October 7th, 2018

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UFC Fight Night in Vegas Ends in Chaos: Conor McGreggor Ambushed & Several Arrested

Conor McGreggor and Khabib Nurmagomedov were set to fight tonight at UFC 229 in Las Vegas, and after months of build up they did....then things got wild.
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- In an earlier incident this year, Conor McGreggor attacked a bus by throwing a dolly at it, and the bus was filled with some fighters, including Khabib himself, over his feud with Khabib, then he plead guilty to that and his charges were dropped, as in he doesn't have a criminal record. However, he continued to verbally taunt Khabib in the media as press lead up to the fight.

- The two fought tonight and Khabib won the fight via submission in the fourth round and was overall the better fighter.

-  Khabib proceeded to then climb out of the octagon and attack one of Conor's coaches who was watching the fight as a spectator and talking smack about Khabib on the sidelines. (In other words he was an audience member not part of the fight).

- While a brawl enused in the audience, Khabib's team members then jumped into the octagon and ambushed McGreggor and started to hit him, where the brawl continued. Khabib was escorted out of the octagon, without being given the belt he just won, and by security as fans threw things at him on the way out.

- Several members (3) of Khabib's team were arrested, and more are investigated right now. McGreggor has recieved his check for the fight but Khabib's is being held.

- Fans outside the arena are now going at it too.

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Lady Gaga and Zane Lowe talk 'A Star Is Born'

Lady Gaga sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music to discuss her latest movie 'A Star Is Born,' it's soundtrack and more.

On the film's opening scene:
Fame is very unnatural. One of my favorite things that [Bradley Cooper] did in this film is the opening scene. It's so electric, he's just playing the shit out of the guitar, and you hear the audience just screaming. All of a sudden, he gets into an SUV, the door shuts and it's silent. And that would be, to me, one of the best if not the best cinematic ways of portraying fame that i could possibly think of.

On the final song in the film:
It's very special. It’s a song that he writes for her. It has a very tragic twist at the end. We shot it at The Shrine, which Bradley wanted to do as an homage to the Judy Garland version. On that day, my friend Sonja who had been battling cancers for years, her friend called me and I could hear [Sonja] moaning in the background. And they said she's not doing well and I thought she was dying, so I left the set. I can’t believe I didn’t even stop to see Bradley, and I got in my car and started driving, and I missed her by ten minutes.

Watch the rest of the interview on Apple Music

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Rita covers Clash Magazine

Ahead of her release of Phoenix, Rita covered the Autumn issue of Clash magazine.

Rita described how her long-fought battle to release her second album has earned her the respect of her peers: “I know some people in the industry who I won’t name but who have messaged me to say, ‘You’re a badass for doing what you did.'"

Doctor Who: Nine and Rose

Jodie Whittaker on playing the Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whitaker sits down with Radio Times and discusses playing the new Doctor.

"A woman is never going to get to be Bond or Doctor Who. That will never happen.”

"One of the things that made me nervous about playing the Doctor was having to play one of the most intelligent characters on TV. I’ve always considered myself emotionally bright, just not necessarily academic."

“I’m always asked, ‘Do you think James Bond should now be a woman?’ But that’s not the conversation. It’s really – ‘Should every point of view be the same?’ And the answer is no. Stories shouldn’t always be told from the same perspective. It’s a mistake to think that the only heroes are white men."


Katt Williams arrested, jailed on assault charges

Katt Williams was arrested and jailed on Saturday night for allegedly assaulting his driver.

Katt was in Portland to perform at a Wild N’ Out show.

According to the police, Kat and his driver got into an argument over transporting Kat and his dog to the comedy venue. The driver reportedly had swelling and cuts on his face.

i ♡ t.s.

Brooklyn Beckham goes private on Instagram after backlash from Chinese netizens for his racist post

- While holidaying in Venice, David Beckham’s eldest son Brooklyn shared with his 11.5M followers photos of Asian tourists with the caption “No place like Italy innit”.

- The now-deleted post was also liked by his two younger brothers, Romeo and Cruz Beckham, according to a report by Chinese news portal Sina.com.cn. His Instagram account is now private after receiving criticism for his post.

- Chinese netizens quickly flooded his posts, condemning him of racism. Some told him to “never come to China to fish for money again” and demanded an apology, while others asked why Chinese or Asian-looking tourists were being singled out for criticism.

- “Without his dad, who would recognise him? He really has no character,” read one top-rated comment.

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SOUCE: Brooklyn's Instagram | SCMP | Twitter | David's Instagram | Twitter | Twitter | Twitter

will china cancel him like gigi though

Britney Spears shares new commercial for her unisex scent, Prerogative


The Princess of Pop Britney Spears revealed a new ad on her Instagram for her new unisex scent, Prerogative. Spears writes: “I’m so excited for you all to see the different personas of #MyPrerogative... and I had to put together my own personal edit of the video footage! Here’s a little taste... more coming soon...”

This is Spears’ 24th fragrance with Elizabeth Arden. Prerogative has top notes of pink pepper, red Goji berries, and apricot nectar; mid notes of latex petals and espresso foam; and base notes of santal, amberwood, and saffron cream.

The Britney Spears™ fragrance line is said to be worth over a billion dollars and is considered one of the most successful celebrity perfume lines ever since it launched in 2004 with her first successful fragrance, Curious.

Sunday mood:

ONTD, what are some of your favorite fragrances?


Big Brother UK Housemate Cameron comes out as gay on television

-18 Year Old Housemate Cameron Cole came out to fellow Housemate Lewis F as gay.
-Footage was shown during a Live Eviction and host Emma Willis and the audience cheered in support.
-This comes after fellow Housemate Cian told others that he fancied Cameron the night earlier.
-Cameron had previously told Lewis F that he had a secret he was afraid to reveal.
-Later on Big Brother's Bit on the Side, Cameron's father was in the audience and he said the family was aware of his sexuality but were waiting for him to be ready.

Source: One Two

ONTD did you watch this and how did it make you feel?

Bachelor News Roundup: Colton Gets Dumped, And More


Whew, there's so much Bachelor crap floating around. Let's get to it.

Not really a spoiler because it's already all over the internet, but just in case: [Spoiler (click to open)]

One of Colton's contestants hasdumped him, leaving the show three weeks into filming. According to a screencap from her social media, she left because Colton is "weird as shit," and she didn't want to be around "psycho people."


Tia, Raven, Adam, and their friends apparently think that Colton does not have good motives.

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Shaggy 2 dope of Insane Clown Posse tried to drop kick Fred Durst

In "what year is this?" news, Shaggy 2 Dope of Insane Clown Posse tried to drop kick Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst on stage last night. He was... not successful. He was promptly tackled by security and removed from the stage.

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Have you ever tried to drop kick anyone?

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Andrea Kelly Details Allegations Of Abuse By Ex-Husband R. Kelly

Andrea Kelly the ex-wife of a noted abuser, pedophile, pos, sex cult leader R. Kelly visited The View to share her story detailing years of abuse from the hands of Robert Sylvester Kelly. Like all the other stories from victims of any kind of abuse, it's truly heartbreaking and trigger warning. Andrea says she decided to come out now "because it's about saving lives", claiming she wanted to bring validity to all those women who came before with accusations against R. Kelly. Both videos are hard to watch, but need to be seen. If you had any doubts what kind of a monster R. Kelly really is, listen to Andrea's gut-wrenching story. I wouldn't even try to describe what she's gone through, so please just watch the interview.

S S1

20 years ago today Something Wicca This Way Comes came into our lives as Charmed was born!

-20 years ago to the day Charmed aired their pilot episode 'Something Wicca This Way Comes'

-This would see the high profile return of Shannen Doherty working with Aaron Spelling after her infamous firing from Beverly Hills 90210.

-Alyssa Milano came in to the show as a recast as the original actress Lori Rom dropped out unexpectedly. It is speculated that she couldn't put her religious beliefs to rest with the show being about witches.

-Charmed would be TheWBs highest rated premiere at the time coming in with a whopping 7.7 million viewers! Smallville would go on to usurp the show with 8.4 million viewers for their pilot episode.

-Shannen Doherty was originally asked to play Piper but after reading the script she thought she would be a better fit for Prue and would convince her bff to come in to audition for the role of Piper.

-The show would go on to run 8 seasons and become the longest running all female lead scripted tv series.

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Ariana Was at SNL Last Night, Her Cousin Threw Pencils at the Ceiling at NBC

Pete Davidson's soulmate hung out backstage at SNL again last night in his dressing room. To pass the time during the 90 minutes he was giggling through sketches, her cousin Courtney Chipolone shot pencils at the ceiling according to her Instagram story. Ariana also shared a photo of Gummy Jon before he went on stage to "impersonate" Jeff Flake.

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Brooklyn 99's Stephanie Beatriz gets married

-Stephanie's dress was called The Rosa
-The Brooklyn 99 cast was all there
-The wedding was short so everybody could party
-There's such a thing as a 'hot cheeto burrito' and it was served at the wedding
-They had a room with a vending machine giving out flats to anybody who wanted to change out of their heels.
-There were ice cream sandwiches instead of cake.

Source 1
Source 2

Melissa Fumero's dress is U.G.L.Y.

What Was the Most Significant Breakup in History?


The Atlantic asked the question What Was the Most Significant Breakup in History?

Some responses:

Sofia Alvarez, screenwriter, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

In my lifetime, for story purposes alone, I don’t think one can top Charles and Diana. Has there been a more public, twisted, and tragic union and parting?
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The rest at the source

What was the biggest break-up in your lifetime, ONTD? Brangelina is up there, IMO

NAO Shares New Song 'Curiosity', Covers Aretha Franklin

NAO, a British soul singer is about to drop her sophomore album 'Saturn' on October 26th. She already shared two songs (which you can find behind the cut) from the album, and today she released a new track 'Curiosity'. Listen below.

NAO also dropped by 1Xtra Live Lounge this week and covered Aretha Franklin's 'Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)'.

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'Saturn' Drops October 26.

S S1 S2 S3

'For All We Know' was some serious heat. Can't wait for 'Saturn'.
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Gina Gershon cast as Jughead's mom on Riverdale

source 2

- newcomer Trinity Likins is playing Jellybean, Jughead's sister

- Gladys runs her own Serpent gang while doing shady business on a salvage yard in Toledo (which contradicts everything the show ever said about Gladys, but whatever)


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John Legend and Wendy from Red Velvet Announce Collab.

As a part of SM's latest project "Station x 0", Wendy will collaborate with John Legend in a duet called "Written in the Stars". Song will be released October 19.


Jensen Ackles stops by Live With Kelly and Ryan

Jensen Ackles made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan to promote the fourteenth season Supernatural. lol.

Ackles, 40, who is aging like a fine wine by the way, discussed how he and his wife, Danneel, landed on the name Zeppelin for their son. He was born with his twin sister Arrow on Dec 2nd in 2016. The couple also have a older daughter, Justice Jay, who is 5.

ONTD, what ~special and ~unique name would you give your own child if you didn’t already hate children? 🤔

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Carrie Underwood shares close-up of face scar from her accident last year

The country star posted a throwback photo to Instagram Saturday, which shows off her post-accident scar on her upper lip.

The photo is from the filming of her music video for "Love Wins," which was released on September 11.

The scar is from a severe fall Underwood took in November 2017 outside her Nashville area home, which left her with a broken wrist & 40 stiches in her face.

Sources: the USA Today tweet USA Today

ONTD; do you have any noticeable scars?


Rose McGowan thinks #MeToo is 'bullshit,' 'a lie, 'a Band-Aid'

Rose McGowan is calling out the #MeToo movement.

▪She will never act again, in order to remain critical of the industry. 
“I just think they’re losers, I don’t like them. How do I explain the fact that I got a GQ Man of the Year award and no women’s magazines and no women’s organizations have supported me?”

▪She claims that she isn’t invited to #MeToo events like survivors’ brunches, but that she doesn’t want to go, either.
“It’s all bullshit. It’s a lie. It’s a Band-Aid lie to make them feel better,” 

▪She agrees with Trump supports who call actors “faux liberals.”
“It’s crap, and they know it is deep down, but they’re living an empty life, and to me that’s their punishment.”