March 2nd, 2019


JoBros' "Sucker" tops iTunes

"Sucker", Jonas Brother's first song in 6 years, has topped the US iTunes chart. It's currently selling 3 times as much Shallow which has been at the top of the iTunes chart for ages (theevilisdefeated.gif) per kworb.


Todd in the Shadows Takes on Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" Song/Video

YouTube music reviewer Todd in the Shadows takes on Ariana Grande's latest hit (source?), "7 Rings" and the recent ramping up outside of ONTDs discussion of her culturally appropriate ways. He also uses The Nightmare before Christmas as a way to simply explain the concept of cultural appropriation and it's pretty great.

Enjoy & discuss, ONTD!


‘The Eternals’ Set to Star Marvel Studios First Openly Gay Male Lead

The studio searches for an actor, 30-49, who “physically looks like a superhero” for one of the film’s leads. While the studio is open to actors of all ethnicity, they would prefer the role to go to an openly gay actor.


Starbucks cat paw shaped cup causes furor in China

The latest trend in China that has made people to camp out outside stores is a mug in the shape of a cat paw.

With a price of 199 yuan, it's currently sold out, however if not in China, you can try your luck at the official Starbucks store on Taobao, where 1,000 cups will be released a day until March 3

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ONTD Original: 20 Gay Actors that could lead "Marvel's The Eternals"

Follow-up to this post. Marvel is looking for an out gay actor to play what could be our first gay superhero. Here's 20 guys that could play the role:

20. Chris Salvatore
Chances of landing the role: 2/10.
Pro: Very cute. With a bit of a lean body that could be trained to be a superhero.
Cons: I don't think Disney's gonna love his Eating Out roles, nor that his dick is all over Pornhub.

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Source: Me and my gay ass.

ONTD, who do you wanna see?

Carly Rae Jepsen once saw Seal eat an entire loaf of bread on a plane

Carly Rae Jepsen sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 earlier this week to promote both of her newly released singles. In the interview Jepsen confirms a studio album is coming this year and that she has around 200 songs recorded. But perhaps the most bizarre part of her interview was when Jepsen admitted that she once saw British singer Seal eat an entire loaf of gluten-free bread on a private flight.

She explains that she, Michael Bolton, and Seal were all on a private jet flying to a charity gala they were all booked on when it happened. Carly admits she secretly recorded him to ask a friend later on about it. “He opened the bread, he removed a piece, he closed the bread, he ate the whole piece, nothing on it,” she said. “Then he did it all over again.” You can watch the full interview above, the bread portion begins at the 5 minute mark.

“Now That I Found You” & “No Drug Like Me” are available now on iTunes and all streaming platforms.

ONTD, do you eat entire loaves of bread, plain?

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Kim Kardashian Begs YouTube to Stop Alleged 'Momo Challenges' From Appearing in Kids Videos

· On IG stories, Kim shared a Facebook post from a parent warning others to monitor their children's Youtube time after discovering the "Momo challenge"
· Per the parent, Momo turns up midway through child-friendly videos (e.g., unboxing videos, Peppa Pig, etc) and threatens to kill the child's parents and encourages children to set fires or kill themselves
· Kim tagged Youtube and said "please help!!" Youtube thanked Kim and released a statement, saying they haven't seen any recent evidence of videos which promote the Momo challenge. Youtube says videos that encourage violent or harmful challenges are against their policy, although Momo herself (hahahahah) isn't against their policy. They said Momo isn't allowed on Youtube Kids and they are taking steps to ensure she doesn't appear there in the future


The best part about this is the parents all over social media saying, "I showed Momo to my 4 year old and he said he's never seen her but now he's scared to sleep by himself!" hahaha
what's y'all's favorite internet hoax?

Advocates for survivors of sexual abuse object to bus ads proclaiming Michael Jackson's innocence

· Advocates for survivors of sexual abuse are speaking out against London bus ads, saying the ads send the wrong message and may discourage victims from speaking out for fear they will not be believed. The ads feature a photo of Michael Jackson with his mouth covered with the word "innocent" and the slogan, "Facts don't lie. People do."
· In an interview with ITV, one advocate said, "My message for transport for London, on behalf of victims of sexual violence, and those that support and work with victims of sexual violence, is to take it down, is to get rid of it"
· ITV also spoke to a fan [I am assuming he's the one behind the ads but ITV didn't introduce anyone by name in this piece, so idk] who said the ads exist because Michael's "not here to defend himself & TV stations have their platform to tell their story." The fan says he's "not at all" worried that the slogan discourages abuse survivors from speaking out because the slogan is specific to Michael Jackson
· The ads were paid for by fans in a crowdfunding campaign which raised £13,435 of their £20,000 goal in one month. The ads began their run this week and will continue until the end of March. A complaint has been filed with Transport for London, although the ads don't appear to violate any rules. Michael's nephew Taj takes credit for the slogan and said he is proud to see it on the buses

Page Six: Chris Evan’s dating history

Page Six goes through ONTD favorite Chris Evan’s dating history and the famous ex-girlfriends he’s dated over the years. Watch the full video above or read on.

Jessica Biel (Dated: 2001-2006)

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ONTD, are you trying to get on this list?


Khloe Kardashian Says Tristan Thompson to Blame for Breakup, Not Jordyn Woods

Follow up to this post. After being dragged on Twitter for blaming Jordyn Woods for breaking up her family, Khole has a change of heart. She now puts the blame on Tristian.

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Never forget:

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People Genuinely Believe Meghan Markle is Faking Her Pregnancy

Meghan Markle has come in for more than her fair share of criticism since joining the British royal family last year, and I'm not referring to the crap coming from her publicity-hungry father and half-sister.

London tabloids and royal watchers alike delight in thinly-veiled racist and classist attacks portraying her as a conniving, social climbing American interloper. But the latest criticism of her to gain traction online is that she's faking her current pregnancy by wearing a "moonbump" prosthesis. The hashtag #DuchessofDeception is currently trending on Twitter.

Just a sample of the insanity:

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Warped Tour announces 25th anniversary lineups; they aren't that bad

-Warped Tour claimed it's "final" tour was last year, but I guess not
-These shows will be in California, Cleveland, and Atlantic City
-Cleveland's show will only have 6 bands though
-People seem to be impressed with these lineups
-Tickets are on sale now


A Scam is Born: Lady Gaga fans create a fake Starbucks offer to get “Shallow” to number one

Little Monsters have moved on from offering blowjobs on Craigslist for anyone who purchases Lady Gaga’s music to now spreading fake offers from Starbucks on social media. It started when Nico (@fkanico) started hearing the news that “Shallow” had a new resurgence in streaming and sales and could possibly hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He says he knew he had to help Gaga and got the idea to make up a free offer from Starbucks when he walked by one after school. He created a fake graphic with the promotional offer and shared it on Twitter with the hashtag #ShallowBucks. It then quickly spread online and all over Twitter.

It got so big, Starbucks had to respond to users online to let them know that the promotional offer was not real or valid. When asked if he’s scared of getting in trouble, Nico responded saying, “When I tweeted it I was honestly really worried since I don't know if I could get into any legal trouble but I thought since nobody is losing any money doing it, it should be ok.” More behind the cut.

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ONTD, would you create a scam to secure a no. 1 for your fave?

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it follows

'Treehouse' from Hulu's 'Into The Dark' is a #Metoo story with a twist


'Into The Dark' has been delivering monthly Blumhouse movies on Hulu since October, some hit or miss. For March, Jimmi Simpson stars as a celebrity chef trying to escape a tabloid scandal with a weekend getaway that goes awry.

"I had an idea for this movie for years, well before #MeToo and Time’s Up," director James Roday told Refinery29 over phone. "The genesis was having a lot of really good friends who are women, and listening to their stories of social injustice, normalized unacceptable sexual behavior, and toxic masculinity, and feeling like I wish I could do something other than pat them on the back and carry a sign twice a year."

Roday said it was important to have more women in production crew for this movie. "We hired all women department heads to make this movie, from design to editing to composing," Roday said. "It is so easy and simple it is to populate a film set with talented women because there are so many of them."

The director shared that real change is going to take generations, deprogramming and talking to kids differently, and in meantime we should try to bring about change any means necessary.

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'Treehouse' is streaming on Hulu.

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Terry Crews says kids who don't have both a mother and a father are "malnourished"

Terry Crews has been going on and on about how kids need to have both a mother and a father because fathers are important and they give you your name and a bunch of other stuff based on stereotypical gender roles. When asked about kids with same-sex parents, he responded that they're "severely malnourished"

To his credit, after receiving some backlash he deleted the tweet and apologized but continues to defend his position.

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Hermione holds Ron

John Mulaney hosts tonight's Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Thomas Rhett

Emmy-winning SNL writer John Mulaney returns to host tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Thomas Rhett.


Ian McShane Doesn't Hold Back In New Interview

He discusses how the push for diversity in Hollywood has changed the conversation around race and gender.

Ian McShane suggests that when “white people” are asked about race, they “should shut the fuck up.”
“What are they supposed to say? You just have to zip it.”

He lamented that “there can be no proper discussion of race and gender anymore.” He thinks the #MeToo movement has gone “too far.” He points out Jeffrey Tambor’s ousting as an example. He says the actor was fired because “it all became so political.”

He says that network TV dramas are “really the same show every week with a twist”.
He calls the BAFTAs a “crapshow.”
He is amused that “Game of Thrones” fans got mad at him for calling the show “only tits and dragons” after his cameo appearance. “I couldn’t believe that reaction! But that’s the problem when you have these cult-like supporters.”


Will Forte Is the New Voice of Shaggy, and No One Told Matthew Lillard

There’s going to be a new “Scooby-Doo” animated movie. 
Will Forte is set to be the voice of Shaggy.
Matthew Lillard has revealed that he only found out about his replacement through Twitter.
Lillard played Shaggy in 2002's Scooby-Doo and 2004's Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. 
He has voiced the animated version of the character since original voice actor Casey Kasem retired from the role in 2009.

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