January 16th, 2019

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This season on 'The Passage'

Based on author Justin Cronin’s best-selling trilogy of the same name, THE PASSAGE is an epic, character-driven thriller written by Liz Heldens (“Friday Night Lights”). Executive-produced by Emmy Award winner and Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Ridley Scott (“The Martian,” “Gladiator”) and writer/director Matt Reeves (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,” “Cloverfield”), THE PASSAGE focuses on Project Noah, a secret medical facility where scientists are experimenting with a dangerous virus that could lead to the cure for all disease, but also carries the potential to wipe out the human race.

When a young girl, AMY BELLAFONTE (Saniyya Sidney, “Fences,” “Hidden Figures”) is chosen to be a test subject, Federal Agent BRAD WOLGAST (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, “Pitch”) is the man who is tasked with bringing her to Project Noah. Ultimately, however, Wolgast becomes her surrogate father, as he tries to protect her at any cost. Brad and Amy’s journey will force them to confront Project Noah’s lead scientist, MAJOR NICHOLE SYKES (Caroline Chikezie, “The Shannara Chronicles”), and the hardened ex-CIA operative in charge of operations, CLARK RICHARDS (Vincent Piazza, “Boardwalk Empire,” “Rescue Me”), whom Brad trained. It likewise brings them face-to-face with a dangerous new race of beings confined within the walls of Project Noah, including former scientist TIM FANNING (Jamie McShane, “Bosch,” “Bloodline,” “Sons of Anarchy”) and death-row inmate SHAUNA BABCOCK (Brianne Howey, “The Exorcist”). In seeking out any allies he can find, Brad also turns to his former wife, DR. LILA KYLE (Emmanuelle Chriqui, “Entourage,” “Murder in the First”), for help. But as Project Noah’s scientists hone in on a cure that could save humanity, these new beings begin to test their own powers, inching one step closer to an escape that could lead to an unimaginable apocalypse.

ontd, did you watch the premiere?

Quavo wants to show Trump how to throw the Clemson Tigers a proper championship celebration dinner

Quavo of the rap trio Migos wants to show President Donald Trump how to properly treat the Clemson Tigers by inviting them to a proper championship dinner. Quavo writes, “I wanna show Clemson Tigers and POTUS how champs are supposed to be treated. Y’all welcome to come by the QC headquarters anytime. Dabbin DABO STILL #GODAWGS The Stir Fry Way!”

On Monday, Trump invited the team to The White House and served the team a large buffet that consisted of McDonald's, Wendy's, Domino's, and Burger King for dinner. Yes, you read that correctly. Trump blamed this on the government shut down but yeah, no. It’s not clear if the team will officially take Quavo up on that offer but some of the team seems interested.

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ONTD, would you have dinner at The White House or at Quavo’s?

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NYT Bestselling Author Sherrilyn Kenyon Accuses Husband of Poisoning Her

  • Keynon has filed a lawsuit against her husband and his assistant, accusing them of beginning to poison her food and drink in 2014 after taking out a million dollar life insurance policy on Keynon.

  • Keynon began to experience mysterious symptoms including vomiting, respiratory distress, facial swelling, hair falling out and teeth crumbling (Eek!) but doctors could not find the root of the problem.

  • In one instance, Keynon shared food given to her by her husband's assistance with an employee and the employee began to vomit.

  • After her husband filed for divorce and left their home, Keynon began to feel better and had her nails, hair and blood tested. Results showed her body contained high levels of lithium, tin, barium, platinum and thorium.

  • She has also accused her husband of siphoning off hundreds of thousands of dollars of her money, including $450,000 set aside for their three children, for his own use.


Soulja Boy is at it again, says he “made” Drake and taught him everything he knows

Soulja Boy is trending and no, it’s not because SouljaGame.Com redirects you to Nintendo’s website. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, DeAndre claims that Aubrey “Drake” Graham copied him and that “he made” Drake.

“Draaaaaaake? Draaaaaaaaake. The n that got bodied by Pusha T? The n that hiding his kid from the world, but his world want to hide from the kid? Aubrey Graham in a wheelchair? Draaaaaake? Y’all better stop playing with me man. Y’all talking about the lightskin n from Degeneres [he meant Degrassi]. Stop playing with me. Stop playing me like I ain’t teach Drake everything he know. Y’all ain’t hear Drake on his first song?”

He goes on to rap/sing, “‘Tell me what’s really going on Drizzy Drake back in this thing already what’s hap—. That’s Soulja! That’s my bar. He copied my whole fucking flow. He copied my whole fucking flow. Word for word. Bar for bar. Don’t act like I didn’t make Drake.”

DeAndre is referencing his 2007 song “What’s Hannenin’,” which Drake interpolated for his 2010 song “Miss Me.” Just last week, Soulja took to Instagram to say he had the biggest comeback of 2018! Not Tyga.

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ONTD, do you agree or even care?

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'The Favourite's potential Oscar-nominated actresses could make history - again

If When actresses Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz are announced as Oscar nominees on Tuesday morning for their work in 'The Favourite' (Olivia as lead; Emma and Rachel as supporting) they will mark the 19th time in the 91 year Oscars history that 3 or more women from the same movie have gotten nominations the same year.

I won't list the previous 18 times this happened, but the five most recent movies before this were:

-- 2011's "The Help" - Viola Davis (lead), Octavia Spencer (supporting and won), Jessica Chastain (supporting)
-- 2008's "Doubt" - Meryl Streep (lead), Viola Davis & Amy Adams (supporting)
-- 2002's "Chicago" - Renee Zellweger (lead); Catherine Zeta-Jones (supporting and won), Queen Latifah (supporting)
-- 1988's "Working Girl" - Melanie Griffith (lead), Sigourney Weaver & Joan Cusack (supporting)
-- 1985's "The Color Purple" - Whoopi Goldberg (lead), Oprah Winfrey & Margaret Avery (supporting)

Fun fact (maybe): only one movie had 4 actresses nominated, and that was 1950's "All About Eve," where all four women lost, sigh, and the only Oscars the movie won (including best picture) went almost entirely to men: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0042192/awards

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1085271707466821632

Demi Lovato is too busy living in the moment to participate in the #10YearChallenge

Demi Lovato took to Instagram to announce she's "too busy living in the moment" to participate in the viral '10 Year Challenge', which has people across social media comparing their current 2019 selves to what they looked like in 2009.

The singer did however share a few selfies from her former babysitter's wedding over the weekend, where she was a bridesmaid:


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Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon stars in the latest Miu Miu campaign

The Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2019 advertising campaign by David Sims, "Somewhere, Nowhere". Alongside Lourdes campaign featurs actresses Juliette Lewis, Maya Hawke, Zazie Beetz, and model Du Juan aboard coaches and buses.
This is not first time Lourdes fronts a fashion campaign as she was tapped as one of four models for the images of Stella McCartney’s Pop fragrance in 2016.
22 yo Lourdes also walked her first runway show last September during New York Fashion Week.

Discover the full campaign at the source


Cardi B goes off on Trump: He's a clout chaser who wants validation from black people

Cardi B took to Instagram Live to air out her thoughts on President Trump, calling him a "clout chaser" wanting to ruin peace and seek validation from black people.

The rapper also took issue with Trump embarrassing the Clemson Tigers football team by flying them out to eat fast food: "You gonna fly them out to give them some cold french fries, that is disrespectful, and that’s like spitting in a n****’s face. If I was there, I would have punched the motherf***** — I would have punched the wig out of Trump, bro."

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Captain Marvel character posters released

50 days to go! Captain Marvel is released March 8, 2019! Click right to see the rest of the posters.


ONTD Roundup


Supernatural celebrates 300 episodes with EW

JDM, Samantha Smith, Jared, Jensen, and Misha all have EW covers to celebrate SPN's 300th episode, which airs February 7th.

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame will be getting a Live Action Reboot

  • Disney is in early development of a live action adaptation of the 1997 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame, based on the 1831 Victor Hugo novel

  • Playwright David Henry Hwang is attached to write the script, with Mandeville Films and Josh Gad set to produce. Alan Menken (who did the score for the 1997 film) and Stephen Schwartz will pen the music.

  • The adaptation will reportedly take some influence from the 1997 film, as well as the more problematic novel.

  • Josh Gad, who portrayed Le Fou in Disney's last flop remake Beauty and the Beast, has allegedly been cast as Quasimodo, the disabled hero of the story

  • OP, a disabled Roma, is already tired

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Trailer for Gregg Araki's "Now Apocalypse" TV Series

The series follows a group of four friends living in L.A. embark on various exploits pursing love, sex and fame.

Directed by cult filmmaker Gregg Araki and starring Avan Jorgia, Beau Mirchoff, Kelli Berglund and Tyler Posey

Now Apocalypse will air its series premiere Sunday, March 10, at 9 p.m.

Source: Twitter

Bill Skarsgård and Eliza Scanlen Join 'The Devil All The Time'

- Bill "the guy who plays the clown" Skarsgård and Sharp Objects star Eliza Scanlen have joined the Antonio Campos (The Sinner, Christine) adaptation of The Devil All The Time, which will be distributed by Netflix.
- Skarsgård and Scanlen join a cast that includes Tom Holland, Chris Evans, Mia Wasikowska, Robert Pattinson and Gabriel Ebert.
- Campos is co-writing the script with Paulo Campos, based on the novel by Donald Ray Pollock.
- Plot Summary: Out of desperation to save his dying wife, Willard Russell turns to prayer, which succumbs to sacrifice. This sets Willard’s son Arvin on his path from bullied kid to a man who knows when to take action.
- Production starts next month in Alabama.


Has anyone read this?
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'Channel Zero' gets canned at Syfy


Syfy cancels 'Channel Zero' clocking in at 4 seasons that started airing in '16. Nick Antosca, the creator, took to INsta to deliver the news:

"After 4 seasons, Channel Zero is no more at SYFY. I loved making this show and I would have loved to do more… but I can’t complain too much about doing 4 stories I loved with people who I loved working with.

People like our writers, our actors, our extraordinary crew, the artists who contributed, our editors and post team, our composer Jeff Russo, our team at Syfy and UCP. And especially the four awesome directors, Craig Macneill, Steven Piet, Arkasha Stevenson, and Evan Katz.”

The first 3 seasons you can catch on Shudder with the fourth (featuring Pretzel Jack) available soon.



smh Syfy strikes again!

Grindr's INTO shut down after exposing its CEO being against SSM

Grindr's online magazine, INTO, is gone. The company terminated its editorial staff after 17 months on Tuesday and announced it will be pivoting to video (which has worked so well for other publications). The magazine was geared toward the LGBTQ+ community.

The news comes several weeks after the magazine exposed Grindr CEO Scott Chen of being against same-sex marriage. Chen wrote in a Facebook post back in November that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, but also a personal matter. Chen says his comments were taken out of context.

The company's head of communications stepped down after learning of Chen's comments and stated he is not surprised INTO is gone but pulled a "no comment" on whether he related it to the expose.


Anne Hathaway to star in The Witches remake

Anne is set to star in the remake of the 1990 movie (based on a 1973 book) in a role originally portrayed by Anjelica Huston. This one will apparently follow the book more closely.


Canadian Radio Station Apologizes for ‘Crude, Racist and Hateful Tweets’ From Hacked Account

A Canadian radio station apologized after its Twitter account was hacked and “racist and hateful” content was posted.
“As many of you know, our Twitter account was hacked late last night. While the group had access to it, a number of crude, racist and hateful tweets were posted. We at NEWS 95.7 sincerely apologize for the abhorrent content, and are working to ensure this does not happen again.”

The hacked tweet :
“URGENT NEWS ALERT: Justin Trudeau has ordered that all n—–s across the country be immediately and swiftly executed. 'They’re dirtying my country,’ says PM Trudeau,”

The hackers declared themselves working for the Twitter account @realiceposeidon.
This account belonging to popular YouTube personality Paul Denino. 
His fans have been known to cause trouble for him in the past.


Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara had some harsh words for her father 


Clara McGregor made the comment after sharing a photo of her mother, Eve Mavrakis, on a beach wearing a bikini.
When a fan replied, “Keep her away from your boyfriends,”
Clara responded, “I keep her away from a**hole men who leave my goddess of a mother.”

McGregor split from Mavrakis in 2017 after 22 years of marriage and began dating his “Fargo” co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead. 

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Desus Nice from kobewife1

Steve Carrell to Star In Netflix's Workplace Comedy from "The Office" Creator Greg Daniels

* Today Netflix has announced a new series "Space Force" starring Steve Carrell.
* The show is described as a workplace comedy about people tasked with creating the sixth branch of the armed forces: the space force.
* The series was created by Carrell along with "The Office US" creator Greg Daniels.
* No, this is not a reboot of "The Office" maybe, perhaps.

This is for everyone who said Steve needed to go back to tv comedies lmao.

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Black-ish Addresses Colorism

"Black Like Us" was written by Peter Saji, himself a bi-racial man with light skin.

It started with a simple annoyance about Diane being poorly lit in her school photo.
Diane's parents Andre and Bo open up a conversation about colorism within the African American community that turns explosive, personal and painful. 

There's historical context, about how slaveowners tended to put lighter blacks inside the plantation houses while dark skinned people worked in the fields, setting up resentments that would last for generations.
There is a discussion about how Latino, Asian and Indian people see similar favoritism towards lighter skinned people over darker skinned people in their communities too. 

The heated confrontations take place within the Johnson household itself.
Junior confronts Dre about his continued mockery of light-skinned people including Junior and his mom Bo.
Jr calls Dre out on the ways he perpetuates the notion that light-skinned black people are "less black" or more sensitive.
Ruby opens up about her own experiences with fair-skinned relatives who tormented her because of her complexion.
Diane points out that nobody is more impacted by the conversation than her, since she's the darkest in the family.


The Cast of Schitt’s Creek stop by The Today Show to promote tonight’s US season premiere

The Rose family from the hit Canadian show Schitt’s Creek stop by The Today Show to promote tonight’s season 5 premiere in the US. Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Daniel Levy, and Annie Murphy sit down and discuss how much the show has taken off in the US thanks to *whispers* Netflix. And yes, they’re still censoring Sc**tt’s Creek on American television.

Last night episode two aired in Canada and tonight both episode 1 & 2 will air back-to-back in the US on Pop. Download the Pop TV app to stream episodes after they’ve aired in the US (most likely available the following day) to stay current on the new season. Canadians can easily stream from the CBC website. :)

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ONTD, thoughts on episode dos?

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harold | live lounge

James McAvoy visits Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert

• didn't realise Split was a sequel for quite a while
(he just thought the director was a bit weird for constantly bringing up his old movies)
• being a big fan of Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis as a kid/teen
• and about how Samuel L. Jackson calls out interviewers if their questions aren't up to his standards

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are your faves charming and talented but also really terrible at picking projects, ONTD?
Lee Jung Hyun

Season 17 of Project Runway to air in March

Project Runway is back on Bravo after over 10 years and with a brand new team: Karlie Kloss as host, Christian Siriano as mentor, Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell and Nina Garcia as judges. Nina is the only one remaining of the old team as Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Zac Posen left.

There is a small teaser in the article.

Lifetime is currently airing the seventh and final season of Project Runway All Stars. The third episode of the All-Winners season will air later today.

lana del slay

Billboard January issue: New Year, New Normani

On being overlooked in Fifth Harmony: “It was like, ‘Hey, I’m also here, and I’m really good at what I do. I work just as hard. I feel like I have to work 10 times harder just to prove to everybody that I also deserve to be here”
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Katy Perry Will Headline The New Orleans Jazz Festival


Renowned jazz musician Katy Perry will headline the 50th New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Her co-headers include The Rolling Stones, Chris Stapleton and Dave Matthews Band, and Jimmy Buffet. Interesting choice, New Orleans Jazz Festival!

Katy began as a Christian singer before moving into folk/rock/pop singer-songeriter, then becoming a pop star. She is currently not working on an album, that we know of.

What's ur dream lineup for a concert?

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5 Seconds of Summer Michael Clifford gets engaged


Michael Clifford (the guitar player from the band 5sos) recently announced on social media that he and long time girlfriend Crystal Leigh are engaged.

Many of you may remember 5sos as being the Australian band that blocked Jay Z and Beyonce's join album Everything Is Love in first week sales as well as their infamous Rolling Stone interview that got them roasted on social media for the casual sexism and overall grotesque behavior and comments.

Michael and Crystal have been together for 3 years.

Source / Source
Angelina Jolie

The Challenge: War of the Worlds | Meet the Cast

The Challenge returns February 6.


From MTV - The Challenge: War of the Worlds, premiering on February 6, will feature iconic veterans facing off with eager new prospects from around the globe in the grittiest, most hardcore season ever. Challenge legends will team up with rookie reality titans from franchises including The Bachelor, Big Brother, Love Island, Survivor, American Ninja Warrior as well as international stars across MTV’s global family including Geordie Shore, Ex on the Beach and MTV Floribama Shore -- and they'll battle together for their share of a $1 million prize.

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'SMILF' creator and star Frankie Shaw responds to accusations of misconduct

An investigation into Frankie Shaw, creator of Showtime comedy “SMILF”, has apparently exonerated her after several cast and crew members came forward with misconduct complaints (this post).

"This is my first time doing this job. We moved fast, and I was learning on the go. I'm just really grateful that I can take these lessons and be more of an aware and attuned showrunner moving forward. And I will say I am really proud of a lot of the work we did, you know? We had approximately 50-per-cent female crew in Boston. We had almost all women directors."

Rosie O’Donnell supported her co-star:
“It’s a beautiful set, I have to say. There is a family feel on the set and the great thing about Frankie is she addressed the stuff and the network did, and everybody is okay and here we go.”

Weaving was released from her contract at her request, and is not expected to join the show for a potential third season.

The second season of "SMILF" premieres on Showtime on Sunday.

haters will say its photoshop

Mariah Carey sues assistant for blackmail, assistant sues back claiming shocking alleged abuse

- Mariah hired the assistant back in March 2015 as an "Executive Assistant." In the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Mariah claims that shortly after hiring the woman, she spent lots of money with Mariah’s credit card, buying personal stuff but claiming to retailers it was for Mariah in order to get big discounts.

- Mariah claims the assistant was secretly filming her "personal activities" which would be "embarrassing," and extremely damaging both personally and professionally if revealed. 👀

- Lianna, the assistant was getting paid $327,000 a year before she got fired in November 2017, according to the lawsuit. Once fired, Lianna demanded $8 million or she’d release the "embarrassing" videos and other damaging info.

- The lawsuit does not reveal what's on the videos but some are described as "intimate." Mariah is suing for unspecified damages & wants more than $3 million.

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Roswell lifts off to good ratings for premiere

-Roswell, New Mexico a reboot/re-adaption started off its series run to pretty good ratings (for the CW). It premiered to 1.54 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, up from Black Lightnings ratings average this season 1.04/0.3.

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Noah Centineo tweets support for Logan Paul


he deleted the tweet
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Comedian Sasheer Zamata takes awful Louis C.K. jokes and makes them better.

Last month, part of disgraced comedian Louis C.K.'s recent set was leaked, showing him making fun of Parkland shooting survivors. Decent people were outraged. Last week at a show in Los Angeles, Saturday Night Live alum Sasheer Zamata decided she would take Louis C.K.'s jokes and use them to remind the world that Louis C.K. is not funny, and is actually trash. In response to his joke about Parkland, Zamata said:

"He says that the survivors of the shootings shouldn’t be spending their time talking to Congress about gun control. Instead they should be ‘finger-fucking’ each other. But who’s to say they’re not? They can do both! They’re teenagers — of course they’re finger-fucking each other! They just know how to separate sex from work, which I understand is a hard concept for Louis to grasp. Which is ironic, because we all know how much Louis loves to grasp hard concepts."

Despite coming for C.K., Zamata does defend a comedian's right to say whatever they want on stage though, as long as it's actually a joke:

"You can’t just get up onstage and say blatantly racist, transphobic, victim-blaming statements without a punch line! Like, who are you — all of our uncles?"

Jaskier Bomb
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Riverdale 3x10 Promo, "The Stranger" and More

SAT PREP – Falice urge Bughead to stop snooping around and start prepping for SATs. However, Alice pulls some shit that forces Betty to confront her imprisoned serial killer dad.

Jughead moves against the Gargoyle Gang even with his decreased numbers.

Apparently Cheryl and Toni dgaf about academic testing as they won't be appearing. Archie is also sitting out the episode so that idiots on social media will think he actually got killed off.

Directed by Maggie Kiley and written by written by Brian E. "I'm weird, I'm a weirdo" Paterson

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Brielle Biermann shares ‘before lips’ as ‘proof’ she looks better now


Brielle Biermann is the 21-year-old daughter of Kim Zolciak.

She took to Instagram to share before/after fillers pics of her lips.

Brielle says she looks better now:

“To those who say I look better before lips…you’re a liar and this photo is PROOOOOOF,”


Are you in favor of lip injections, ONTD or do you prefer the natural look?
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Watch the First Teaser for Jason Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Sequel

Sony Pictures released a first look at the upcoming movie which is a sequel to the 1984 film. The footage shows a just a glimpse of Ecto-1.

The studio had announced on Tuesday (ONTD post here) that there will be another “Ghostbusters” installment, most likely in the summer of 2020.

Reportedly the franchise is a priority for the studio, despite the disappointment over its 2016 reboot of “Ghostbusters”.

Perhaps because of that, this installment has no connection to the 2016 movie.

Sources: the Variety tweet Variety
Sandra Bullock

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at a charity performance at the Royal Albert Hall

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*Earlier today Meghan went to Mayhew animal welfare, she was wearing H&M.
*Meghan and Harry were watching Cirque du Soleil's Totem.
*Meghan was wearing a Roland Mouret dress with a bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana.

Actually love both looks.