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Yet I melt in your mouth like liquid sugar

bonnie mckee update (kind of)

Ok so I had a few questions on my post about Bonnie McKee about who she was in August Rush.
She was Lizzy, the Best friend of Keri's character.

This might be old but I dont ever remember this ever getting posted.
Its the video of interviews of the cast and crew at the Screening of it.

about 2:20 you can hear her talk about her character.
I couldn't find any screen caps.

Also on Jan 13 she posted a blog about weird stuff that's been going on in her life.
So, being the quick thinker that i am, I go into the back yard and get the garden hose- what else could I do? I started spraying down all the old dry bushes so that the fire wouldn't spread as fast and it would buy me a few more minutes to clear my stuff out of my room!! There I was, facing now 75 foot flames standing in my socks with my dinky little garden hose, bawling, on Christmas Eve!!

BTW for the role of Lizzy in August Rush she had her hair fried and dyed a few times before they finally settled to keep it red.

source for video:
and if you want to see pictures from the August Rush premire:

edit:not paramore girl lol also I found the video she was talking about in her blog post on myspace.. If you want to see her after almost getting her house burnt down and crying:;jsessionid=55BA95A71AB822516DD89EBB080EA6F8?contentId=5309292&version=16&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1
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