February 19th, 2019

Tim & Saoirse

Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield In Talks for 'Jesus Was My Homeboy'

  • Black Panther director Ryan Coogler and Charles D. King are producing Jesus Was My Homeboy, a feature film about Black Panther Party member Fred Hampton.

  • Daniel Kaluuya is in talks to star as Hampton, with Stanfield in talks to play William O'Neal, the man who betrayed Hampton to the FBI.

  • Plot summary: The film will follow the rise and untimely demise of Hampton as seen through O’Neal’s eyes. It will explore how the FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers, the psychology of their informant and the notorious assassination of the young political leader who died at 21.

  • Shaka King (Newlyweeds, High Maintenance) will direct from a script by Will Berson (Sea Oak).

  • Kaluuya is currently shooting Queen & Slim, while Stanfield recently finished Knives Out.


Ariana Grande claims Nos. 1, 2 & 3 on the Billboard #Hot100

Congrats, young Ariana truly runs pop!

Did Ariana discover the new formula in the streaming era by having singles released close to each other?
Or is this simply about timing and the fact that no major artist are releasing?


The View Round-Up: Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run

The panel reacts to Bernie Sanders announcing his 2020 presidential run.

Ana says Bernie's problem is that the Democratic field is too crowded. Meghan warns people not to underestimate Bernie. Abby is concerned that there are no moderate Democrats running and then they play a clip of Amy Klobuchar saying that she does not support free college.

[FBI Director Andrew McCabe talks to the panel]They interview former deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe on whether or not he thinks Trump is an agent for Russia.

[Latest on the Smollett investigation]The panel discusses the latest on the Jussie Smollett investigation. Ana thinks this hurts people who experience real hate crimes. Sunny is hurt and embarrassed that she publicly supported him when the story first broke.

Source: 1 2 3 4

Poll #2090073 2020 presidential election

Who are you most likely to vote for?

Cory Booker
Pete Buttigieg
Julian Castro
Kirsten Gillibrand
Kamala Harris
Amy Klobuchar
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Jaskier Bomb
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Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Mental Health as She Resumes Therapy

On Friday evening, Lili posted to her IG stories about how she has anxiety and depression and will be attending therapy again.

"Friendly reminder for anyone who needs to hear it: Therapy is never something to feel ashamed of. Everyone can benefit from seeing a therapist. Doesn't matter how old or 'proud' you're trying to be. We are all human. And we all struggle. Don't suffer in silence. Don't feel embarrassed to ask for help. I'm 22. I have anxiety and depression...And today I started therapy again. And so the journey of self-love begins for me. And good luck to you on yours."

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In the past, she's publicly spoken about her mental health, and how she suffered from the worst depression and anxiety in the days when she was a struggling actress running from audition to audition before being cast in Riverdale.


Kylie Jenner covers Paper; has never gone under the knife and her money is not inherited.

  • Shares that people think that she fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed her face but it is completely false.

  • Claims she is terrified! And would never. People do not understand what good hair and makeup and, like, fillers, can really do.

  • She also shares that she did have a platform but that none of her money is inherited.

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ONTD Roundup

bb yoda halloween

New Books Hitting Shelves This Week

The Night Tiger

Quick-witted, ambitious Ji Lin is stuck as an apprentice dressmaker, moonlighting as a dancehall girl to help pay off her mother’s Mahjong debts. But when one of her dance partners accidentally leaves behind a gruesome souvenir, Ji Lin may finally get the adventure she has been longing for.

Eleven-year-old houseboy Ren is also on a mission, racing to fulfill his former master’s dying wish: that Ren find the man’s finger, lost years ago in an accident, and bury it with his body. Ren has 49 days to do so, or his master’s soul will wander the earth forever.

As the days tick relentlessly by, a series of unexplained deaths racks the district, along with whispers of men who turn into tigers. Ji Lin and Ren’s increasingly dangerous paths crisscross through lush plantations, hospital storage rooms, and ghostly dreamscapes.

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Karl Lagerfeld has died

Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at the age of 85. He died from pancreatic cancer. Virginie Viard will replace him at Chanel.

"The worst is ugly short men. Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will not forgive in life - to be born short. I have never been friends with a short man in my life. Don't trust them; they are mean, and they want to kill you."- Karl Lagerfeld.

Short men can live in peace now.

Source: https://twitter.com/BBCWorld/status/1097826230513139712

What Karl Lagerfeld quote did you find most iconic?

The Bachelor Viewers Are Mad That Colton Hasn't Jumped The Damn Fence


The Bachelor aired last night, with a dramatic confrontation between Tayshia and Caelynn and Cassie and Kirpa. But viewers are focused on one thing: When will Colton jump that damn fence???

The show was trending at #1 and #2 on Twitter last night because of one thing: the nonexistent fence jump.

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BTS RoundUp: Stadium Dates, Stalkers, Funko Pop! & Baz Luhrman Is Army?

Probably not in your area, BTS's "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" stadium world tour was announced today to the horror of bank accounts everywhere.

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Get money, molly! Choupette to inherit uncle Karl’s fortune

Following the death at 85 of iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld, concerns about the fate of his Burmese companion, Mademoiselle Choupette, began appearing.

But according to Karl Lagerfeld himself during an interview with número magazine, Choupette is one of the heirs to his over $200 million dollars fortune, making her the richest feline in the world.

Used to the jet set life herself, with over 170,000 Instagram followers and personal fortune of $3.4 million dollars thanks to modeling gigs and being the muse of capsule collections, Lagerfeld made sure to maintain her lifestyle even after his passing, consisting of two ladies in waiting, a personal driver and dishes for her croquette and pâté by Goyard

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Youtuber Taylor R responds to ONTD

Youtuber Taylor R. answers ONTD regarding this post.

In the video she addresses the claims that allegedly her husband was the owner of a sketchy website that contained adult content, underage girls and prostitution.

Long story short: she says that everything is false and someone is trying to hurt her by hurting her husband.


Edit: I personally watch her videos and I believe what she says about not being involved in prostitution on this website or ever. I believe her about her experience.
She could've just ignored all the claims and keep living her (rich) life, but she explained everything well, although I'd love if someone who speaks cantonese can confirm what she's saying is true.


Kim Kardashian West goes after Fashion Nova for replicating her vintage Mugler dress

Kim Kardashian West took to social media to blast fast fashion brand Fashion Nova for ripping off her “one-of-a-kind vintage Mugler dress.” Fashion Nova responded writing, “We respect the fashion community and work with a variety of vendors, designers, influencers, and celebrities to keep our style offering fresh and relevant. Kim Kardashian West is one of the top fashion icons in the world that our customers draw inspiration from. However, we have not worked with Kim Kardashian West directly on any of her projects but have been driven by her influential style."

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Captain Marvel

Khloe Dumps Tristan After He’s Caught Cheating With Kylie’s BFF, Jordyn Woods

According to TMZ, it’s splitsville for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Tristan is embroiled in his third cheating scandal, his second in two weeks. This scandal, however, has reached a whole new level as he was allegedly spotted cheating with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods.

Woods and Thompson both attended the same house party Sunday in the Hollywood Hills and were found snuggled up on a couch away from partygoers, making out. Khloe found out immediately and cut things off for good.

No word from any party has come out. Khloe and Malika were making shady comments in Jordyn’s latest Instagram post but nothing else has come out.


Kris Jenner works hard...
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Miranda Lambert met her husband the same week he became a father


they met on Nov. 2 when she appeared on Good Morning America where Brendan McLoughlin works as security. (Busy Philipps called it!)

the same week he and his girlfriend(?) welcomed a baby boy
Hermione holds Ron

Helen Mirren, Michael B. Jordan, Elsie Fisher, Pharrell Williams, more to present at Oscars

The latest list of Oscars presenters for Sunday's clusterfuck are:

-- Golden Globe nominee Elsie Fisher
-- SAG awards winner Danai Gurira
-- Emmy nominee Brian Tyree Henry
-- Emmy nominee Michael B. Jordan
-- Oscar nominee Michael Keaton
-- Oscar winner Helen Mirren
-- Emmy winner John Mulaney
-- Razzie Awards winner Tyler Perry
-- Oscar nominee Pharrell Williams
-- Teen Choice Awards nominee Krysten Ritter
-- SAG awards nominee Paul Rudd
-- BAFTA nominee Michelle Yeoh

Source: https://twitter.com/TheAcademy/status/1097920152165707776

Trailer For Joanna Hogg’s ‘The Souvenir’ Starring Tilda Swinton's Daughter

A shy but ambitious film student (Honor Swinton Byrne) begins to find her voice as an artist while navigating a turbulent courtship with a charismatic but untrustworthy man (Tom Burke). She defies her protective mother (Tilda Swinton) and concerned friends as she slips deeper and deeper into an intense, emotionally fraught relationship that comes dangerously close to destroying her dreams.

From acclaimed writer-director Joanna Hogg comes an enigmatic and personal portrait of the artist as a young woman, combining passionate emotions and exquisite aesthetics into a lush, dreamlike story of young adulthood and first love. At once enrapturing and mysteriously unsettling—and featuring a profoundly layered breakout performance by Honor Swinton Byrne. The Souvenir is an essential and enduring film from one of our most distinctive and exciting filmmakers.

In Theaters May 17, 2019.


Colin Farrell To Star In Andrew Haigh’s Thriller Series ‘The North Water’ For BBC

Following up Lean on Pete, Andrew Haigh will direct Farrell in The North Water, a four-part crime thriller for BBC Two, Deadline reports. Based on Ian McGuire’s novel, the story is set in the late 1850s in the UK and in the Arctic. It follows Patrick Sumner, “a disgraced ex-army surgeon who signs up as ship’s doctor on a whaling expedition to the Arctic in search of redemption. But instead, he finds himself on an ill-fated journey with Henry Drax (Colin Farrell), a murderous psychopath he meets while on board.” The North Water is described as “a thriller, a survival adventure, and searing study of character and man’s place in the world”.


You ready for more menacing Colin Farrell, ONTD?
Kacey Musgraves

David Arquette Takes 'Full Responsibility' for Courteney Cox's Mocked Hairstyle in Scream 3

Scream 3 had a lot going on but nothing more intriguing than Courteney Cox's hairstyle. After a meme was floating around mocking the choice, David Arquette stepped up to take responsibility for the cut.

Messy mess of a mess

“I have to take the fall for this. I suggested a Bettie Page look. It just didn’t work. I take full responsibility,” Arquette commented in a snapshot captured by Comments by Celebs on Tuesday. 

Courteney has yet to comment on this new revelation.

What are some of your hair horror stories ONTD?

marla ♡ tumblr @screenedits

New trailer for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 reveals guest judges

The guest judges are:
- Wanda Sykes, Katherine Langford, Bobby Moynihan, Cara Delevingne, Troye Sivan, Tiffany Pollard (YES, NEW YORK! <3), Gina Rodriguez, Kandi Burruss, Tony Hale, Sydelle Noel, and Miley Cyrus
- Rachel Maddow is shown in the trailer but she won't be a guest judge, just a regular guest/probably doing a skit.
- New season premieres next Thursday (yes, already), Feb. 28 on VH1 @ 9pm


I know this is overkill but I don't care, gimme 2 seasons a year <3

Jussie Smollett airtime on Empire 'cut' amid questions over assault case

Jussie Smollett's screentime on Empire has reportedly been cut down from nine scenes to four.
A musical number will no longer feature.
Empire writers are "busy making edits"
The show's script has undergone "multiple revisions".


Actresses who plotted against Yalitza revealed!

Follow up to this

(Source in Spanish) a source close from a magazine in Mexico had access to the group chat where allegedly a group of Mexican actresses were plotting against Yalitza Aparicio so she wouldn’t get an Ariel nomination.

The actresses are Karla Souza, Martha Higareda, Ana Claudia Talancón, with the mastermind behind all this being Giovanna Zacarías (quién?). Supposedly in the beginning they were happy for the success of Aparicio but then got jealous because of her meteor like rise to fame when they had to spent years to achieve a lesser level of it.

Source 1
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What Was Rihanna Wearing On Your Birthday?

There is this weird/cute ass little game on Twitter trending where people find out what Rihanna was wearing on their birthday. Because why not?

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

What was Rih wearing on your bday, ontd?

The underrated women in horror


For every scream queen crowned, there's a few more who never quite reached that status or never got the credit they deserve but still appeal to horror fans, whether it was for a great performance or having a certain relatability/likability. In honor of Women In Horror Month (first mentioned by queen hjalmartazar), let's take a look at several underrated characters and overlooked actresses in horror. There are SPOILERS inside!

Sarah and Juno in The Descent

The Descent itself is by no means underrated. It's widely regarded as one of the scariest horror movies of the late 00's due to its claustrophobic scenes and intensity. The main character, Sarah (played by Shauna MacDonald) is the most vulnerable of the group due to grief from losing her family. She, however, turns it the fuck out and is the sole survivor (at least till the end of the first...in the second movie, we learn Juno did survive) by being smart and resilient.

Juno is a complex character. Some, like myself, were not crazy she had an affair with Sarah's husband and kinda was the reason they got stuck in the damn place due to her selfish adrenaline junkie ways. To be fair, it wasn't her fault the cave was home to relatives to Benedict Cumberbatch cave-dwelling monsters and she tried her best to help her group and was arguably one of the strongest.
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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 and me

Incubus' Brandon Boyd launching a memory game; will be in New York to promote it


-Brandon Boyd is launching a memory game called ‘Two Doors/Deus Portes’
-The 72 cards in the game are based on his artwork
-He's invited fans to BOOKMARC in New York to check it out
-Says he might need help staying warm because it's cold in NYC and he's from California
-The game can be purchased here


New York ONTDers, where you at for this ONTD Original Opportunity™?
PoA - trio backs

Variety shares their thoughts on who will & should win at this year's Oscars

While we bitterly wait for all those anonymous Oscar ballots (oh, and the awards themselves, I guess), Variety took it upon themselves to depress us with their predictions of this year's Academy Awards winners. Here are a few.

BEST PICTURE: Because 'Green Book' won more precursors (Golden Globes, PGAs), it's got a front edge to the rest, and Variety's thinking it will win... but 'Roma' should and hopefully could win. If 'Green Book' wins it'll be the first BP since 'Argo' to win without a best director nod (boo to you, Affleck).
LEAD ACTOR: At this point Rami Malek's swept the season, so he's the surefire bet to win, and that's who Variety has down for who will win. Who should win? Bradley Cooper, 'A Star is Born', and Christian Bale could pull a bit of an upset for all we know.
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Since we can't go by the Writers Guild winners this week (as the original winner wasn't even nominated), Variety's betting on yet again for 'Green Book' to win here, though they believe that Paul Schrader's messy ass should win for 'First Reformed'.
ORIGINAL SONG: At this point it's safe to say Lady Gaga's getting her first Oscar, so 'Shallow' will win. Who does Variety think SHOULD win? Kendrick Lamar, who'd probably never be caught dead at the Oscars even if he was the frontrunner.
ORIGINAL SCORE: 'Black Panther' won this category at the Grammys, and it's also one of two Best Picture nominees that got a score nomination (which is rare for so few BPs to get a score nod), so that works in their favor. Who should win? The flawless score of 'If Beale Street Could Talk', of course.

The full list is at the source, and I picked out some of the big ones that aren't super obvious (both should and will). Take a gander at Variety to further excite you for the Oscars, I suppose.

Source: https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1097899864258564098

Danny Dyer Thinks ISIS Schoolgirl Should Return (to the UK) To Explain Her Actions

Danny Dyer (a British actor known for his bluntness during interviews) has said that 19 year old ISIS bride Shamima Begum should be allowed to return to the UK to explain her actions.

Some context:

Begum was one of three teenage girls who left the UK in 2015 to join ISIL (she was 15 years old). She married a Dutch ISIS recruit, Yago Riedijk, and had three children by him - two of them died in infancy, and the third was born just a few days ago. Nobody really knows about Yago Riedijk's whereabouts now, but he's said to have been wounded during battle and then tortured by ISIS chiefs who suspected him of treason.

Begum, now 19 years old, wants to come back to the UK to live a normal life to raise her child. In an recent interview, she said she did not regret joining ISIS, however. She said that she "still supports some British values." She also said that seeing the head of a beheaded man for the first time left her unfazed, however she thinks that ISIL deserves to fail because of corruption and violence.

You can watch Begum in an interview under the cut:

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Danny Dyer Interview Source

Begum Interview Source

What you do think, ONTD?

UPDATE: The UK government has just revoked her British citizenship.

Chromatics return with a new song, video and tour announcement

-Best known for performing on Twin Peaks and having their cover songs played on Riverdale, the band is going on their first tour in 5 years
-They've released a new song called “Time Rider” - their David Lynch-esque video for it is below
-Tour dates listed at the source

Source / Source 2


14 (5) Celebrities that do their own grocery shopping

Celebrities, they’re just like us! TheTalko.Com (idek) lists 14 celebrities that do their own grocery shopping (as well as 7 celebrities who do not). We list five of those who do because why not?

Angelina Jolie

According to the New York Post, Jolie drops around $900,000 a year on nannies. Despite those steep fees she does have six children and Angie still makes time in between projects to go grocery shopping herself. Just how often you ask? Who can never be sure?

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ONTD, where do you shop for groceries?


Morrissey breaks vow to boycott Canada until seal hunt is banned, announces 8 concerts

-Morrissey has broken his 15-year vow not to tour in Canada
-He has boycotted “Canada’s carnival of death” aka the seal hunt since at least 2006, and insulted politicians while doing so
-He will donate proceeds to animal welfare charities in Canada
-He changed his mind because his stance has not changed any laws/policies
-Says he has no clue if this tour will be a success; he's hoping for "renewed friendships"


Emma Thompson Quits Project Over Hiring of John Lasseter, Who Was Accused of Sexual Harassment

Emma Thompson has quit the project “Luck” over the hiring of former Pixar head John Lasseter, her rep confirms to People.

“Luck” is an animated comedy about the centuries old battle between a good luck organization and a bad luck organization that secretly interferes with our lives.

John Lassester faced accusations of sexual harassment that reportedly included unwanted hugging and touching. He left Pixar and Disney Animation due to the allegations and was recently was hired to lead Skydance Animation.


Trailer For HBO's Michael Jackson's Child Abuse Documentary 'Leaving Neverland'

Leaving Neverland is a two-part documentary exploring the separate but parallel experiences of two young boys, James Safechuck, at age ten, and Wade Robson, at age seven, both of whom were befriended by Michael Jackson. Through gut-wrenching interviews with Safechuck, now 37, and Robson, now 41, as well as their mothers, wives and siblings, the film crafts a portrait of sustained abuse, exploring the complicated feelings that led both men to confront their experiences after both had a young son of his own. Directed by Dan Reed.

Airs March 3 and 4.


Don't read the comments under the video 👀
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Most Beautiful Thing | Official Trailer | Netflix

The year is 1959, the first Bossa Nova chords are being played, and Rio de Janeiro is the place where everyone wants to be.

But as soon as Malu arrives in the city, she discovers that she was abandoned and robbed by her husband. Everything seems lost, but circumstances lead her to encounter new friends, new rhythms and a new version of herself, with the courage to fulfill her dream of opening a music club.

Most Beautiful Thing premieres March 22 on Netflix.

Will Graham shifty eyes
  • ivy_b

Counterpart post s2 (and series) finale discussion

Emily Rome from TV Guide sat down with Counterpart showrunner, Justin Marks to discuss the season 2 finale.

Highlights (more at source):

[Spoiler (click to open)]
* The first two seasons represent the Berlin potion of he Counterpart story and in a way it's a complete story, but with enough in it to point in the direction they want to take the story moving forward. They didn't want it to be a Cold War allegory forevery, moving forward they would want to take the spy world a little forward into the future, towards a Wild West of espionage, where borders have less meaning. But that doesn't mean that these characters' story is over.

* They're looking for a new home for the show and sitting down over the next few weeks wit some interested parties and talking about it.

* Ethel had a moment of clarity when she gave Emily Alpha the info on the sleeper cell, but then in the last moment she couldn't go through with it. The second season belongs to Emily, all season long both Emily's were searching for the woman Emily Alpha once was. Emily felt there were things in her past to atone for and her act of heroism shows Howard the answer to 'can you escape this template of your destiny?' Howard also proved it by proving Yanek wrong, in the final moments with Howard Prime, by handing his gun over.

* About the two Emily's scene in episode 9- it's a show where people always butt heads across both sides of the border and project their own self-hatred onto their counterpart. With Emily, they wanted just once to have two people sit across the line from each other and actually find common ground. Emily Prime forgives Emily Alpha for the transgressions she's done, which is what Emily Alpha has been searching for all series long, to forgive herself. It was Olivia's idea to have the two physically interact and take each other's hand, to play with that border. It speaks to the hope of what this crossing could mean, that maybe someday, we could be better together.

* "Point of departure" is a term that Yanek came up with in his scientific process, but it's a fallacy. It's something that's invented in a very simple and mathematical point of view. As Howard's life has demonstrated, as Emily's life has demonstrated, the breaking off from the past of our other is not just a choice to go left instead of right. It's a slow, inevitable peeling that happens, so many small micro-factors that it's impossible to determine. Yanek's method of thinking has a lot of self-justification built into it- he killed his Other and wants to believe that everyone else would do the same thing.


What did you think of the finale?

Move Over, Hype! - Here are Some Young, Black Emerging Music Video Directors (ONTD Original)

This is part 3.5 in OP's series of Black Histroy Month posts. She has covered the Amandla Stenberg's TV static performance in Where Hands Touch, black female musicians in rock and country, some Afrofuturism tracks for the cookout, and tried to list every black female rapper in existence who is not Belcalis Almanzar. Well, it's time to take a look behind the camera to show some music young, black music video directors who have taken their immense talent to elevate songs that we love with gorgeous visuals.

1. Jenn Nkiru - a Howard University graduate, she has directed videos for Neneh Cherry, Kamasi Washington and contributed to Beyoncé and Jay Z's "APESHIT". In addition to music videos, Nkiru has made critically acclaimed short films including "Rebirth is Necessary".

Her advice for young artists: "I would say never hesitate to go for what you truly want to do. Just keep going, keep pushing. If you're at the place where it seems super hard and/or it's just not going your way DO NOT STOP, keep on and go even harder – this point is the testing point, the tipping point of your evolution. It's the point at which your greatest breakthroughs and development will happen, if you keep on, but it's also the point at which you will come undone if you choose to stop. It's all your choice, never forget that."

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ONTD, what other emerging black videographers and MV directors can you share with us? It's a way to highlight people behind the camera and hopefully find new music!

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Roxy Android

Eurovision roundup: more songs + artists + controversy

Hello! More news of Eurovision 2019. This time, I'll start with the artists because of the controversy.



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