretty Poisons related again though maybe it has to do with creepy child grooming Nana Rose), and Cheryl plants Heathers the Musical in Cult Kevin's head.

Alice, Fred, Hiram, and Reggie also show up. No Josie even though Archie's getting the shit kicked out of him again.

Written by RAS so expect a middling mess.


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New Trailer & Posters for Cinemax's 'Warrior'

- Based off the treatments by Bruce Lee - Warrior is about Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), a martial arts prodigy from China who migrate to San Francisco and becomes a hachetman for one of Chinatown's powerful tongs (Chinese organized crime family). Justin Lin and Bruce Lee's daughter Shannon Lee are both executive producers. Showrunner is Jonathan Tropper who is most known for the Cinemax series "Banshee"
- The series is 10 episodes and premieres on Cinemax April 5th.

SOURCE: Trailer | Posters

Break out the Bananarama pancakes, Cobra Kai is back for Season 2.

ONTD Are you ready for a Cruel Summer?
Who's side are you on... Team Cobra Kai or Team Miyagi-Do?

Source: Rotten Tomatoes Twitter

Lana Del Rey to sell forthcoming poetry book for just $1

-Likely inspired by velvet nights, red party dresses, and badboys, Lana Del Rey will be releasing a $1 book of poetry because she says her thoughts are priceless
-Is offering to personally drop off some boxes to mom-and-pop SoCal/San Fran-area book stores, if they wish to sell her book
-The book will be called Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass
-She shared a sample haiku (more poems at the source): “Jasmine in the air / the burden of fame is real / never felt so clear.”


ONTD, have you ever written some poetry?

Watch the first episode of ‘TRANSMISSION’ – New Order’s ‘Movement’ documentary series

-Available on YouTube, the documentary will chronicle the making of their 1981 album 'Movement'
-The era marked their first album after Ian Curtis' suicide, thus the end of Joy Division
-Meanwhile, the album will be re-issued on April 5th on vinyl and CD with a ton of bonus cuts
-The band is touring this summer; OP is sad she missed out when they visited her town last year


Some New Artists to Celebrate International Women's Day (ONTD Original)

It's ladies night what! It must be OP on the mic! Okay I'll stop. Since it is soon approaching or already is International Women's Day in your part of the world, OP in her infinite wisdom wanted to curate a music playlist celebrating some new tracks from some ladies around the world. OP did her best traveling the world like Rick Steves and now she's back to bring you some ladies creating their art and making their stamp on the world. OP tried to narrow down to some artists who haven't been posted here or pretty infrequently. There's rap, indie, experimental, R&B.

1. IAMDBB - Kurr£ncy

Break out the tea and crumpets bruv - this Manchester rapper has released her new mixtape, Swervvvvv.5 which she describes as "urban trap jazz". Check out her latest single from her 2018 album Flightmode.

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OP would put more but she is tired, but finding these ladies gave her so many frequent flyer miles. Share your favorite ladies on for International Women's Day!
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Zara accused of uglifying Chinese women

A Zara make up ad using Chinese super model, Li Jingwen, has sparked a huge debate in China because she’s seen with her freckles on display.

Prompting many users to claim it was a deliberate attempt to make Asian women look ugly, while others applauded the authenticity showcased in these photos.

Most of the users claim it is an insult to China. The ad has over 500 million views on Weibo and counting, forcing Zara to put out a statement claiming the photos were taken under natural light with no retouching

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