September 10th, 2018

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Noah Centineo alludes to catfish who leaked his nudes in interview

Earlier this year, nude pics and videos of Noah Centineo were leaked online and it was believed to be the work of a catfish. While doing an interview with some website called Young Hollywood, they played a game of "Never Have I Ever" and they asked him if he'd ever been catfished.

"I, like, developed this, like, like, this what I thought was an intimate, you know, relatioship with someone and, you know, we were just, like, talking and really getting to know each other and turned out they're not who they thought they, who I thought they were. They're like, I don't even know, I still don't know to this day who they were."

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Big Hero 6 World Trailer

Finally after announcing it three years ago at D23 2015, Big Hero 6 finally makes it debut in the game during the Sony pre-show for Tokyo Game Show. only few details can be gathered at the moment like Baymax being your companion, a new form, the gummi ship customization features (which actually looks sick), and the reveal of Randall. If you were expecting for a longer trailer fret not because a new trailer is suppose to premiere next week September 18th right before Tokyo Game Show.

Also a Kingdom Hearts 3 VR Experience has been announced as well but not much information has been revealed in the meantime. EDIT: Actually there is a trailer for it lol.

[Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Trailer]

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Meet your new Miss America 2019

Wait, the Miss America pagaent is still around?

Apparently yes. Last night, Miss America crowned its new winner: 25-year-old Nia Franklin. Formerly Miss New York, Nia is an opera singer who has a master's degree in music composition. The social topic she will make a priority during her reign is advocating for the arts.

In a pleasant surprise, the final 5 contestants were very diverse. Three out of five girls are black, and the first runner-up, Bridget Oei, is Asian. EDIT: Miss Florida might be Latina, I couldn't find info on her ethnicity.

Scandal and controversey has surrounded the Miss America pagaent. Last year, its CEO resigned because emails of his leaked in which he made fun of a former Miss America's weight and made misogynistic remarks about other contestants.

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Should beauty pageants still exist?

Not sure

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Pics at TIFF: Day Four Premieres

In addition to A Star is Born, several other films had their premieres at TIFF yesterday. Among them - If Beale Street Could Talk, Her Smell, High Life, The Public, Tell it to the Bees, American Woman, A Faithful Man and mid90's. Scroll above to see the cast of Beale Street, and check out more premiere pics under the cut. For past TIFF posts, click here.

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Added an extra cut to save your browsers! Kiki Layne is gorgeous.

Post Malone's month of close calls continues with a home invasion

After his plane was forced to make an emergency landing when the tires blew out during takeoff and his car was totaled in an accident, it appears Post Malone has escaped danger yet again.

A few days ago armed robbers broke into the house Post Malone moved out of a few months ago, pistol-whipped a resident, and demanded to know where Post Malone was.

They stole about $20,000 worth of valuables from the new residents.


ONTD Roundup

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Director Jason Reitman stages a live reading of "The Breakfast Club" at TIFF

• This is the second time Reitman has staged a reading of the John Hughes classic. The first time was in 2011 with Jennifer Garner, Aaron Paul, Mindy Kaling, James Van Der Beek, and Patton Oswalt playing the teens.

• Aaron Paul also participated in the live reading at TIFF, this time playing Andy (Emilio Estevez's character), while Jesse Eisenberg played Bender. Christina Hendricks (Claire), Bel Powley (Allison), and Steve Zissis (Brian) rounded out the main group.
• Richard E. Grant played Assistant Principal Vernon and Robert Wuhl played Carl the janitor.
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netflix just added the film to their line-up this month. have any ontd-ers rewatched it yet?
tiff tweet 1/tiff tweet 2/linda holmes tweet
The Trio

Some of TIFF's People's Choice Award past winners that went on to win Oscar gold

Hi, I'm back and will torture ONTD for the rest of awards season with lots of upcoming Oscar baity movies, awards buzz and so forth. Anyway, IndieWire made a list of huge movies that won the top prize at the Toronto International Film Festival, the People’s Choice Award, in past years that went on to win Oscar gold. We won't know the winner until next week, when TIFF ends.

TIFF for many years has been the big start-off to the awards reason. Listing a few here that won big (and excluding those photographed in tweet since they're obvious), after their People’s Choice Award win.

-- 2017's “THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI”, which won Best Actress (Frances McDormand) & Supporting Actor (Sam Rockwell) at this year's Oscars
-- 2016's “LA LA LAND”, which won a ton of Oscars, including Best Actress (Emma Stone), Director (Damien Chazelle), Song, and so forth (and no it did not win best picture, Warren Beatty)
-- 2015's “ROOM” (2015), which went on to win Best Actress for Brie Larson
-- 2010's “THE KING’S SPEECH”, which won Best Picture, Director, and Actor for Colin Firth
-- 2008's “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE”, which won Best Picture and Director for Danny Boyle

As a reminder, movies making the biggest waves at this year's TIFF include 'A Star is Born', 'Widows', 'If Beale Street Could Talk', 'First Man', 'Beautiful Boy', 'Ben is Back,' and 'Mid90s'. There are still a few more releases to go, including 'The Death and Life of John F. Donovan', 'Green Book', and 'Colette' this week.

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Penn Badgley's new show, You, premiered on Lifetime last night

Penn Badgley is back and starring as Joe Goldberg in the series adaptation of You, a thriller written by Caroline Kepnes. You, created by Sera Gamble (The Magicians) and Greg Berlanti (Riverdale), premiered last night to great reviews:

  • Gives You 3 out of 4 stars.

  • "There are plenty of twists, exposed secrets and shocking moments of violence, but 'You' stays grounded by supplying a measured amount of dry humor, often at the expense of its sociopathic lead. Joe is scary, for sure, but he's also absurd, and the writers never forget that."

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Just an excuse to talk about the book and did anyone catch the show?

Kim Kardashian Says She Doesn't Like Having a Big Butt: 'I Cry About It Daily'

- On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim opened up about being insecure about her famous derrière after sister Khloe made a comment about how "huge" her butt looks when she sits down. Kourtney responds with "She likes having a big butt." to which Kim replies, "No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily."

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Carly Rae Jepsen's New EP Called "Miss U Kiss U"

- Carly Rae Jepsen's new EP is slated to be released this year, according to a producer's website who listed future projects with other artists

- Titled Miss U Kiss U

- It's still not confirmed from the Canadian herself but this could be an early tea

Are you okay with the fact she's releasing an EP after two years since Emotion Side B?

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As anticipated the Ultra Bonus Event was revealed today.

  • Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in raid battles starting September 13th at 1pm PST, ending on September 20th
  • Increased Kanto Pokemon spawns globally and new Kanto Pokemon raid bosses starting September 13th through the 30th.
  • Mewtwo will be available for raids starting September 20th @ 1pm PST, ending on October 23rd 1pm PST.
  • No news yet if shiny Mewtwo will be available.
  • Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr.Mime & Tauros will be ready for hatching in 7 KM eggs.
  • Only for eggs picked up on Sept 13th, 1pm PST through Sept 30th.
Happy Hatching, Raiding & Hunting!
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Oscar Winner Jordan Peele in talks to remake "Candyman"

Jordan Peele's production company Monkeypaw is currently in talks to remake or reboot the 1992 horror film "Candyman."

Peele told the New Yorker in 2017: "In a social thriller, the monster at hand is society,” Peele said. “Whether in an allegorical sense, as in ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ or in a metaphorical sense, like ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ ‘Candyman’ explores fear of the ghetto, in that case, Cabrini-Green, in Chicago. ‘Misery’ is about fandom and the way we idolize and worship people. The beauty is that many horror movies and many thrillers do deal with society in some way, but in the social thriller, it’s society that is the villain.”

The original film starred Tony Todd as Candyman and was directed by Bernard Rose. It was based on a short story by Clive Barker, who created the Hellraiser films. The film also starred Kasey Lemmons and Virginia Madsen, who the Candyman set his eyes on after she called his name 5 times in the mirror while researching his mythos.

The original film was also based on murders that happened at the Cabrini-Green projects, where the film was set. You can read about the murders here, and read about Candyman's impact on Cabrini-Green here.

Meanwhile, you can catch Tony Todd in the upcoming Hell Fest. The original Candyman is getting a special edition DVD releasing, twice! One from Shout Factory and another from Arrow Video.

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Javier Botet, creature actor, has a role in 'Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark'


The Guillermo del Toro-produced film, Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark, started filming recently and added Javier Botet (Mama, REC, Slender Man, Conjuring 2, Crimson Peak, INsidious: The Last Key and Mara) to the cast.

“[Guillermo del Toro and I are] going to work together again because he’s producing SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK, and I have a little part in that,” Botet told Bloody-Disgusting. “I can’t say—like in IT: CHAPTER TWO, I can’t tell you what I’m doing there either.”

Botet was diagnosed at age 6 with Marfan syndrome that caused him to be 6'6 and 120 pounds, but he let his diagnosis be used to his advantage and his monster roles became his calling card for making them truly become alive in dedication. He also does comedies and dramas in Spain so he isn't too pigeonholed.

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Early drafts of the movie based on the creepy children's books include Harold and the girl with spiders out of her face in The Red Spot. Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Austin Abrams, and Austin Zajur are also part of the cast.

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Wizards of Waverly Place alum David Henrie was arrested for carrying a loaded gun at LAX airport

Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie has been arrested for bringing a loaded gun into LAX.


Selena Gomez stuns on Instagram, wears $1,190 Fendi boots

Selena Gomez posted a series of selfies on Instagram last night, showing off a sultry look that won her praise across social media (and 10 million likes on her account). The former Disney actress was out at a NYC bar where onlookers observed her sipping on cocktails all night.

Gomez topped off her look with $1,190 knee-high Fendi boots that look like sheer socks.

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Drake is now the male artist with the most weeks at #1

Drake also ties Usher as the artists with the most weeks at #1 in a single year with 28 each.

Tekashi69's and Nicki's song "Fefe" moved up one spot to #4.

Eminem's Lucky You and The Ringer debut on the Billboard Top 10 at #6 and #8. He joins Travis Scott, Drake, J. Cole and Ed Sheeran as the only artists in Hot 100 history to debut two songs in the top 10 simultaneously.

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Nicki Minaj: Cardi B's career was built on sympathy and payola

Nicki went to #QueenRadio to play the victim and discuss the incident that happened between her and self proclaimed Trap Selena Cardi B last Friday. Nicki went on to say that she would never talk about about someone's child and that she was mortified!

Cardi B's last single "I Like It" is #3 on Billboard Hot 100 while Nicki's "Bed" ft Ariana Grande is #91.

Why is Nicki acting like payola doesn't help her pop features lol

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Bearded ginger zaddy Tom Hiddleston attends fashion event

tiddles rl

Tom Hiddleston brought his sadness sexiness beard to Ralph Lauren's 50th anniversary fashion show last night. Although he is not currently promoting anything, he has worn several Ralph Lauren suits on the red carpet and probably has a working relationship with them.

...Oh, and Taylor Swift is dropping her new single, "Getaway Car", soon, which is allegedly about Tiddles.

tiddles rl 2

Who should Tom Hiddleston date next?

An acclaimed but relatively unknown English actress
Selena Gomez
Katy Perry
Kendall Jenner
Harry Styles

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Luna Lovegood Joins Dancing with the Stars!

Like with previous legends Frankie Muniz and Patti Labelle, Evanna Lynch aka Luna Lovegood (and of GBF fame) will be joining the 27th season of DWTS alongside dancer/producer/singer Tinashe - who's been rumored to be appearing and is now confirmed.

I hope they recreate this! -

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Ashlee + Evan Recap

+ Ashlee feels guilty about wanting to work on new music after being a stay-at-home mom to Bronx (9) and Jagger (2)

+ Ashlee and Papa Joe have a better relationship since he stopped being her manager

+ Ashlee throws an Evan themed party for her husband where their guests dress like him. The party is to celebrate Evan coming back from filming a show for a few months. He is going to take a break and spend time at home before he films another project

+ Ashlee and Evan want to record a song before they visit Evan's mom Diana Ross and his family (including his sister Tracee Ellis Ross), but their recording session is interrupted by a phone call from Evan's manager with a new acting role

+ Evan is afraid to tell Ashlee that he wants to accept the offer instead of taking a break like he said he would

+ Ashlee is sad that she doesn't feel like her and Evan's music is a priority to him

+ Evan passes on the movie role

+ Ashlee refers to her mother-in-law as Mama D. They visit Evan's family in Greenwich, CT.  Diana loves the song they wrote.

+ Evan tells Ashlee he wants to have another baby. Ashlee makes a face that Evan says usually means that she doesn't like the idea but doesn't want to say no

Similarily to when Ashlee was known for the stains on her t-shirts and being a big flirt on the Ashlee Simpson show, the song she and Evan were working on in the show was released. It is called I Do and it's about how much they love each other.


ONTD: Did you watch the show? 
Erika Jayne

CBB Day 25: And the Winner is!?

As this is most likely the series finale of has been fun serving as your knock off Emma Willis now lets just get to what everyone really cares about....

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New Richard Ashcroft song/music video - 'Surprised By The Joy'

This video features Richard driving through town. He ends up at a beach and makes some boyband-worthy reaches towards the camera while a girl is featured in the background, staring at the ocean. He eventually runs towards her, they hug, and walk away holding hands. Surprised by the ending, tbh!

This 6-minute song is the first song of his upcoming album, Natural Rebel, which will be out on October 19th. A shorter version of the song can be found on Spotify.

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Lauren Jauregui Opens Up About Her Sexuality

In a new interview, the only true vocalist in 5H, Lauren, discussed her sexuality, and how she is exploring fluidity.

  • “I’ve learned so much, even about the gender binary since I came out as bisexual, and I’m sure that I could fall in love with anyone as long as their soul was genuine. That’s all that really matters to me. I don’t care about the physical. I care about your trauma and shit, and if you’re projecting that shit on to me. But that’s really it, because, at the end of the day, we’re all just humans and if we’re attracted to each other, we’re just attracted to each other. So, I just explore that fluidity all the time.”

  • Her new album has songs that refer to a "you" rather than a specific person or gender.

  • "I'm gonna talk about whatever it is that I'm going through, so if what I went through, I went through with a girl, you're gonna hear about it from that perspective. If what I went through, I did with a man, you're gonna hear it from that perspective, ‘cause I just love souls."

  • She also talked about Tramp and how he doesn't love himself~.

Rupert - haze

First reviews are in for 'The Death And Life Of John F. Donovan'

So, Xavier Dolan's movie 'The Death and Life of John F. Donovan' has finally seen the light of day, as it just premiered at TIFF, and has been getting mostly good reviews. Actual critics (from the French I could pick up) are saying the movie will be divisive given the themes and the way Dolan directs, and they don't seem as fond of it as those at the audience tweeting first reactions.

Looks like the lone standout in this movie is Jacob Tremblay, who of course gave another great performance, so perhaps we got a very young Supporting Actor nominee in the race? 'The Death and Life of John F. Donovan', with its star-studded cast (Kit Harington in the title role, Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, Thandie Newton, Michael Gambon, Bella Thorne, Kathy Bates, etc), still has no release date.

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Prune juice

Keiynan Lonsdale talks about visiting Israel

The Flash and Love Simon star Keiynan Lonsdale wrote on twitter about visiting Israel, while his Dance Academy co-star Dena Kaplan shared photos on instagram from their trip.

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shiny foundation, the organization created in honor of shinee's jonghyun, is launched

- Named Shiny Foundation, it was launched and is directed by Jonghyun's mother, Lee Eun Kyung. It will be run based on royalties collected from the music Jonghyun created (ie: composed, produced, wrote the lyrics to). This includes proceeds from his album released posthumously in January, Poet | Artist (aka one of the best Korean albums of the year).

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it's been a few days since the news on this was released, and it was already posted on omona, but considering that it's world suicide prevention day i figured it wouldn't hurt to post. remember, you can always reach out if you need someone to talk to and, if you don't feel comfortable doing so, here is a list of some international suicide hotlines.
Misfits Alisha side eye wtf

Marshmello somehow killed it on American Ninja Warrior

Marshmello (DJ and Selena Gomez collaborator) runs the American Ninja Warrior Stage 1 course during the Las Vegas National Finals.


What do you think ONTD, what this actuall Marshmello or just a ratings stunt? Either way the fact they killed that first round with the helmet on is pretty impressive.

Gay Youtubers Mark and Ethan have broken up. Gay internet has a meltdown.

- Gay youtubers Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcove have broken up after 5+ years of being together because Love is dead.
- It's actually an amicable split and they're very mature about it, but they give a piss poor reason.
- The outrage forced Mark to post: “guys guys guys! people will believe what they want to no matter what you do, but for what its worth, please gosh darn just calm yourself!! CHEEEL! we’re both humans, just like you, we cry, we laugh, we bleed. we chose to communicate this to you all hoping it would give you a LITTLE insight to where we are. we shot for 40 minutes, I edited this down to 5. I know I was tearing up… NO SH**, I LOVE that man up there. Crying feels great, give it try sometime. As far as videos, yeh videos still coming. Got a Mexico City video in the works now, pumped to get it out there!! Alright, we cool? GREAT. Has a good one dudes xo


ONTD, how's your love life?

Men with puppies at TIFF

Entertainment Weekly and People have continued their tradition of having celebrities pose with (adoptable) puppies at the Toronto Film Festival. The compilation above includes the following mens: Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dev Patel, Sebastian Stan, Alexander Skarsgård, Matt Bomer, Kit Harington, Daniel Kaluuya and more.

The full gallery of celeb/puppy pictures can be found here.