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Anna and Dave get a Friel ride

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Taxi for Anna Friel and David Thewlis! Just don’t expect them to pay. The pair hit The Groucho Club for drinks with glamorous Anna’s pals last night. As they left in the early hours they decided that, rather than walk through the cold to a car park to collect their motor in Chinatown, they would take a taxi.

That’s a brief 200-metre trek, slightly longer by car as you have to navigate one-way streets! The driver set the price at a ludicrously steep £20 after eyeing up the line of photographers outside the venue.
The couple, who spend a lot of their time in LA where they have growing movie careers, decided to fork out and drove round the corner to the car park. “When it came to payment, Anna asked David to pay the driver,” a source tells theBuzz. “David just said to the driver ‘the club will pay’. And then they just walked off into the car park to find their car.”

The driver then headed back to the club to claim the money. But when he got there, he was told the pair “were not members” and it wasn’t the club’s responsibility – leaving him £20 out of pocket.

“He came back and blamed the paps, saying they lost him his fare,” says our source.
But we’re not sure we’d pay £20 for a trip round the block! A spokesman for Friel said she was definitely a club member and “if there was a mix-up and any money owed, of course they will pay it”.

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