S. Matthew (acheybreaky) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
S. Matthew

Project Runway at Fashion Week ::SPOILERS::



  • And we're out. First reaction is that Christian took it, then Jillian. But what do I know, I'm wearing a teeshirt from a dollar store.
  • K, christian won the crowd. It was very Bitches of Sherwood Forest but it was hot.
  • The first color we see os a HUGE cream scarf thing that totally obscures the model's face. She loos like a fetish Santa Claus
  • OMG
  • Wow. No color. Not a drop.
  • All back, cinched waists, huge shoulders, hats. It's like an S&M foxhunt.
  • He just said the audience looks fierce. Boy knows his way around a catchphrase
  • Christian. Feeeeeaaaaaaazzzzzz
  • His final dress is an intricate black gown with odd circular patterns on the hips. Kind of a couture version of Princess Leia buns.
  • Olives, scarlet, black. A lot of the draping reminds me of statuary but the pallette is a bit stodgy for me
  • Rami's stuff plays with silhouette. Polymorphic? Dysmorphic? Mighty Morphin Power Ranger? Somethin like that.
  • He gets a huge phlegmball in his throat and has to stop. I said no yogurt before the show!
  • He thinks women should be cherished.
  • Next up: Rami
  • I think jaslyne from top models was in her show
  • She's scoring with the coats. Lots of pleating, very intricate. Crowd seemed to like.
  • A few of her models have funny trojan helmet hats on with cockscomb things. WTF?
  • Lots of metallics. Black and white. Sixties parisian, maybe? Eh what do I know.
  • Wow. Gorgeous tailored stuff.
  • On to jillian
  •  Edit: Victoria Beckham is the guest judge, bbs.
    I can't wait to see the pictures of the collections!

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