September 13th, 2018

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Christina Aguilera Would Do a Song With Britney

She was on Kimmel tonight.
- Talks about social media and how beneficial it is
- Says social media helps squash beefs, if they had it back in the day she would've used it to squash it
- Talks about rumored Britney Spears beef, they woukd've probably done a song back then to squash the beef
- Says shes open to doing a song with her, if her reps say okay


More information about Mac Miller's death released

-Miller's home looked as if it had been 'swept clean' prior to EMS/police arriving and only a small amount of white powder was discovered
-Police are investigating a party Miller held at his house the night before he died
-Miller was pronounced dead at the scene and is thought to have been deceased for hours before he was discovered in his bedroom and 911 was called
-Drug overdosed is the believed cause of death, but won't be confirmed until toxicology results come back within the next four to six weeks

Desus Nice from kobewife1

Cube Entertainement Backtracks, Says Hyuna and E’dawn Are NOT Out Of The Company

* Cube Entertainment has backtracked on the official decision to remove soloists and former 4minute/Wonder Girls member Hyuna and Pentagon member E’dawn from the company.
* Cube says that they’re still in discussions with both artists, despite releasing an official statement saying they were both out.
* Both domestic and international response to Cube’s decision have being negative. Cube’s stock have fallen by 10% after the news broke.
* Hyuna and E’Dawn both found out about being kicked from Cube via the news.
* Cube says the decision should be finalized in two weeks.
* Allegedly Cube’s shareholders WERE NOT happy with the news of Hyuna and E’Dawn being kicked out, which is why they’ve recanted.

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Dua Lipa gig in China marred by scandal as fans are booted out by guards for ‘waving pride flags’

Dua was performing at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, where fans were being aggresively hauled out for standing up and waving the pride flag. Dua addressed the situation towards the end of her set, stating that she wants her shows to be a "safe environment" for all. An attendee witnessed Chinese police being "heavy-handed" and "aggressive" with those they had ejected from the event. Dua had never performed in the country until this month, she became distraught as she saw her fans being dragged out by security.

Here is disturbing video of the incidents.

Dua issued a statement regarding the situation.

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Kate Beckinsale travels with grass-fed butter in her suitcase

- "I find [this Kerrygold Irish grass-fed butter] quite hard to get a hold of. If I'm going from one city to another I'll put some in my suitcase to make sure I have it. I'm the crazy person traveling with butter."

- She spreads butter over vegetables and uses it as a key ingredient in her morning, high-fat Bulletproof Coffee brew (low-mold coffee beans + unsalted, grass-fed butter + coconut oil extract).

- She recommends a higher-fat diet of "coconut oil and butter and things like that, obviously in moderation." When she was 24 filming Pearl Harbor, she and her mom commented on her skin looking old because she was put on a rigid low-fat diet.

TV - Sharna

Dancing With the Stars Season 27 Full Cast Announcement!

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Tweet and bios from People
All photos from DWTS Twitter

The new season starts September 24 at 8pm!

Indie Film Release Guide: September 14th [An ONTD Original]

ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

There are thirty-eight (38!) new films being released this week, which has to be a record since I started writing these round-ups in April. In major studio releases, your options are White Boy Rick and The Predator, but the rest are all from smaller studios, and many are available on demand. You can check out the first source for the full list, but since I don’t have all day to write these posts, here are about half of those!

Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: September 7th, August 31st, August 24th.


Stars: Kristen Stewart, Chloe Sevigny, Kim Dickens, Fiona Shaw
Writer: Bryce Cass
Director: Craig William Macneill
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Plot: In 1892, Lizzie Borden lives a quiet life in Massachusetts under the strict rules established by her father. Lizzie finds a kindred spirit in the live-in maid, Bridget, and friendship soon blossoms into a secret romance. But tension mounts in the Borden household, leading to a violent breaking point.
What you should know: Filmed at the end of 2016, it premiered at this year’s Sundance.
Opens in: NYC, LA

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Any of these look interesting to you? See anything good lately?
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RuPaul, Benicio Del Toro, Claire Foy, Angela Bassett, more to present at Monday's Primetime Emmys

The second round of presenters for Monday night's Primetime Emmys include:

-- Oscar winner Patricia Arquette
-- Oscar nominee Angela Bassett
-- Teen Choice Awards nominee Eric Bana
-- Emmy winner Samantha Bee
-- Emmy nominee Connie Britton
-- Emmy winner RuPaul Charles
-- Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro
-- Emmy nominee Claire Foy
-- Edinburgh Festival Fringe Comedy Award winner Hannah Gadsby
-- Emmy nominee Ilana Glazer
-- Emmy nominee Abbi Jacobson
-- Emmy winner Jimmy Kimmel
-- Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss
-- Emmy winner Sarah Paulson
-- Emmy nominee Issa Rae
-- Emmy winner Andy Samberg
-- Emmy nominee Matt Smith
-- Emmy winner Ben Stiller


Your new $1,000+ iPhone won’t come with a headphone dongle in the box

• The Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter that Apple used to ship in the box with its iPhones is now gone.

• That’s right — the new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max will no longer come with the accessory in the box.

• Don’t worry, after dropping $1,000+ you can still purchase one for $9 from .

• The company will also no longer include the adapter with the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8 and 8 Plus.

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Lady Gaga Answers 73 Questions for Vogue

- She only wore a hat everyday during album cycle of Joanne
- Wants to be remembered for message behind Born This Way, for believing that people are equal, for being courageous and different
- She felt famous when she heard Just Dance on the radio for the first time in Canada
- Talks about fashion
- She is a feminist, thinks its a fight for women's rights and for equality, and to protect women as much as possible within rape culture
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Xtina on Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Fight

She was performing while the fight went on downstairs.
- When she got off stage it took a while for her to find out, her hairdresser told her
- She first heard it was during Fighter and she was like "yaas my music is inspiring passion" lol but then later heard it was during a different song
- She's just sad she didn't get a front row seat to the fight, "that's where the real show was"
- Recalls at one of her shows once there was a fight during her performance of Hurt

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HBO joins BBC in Co-Producing His Dark Materials + More Episodes Ordered


- HBO is co-producing and will distribute the series outside of the UK

- More episodes have been ordered and each series will have 8 episodes

- BBC greenlit the show in 2015 and was supposed to air in 2017 but they weren't ready to release it

- The cast includes James McAvoy as Lord Asriel, Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter, and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby. Dafne Keen will play main character Lyra Belacqua

- Anne-Marie Duff (James McAvoy's ex wife) is also part of the cast as one of the Gyptians. Presumbly she'll be playing Ma Costa

- No trailer yet


ONTD, is this going to flop like the 2007 movie? Are you excited about this adaption? 

ONTD Roundup


Rachel McAdams spotted out and about with her baby

Rachel and baby daddy Jamie Linden took a family stroll Wednesday in Los Angeles, giving everyone their first glimpse at the couple's 5-month-old son.

I hope they gave him a cute normal name

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Marc Jacobs tried to Sabotage Rihanna @ Fashion Week

Every year Marc Jacobs closed out New York Fashion Week. This year the Jacob by Marc Jacobs designed by Marc Jacobs designer was replaced by Rihanna as fashion week's closing show. Reports are that Marc started his show extremely late so no one would go to Rihanna's Savage x Fenty show.


Pics at TIFF: Day Seven Premieres + Festival Photo Shoots

Many of the biggest names have left Toronto, but there were a few premieres of note last night - Hold The Dark, starring Alexander Skarsgård, Jeffrey Wright and Riley Keough, and What They Had, starring Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon. Because that would make for a pretty tiny post, I've added TIFF photo shoots from Vanity Fair and The Hollywood Reporter. Check them all out under the cut, check out previous TIFF posts here, and as usual, if I missed your fave, lmk!

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Vanity Fair Instagram,  Hollywood Reporter Instagram

We need to remember to suggest Mahershala Ali for the next tag post, guys.

Henry Cavill's Superman Conflict is "Fake"

  • There's no real discussion over the main role because there's no active 'Superman' project

  • Cavill has felt he was underpaid for the role and that's an issue, as is what some say was an underwhelming performance.

  • Cavill turned down a cameo in "Shazam!" over money

  • If and when the next 'Superman' project is greenlit, Cavill along with others would be in play.

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What Happened to Fan Bingbing?

- She hasn't been seen in public since July 1st and her social media has been inactive since July 23rd

- Fan Bingbing has been the highest paid actress in China for the past 4 years

- Documents were leaked that allegedly proved she was submitting dual contracts to the Chinese government. One document said she had  been paid $1.56 million for Unbreakable Spirit, but another document said she had been paid $7.8 million for  the same role

- Ying-Yang contracts or dual contracts  are where the paperwork to the government says the salary is one thing but the star is paid a different salary in the actual documents

- The Chinese government has a stipulation that limits star salaries. Actors can’t have a paycheck that exceeds 40 percent of a film’s total production budget

- Fan Bingbing was investigated by State Administration of Taxation after this report went viral

- China’s widely read Film and Television Star Social Responsibility Report, which ranks stars based on their professional work, charitable actions, and personal integrity, clocked Fan with a 0 percent rating.

- BBC reported that Fan had been placed “under control,” and would “accept the legal decision.”

- The story was taken down hours later

-  Representatives for Fan have not yet responded to Vanity Fair’s request for comment

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'Venom' film poised for $60M-$70M+ debut in early October, against 'A Star is Born' at $25M+

Regardless of the fact that we haven't even hit mid-September yet, Hollywood's already looking at early estimates for the box office weekend of October 5, where it'll be critical darling 'A Star is Born' against yet another superhero movie, 'Venom'. Early October admittedly is also the start of the awards film release season, and just keeps going through the new year.

Sony's 'Venom', a spin-off of Spider-Man of sorts, is estimated to make around $60M-$70M+ its opening weekend (on a $100M budget), while Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's musical 'A Star is Born' may bring in mid to high $20Ms (on a $45M budget).

Also coming out that weekend is 'Bad Times at the El Royale' if you'd rather see that instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Students dress up as their favorite pop culture reference for student ID photos

For students at North Farmington High School in Michigan there’s a tradition that allows their high school seniors to dress up as their favorite pop culture moment and/or celebrity for their student ID photos. Here are a few from the class of 2019. Whew!

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ONTD, what year did you graduate High School? 🎓

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Conservatives angrily lash out at Willie Nelson for backing Beto O’Rourke

“My wife Annie and I have met and spoken with Beto and we share his concern for the direction things are headed,” Willie Nelson said.

Willie Nelson is the headline act for a rally in Austin, Texas on Sept. 29 for Rep. Beto O’Rourke, the Democratic Texas Senate candidate who has gained national fame for his punk rock past and a viral video of him defending NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to protest racial inequality.

Willie's living his best life and has gotten conservatives gun smoking mad, they're questioning willie's patriotism.

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Jane Doe victimized by Shane Black's friend steps forward to thank Olivia Munn

  • ICYMI it was recently revealed that director Shane Black repeatedly cast his friend Steven Wilder Striegel in several of his movies

  • Streigel was a sex offender who was convicted when he tried to groom a 14 year old girl

  • When Olivia Munn found out she had shared scenes with Streigel in the new Predator movie she pressured Fox to remove the scenes

  • The Jane Doe spoke to the L.A. times where she revealed her name is Paige Carnes

  • Carnes thanked Olivia Munn for taking a stance for a stranger

  • She also thanks people who have been supportive to Munn over social media as she also felt supported by them as well

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Today on The View: New Planned Parenthood President Dr Leana Wen!

Today on The View, the new president of Planned Parenthood Dr Leana Wen is interviewed. Sunni tries coming for PP for offering abortions and not being transparent about offering abortion services(???) as over 300k abortions were performed in 2016. Joy and Whoopi don't understand the question Sunni is trying to ask and Sunni is not happy with PP receiving tax funds when they offer abortions. Dr Wen tries to clarify how PP funding works. Dr Wen also thinks Kavanaugh will overturn Roe v Wade and doesn't believe that women's health services should ever be political. (I'm mad they didn't give her a big enough interview time and gave Norm McDonald's ass 10 whole minutes wtf).

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A Bruno Mars, Kodak Black and Gucci Mane collab is dropping at midnight

Bruno Mars has announced his new collab with rappers Kodak Black and Gucci Mane weeks after posting a pic of him and Kodak Black in the studio.
They haven’t announced the title of the song yet but Gucci Mane’s signature ice cream tattoo is illustrated via clouds in the cover artwork.

I’m glad we’re getting new songs from Bruno but I’m surprised no one has called him out for working with Kodak Black (and also for working with R.Kelly and supporting Chris Brown in the past)

Paris Hilton shades Kim Kardashian for copying her photoshoot

After Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos promoting her new Cherry Blossom collection, Paris Hilton decided to remind everyone she did the same photoshoot concept a year before her. Fans on social media are interpreting it as shade, especially after Paris liked posts on Instagram accusing Kim of copying her.

Source, Source

THR Asks: "What was the Last Movie That Made You Cry?"

The Hollywood Reporter asked stars at TIFF: What's the last movie that made you cry? Some of their answers:

- Amy Ryan: cried watching the U.S. Open, "both in awe and envy". Knows that's not a movie.
- Steve Carell: cried watching Wall-E
- Ryan Gosling: cried watching Over The Top
- Claire Foy: cries watching Bridges of Madison County every time
- Kyle Chandler: doesn't cry, apparently

Watch the video for more responses!


What's the last movie (or thing you watched) that made you cry?
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"Me Vs. Us" (Teaser) - Tayla Parx

Artist TAYLA PARX (or Taylor Parks) has written a song you probably already like (from Khalid, The Internet, or Christina Aguilera) and is teasing her new music video for a single called "Me Vs. Us", her first release since her album Taylamade last year.

I LOVE this snippet already


Noah Centineo and Shannon Purser Compete in a Compliment Battle

Noah Centineo and Shannon Purser try and read complimentary Tweets to each other without bursting out laughing. Spoiler Alert: Noah Centumblr laughs tons and makes a lot of dumb faces. Is this his thing? I don’t even know. Whew!

Let’s just pretend and say Noah is promoting ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ and Shannon ‘Stranger Things.’



For your information, we are the Sugarbaker sisters of Atlanta & Designing Women is coming to ABC!

-ABC has given the Designing Women revival a script commitment.

-Should the show make it to air, it will be headed by Original series creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason and executive producer Harry Thomason.

-Will follow the new generation of Sugarbaker women.

-Designing Women originally aired on CBS during its original 7 season run.

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George pray

Authorities have ceased the search for missing German Singer widely known as Daniel Küblböck

[sensitive content due to suicide mention]The pop star reportedly went missing on Sunday (09.09.) during a cruise from Hamburg to New York. Eye witnesses have reported seeing the 33yo singer jump into the ocean. An extensive search was concluded on Monday due to “the short survivability time due to the temperature of the water at this time of year”.

Küblböck rose to fame coming in third on the first season of “Deutschland such den Superstar” in 2003 (German Pop Idol). Facebook posts about battling mental illness and Küblböck's use of female pronouns and trans hashtags on instagram has lead to wild speculation about a possible motive. The starlet, since debuting as a teenager, has went through years and years of cyber-bullying from strangers on the internet and mobbing by the German press and society due to presenting an (initially) effeminate and bubbly outward persona.

this has been a wild and sad ride :(

source: 1, 2

Funko receives backlash over lack of females in new 'The Flash' funko pops announcement

-Today Funko revealed their next line of "The Flash" funko pops featuring. The Flash, Kid Flash, Jay Garrick, and Vibe (aka Cisco).

-Shortly after their announcement, fans were not happy over the lack of Iris, Caitlin, and other major Flash female guest stars.

-Candace (Iris) weighed in throwing shade at the company.

-After the backlash Funko revealed an exclusive Flash character funko that they were attempting to hold off on.

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Still waiting on that Laurel Lance funko....What DC character do you want to see receive the Funko treatment?

Discussion Post: Castle Rock Finale

The finale (episode 10) of Castle Rock aired last night (on Hulu in the US and Crave in Canada).

The final episode has left fans of the show divided - with some feeling that the ending was satisfying and enjoyable while many others felt like too many plot holes and questions were left unanswered.

Let's discuss, ONTD

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Rina Sawayama Posts Rehearsals of "Cherry" music video

Pan icon and indie pop singer Rina Sawayama is beginning a vlog series on Youtube of her musical journey, and kicked off with this rehearsal video for the budget™ "Cherry" music video, directed by Isaac Lock (who also did the Victoria Beckham's brand's 10th anniversary video) and choreographed by Joelle D’Fontaine & Frazer Murray.

This makes me miss Gagavision episodes tbh!

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Gaga Has A Letter From David Bowie Framed In Her House

- Vogue was invited to Gaga's place to talk about "A Star Is Born" and her Las Vegas residency

- The journalist sees a letter on her mantel from David Bowie that writes

"Dear Lady, Unfortunately I will not be in NYC for a few months but many thanks for the cake"

- It's unsure if Lady Gaga had ever met the idol or if he was even fond of her, but she honored him in the tragic last minute performance after his death in 2016

Do you have any random celebrity souvenirs?

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Mariah Carey Seductively Lounges Around in "GTFO" Music Video

On a sofa, kitchen counter, on a bed - the inventor of Christmas does it all in the lukewarm single "GTFO".

This gorgeous *Jade voice* #biracialbutterfly!

Don't tell me these lies when you're bluffing
How 'bout you get the fuck out?
Go stay at your friend's house or something
Don't mean to be rude, but take your shit and leave


How to Get Away With Murder season 5 trailer is here!

In the season five premiere episode, "Your Funeral," Annalise selects students for her new legal clinic at Middleton and juggles job offers from competing firms, all while the Keating 4 attempt to move on from last semester's turmoil. And in a startling flash-forward, a new mystery is introduced and it shakes things up for everyone on "How to Get Away with Murder," THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.


Scott Feinberg (THR) says that Viola Davis is ungrateful for voicing her criticism of 'The Help'

Viola Davis shared her regrets for doing 'The Help' because the focus was not on black women.
A journalist from THR says she is ungrateful because 'The Help' has given her a career.
He deleted his tweet fast after the backlash.


Naomi Osaka to sign new $10 million Adidas deal

Naomi Osaka is set to capitalize on her US Open win by signing a new deal with adidas worth around $10 million a year.
She will reportedly become one of the highest earners in women’s sport. 
It would be the third largest in women’s tennis and the most adidas has ever paid a female tennis player. 
Her current adidas deal was due to expire at the end of 2018.

music | robyn as robin

First teaser for Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

  • A witch's 16th birthday is very special. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka), a half-witch half-mortal teenage girl. She’s been waiting her whole life for her 16th birthday, but something wicked this way comes, forcing her to choose between the path of light and the path of night. A Netflix Original Series from the makers of Riverdale. CAOS arrives October 26th.


What are your Halloween plans, ONTD?
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Tamar Braxton Opens up to Wendy Williams

- She's dating someone for 3 months now. Her and Vince split cause it was time for her to focus on her happiness.
- At the 10 min mark she opens up about her childhood and admits she was molested by both sides of her family but doesn't go into any other detail
-  Iyanla Vanzant for the Fix Your Life series her family did with her brought up the topic without Tamar's consent, and essentially shamed Tamar for it, so Tamar walked out of the taping
- Wendy flat out asks about her mom saying Vince abused her (Tamar), she says "that's not true".
- "My mom was born in the 40s so her interpretation of abuse is yelling and screaming and throwing remote controls. There was no type of abuse. If there was some type of abuse I would say."


Julie Chen is standing by her man

ICYMI: CBS boss Les Moonves got fired this week after another round of decades-long sexual harassment was reported.

Julie Chen showed her support for her husband, again, by signing off Big Brother using her full married name for the first time ever: "From outside the Big Brother house, I'm Julie Chen-Moonves. Goodnight."

When reports of Moonves first came out in July, Chen released a statement describing him as a good man and moral human being. She said it would be the only statement on the situation she would make.

  • theemii

Private Life | Official Trailer | Netflix

Richard and Rachel, a couple in the throes of infertility, try to maintain their marriage as they descend deeper and deeper into the weird world of assisted reproduction and domestic adoption. When their doctor suggests third party reproduction, they bristle. But when Sadie, a recent college drop out, re-enters their life, they reconsider.

Private Life premieres October 5, 2018

source: 1 2

Do you want kids? 👶🍼