January 1st, 2019

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Official trailer for Amazon's Hercule Poirot series "The ABC Murders"

It’s 1933 and a killer travels the length and breadth of Britain via the railway network. The killer uses the alias ABC, and strikes in a methodical pattern, leaving a copy of the ABC railway guide at the scene of each of murder. As Poirot (John Malkovich) attempts to investigate he is thwarted on every front. If he is to match his most cunning nemesis, everything about him will be called into question: his authority, his integrity, his identity.

Sarah Phelps (The Casual Vacancy) wrote and executive produced the three-episode series, while Alex Gabassi directs. The series stars John Malkovich in the title role, Rupert Grint, Andrew Buchan, Anya Chalotra, Eamon Farren, Jack Farthing, Tara Fitzgerald, Shirley Henderson, Bronwyn James, Freya Mavor, and Michael Shaeffer. The series will stream on Prime Video on February 1, 2019 (US).


happy new year from southeast asia, ontd! <3

The (5) Best New Year's Episodes of All Time

In no particular order:

  • Seinfeld: Season 8, Episode 20 - "The Millennium"

  • How I Met Your Mother: Season 1, Episode 11 - "The Limo"

  • The Office: Season 7, Episode 13 - "Ultimatum"

  • Friends: Season 6, Episode 10 - "The One with the Routine"

  • The X-Files: Season 7, Episode 4 - "The Millennium"

see more with write-ups in the slideshow here


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Allie X Starts 2019 Auspiciously with Super Sunset Analog on Spotify 🌇 + Billboard Interview

5 analog versions of her groundbreaking 2018 release "Super Sunset" dropped on Spotify early this morning + live recordings from her digital concert, featuring showstopping vocals

(Screenshot by me, Spotify embed does not like LJ)

She closed out 2018 with this retrospective interview with Billboard on the rollout of Super Sunset

- Released songs one by one because she didn't have a true "single", felt a connection to every song on the album
- aims to tell a story and have a concept with her music, loves fan interpretations
- listens to pop to stay current, loves Kim Petras, Robyn, Mitski and Charli XCX
- teases more to come in 2019

Allie X continues to prove that she is still the Girl of the Year

Source 1: Spotify
Source 2: Billboard's Twitter
Source 3: Allie X's Youtube

Miley Cyrus, Liam, and Chris Hemsworth celebrate NYE in Montana

Miley and Liam Hemsworth spent NYE in Montana with their families. Chris and Elsa Pataky shared their NYE party photos.

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ONTD Original: 4 of Dylan O'Brien's Best Trump Roasts

In honour of Dylan O'Brien posting an absolute zinger to wrap up 2018, let's look back on some of his past tweets calling out 45:

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What did you toast to last night, ONTD?


Legend X gives extraordinary performance on New Year’s Eve

Christina Aguilera performed at the Times Square on New York City on December 31st.
Part of her playlist was “genie in a bottle”, “come on over”, “ain’t no other man”, and “can’t hold us down”.

How did you celebrate?

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Federer and Bencic bt Serena and Tiafoe but GOATs joint interview steals the show at Hopman Cup


- Switzerland facing USA in the Hopman Cup marked the first time Federer and Williams would share a court
- Switzerland won 4-2 4-2 (the exhibition event uses a Fast 4 format in mixed doubles)
- After the match Federer and Williams were called forward to do a post match interview together

edit: changed the tweet to the Hopman Cup official youtube clip cos the other one was geoblocked

source, source

I was about that cross court baseline rally they got into, I wanted it to keep going.

Nick Cannon Says the Woman in His Life Doesn’t Have To Work

Nick Cannon said the woman in his life doesn’t have to work, because he’ll take care of her.

“If you with me you don’t have to work. That’s not even on some baby mama stuff. If you with me you don’t go to work. I want to be a provider. That’s what I feel I was put on this planet for. I love taking care of women. Like, let me upgrade you.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Got Really High and Screamed 'You Have to Poop!' at a Stranger

Jennifer Lawrence is so relatable. She got really high with rappers at Ellen Degeneres's birthday party, then yelled, "YOU HAVE TO POOP!" at a stranger while waiting in line for a luxury port-o-potty.

“I smoked a joint with some rappers, and their shit is different... And then I went to the port-a-potty to go pee, and there’s a woman there and she was like, no, go ahead." But then Jennifer said, "Look, you gotta poop."

"All of a sudden security is grabbing me because what I hadn’t realized is I am grabbing this woman by the shoulders, shaking her, screaming, ‘You have to poop! You have to poop!’ And the security guard is laughing so hard because he heard the whole exchange, and he’s like ‘You can’t grab her, but I agree, she gotta poop!”

Are your bowels clogged after your holiday food?

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Ryan Seacrest attempts to floss during NYE on national television

Last night after several tequila shots OP saw what could only be described as a crime against the arts and dance: Ryan Seacrest attempting to floss on national television during New Years Eve. Now I’m all for letting loose and who cares who is watching etc. but but...lulz.

[A demonstration on how to properly floss...]

[Oh, oh! Wrong flossing! Here we are...]


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ONTD, do you know how to floss/dance?

Sources: 1 | 2

A short interview with Macy Gray

Macy Gray calls herself lazy, unpractical and a bit messy: "I could have changed for this photo shoot, but so be it. We'll do it without a bra."

The interview is for her tenth album, Ruby, which isn't named after a person but simply because Gray likes the colour. She associates it with excitement and passion - which is part of the music on this album, I made it while being a bit ecstatic."

She was asked to write for Ariana Grande (Leave Me Lonely), the producer heard her voice, other people, a choir and a band got involved and that was the start of Ruby.

On music:
Rod Stewart - Baby Jane, especially because of the video. "MTV changed my life. I didn't know this Rod Stewart, but I wanted what he was doing. I don't know who I would have become without MTV."

Billie Holiday: "I taught myself her calm way of singing. I love that you can understand all her lyrics because of her clear articulation." [tell Ariana about it, red.]

Gray likes Samuel L. Jackson and Marlon Brando, saying about the last one she never saw a more attractive man than young Marlon.

When it comes to attractive men, she says most of them can be found in Spain. She loves to go out dancing in Madrid and Barcelona.

Her favourite fashion brand is Valentino, but thinks the newer stuff is too expensive, so sometimes she makes pictures of it and forwards it to her regular dressmaker. "I'm not interested in the brand, I'm interested in the (model of the) garment."

Source: mine eyes and my paper edition of Sir Edmund Dec 29-'18.
ONTD, did you know Macy had a new album? And do you do things without a bra?

Taylor Swift celebrates NYE by hosting a costume party


Taylor Swift celebrated NYE by hosting a costume party where everyone dressed up as their childhood heroes. Swift dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, while Blake Lively went as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Gigi Hadid went as Mary Poppins. Other costumes included Avril Lavigne, Posh Spice, Frida Kahlo and Gwen Stefani.

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Chrissy Teigen's face crashes into Leslie Jones' umbrella on TV to begin 2019: 'I'm okay!'

Chrissy Teigen and Leslie Jones hosted NBC’s New Year’s Eve event. When it came time to ring in 2019, Jones accidentally poked Teigen in the eye with her umbrella, causing the first viral moment of the new year. Chrissy is ok.

Source: 1,2,3

Tiffany Haddish Booed, Comedian Forgets Jokes & Fans Walk Out During Comedy Show

Her stand-up comedy show fell flat for some attendees. She performed in Miami and things got off to a rocky start.
A few eye witnesses said that she forgot her jokes and she seemed to be under the influence.
At one point, some people began walking out.


Chris Crocker is eating food off his ass on Twitter for coins

We’re not even one day into 2019 and professional nobody Chris Crocker of “Leave Britney alone!!!” fame has rung in the new year offering his followers exclusive access to videos of him eating food off his ass on onlyfans.com for the affordable price of $10.99 a month. The two videos shared on his Twitter is one video of him eating a hot dog and the other spaghetti off his booty. OP wishes they could unsee. I just...

You can scar yourself by going to his Twitter (if it’s still active) for the mess.

Thanks? to ch33rylips

ONTD, what would you do on social media for a klondike bar coins and attention?


KPOP NEWS: EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK's Jennie officially dating

Every year on January 1st, Dispatch (Korean news outlet) drops pictures of two popular K-entertainment stars who are in a relationship. This year, they surprised fans all around the world once again when they revealed that EXO's Kai and BLACKPINK's Jennie are currently dating.
Kai debuted in 2012 as a member of EXO, one of Korea's best-selling boygroups. Jennie is a member of BLACKPINK, a girlgroup that debuted in 2016 and is hugely popular at the moment. She recently released her first solo single "SOLO". This is Kai's second relationship that got outed by Dispatch.

According to reports, the two, who have been dating since October, met up for a late-night walk on November 25. Kai picked Jennie up from her residence and they went for a drive together. Jennie was also the first person he went to see after he returned from Haiwaii on December 2.

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taylor swift - happy to sad

Breaking News: Ariana Grande Is Not Dating Anyone For the Rest of Her Life

Despite Ariana Grande's messy dating history, the singer chooses to stay single. On New Year's Day, she responded to a fan account that tweeted: "Who Is Ariana Dating NOW?!"

The "thank u, next" singer tweeted: "Can they tell me too?" Then she dramatically tweeted that she may not date the rest of this year or for the rest of her life. (No word on whether she plans to end her relationship with self-tanner.)

Sources: 1 and 2

ONTD, do you choose to stay single for the rest of your life?

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Happy Death Day 2U - Official Trailer

Jessica Rothe leads the returning cast of HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U, the follow-up to Blumhouse’s (Split, Get Out, The Purge series) surprise 2017 smash hit of riveting, repeating twists and comic turns. This time, our hero Tree Gelbman discovers that dying over and over was surprisingly easier than the dangers that lie ahead.

Starring Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Suraj Sharma, and Ruby Modine, the film opens on February 14, 2019 (US).

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January's Hottest New Book Releases

The Dreamers by Karen Thompson Walker

Release date: January 15

About: In an isolated college town in the hills of Southern California, a freshman girl stumbles into her dorm room, falls asleep—and doesn’t wake up. She sleeps through the morning, into the evening. Her roommate, Mei, cannot rouse her. Neither can the paramedics who carry her away, nor the perplexed doctors at the hospital. Then a second girl falls asleep, and then another, and panic takes hold of the college and spreads to the town. As the number of cases multiplies, classes are canceled, and stores begin to run out of supplies. A quarantine is established. The National Guard is summoned.

Mei, an outsider in the cliquish hierarchy of dorm life, finds herself thrust together with an eccentric, idealistic classmate. Two visiting professors try to protect their newborn baby as the once-quiet streets descend into chaos. A father succumbs to the illness, leaving his daughters to fend for themselves. And at the hospital, a new life grows within a college girl, unbeknownst to her—even as she sleeps. A psychiatrist, summoned from Los Angeles, attempts to make sense of the illness as it spreads through the town. Those infected are displaying unusual levels of brain activity, more than has ever been recorded. They are dreaming heightened dreams—but of what?

Written in gorgeous prose, The Dreamers is a breathtaking novel that startles and provokes, about the possibilities contained within a human life—in our waking days and, perhaps even more, in our dreams.

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Book Post // What was the last book you read in 2018??

Khloe's Struggle Twerk Rejected By Third Trimester Thompson

Jlo once allegedly sang "Put your hands up in the air dance for your man if you can". At a NYE's party, Koko put her own spin on it and tried to dance for community dick, unfortunately TTTT wasn't feeling it.