July 7th, 2018

Julianna Margulies declined cameo on The Good Fight

- Julianna Margulies was offered to bring back Alicia Florrick during Season 1 of The Good Fight, but declined as she didn't think it was fair to the new shows cast.
- She doesn't rule out a cameo in the future.
- She watched The Good Fight pilot but no other episodes, saying she couldn't watch another law show but may binge watch it in the future.
- The Good Fight is available on CBS All Access and season 3 will return in early 2019. Julianna currently stars in AMC's Dietland as a series regular.

ONTD Do you think Julianna should return to her most iconic role?


Amy Adams On ‘Enchanted’ Sequel: “We’re Working On It”

While promoting her new TV show "Sharp Objects", which premires on HBO this Sunday, alongside her onscreen mom Patricia Clarkson, Amy Adams revealed that they are still working on the Enchanted sequel.
Titled "Disenchanted", the sequel will be set 10 years after the first movie, with Giselle finding herself questioning her happily-ever-after life and accidentally triggering events that make everyone's lives turn upside down in both the real world and in the animated kingdom of Andalasia.
Adam Shankman (Hairspray) is set to direct.
None of the original cast has yet signed on to return.


Pokemon Go's Articuno Day event Today!

Today starts the Articuno Day event.

All tier 5 raids will be taken over by Articuno's. There is no indication of how many shinies will be available during the event time but there will be some. Keep in mind some area raids may not have any shinies at all.

You will be able to pick up 5 five free passes during the 3 hour event but can only hold one pass at a time.

Articunos are weak to Rock pokes so Tyranitars, Golems and Omastars are highly recommended when battling the legendary birds but also Raikou, Blaziken and Moltres are equally helpful.

Also keep in mind the time zones for your region on when the event will start/end below:
The Asia-Pacific region: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST (GMT +9)
Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: 9:00 a.m.to 12:00 p.m. UTC (GMT +0)
The Americas and Greenland: 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PT (GMT -8)

And don't forget Squirtle Community day tomorrow starting at 11am PST!


Happy Raiding!

Feel free to add me to your friends list in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2474 3982 7220!

Jodie Foster: Every Day Is Gay Pride Day For Me; We Should Forgive Men

 photo jodie-foster-wears-shirt-dress-burberry-earrings-kenneth-jay-lane-photographed-by-victor-demarchelier-for-porteredit_zpsds2v5zoj.jpg

Jodie Foster gave a rare long interview to Net-a-Porter's The Edit to promote her sci-fi thriller Hotel Artemis, which is about a futuristic hospital for criminals.

She openly talks about being gay, saying, “Every day is gay pride day for me.”

On the #MeToo movement:

"I don’t think there is a woman I know who doesn’t look back on when they were 15, 16, 17 or 18, who doesn’t put their hand on their head and say: ‘Why did I do that? Why was I like that? Why wasn’t I confident? Why didn’t I say no?’

This is a transitional period... You really have to have a plan for truth and reconciliation. We can’t put every man over 30 in jail. We have to love our brothers and fathers and come to an understanding about how we got here and who we are going to be together.”

But she's not a spokesperson or leader for either:

“I don’t feel that I am a spokesperson for anything. It’s just not my personality. I do serve – I just serve in a different way."

Other highlights:

-Had a ski accident that resulted in a limp and a blood clot

-Has a weird relationship with her mom

-Is open about her wife, Alexandra Hedison

-Meditates with an app

 photo jofo 2_zps8z2vd8al.jpeg

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☀️ ☀️ 🍋 🍒 🍉 ONTD Candid's Post: Stars there just like us! Summer Edition! 🍉 🍊 🍎 🍇 ☀️ ☀️

The heat wave that has implemented its waves over us the last week or so was a lot.
Let's take a look at some random assortment of Celebrities doing their thing over the Summer.

1. Natalie Portman at Disney Land

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Funko announces new Power Rangers funkos!

-Just in time for the franchise's 25th anniversary, Funko is giving us what we deserve!

-While the 6 MMPR rangers have already been released, this will be the first time they are released sans their helmets.

-Goldar/Rita/Lord Zedd (properly numbered 666) finally make their Funko debut.

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Zayn Malik spotted in New York with a new hair colour; wears Gigi's clothes while doing so

-Somebody has been spotted walking around New York with some dyed hair and an interesting outfit.... no, I'm not talking about Pete Davidson!
-Zayn was spotted with a new hairdo, looking like a silver-blue fox
-His sunglasses are from Gigi's Vogue eyewear collection, and she was seen in this t-shirt last month
-Vogue concludes that they must be back together, even though we already knew that


ONTD, do you share clothes with your SO?

Kat Graham lashes out at her fans, and sets her twitter to private

Cannabis brownie enthusiast, and sometimes actress Kat Graham has finally had enough of her C-list fame, and engaged in a twitter fight with her (now former) fandom.

After one of the fans'd expressed that she missed the actress, she got informed that she did not, in fact, miss Kat, but Bonnie Bennett (Graham’s character from The Vampire Diaries).

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source: Kat's twitter

Kat's twitter account is now set to private, with Kat's publicist Kat herself actively trying to regain the sympathy of her three remaining fans.

To Kat's defense, as the only WOC in the Vampire Diaries' main cast, she's had to endure years of bullying from the so-called fans. She was bound to snap at some point.

ONTD, do you miss Kat Bonnie Bennett?

Inside Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus' Summer of Love


Things are heating up between Linds and Ben.

They are stronger than ever.

A source tells ENEWS that Lindsay is spending time with Ben during the summer months.

"They are also taking some trips and spending time with her family in New York."

Linds is spending quality time with Ben and her other family members together.

"Her parents are crazy about Ben and think he is so smart and charming. They are totally captivated by him and he has been very generous and warm to them."

"Lindsay is crazy in love."

Those close to the couple believe they make a great match.


The Strokes aren't playing a secret reunion show after all; chaos ensues

As a follow-up to this post where it was speculated that The Strokes would be playing a secret show in London... It's actually turned out to be fake news! And boy has it caused a shitshow.

-The venue, Dingwalls, was encouraging people to share the post on social media, saying max. 8 tickets per person, etc.
-They later posted that there was no reunion to be had - some "joker" had posted that, and they had nothing to do with it, despite it being on their social media outlets
-About 500-600 fans had started lining up for tickets, so Dingwalls tweeted, telling them to go home
-Dingwalls is now calling this "a hoax from a booking agent" but also speculating that a former employee is to blame
-The Strokes' manager, Ryan Gentles, even got involved, saying "nope, not us... no Strokes show at Dingwalls"

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Hacker Takes Over Big Sean’s Twitter Account

Some strange since-deleted tweets started coming from the rapper’s account. 
Sean’s former girlfriend is Ariana Grande.

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Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis Spotted Holding Hands in London

Stilish couple Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis finally confirmed they are dating as they stepped out holding hands while on a date night in central London


Tinashe Reportedly Lied About Ben Simmons Texting Her While With Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend Ben Simmons showed up at the same club as his ex-girlfriend Tinashe on Thursday night

Tinashe told a TMZ reporter outside the club: "He's texting me. What the hell. What's he doing?! What an idiot!"

Now, according to TMZ, Ben "called Tinashe out" after seeing the video, and "she admitted she made it up and created unnecessary tension."