October 29th, 2018


Who went home on X Factor UK: Live Shows 2?

To recap last night's live shows:
-Misunderstood were the best as per usual imo, they sang Close To You, their vocals were on point, there was a dance break and everybody was having fun. Louis Tomlinson decided to be a grumpy cat by saying it's concerning that people are most excited about their dance break instead of their singing and it is a vocal competition (sis. if this was about vocals you wouldn't be sitting there today), Simon didn't understand the staging.
Basically the judges were mostly negative to most contestants, telling them they chose the wrong songs and shit, every time one judge criticised an act from another judge, that other judge would criticise their act in return etc. The judges thought United Vibe were terrible and they asked Twitter fans to give them a new name. Molly Scott sang 'Little Do You Know' by Alex & Sierra, and Robbie's wife said "Nobody even knows that song, i don't know why you chose it Simon"...well nobody knows who you are yet you are on he panel...glass houses.
-The judges' favorite was Dalton Harris yet again, who sang I Have Nothing and put us all to sleep.
-Everyone was super boring except for Acacia & Aaliyah, Misunderstood and Giovanni Spano (who sang Baby One More Time and it was hilarious and glorious lmfao , if we ignore the scream at the end)

[Two acts went home!]

Janice Robinson went home along with LMA Choir. (good riddance lol)
Brendan Murray was in the bottom two.


Did you watch? Thoughts?
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Lena Dunham Tapped by Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams to Adapt Syrian Refugee Story

The “Girls” creator is set to adapt the non-fiction novel “A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea” by Melissa Fleming and has gotten the approval of J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg.

She will write an adaptation of the non-fiction novel “A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea: One Refugee’s Incredible Story of Love, Loss, and Survival,” by author Melissa Fleming.

The project is set up at Paramount and is being produced by Spielberg’s Amblin Partners and J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot. 

The book that was originally released in January 2017, documents the journey of a young Syrian woman, Doaa Al-Zamel, and her rescue from the Mediterranean as one of the few survivors of a capsized boat of refugees.

Fleming is chief spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), who travels to war zones and refugee camps.


Twitter Source

Chris Rock to Direct Kevin Hart In Universal Comedy 'Coparenting’

Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are teaming up for a comedy for Universal. Rock will direct Hart in a comedy called “Coparenting.”

“Coparenting is about a stay at home dad, (Hart), who raises thier kids while his wife is a top CEO and the main breadwinner. Soon his wife files for divorce and it begins to turn into a bitter divorce and custody battle.”

Will Packer will produce the film and Yamara Taylor wrote the script.

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ONTD Reading Challenge post! November: TL;DR!

November's task in the ONTD Reading Challenge is to take it easy! Read a novella or a book that's under 150 pages. milfordacademy and I have selected 10 books as suggestions. As always, it doesn't have to be a book from our posts - you can read whatever you want to! We also included some links, below, with more book recs.

The Hen who Dreamed she could Fly by Sun-Mi Hwang

This is the story of a hen named Sprout. No longer content to lay eggs on command, only to have them carted off to the market, she glimpses her future every morning through the barn doors, where the other animals roam free, and comes up with a plan to escape into the wild—and to hatch an egg of her own.

An anthem for freedom, individuality and motherhood featuring a plucky, spirited heroine who rebels against the tradition-bound world of the barnyard, The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly is a novel of universal resonance that also opens a window on Korea, where it has captivated millions of readers. And with its array of animal characters—the hen, the duck, the rooster, the dog, the weasel—it calls to mind such classics in English as Animal Farm and Charlotte’s Web.

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More ideas? Check out these resources under the cut:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Not every book listed is under 150 pages, FYI.

SOURCES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Book post! What will you read this month? What are some short books that you like?

ONTD Roundup

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The Nightmare Before Christmas turns 25 today


Most think of Tim Burton when it comes to the iconic Halloween or xmas movie, but it was actually Henry Selick who directed the 1993 film.

Looking back on creating the movie, Henry shared that he regrets scrapping one part in the process!

"There’s a shot — and I really regret replacing it — at the very end of the film when Jack comes back and then Sandy Claws flies overhead and there’s snow and Christmas comes to Halloween Town. We show a lot of Halloween Towners enjoying winter sports and snow and you see the vampires playing hockey and they hit the puck right at the camera — and originally it was Tim Burton’s head,” Henry says.

Selick adds that he'd take out the pumpkin and put in Tim Burton's head instead. No word from Burton if he would have been mad, since thats the reason Selick was worried and took it out.


Happy birthday Nightmare Before Christmas!!

Figure Skating: 2018 Skate Canada International

The second Grand Prix event of the season is concluded (I actually attended this one in person), and there were a lot of wild ordinals between the short and free programs here, even if the winners were the expected ones in at least three of the four cases (and possibly the fourth, depending on what your expectations were).

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Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
Video #4
Video #5
Video #6
Video #7
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Allie X's New Album 'Super Sunset' Is Out Now!

Indie pop darling Allie X's follow-up to Collxtion II is out now.

Finally another conceptual album with an artist with talent, not everybody is that. Poor fake DIY bedroom pop watered down Charli XCX flops!

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Fav song off the album?

Not So Bad in LA
Little Things
Girl of the Year
Can't Stop Now

sources: Allie X's Twitter, source 2

Normani for PAPER magazine

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* Talks about sorting through the pressure of being the only black girl in 5H and dealing with Racial Abuse

* Was in pageants in addition to her gymnastics in order to help break out of her shell

* Wants to focus on her solo activities but is always open to collaborating with her 5H bandmates

* Solo album still in the works, likely out early 2019

sources: 1 , 2
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Frances Bean Cobain, Paris Jackson & Miles Richie at Moschino x H&M show


Frances Bean Cobain & Paris Jackson sat front row at the Moschino x H&M show last week. Paris was later spotted hanging out with Lionel Richie's 24 y/o son Miles, who is apparently a model. Diplo was there, too.
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l: olivia bts
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Nicki Minaj goes on Queen Radio yet again to talk about her favorite person, Cardi B

Continues to talk about NYFW and says that Cardi got her ass beat and that Belcalis wanted her on her second single stating that "You wanted me on your second single …now you’re all lovey-dovey with those girls. Why didn’t you ask Remy and Kim to be on your single".

Brings up Cardi's little sister Hennessey Carolina saying that she's "not a child" and that Cardi "got your sister calling my friends all kinds of disrespectful names. I was minding my business … Let’s make our music, and just be happy."

Said she'd pay 100k for the video of Cardi getting beat up during NYFW.

Continues to play the victim as usual and states that she just wants to make music.

Minaj's latest single Barbie Dreams from her album Queen peaked at #18 on Billboard and is currently no where to be found on WW/US Itunes, Spotify's Top 50 chart.

Source, Source
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Jon Bon Jovi slams the Kardashians: You 'Made a Porno and Got Famous — I'll Pass'

· In an Australian TV interview, Jon Bon Jovi made it clear he's not a Kardashian fan, saying he doesn't know the Karjenner's names and doesn't watch the show. He questioned what Kim would write in her autobiography besides "I got famous from porn"
· He suggested Kim take up play writing, painting, acting, studying, singing and book writing to earn her fame
· He is also not a Real Housewives fan


Everything they've done since the tape has been so terrible that I'd forgotten sex tapes offend people, lmao
Captain Marvel

Today on The View: Meghan McCain Throws a Temper Tantrum & Joy Snatches Her Wig!

For so long we have waited for The View to become interesting again after Meghan's return from grief leave and the panel welcoming Autobot Abby Huntsman, and our prayers were finally answered today. When speaking about the pipe bombs sent to top Democrats/Trump critics to the massacre at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, Joy and Sunny put the blame, first and foremost, on Trump's rhetoric and the country needing stronger gun laws. Of course, Meghan being the gat toting pistol holding NRA card carrying member, jumped on Keith Ellison and Tomika Mallory meeting with Farrakhan.

Meghan made snide little comments like "you're not even looking at me so I don't know even know why I am bother" and "I thought we were gonna have commentary on civility and not on gun laws"

Whoopi interjects on Meghan and tries to keep the panel calm to which she responds by crossing her arms like a petulant 12 year old.

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Source 2

Let's hope this spills over into the rest of the week!

Melissa Joan Hart, Nate Richert, Caroline Rhea & Beth Broderick watch Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

  • They liked it but found it too scary and different to their show.

  • Melissa said that her children will like this version better than hers, but she's not telling them about its existence just yet.

  • They liked that the new Salem is real.


ONTD, now that you had the whole weekend to watch the show, what did you think of the finale? Why is Prudence, Ambrose, Madam Satan or Aunt Hilda your favorite character? Why is Aunt Zelda such a crazy Christian Satanist woman? Do you like Sabrina's new look? Are you also thinking about buying a red coat? Discuss.

WWE Roundup: John Oliver bashes company's Saudi Arabia ties ; Ladies slay at Evolution

WWE announced a few days ago that their messy partnership with Saudia Arabia will continue as the country's next event is still scheduled to take place this upcoming Friday afternoon.

John Oliver discussed the partnership on his show last night and how tone deaf the promotion has become and how even fans have begun turning on the company over it.

Meanwhile, the ladies (who are banned from competing in SA) had their first-ever Women's Only Event last night and it was a huge success (Becky did that!!). Take a look at highlights and reactions under the cut:
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Source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


‘Runaways’ Actor Kip Pardue Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Co-Star on Indie TV Set

Sarah Scott says Pardue assaulted her in May while they were filming, “Mogulettes,” an independent television pilot. 
Pardue became aroused when they were shooting a sex scene together and proceeded to place her hand on his erect penis.
Pardue asked her to come to his dressing room, where he masturbated in front of her.
Pardue apologized for placing Scott’s hand on his penis during their scene together.
But he denied everything the actress alleges that happened after the scene was completed.
Scott reported the incident to director Dave Fraunces and producer Mandy Henderson, as well as the Screen Actors Guild.
She has not seen any development from those actions in the last five months.


Zoë Kravitz Says a Director Sexually Harassed Her When She Was 19

In her new Rolling Stone cover she recalls being sexually harassed by a director, whom she won’t name, at the start of her career.
She shares her thoughts on another man who abused his power: Bill Cosby. She agrees with her mother that his energy was always bad.
She reveals she’s engaged to actor Karl Glusman.
She talks trying and failing to get Big Little Lies to acknowledge Bonnie’s race.


How Very. 2 more episodes of Heathers pulled from broadcast tv

-The most controversial tv show of our time is back at it again.

-After the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Paramount TV has decided to pull 2 more episodes of Heathers (if you are counting, first they pushed the show back, then cancelled the entire season, then decided to air the entire season sans the the actual finale)

-The two episodes that were pulled involved the students getting active shooter training.

-The two episodes are still available to stream on Paramounts website.

Image result for heathers giphy

Shannen Doherty is not here for the Charmed Reboot hate

-At a recent Paris Con, a fan asked Shannen what were thoughts were on the reboot to which the crowd started booing.

-ShanDo wasn't here for it. She has seen a lot of hate surrounding the show and the cast. She wants to remind people that the actresses are just trying to do their job, is employing hundreds of people, and it is a good influence for the younger generation.

-She knows that it isnt the OG fans Charmed but we still have our Charmed and now a new generation can have their own version of Charmed because the fans have been so great since the OG show aired that there was interest in bringing it back.

-But one thing the new Charmed won't be able to do? Have as great of a character as Prue Halliwell (where are the lies) or have as loyal of fans.

Charmed (2018) airs weekly on TheCW at 9pm EST. Check your local listings.

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Cardi responds on Instagram to Nicki Minaj

The Cardi B and Nicki Minaj feud continues after today's Queen radio and Cardi responded to some of the things Nicki said and did on her Instagram. She showed the threatening texts from Nicki's stans and the tweets Nicki liked where she seemed to encourage their behavior.

Cardi says Nicki got her Diesel deal after she turned it down and she also turned down the "Woman Like Me" Little Mix song Nicki ended up featuring on.

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Tinashe, Kiersey Clemons Among Cast for Fox’s Live Version of ‘Rent’

Fox has announced the cast for its upcoming “Rent” live musical :

Tinashe (Recording artist) has been cast as Mimi Marquez.
Brennin Hunt (“Nashville”) will play Roger.
Jordan Fisher (“Hamilton” and the 2017 winner of “Dancing with the Stars”) will play Mark.
Vanessa Hudgens (“Grease: Live”) will play Maureen Johnson.
Kiersey Clemons (“Hearts Beat Loud”) is set to play Joanne Jefferson.
Brandon Victor Dixon (“Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert”) will play Tom Collins.
Valentina (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”) will play Angel Dumont. 
Mario (R&B and pop star) will play Benjamin Coffin III.
Keala Settle will perform the iconic solo from “Seasons of Love”.

“Rent Live” will be broadcast from Fox Studios in Los Angeles live on Sunday, January 27, 2019.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Olivia Munn on the cover of Cosmopolitan UK


  • She posed with dogs from Dogs Trust, a foundation that helps rehome dogs in the UK

  • Was surprised at the reaction to Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and rapes being made public because she thought no one would care

  • Doesn't regret speaking out about the sexual predator that was hired for the Predator movie

  • Brett Ratner claimed that he slept with her three times and she took to Twitter to shame him into apologizing

  • Talks about how hard it is to be a woman since people will denegrate you by saying that you used sexual favours to get ahead

l: olivia bts
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Little Mix wanted Cardi B on Woman Like Me first, fashion brand wanted Cardi over Nicki

Cardi hopped onto Instagram to set the record straight on Nicki claiming Cardi is "stopping her bag".

Cardi plays the demo of Woman Like Me sent to her that she turned down because she has other pop records coming soon and didn't want to saturate herself.

Turned down the Diesel fashion deal that ended up going to Nicki instead because she has other fashion plans in mind and endorsements.

Calls Nicki sick in the f*cking head for liking things in regards to her Barbs attacking Cardi and tells "Ms. Chun Li street fighter" to get the fuck outta here.

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Erika Jayne

Warning! Hurricane Kenya Moore seen twirling towards Real Housewives of Atlanta!

-Kenya Moore may be gone from the upcoming season of RHOA but you is she twirling her way back?

-Kenya was recently spotted making a surprise appearance at the finale party for Cynthias event.

-NeNe Leakes could fill her powers waning as the true Supreme was mic'd up by Bravo. NeNe/Kenya had yet another falling out when Kenya failed to invite NeNe to her baby shower and NeNe called Kenya out on twitter for not wanting to open her life to the cameras. But at least Kenya/Porsha are best pregnant buddies?

Related image

Mac Miller Benefit Concert, Featuring Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, SZA, to Be Livestreamed

The family of late rapper Mac Miller announced today that a benefit concert will air his memory. The concert is on Halloween, Oct 31st. The concert will be livestreamed on Facebook, LiveXLive, TIDAL, Twitter, WAV, and YouTube. It will begin at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT.

The concert will star Miller’s friends and colleagues such as Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, SZA, John Mayer, and more. The concert will benefit the launch of the Mac Miller Circles Fund, which will support youth and community-building programs.

Source 1,Source 2

Hot Cocoa M&M's Are Returning to Store Shelves with a New Marshmallow Center

M&M's are brining back a fan favorite candy just in time for the holidays. M&M's, or the Mars brand, will be releasing the Hot Cocoa flavor M&M's, exclusively in Target stores. The last time the candy hit the shelves was in 2015.


ONTD, what is your favorite holiday candy or treat?

In random news: Kourtney Kardashian and Luka Sabbat Split

Kourtney Kardashian, 39, and Lukka Sabbat, 20, are done, a source tells People. The couple have been dating for a few months.

“Kourtney is no longer seeing Luka,” the source says. “It was a fun fling for her, but not a big deal.” The source also says that Kourtney is doing "great" and wants to focus on her kids and her career.

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Arrow 7x04 "Level Two" & Legends of Tomorrow 4x03 "Dancing Queen" promos

RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN — Oliver makes a drastic move in his quest to find Diaz. Like her husband, Felicity pulls out all the stops to get to Diaz. Meanwhile, when arsonists target Rene’s (Rick Gonzalez) community center, injuring Zoe in the process, the mysterious new Green Arrow swoops in to help save the day. Faced with pressure from the mayor to capture the vigilante, Dinah must decide if following the rules at all costs is the best plan to keep the city safe. Ben Bray directed the episode written by Emilio Ortega Aldrich & Tonya Kong (#704). Original airdate 11/5/2018.

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Ariana Grande - God is A Woman live from the BBC

Ariana Grande is accompanied by an all-female orchestra for Ariana Grande At The BBC - a special programme for BBC One, which airs this Thursday. In this preview performance Ari belts out her latest top-10 hit, God is A Woman. The special was taped in September so don't expect any salacious interview moments, but do expect vocals (as per usual).

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHtgIWSUPew
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British Vogue: From Sehun to Zayn Malik: Meet the 50 boys set to define this year

-British Vogue had a list of 50 men who they chose to define this year/next year.
-Do y'all agree? A lot of the people are mixture of nepotism, models, actors, and singers.

Mena Massoud, 27

The new actor who plays Aladdin in the new Disney film Aladdin. Is Egyptian-born, Canadian actor. Recently launched a evolving vegan brand.

-The rest of the picks down below.

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Harry - pincers

Oscar hopeful 'Roma' may be eyeing an early theatrical release before Netflix debut

Now that Netflix is starting to realize they have a real awards contender on their hands with Alfonso Cuaron's semi-autobiographical 'Roma', they are considering releasing it in theaters (limited release) a couple of weeks before its mid-December Netflix debut, according to the source.

'Roma' is looking at a limited release on November 30 not just in Los Angeles and NYC, but other select major cities in the US as well.

The film was already scheduled to be screened in 100 theaters in the US on December 14, the same day it streams on Netflix, but that of course may change if all this is true. It will not be featured in IMAX as other movies are already scheduled for the platform through the end of the year (Fantastic Beasts 2, Mortal Engines, Aquaman).

Source: https://twitter.com/DEADLINE/status/1057008192205467648
TV - Sharna

Who went home on DWTS? 27x06

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BONUS (if anyone cares lol): [Who went home on DWTS:Juniors?]Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson

Source: Me and my TV
Pictures from USA Today

All dances can be viewed here

Favorite dance of the night? Halloween night is my favorite, great music (well, as great as can be with the covers they use) and cool themes!

Sister of the 16-year-old black girl on 'Dr. Phil' claiming to be white speaks out

- You may have heard of the recent Dr. Phil episode that featured a 16-year-old black girl named Treasure who claims to be white and says she hates all black people.

- What does Treasure think of black people? "Most African-Americans speak ghetto, and when it comes to Black people, I think they’re all ugly, and I have nothing in common with them. I act and think like a white person, instead of a Black person."

- Treasure's older sister Nina, 25, spoke out in an interview with Essence saying her family is pulling a scam and that her sister just wants to be a meme while their mother wanted a free trip.

- The siblings were raised by a white man who died in 2006 (not the biological father) and Nina is angry that his reputation is being ruined. She wants to set the record straight.

Source: 1 2
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'Attack on Titan' Live-Action Movie Finds a Director

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Andy Muschietti, the director of last year's IT, will be directing a live-action Attack on Titan for Warner Brothers. The anime has already been adapted into two live-action films back in 2015, which were released in Japan. The film will be produced by David Heyman, Masi Oka, and Barbara Muschietti. Andy Muschietti is currently working on the sequel IT: Chapter Two, schedule for a September 2019 release.

sunmi - why so lonely

Will Ferrell door-knocks for Stacey Abrams

- 'ELF' star Will Ferrell has been canvassing for Stacey Abrams, who is the Democratic nominee for Governor of Georgia
- He has been encouraging early voting and hopes she will get enough despite the blatant and disgusting voter suppression happening
- If she wins, Abrams would be the first ever black and female Governor in the US
- Check your registration and get info on ballot inititiatives/volunteering/candidates here

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ONTD what are you doing to help? How are the races in your area?
Source: One & Two
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Nicki rallies her troops Little Mix and Ariana Grande

Cardi B has yet to respond to Little Mix hopping in.

Way to kiss any future Cardi features goodbye LM and Ari lol

Source, Source