July 6th, 2018

Joan Smalls, Yoncé

Director Nicolas Winding Refn is launching a free streaming service for vintage movies

  • Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn is launching a streaming service called byNWR

  • Restoring old movies is his hobby so he's decided to share them for free

  • New movies will appear 4 times a year. The movies included in volume 1 are: Night Tide, The Nest Of The Cuckoo Birds, The Burning Hell, and Hot Thrills And Warm Chills

  • He was inspired to launch his website because of Donald Trump

  • Calls the destruction of America by it's own hands terrifying but also thrilling and calls the current period an exciting time


I always enjoy free movies but his op-ed is a mess.

POKEMON GO's Second Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Pokemon Players!

Today sparks the second anniversary event featuring Pikachu.

Starts NOW! (they released early). Ending on July 31st.

The Pikachu Medal (catch 300 Pikachu's for Gold) and this allows you to purchase Pikachu-themed Avatar clothing including Pikachu ears. Only players with a gold medal will have access to articles.
Pichu will be common in eggs, most likely with sunglasses and hat.
Pikachu's wills spawn more frequently in the wild!
Special Shiny Pikachu Sprites will be available as well-
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Today there is possibility that Celebi will be available in research or at least announced.

Special male clothing has been found in the app already.

Also, don't forget this Sunday's Squirtle Community day! Starting at 11am PST

source source
Happy Anniversary! and Happy Hunting!

Feel free to add me to your friends list in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2474 3982 7220!

Secretive anti-abortion film adds Tomi Lahren and Milo Yiannopoulos cameos

Nick Loeb is making a "secret" anti-abortion movie starring Jon Voight (as a SCOTUS justice) and Stacey Dash (as Mildred Jefferson, the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School and the former president of National Right to Life). The film's now added controversial conservative figures in additional cameo roles.

Lahren is playing Sally, daughter of Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and Planned Parenthood volunteer.

Yiannopoulos plays "a British abortion doctor who performed 32 abortions between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. According to the script, Yiannopoulos’s character is 'an Anglo-Jew from India, with an unusual habit of an awkward giggle at the end of every sentence.'"

Several cast members have quit the film after learning of its anti-abortion message, and at least three locations rejected the movie.

Loeb says: “No one has really told the whole truth about Roe v. Wade in a film. When I delved into this, I discovered conspiracy theories, fake news, made-up statistics and a whole lot of people involved who switched their positions from pro-choice to pro-life, including Norma [McCorvey, the case’s plaintiff].”

PoA - trio backs

Disney continues to monopolize the box office as 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' makes $11.5M on Thursday

Marvel's 20th installment in their cinematic universe, the hella tedious 'Ant-Man and the Wasp', brought in $11.5 million from Thursday previews. It's expected to make around $75 million-$85 million this weekend, well ahead of the first 'Ant-Man' movie, which brought in $57.2 million three years ago.

'The First Purge' brought in an additional $4.6 million on Thursday, and has a two-day total (it was released on July 4) of $14 million. It's expected to bring in around $30 million total by this weekend.

If you don't want to see either of those, other movies releasing this weekend include indies 'Sorry to Bother You', 'Under the Tree', 'No Postage Necessary', and the 'Whitney' Houston doc. Or just go see 'Incredibles 2' again and keep lining those Disney pockets.

Source: https://twitter.com/TheWrap/status/1015249788667756545

ONTD Roundup

gods country

Tinashe says her ex Ben Simmons was texting her while he was out with Kendall Jenner

Tinashe ran into ex Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner at Hollywood Hotspot Delilah. Tinashe claims that while at the club with Ben was blowing up her phone. Ben Simmons supposedly cheated on Tinashe with Kendall Jenner while Kendall was casually seeing Ben, Blake Griffin and made out with GiGi Hadid's brother. Stunt queen Tinashe who called the paps last week for a cheeky improtu photo shoot, sold 15-20k of latest album Joyride.

source= https://twitter.com/TheBlastNews/status/1015257891354406912

Chick-Fil-A is the no. 1 fast-food restaurant in America

• What she order? Fish fillet Chick-Fil-A! According to a survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the closed on Sunday's chain is King amongst survey takers.

• The ACSI survey 250,000 Americans every year and they're asked about quality of products, services and overall satisfaction in regards to over 380 companies.

• Chick-fil-A scored an 87 while Panera Bread came second with an 81. Subway was third with an 80 followed by Arby's with a 79.

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Sources: 1 | 2

Game of Thrones + Adidas UltraBOOST Collab Coming in 2019

-sneek peaks of an adidas/game of thrones collaboration that may be happening in early 2019 to coincide with the release of the final season.
-the sneakers shown are only mockups and no official versions have surfaced yet.

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Which pair do you like best?

New Britney Spears interview with ET and more

Princess of Pop Britney Spears chats with Nancy O'Dell about her upcoming 30-date sold out Piece of Me Tour. The Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) singer talks about how she keeps fit during her tour, her love for McDonald's Happy Meals and taking her two boys on the road with her this Summer.

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Chris Brown arrested for a felony battery charge

Chris Brown was arrested on a felony battery charge and booked into the county jail.
He was released after posting $2,000 bond on the battery charge.
He's currently in the middle of his Heartbreak On A Full Moon Tour. 

naomi letterman

City Girls member JT begins jail sentence for credit card fraud

Up & coming Miami rap duo City Girls is going to have to put their career on hold for a couple years. Member JT turned herself in for fraudulent credit card charges earlier this week. She was out on bond until deciding to finish out her sentence.

JT left a final note on instagram, "Did more than I thought I could imagine in this short period of time out on bond. Now it's time for me to knock this down and come back strong forever. Hold my baby down y'all"

JT is slated to be released from prison in March 2020.

Trina started showing support for the artist by wearing a "Free JT" shirt. Drake also voiced his sadness on Instagram, "Damn free my shorty," he wrote. The duo mad waves last week when they appeared on Drake's new album Scorpion. The duo is featured on one of Scorpion's best songs, "In my Feelings." Drake sings, "Resha do you love me... JT do you love me"

Listen to their bops below:

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Trailer for Karl Pilkington's New Show: Sick of It

Karl Pilkington (former long-time collaborator with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) has a new show airing on Sky One (date TBA) called Sick of It.

The show was co-written and produced by Pilkington and he also stars in the show playing two characters - a fictionalized version of himself and a representation of the voice inside his head.

Previously, Karl starred in An Idiot Abroad, The Moaning Life, and The Ricky Gervais Show.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgjRdSm_qmI

Kristin Cavallari says she would cringe watching The Hills now


Kristin Cavallari says she doesn't like watching reruns of The Hills and wants the past to stay in the past.

“If I did watch them I would cringe,” the “Very Cavallari” star said on Friday. “I think MTV played them a couple summers ago and my husband Jay, put them on as a joke to mess with me. It was definitely cringeworthy!"

After Lauren left The Hills in 2009, Kristin took it over for one season. On Laguna Beach, she reflects that it portrayed her in a way she didn't like.

"When I saw the first season, I was devastated about how I was portrayed. I came across as terribly bitchy. And I also felt as though my real-life boyfriend [Stephen Colletti] was being put in situations he normally wouldn't have been in," she says.

But overall, she says she doesn't regret it because it got her to where she is now. No word on rumors that The Hills will get a revival season.

Source 2

 photo j13gk0.gif

Favorite Hills moments, ONTD?

ONTD Original: Male Crushes of Disneychannel

Male Crushes of Disneychannel

I thought I checked out of Disneychannel several years ago, but since I'm still watching Raven Symone in Raven's Home, that counts as still being tuned in I think? Golden era DC (2000s) was everything, and it managed to bring us some appearances of cute guys and #snacks for the youngins. Do you remember any of them?

Erik von Dettin (Brink!)

Erik has iconic movies to his credit like being the #backstreetboyclone in Princess Diaries and voicing Sid in Toy Story, but also the DCOM classic Brink! where OP just learned that the title was the nickname of his character. The blonde and sun-kissed tan look was very of its time which fits cause he's remembered more as a relic. Who knows, maybe the upcoming Toy Story sequel will call him up again for a voice acting opportunity.

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Who was your Disneychannel crush?

Sources: 1, 2, me

Tyler Hoechlin attends various events in Paris for Fashion Week

When there's a drought, boy is there a drought in news about this boy. But when it rains, it pours TyHo! ONTD boyfriend Tyler Hoechlin actually stepped out of his house and attended various events in Paris for Fashion Week. Perhaps to help promote his new film that's available on demand now, The Domestics....or not. Either way, we appreciate the red carpet eye candy. 👀

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Amazon PRIME DAY books Performers Alessia Cara, Kelsea Ballerini, Julia Michaels

One of the world's biggest unethical marketplaces just booked some new talent.

You'll be able to watch Alessia Cara, Kelsea Ballerini, and Julia Michaels on Amazon.com and Amazon's Twitch channel when Prime Day starts July 16th, 2018. Past Prime performers included U2 and Justin Timberlake, the latter of which probably added to the anger that most Prime Day Participants felt with underwhelming deals.

You can currently get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for 99c if you've not tried the service before.


Do you think there will be something worth buying this time around? What have you scored from Prime Days Past?

Amber Rose preaches body positivity with a nude Instagram pic

- That's it, that's the tweet

- She's doing so while promoting some quote generator movement nonsense, looks like. You can create your own board for $375

- comments go from 'Body positivity should only be about what God gave you' to 'Thanks for the lottery numbers'.

Tweet source

ONTD, how do you combine your need to post nude Insta's with promotion?

UnREAL Season 4 to begin in less than 2 weeks

Season 4 is only 8 episodes and is expected to be the final season. All 8 episdoes will be available to stream if you're in Australia or New Zealand on July 17th.

Unreal S4 will premiere in the US on streaming service Hulu instead of Lifetime. No release date has been announced by Hulu.

ONTD do you think UnREAL will premiere overseas before it does in the USA? Or is Hulu going to announce a release date ASAP?

Source One / Two / Three

So what did Stephen King do for American Independence Day?

- plenty of replies just going 'no.gif' but also pointing out his privilege. Of course there's one going 'Will Roland hug the Man in Black?' because

Stephen's reply to these unfriendly fellas:

Tweet Source 1, Tweet Source 2

ONTD, will hugs really close the gap between white supremacists and decent people?

ONTD's Boyfriends Tom Hiddleston And Benedict Cumberbatch Hung Out

Free Image Hosting at FunkyIMG.com

Bffs Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston attended the South Bank Sky Awards, where Hiddles presented an award to Butawhiteboy Cantbekhan.

Free Image Hosting at FunkyIMG.com

Beaniebaby Christmaswiththekranks wore an, um, interesting hat. Hiddles is still rocking his patchy forever-an-assistant-professor beard.

They have been buddies since 2010.

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Who would you rather?

Tom Hiddleston
Benedict Cumberbatch


Margot Robbie confirms Birds of Prey movie

-In an interview with Flickering Myth, Margot has confirmed that her next DC film will be Birds of Prey.

-She states that the movie will begin shooting in January of 2019.

-Budget will be smaller then Suicide Squad and potentially Rated R.

-No characters outside of Harley Quinn have been confirmed though Batgirl/Barbara Gordon is expected to be in the film.

-In the comics Birds of Prey was a super hero team that consisted of Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Black Canary/Dinah Laurel Lance, and Huntress/Helena Bertinelli.

-BoP was chosen over Harleys own group the Gotham City Sirens which consisted of Catwoman and Poison Ivy for Margots next movie.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Are you ready for Harley Quinn to take over the DCEU?

Demi Lovato is Shading Someone Via Twitter


Almost 26 year old Demi Lovato was subtweeting someone and throwing shade on Twitter, her fans did some digging and seem to think it's about her sober coach.

She tweeted "Good luck on your blog" with no further message.
We assume this was her attempt at "good luck booking that stage you speak of".

Fans seem to think it's about her sober coach Mike Bayer, who had said in an interview that his pet peeve about working with celebs is them using being an artist as an excuse. Allegedly that suggests that their working relationship is no longer good.
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shk profile

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys for The Americans promo stop with Round Up Pics as well!

-Pics from Emmy Magazine's Shoot for July!
-Also a Vulture interview from a couple months ago & Off Camera with Sam Jones as well.
-Also some roundup pics from Keri Russell at events & etc!

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Are The Strokes set to play a surprise London show tomorrow?

-A venue called Dingwalls has announced that the band "Venison" will be playing tomorrow night
-The Venison logo is a rip-off of The Strokes' classic logo
-Several Strokes-related hashtags have been used to promote the event
-The Strokes called themselves Venison when they played a 2010 comeback show
-The source casts doubt by saying Albert Hammond Jr. is currently in Denmark, but this OP would like to point out that's less than a 2-hour flight away!

Source / Source 2

I'm just hoping for some pics of my bb, Fabrizio Moretti, since he hasn't been seen in ages.

Three YouTube vloggers die in waterfall accident

Three YouTube travel bloggers were killed on July 3 when they were swept 100 ft over Shannon Falls, near Squamish, British Columbia. Ryker Gamble, 30, Alexey Lyakh, 29, and Megan Scraper, 29, were members of High On Life, a Canadian adventure collective with over a million followers on Instagram. It's believed Scraper slipped into one of the pools while on a hike, and Lyakh and Gamble went in after her. Not without controversy, the two men were each sentenced in 2016 to a week in jail, on top of paying thousands in fines for breaking the law in national parks including Zion, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Mesa Verde, Corona Arch, and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Additionally, they were banned from accessing U.S. public lands for five years.

Squamish search and rescue official John Wilcox commented, “Areas like Shannon Falls have very polished granite, it’s very slippery with the mist and the lichen and etcetera that builds up around there--going in or near those pools has great risk. It’s a very unfortunate circumstance hopefully we can all learn from.”

Friends of the group mourn the loss of their adventure-seeking friends, and have set up a GoFundMe to “to commemorate the beautiful lives and legacies that these 3 friends left behind.”

Source: 1 | 2

1. How far have you gone for the perfect photo?
2. What's your favorite national park? (not only in the US)

Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie Comes Out As Pansexual & Talks #MeToo Movement

*He is very much in love with his wife Sarah Orzechowski, but is not opposed to a man because to him, he likes a person

“I guess you could qualify me as pansexual because I really don’t care."

*If a person is great, then a person is great, he likes good people, if their heart’s in the right place.

*He is attracted to men, attracted to people

“I guess this is me coming out as pansexual.

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martiza ramos oitnb

Anna Wintour Vogue exit rumors swirl before daughter’s wedding

- Despite the gossip, a spokeswoman has said rumours of Edward Enninful becoming the new editor are  “categorically false.”
- Suggestions that she's leaving Vogue to become the next head of the British Fashion Council or become involved in politics.
- Apparently, the New York Times is holding her exit interview.
- Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer is marrying  Francesco Carrozzini (the son of late Italian Vogue editor in chief Franca Sozzani)


Alexandra Shipp continues to dismiss her 'X-Men' casting criticism

X-Men: Apocalypse actress Alexandra Shipp still apparently hasn't grasped the concept of colorism (see these previous posts)  - in an interview with Glamour Magazine, Shipp continued to ignorantly address the criticism she faced for playing Storm in the 2016 film, with some telling quotes:

  • "[I tweeted back] at people who criticized me for not having dark enough skin for my role in X-Men because we’re not going to have this conversation about a cartoon character. You’re not going to tell me that my skin color doesn’t match a Crayola from 1970."

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  • On auditioning for Storm: "I wasn’t like, 'Oh man, I’m not dark enough.' I was like, 'Finally, this is my moment. I’m not playing Harriet Tubman with a prosthetic nose and darkening my skin tone. I would never do that."

  • Says that she never plans on silencing herself despite the "trolling" she receives on social media: "I hope to never censor the things that come out of my mouth. Male actors have always been able to be way more opinionated when it comes to politics. As actresses, we only get to do things like help the hungry children," she said. "Take Angelina Jolie. She’s political in her actions, but you don’t know her opinion on Trump. I think people should speak their truth."

  • "I’m exactly who I want to be every single day. I know it might be my demise — I’ll check back in with you in a couple years and see how it’s working out — but I’m my own artist," she added. "You can’t be a great artist without having a huge opinion."

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Shipp will reprise her role as Storm in Dark Phoenix, out Feb. 14, 2019.

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

ONTD, do you compare darker skin tones to crayons to try and prove a point?

shk profile

David Duchovny 57, explores Montreal with girlfriend Monique Pendleberry, 24.

-The pair were first romantically linked in October. They first met his workout pal when she was working at an organic juicery in Los Angeles.
-Duchovni and Leoni have two children together, 18-year-old Madelaine West and 15-year-old Kyd Miller.
-He voluntarily sought rehab for sex addiction in 2008 while starring on Showtime's “Californication," as an attempt to save his marriage to Tea Leoni at the time.
-The couple have been together since last fall &  she is 33 years younger than him.

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Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Do you and your partner have a large age gap? Or is the age gap close or less?

Steve Ditko Dead at 90 :(

Legendary comic book artist Steve Ditko- co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange- was found dead in his home in New York City at the age of 90.

Nobody had heard from him in 2 days, but his death is not being considered suspicious at this time due to his age.

Ditko and Lee worked together to create Spider-Man in 1962 and Doctor Strange in 1963. Heavily influenced by psychotropic drugs, Ditko's influence on Strange made it what it was.

Ditko was famously reclusive, having retreated from public life several decades ago and earning the nickname the "J.D. Sallinger of comics."

What an absolutely massive bummer.
More at the Source

Top 10 Best Carrie Looks on Sex and the City

9. Dolce & Gabbana (The Real Me, S4E02)

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7. In Vogue ( A 'Vogue' Idea, S4E17)

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5. Fashion Road Kill (The Real Me, S4E02)

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3. The Newspaper Dress (What Goes Around Comes Around, S3E17)

Collapse )
1. The Fur Coat (Various Episodes)

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what's your favorite outfit from Sex and The City??
  • kjesta

Florence wrote tribute to "matriarch" Patti Smith, Patti loves it + "Patricia" is the next single

It's official! The next single from Florence + The Machine's High As Hope will be Patricia.

Florence wrote the song as a tribute to Patti Smith, whom she calls her "north star" in the lyrics.

“Patricia is actually a little tribute to Patti Smith, but also a little bit about these matriarchal ideas, perhaps the damage that more toxic masculinity can do. I was looking at Patti Smith as a kind of matriarch - as a strong woman - and I was trying to follow in her footsteps.”

Patti reacted to the tribute on Instagram:

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The acoustic version that F+TM have been playing at concerts is also available on Amazon Music now!

Check out their performance of this version for BBC Radio 2:

Sources 1 2 3 4

ONTD, has your idol ever called your hands strong? And which version of Patricia do you prefer?

Mods, this one has a transcript of the Insta posts!