March 1st, 2019

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Who Went Home On The Premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11?


- Season 11 is now on Thursdays at 9/8C
- Mini Challenge: Each queen is paired with a Drag Race alumna and must take control of their own photoshoot
[Winner]Silky Nutmeg Ganache
- Maxi Challenge: Each queen is assigned a trunk with materials that reference Drag Race alumni and asked to make an outfit that reflects their style.
- Guest Judge: Miley Cyrus

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Source: My eyes at the viewing party
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Jameela Jamil confirms she has Ehler-Danos Syndrome, a rare genetic condition

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I can't believe I'm including a scientific journal article as a source on fucking ONTD lmao. Wishing her all the best ♥

Amanda Bynes had a stress-induced relapse and checked into a mental health facility

TMZ is reporting that Amanda Bynes checked herself back into a mental health facility at the end of January after suffering a stress-induced relapse. Sources say it started months ago when Amanda slowly began to be more in the public eye and started auditioning again for roles in Hollywood.


Khloé Kardashian calls out Jordyn Woods following her RedTableTalk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith

Khloé Kardashian called Jordyn Woods a liar following her interview with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk. Woods denies sleeping with Tristan and that she only kissed him.

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First Look: Ava DuVernay's Central Park Five Miniseries "When They See Us"

The series chronicles the trial of the Central Park Five, a group of black and Latinos teenagers falsely imprisoned for the brutal rape and assault of a white female jogger in 1989.

The series has an all-star cast including including Jovan Adepo, Chris Chalk, Michael K. Williams, Vera Farmiga, John Leguizamo, Felicity Huffman, Niecy Nash, Aunjanue Ellis, Kylie Bunbury, Joshua Jackson, Blair Underwood, Christopher Jackson, Aurora Perrineau, and Storm Reid.

The miniseries premieres worldwide on Netflix May 31st

Source one, source two

'The View' Round-Up: Jared Kushner security clearance, Bernie Sanders, Natasha Lyonne, Tyler Perry

The New York Times reported that Trump told his advisors to give his son-in-law Jared Kushner security clearance, going against their advice because of concerns about Kushner's business dealings. They discuss Abby's sit-down interview with Ivanka Trump, who claimed that her father had nothing to do with her and Kushner getting their security clearance. Meghan says the reason she doesn't like Ivanka is because there never seems to be a real person in there.

Bernie Sanders says that this time around his campaign will "be stronger, we’ll be involving more people, it’ll be more diverse, and most importantly, this time, we’re gonna win." In response to critics who say he's too old, he says "judge people by the work that they do." While Hillary Clinton has given advice to his opponents like Amy Klobuchar, she has not called him and Sanders does not anticipate talking to her. They have fundamental differences.

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'A Madea Family Funeral' kicks off weekend box office with $1.1M from Thursday previews

Tyler Perry apparently keeps saying over and over that he's sick of playing Madea and that this one's the last of this series, but who knows with him. Anyway, 'A Madea Family Funeral' was one of two big-ish releases this weekend, bringing in $1.1 million on Thursday, and is expected to make $18M-$20M this weekend (on probably around a $20M budget). 'How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World' is still expected to repeat its box office top spot this weekend, bringing in another $27M-$36M.

Also out is the thriller 'Greta' starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Moretz, which is expected to make around $4M this weekend.

Or, you can just avoid the theaters this weekend, and wait till Thursday for 'Captain Marvel's release anyway.

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X-Men Dark Phoenix International Trailer

It was released a day after the US trailer, and makes a bit more sense.

Can you manage one post without ripping into all the female cast members, ONTD?
Since this is like the end of an era, favourite X-Men movie?

Jeffree Star inserts himself into the Khloe Kardashian drama

Former MySpace celebrity Jeffree Star inserted himself into the Khloe Kardashian/Jordyn Woods drama by giving his take on the situation. He says living in the city and interacting with make-up artists and other industry people, everyone was already aware of Tristan Thompson's cheating ways, and that Khloe is just trying to avoid embarrassment by blowing the Jordyn situation out of proportion.

Source, 2, 3

2 Chainz subtly calls out Ariana Grande for stealing his ideas without credit

2 Chainz suggested in a recent interview with Genius that he only collaborated with Ariana Grande to avoid being seen as "petty".

The rapper says when he initially confronted Grande about stealing his Trap House installation idea for her 7 Rings music video, she just said "Well yeah, I thought people knew I took that from you."

Instead of continuing to feed into it, he then just decided to swap collaborations with the singer, so he could still get some type of credit. (He appeared on her 7 Rings remix, and in exchange she provided a feature on his album as compensation)


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New trailer for Neil Marshall's "Hellboy" reboot

Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge. Starring David Harbour, Milla Jovovich, and Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Penelope Mitchell, with Daniel Dae Kim, the film opens in theaters April 12, 2019.


this actually looks good...

Academy Award Winner Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper May Dethrone Ariana Grande on BB100

-Shallow jumped from 9.6 million U.S. streams to over 25 million
-This would made it 22 weeks since the release to become #1, the same amount of weeks it took Just Dance.
-Continues to slay Digital Sales in 2019
-Would give Gaga her 4th #1 and Bradley his 1st


Steven Spielberg wants to make Netflix movies ineligible for Academy Awards

Steven Spielberg reportedly is proposing a rule change at an upcoming Academy Awards board meeting to make Netflix movies ineligible for nominations.

The 72-year-old director has previously compared Netflix originals to TV movies, saying “I don’t believe films that are just given token qualifications in a couple of theaters for less than a week should qualify for the Academy Award nomination.”

Now that Netflix's 'Roma' won 3 Oscar's this year, he wants to flat-out ban them from eligibility.

“Steven feels strongly about the difference between the streaming and theatrical situation. He’ll be happy if the others will join [his campaign] when that comes up [at the Academy Board of Governors meeting]. He will see what happens.”

Jaskier Bomb

Celebs and Co-Stars Send Their Well Wishes to Still Hospitalized Luke Perry

Since news broke of Luke Perry's hospitalization, many celebrities have reached out and sent their well wishes to him. His co-stars on Riverdale have also showed their support for him on social media.

[90210 cast]

[Riverdale cast]

[Other Actors]

Perry was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after reportedly suffering from a massive stroke. His rep denied that he'd been placed in a medically induced coma, but he is still under observation.

According to a producer for Entertainment Tonight, the production schedule for Riverdale is shifting to accommodate his recovery.

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Kylie Jenner Accuses Travis Scott of Cheating

- While Kylie claimed all was good between them, there's trouble in paradise.
- Travis Scott canceled his Astroworld concert in Buffalo Thursday night due to "illness," but sources Kris Jenner told TMZ that Kylie accused him of cheating on her and he's back in L.A. to work on their relationship.
- Kylie went out with her friends on Thursday night without him. (The nerve!)
-Travis' reps denied that he cheated on Kylie, but sources claim she found "evidence" that reveals he cheated.


BTS Sells Out 5 Stadium Dates In 1 Day + More Dates TBA

5 of the 8 Stadium dates went on sale today and despite the MESS (prices and seating charts released at the very last second... (: & Ticketmaster's useless site and app crashing several times) all 5 dates sold out in a few hours.

Wembley sold out in 90 mins.

The Mar 2nd date at the end of the tweets have lead most ppl to believe that 2nd dates for all 5 stops will be announced tomorrow.

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I managed to snatch a tix to Metlife, anyone else going to the tour?

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Rihsus Versailles IV for Dior

solange's when i get home film premiering today on apple music

solange has heard our cries and delivered the music we've needed in our time of struggle with when i get home.
the accompanying film debuting today at 4 pm(pst)/7 pm (est).


blessings on blessings on blessings on blessings
ontders with taste, are you ready for the visuals yet or are you still properly digesting the album of the year?

Trevor Noah thinks war between India and Pakistan would be the "most entertaining war" ever

Amid tensions between India and Pakistan, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah thought it would be a good idea to say that war between the two countries would be the most "entertaining war ever" and then proceed to go into a Bollywood dance number parody.

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Rose McGowan reveals she had abortion after birth control failed

Rose McGowan revealed on twitter she had an abortion after her birth control failed, in response to a tweet that stated 1 in 4 women have an abortion by age 45.

She said the decision ultimately came because she wasn't ready for motherhood, "I realized I could not bring a child into my world and simultaneously change the world. I do not regret my decision and it was not made lightly."

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ONTD makes an appearance on Cory Kennedy's Instagram Story

ONTD, do you remember Cory Kennedy? Not only does she appear in my icon with Jessica Stam, but she frequently appeared in photos on The Cobra Snake in the mid-late 2000s, and was probably ahead of her time in terms of being an influencer. (Her mother eventually realized she was a 16-year-old in LA nightclubs, and shipped her off to boarding school.)

Anyways, her sister Chris Kennedy sent her a photo of young Cory with Kim Kardashian, to which Cory replied "Lol." We made it, ONTD!

The ONTD post in question is from 2007 and can be seen here.

What's Cory up to now? She seems to have distanced herself from Mark Hunter AKA The Cobrasnake, although she posts the occasional photo from that heyday. She still gets invitations to fashion shows.

Sources: Me and my Instagram Story viewing/screenshotting skills, Google for finding the ONTD post

ONTD, did you live that alt rock/hipster life in the 2000s?

'Edge of Tomorrow' Sequel in Development at Warner Bros.

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman are expected to return, if they like the script.

Writer Matthew Robinson has been hired to develop the script


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's latest episode takes on #MeToo

The episode “He Said, She Said” was directed by Stephanie Beatriz (who plays Rosa Diez) and written by Lang Fisher. It's the first time the show has tackled a sexual assault case.

In the epiode Amy and Jake investigate a case, in which a finance consultant presses charges against a female co-worker, for breaking his penis after he tried to sexually assault her. They tackle a lot of the micro-agressions women face on a daily basis, and amidst working on the case Amy reveals to Jake that the reason she transferred to the Nine Nine in the first place is that her first Captain tried to coerce her into sex after supporting her promotion, causing her to doubt herself and her abilities.

Do you think they handled the issue well, ONTD?

We will never see the sex scenes for 'Crazy Rich Asians'


  • Adele Lim, screenwriter for the movie originally planned for there to be several sex scenes

  • Possibly wanting the largest audience for the movie Director John M. Chu and producers axed them

  • Adele says she wanted the sex scenes as the movie was for women and on a larger scale Asian men were never protrayed as sexy

  • She elaborates that asian women in pop culture are protrayed as sex workers while asian men are protrayed in tech-y asexuals roles. The shot of the character Michael (pictured above) coming out of the shower is quite foreign to cinema but Adele wants to make it normal and for others to get used to the idea that asian men can be sexy. Click here to view the scene

  • Lastly Adele is all for objectifying asian men, as she pretty much wants to be more common. She is glad they axed the scenes in favour of a larger audience but if she had her way the movie would've had a mature rating.

Source 1

Will Smith Gives Advice to Jordyn Woods After Tristan Thompson Scandal: 'Tell Your Truth'

During Friday's episode of Red Table Talk, Will Smith FaceTimed with Woods and he said:

“I would have loved to be there. There’s a lot of things about our relationship to her family. Jordyn’s father worked on Fresh Prince before she was born and I know how hard it was for you and your family when he passed. And I was watching you grow and become a woman and I had a deep sense that we would be here one day.”

He continued:

“What I want to say to you is that the world attacks. It just happens. You’ll never get around the world attacking but i want you to know that you are supported and i got you and we got you.”

Asked for advice, Will said:

“I would say take your medicine and tell your truth. This is a part of what growing up is. This is a part of what learning is.”


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Glastonbury Festival Ban Single-Use Plastics!

The British music festival has, for the first time ever, banned the sale of single-use plastic drinks bottles at their upcoming 2019 festival. There will also be no bottled water available backstage or in production, catering, and dressing room areas. Not even sucking dick will help you get your hands on Evian at this festival!

Festival-goers are being encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles to refill at the drinking taps around the site. Free drinking water will also be available from all bars and charity WaterAid will triple the number of its kiosks at the site.

The following statement was shared on their website:
"Our partners Greenpeace estimate that, globally, up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Greenpeace advises that by far the best way to avoid plastic pollution is to reduce plastic usage. With more than one million plastic bottles sold at Glastonbury 2017, we feel that stopping their sale is the only way forward."

Sources: 1 | 2

Are you making an effort to reduce your plastic waste, ONTD?

Johnny Depp Files $50 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Amber Heard


Depp Calls Heard's Abuse Claims an ‘Elaborate Hoax

According to court documents obtained by The Blast Depp calls the “false allegations” against him “an elaborate hoax to generate positive publicity” for her and “advance her career.” The lawsuit strongly states that she is the one attacked him, claiming, “Ms. Heard is not a victim of domestic abuse; she is a perpetrator.”

He says abuse claims were “conclusively refuted by two separate responding police officers, a litany of neutral third-party witnesses, and 87 newly obtained surveillance camera videos.”