December 30th, 2018


DC Universe's Titans: All The Reshoots Explained


Titans saw significant alterations. Characters drop in and out of focus, arcs aren't quite resolved, and there are a few moments that are confusing rather than effective.
Titans was subjected to extensive reshoots, which cut an original 13-episode first season down to just 11 episodes.
The story seems to have been compressed and refocused. The original season finale has been "cannibalized" to become the season 2 premiere. 

• the reshoots led to an increased focus on Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson, strengthening his character arc and essentially making him the star of the show. This change in focus made Batman the main villain of Titans season 1.

• the Trigon plot, which was ostensibly the A-plot of the entire season, was compressed and ultimately left unresolved.
there's some evidence he was defeated in the original season finale.

• early episodes titled 'Starfire' and 'Rachel' were cut down into a single episode, 'Origins'.

• 'Asylum' was originally called 'Angela', suggesting a bigger focus on Raven's mother, which makes sense with an original focus more centered on Trigon. 

• Beast Boy's seems to have been truncated; he's almost entirely absent from the first few episodes, there was an extended subplot building up to 'Doom Patrol', which was originally episode 5 but got moved forward. 


Soul ja boy backs down on selling video game consoles

After being confident Nintendo wouldn’t do anything about his emulating machines, the rapper has taken them down from his site due to an impending lawsuit from the Japanese company


Have you ever been stubbornly wrong even tho everyone else told you so?

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Eddie Redmayne Explains His Performance In "Jupiter Ascending"


Have you seen Jupiter Ascending? You really should skip it, except for one thing: Eddie Redmayne's what-the-fuck performance as an evil space dictator. His over-the-top performance became a meme, and he won a Razzie for Worst Performance.

Now, he gave an interview to explain himself. Apparently his character had his larynx ripped out by a wolf man. But we know the truth: Balem Abrasax was an over-the-top diva.

Fav bad performance in a movie or TV show?

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ONTD Original: Where are they now-- "Rock of Love 2" and "Rock of Love: Bus" Girls

It's that time of year: To remember the trashy fabulous queens of Rock of Love who came before us. This post will catch up with the most memorable gals of Season 2 and Rock of Love: Bus.

~Warning: image heavy!

Frenchy, aka Angelique Morgan
Known for: Being French, being a stripper, having terrible plastic surgery
Where is she now: She continues to be a Z-list famewhore. She appeared on Celebrity Big Brother UK and Botched, where she tried to get even bigger implants. She also made waves for writing “Vote Trump” on her boobs and ass.
Did porn? Yes
Trump voter? French, so no. But she supports him.
Insta: @FrenchyMorgan

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Fav Season 2 girls?

Kristy Joe

Fav Season 3 (Bus) girls?

Brittaney Starr

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn out in NYC

Taylor Swift and boyfriend Joe Alwyn were spotted in NYC over the weekend. According to fan sites, the couple may have spent Christmas together in Glin Castle in Ireland.

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An anti-vaxxer conservative writer died of a flu

Bre Payton was a conservative writer who made regular appearances at Fox news and other channels. Payton was found "unresponsive and barely breathing" Thursday. Later, she was diagnosed with the H1N1 flu and meningitis.

She recently appeared on Fox News to criticize media coverage of Melania Trump, calling it sexist. Years ago, she made this tweet about vaccines:

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Did you get your vaccines from the devil, ONTD?

Ariana Grande "turns down Damehood"

- Grande has turned down the offer of Damehood in respect for her fans affected by the Manchester bombing
- She believes it's "too soon" to take on the honour.

- "An insider explained: “Ariana was flattered but said it was too soon. She explained she was still grieving. So were scores of families.
“She feared some affected might see it as insensitive. The committee wrote to her but she politely said no.”

Another source explained: “She was deeply moved and honoured. She didn’t decline it as such but explained it was not the right time to accept.”

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Justin Bieber Tells Jojo Siwa to Burn Her Car

Jojo posted a picture of her ugly car on instagram and Bieber responded with, “Burn it.”

Bieber cleared up the comment:>Source
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Cardi B 'sickened' after feeling racially attacked at Australian airport

- After a 10-hour flight to Australia, Cardi covered her face upon landing & didn't speak - which angered the mobbing paparazzi.
- Paps were warned to follow the rules & not mob.
- In a later Insta-live, Cardi said she felt "sickened" with the undertones when a "white male" paparazzo shouted in response, "You're in Australia now! You're playing by our rules. Let's be clear on that!."
- They continued taunting: "Why the blanket, Cardi? Having an identify crisis or something? Give us a picture!"
- She said of the incident: "It don't sit well with me when a white man tells me that shit."

- A white woman with a camera also asked to take a photo with Cardi, but was rebuffed by her entourage.
- That woman then insulted Cardi: "No wonder your husband left you!"
- Cardi's publicist Patience went off on the woman.
- Cardi later said she was uncomfortable when the woman started to "act like the victim" with exaggerated mannerisms.
- "We be looking like fucking animals because people provoke you and say vile shit... Is that how you see colored people?"

- "I just want to go home."
- She wanted her mom to fly to Australia for New Year's but was glad she didn't.

- Australian headlines accused her of having a "diva tantrum", "covering her head" & "snapping at photographers".

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Best of ONTD 2018 Poll!

Voting is now live! Results will be posted Wednesday afternoon, January 2nd.

A note about the nominations: I aimed for 5 for each category. If there was a 2-way tie for the 5th slot, I included 6 options. Some categories didn't have many nominations, and in these, I did not include nominations without any +1's.

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Louis C.K. Jokes about School Shooting Survivors and Non-Binary People


Audio of Louis C.K.'s stand-up "comedy" leaked over the weekend in a conservative-style “young people are too sensitive” bs routine.

who 13 jodie

Doctor Who New Year Special Villain Confirmed!

Sources: BBC DW, VF

Queen 13 & Fam return on New Year's Day for their biggest adventure yet, so tune in! 💙

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