July 1st, 2018


David Yost wants Power Rangers reunion!

-David Yost who played Billy, the original Mighty Morphin Blue Power Ranger wants a reunion with all the original cast.

-He doesn't understand why the people behind the franchise havent attempted to bring everyone back.

-Has begun working on a script that would reunite Billy/Jason/Kim/Zach/Tommy and pay homage to Thuy Trang.

-Wants to help Hasbro develop their reboot of the PR movie franchise.

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l: august slipped away
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Ariana Grande gets tattoo in honor of Pete Davidson's late father (whom she never met)

Because this couple isn't bizarre and cringe enough, Ariana recently got 8418 inked near her foot to match her fiance Pete Davidson's tattoo in honor of his late father who died during the terrorist attack on September 11th 2001.

Ariana and Pete also has H2GKMO tattooed on their hands as well as the cloud emoji on their fingers.

Going to be very awkward when she gets this covered up after they both cheat on each other


Disney now has robots to play superheroes IRL. Skynet is real. We're all DAD.

- Disney just revealed they've developed robots to introduce in their live shows.
- The robots will play superheroes in their live shows. (There's video of them jumping huge heights). They can even do a Superhero landing.
- The robots will also be used as stunt doubles to minimize risks.
- Basically this shit will become Skynet/iRobot/Westworld and EVERYONE IS DAD.


ONTD, what superhero do you want a robot of, and what would you do with it?

In 'It Keeps Getting Better' News, Jim Carrey is Doctor Robotnik in Sonic The Hedgehog

Allow me to be the only person who still cares about this movie, and it's only in pre-production.

After casting James Marsden and Tika Sumpter, Jeff Fowler's 2019 film of the titular blue rodent now adds Jim Carrey to its roster as the blustery bad guy with a kickass theme song as Doctor Robotnik.

No word on if the good doctor will be in live action or CGI.

You can currently play the ok Sonic Forces and the excellent Sonic Mania on major consoles, and the movie hits theaters November 15th, 2019.


This movie is already a trip. But WHO will be the voice of Sonic?

Nicki Minaj Has Writer Fired For Critiquing Her Music

Nicki Minaj continues to Nicki Minaj. Yesterday, the 35 year old hopped in the DM's of a music reviewer who suggested that her music should be more personal and progress with age. After her legion of fans began attacking the writer, threatening to release her address, their leader Onika joined in and DM'ed the writer, accusing her of being jealous because she's so rich and pretty. She then allegedly made a phone call to the writer's boss, Karen Civil (Nicki's ex-BF, Meek Mill once claimed Karen was on Nicki's pay roll) and had the writer fired.



ONTD Original: Homoerotic Moments by Hetero Actors

ONTD Original:
Homoerotic Moments by Hetero Actors

🌈 warning: nsfw post ✨

Pride month may be over but you know what? It's still a year-round thing for some of us. Let's unearth the first possible times we saw homoerotic moments in mainstream media via famous actors, and when we were curious using the internet to search up gay things on Youtube as a youngin (don't @ me).

And to reiterate what we already know:
Is it tacky when hets get booked and receive the credit and praise for gay roles
[click 🤔🤔🤔❓]
But in the meantime, are we gonna make it worthwhile as it is entertainment
[click 🤔🤔🤔❓]
Is this post remotely diverse
[click 🤔🤔🤔❓]

Sadly, no. But we need ONTDers to educate a sis when gay poc pop culture was in art now, suddenly the koons is OP.

This post was inspired by deformschool and some DELECTABLE Christopher Meloni gifs.
Whether it's an actual gay scene, provocative interactions, or just a clip of the male physique, here's 7 homoerotic moments by hets.

7. Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Where's My Car?)
Premise: Guys wake up after a drunk night of partying and have to find their car.
Scene: Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott run at a stop light with a couple (cameo by Fabio) in the other lane and, by male nature, the drivers try to one-up another.

Looking back this was kinda tame, but a trigger nonethelessT.

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Gay ONTD, what were gaykening (gay awakening) moments for you?

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The NHL's top free agent, John Tavares, signs with the Toronto Maple Leafs

In the NHL-equivalent of the Lebron James Decision™, speculation has been rampant for almost a year as to where John Tavares would sign, should he make it to free agency.

Teams in the mix were the New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, San Jose Sharks, and Dallas Stars. Fans have been refreshing Twitter for a week to see how negotiations have been going, but all parties remained silent.

At 1pm EST today, Tavares tweeted that he was becoming a Leaf, to live out his childhood dream. After all, he had Leafs bedsheets as a kid.

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ONTD, how's your hockey team doing?
sunmi - why so lonely

Humans season 3 finale promo photos and synopsis

It's a race against time to stop Basswood and Laura (Katherine Parkinson) must put her reputation and life on the line if she is going to have any hope of saving the Synths, but is she willing to give up her family and her freedom? Niska (Emily Berrington) has reached her journey's end, but when the source of the mystery is revealed, has her real journey only just begun? Mia (Gemma Chan), Leo (Colin Morgan) and Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) stand together in final battle, but will they make it out alive? And when the world learns of the atrocities that are taking place, will the fate of Synths change forever?

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YOI: the ~*ice tiger*~ of russia

Yuri!!! on Ice movie "Ice Adolescence" coming in 2019!

Watch the teaser HERE


In-N-Out won't be making its way to the East Coast any time soon

• Ah, yes, In-N-Out - a West Coast staple. The East Coast's answer: Shake Shack - has made it's way over here, but will In-N-Out do the same? The answer is: not likely, or at least not anytime soon. So, what gives? Why won't the company expand beyond Texas?

• The answer: The company refuses to freeze their patties. All In-N-Out restaurants are located within 300 miles of In-N-Out’s patty-making facilities and these facilities are only in California and Texas, thus no East Coast locations.

• The other reason: The company's president and grandchild of the In-N-Out founders, Lynsi Snyder, says they will never franchise.

que sad.

ONTD, what is your ride or die burger spot?

log lady chewing gum

Weekly Creepy News: Aliens, Werewolves, and more!

This week's creepy post explores what's new in paranormal pop culture and more! Brought to you by hjalmartazar and me!


This week we have paranormal romances with 50 (5) best werewolf romances to read. If you’re looking to discover new indigenous voices, we have 5 (2) authors and their books to check out. We share some of this year’s Locus Awards winners, including best sci-fi; fantasy; and horror novel. Find out what iconic author stephen king recommends you to watch on the horror network Shudder! And lastly, the sci-fi literature world lost an author this week when Harlan Ellison, 84, passed away.

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This week we bring you the news that YouTube premium has ordered Weird City, asci-fi anthology created and written by Jordan Peele and Charlie Sanders.

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This week, we list 5 “Essential Queer Horror films”, including What Keeps You Alive, a new LGBT thriller currently premiering at various festivals around the world. It’s not a creepy post without aliens, so find out what UFO encounter inspired the 80s horror film Critters. We have new photos from the highly anticipated Tales From the Hood 2, which will celebrate its world premiere at the upcoming Fantasia Fest. Because it’s #SciFiSunday, we have to acknowledge and respect the new genre films, Sorry To Bother You as well as another indie feature, Hover. Lastly, two new horror trailers for Summer of ‘84 and Blood Fest.

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ONTD Original: The Golden Age of VH1 Reality Shows, aka the "Of Love" Universe

It has come to my attention that there are some people who do not know about VH1's classic reality series Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Daisy of Love, Charm School, Real Chance at Love, and I Love Money. This ignorance is shameful and #sad.

I have taken it upon myself to educate the world about these gone, but never forgotten, gems.* (You can thank me later.)

 photo ontd 4 flav tuxedo_zpsuzyneclj.jpg

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 photo flavor of love spit_zpsqdacvqib.gif

*I am not counting For the Love of Ray J or Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It, because they are boring and they suck.

What is your favorite VH1 reality show?

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R.I.P. the post that I accidentally deleted two times, I give up.

Alison Brie talks 'Glow', Dave Franco & 'The Papers'

Alison Brie gushes about her new Netflix series, ‘GLOW,’ reveals her role as Meryl Streep’s daughter in Spielberg’s upcoming Pentagon Papers movie, and opens up about how her husband Dave Franco proposed to her. Plus, the actress demonstrates a newly-acquired wrestling move on Larry.

Larry King posted this whole interview today even though it's from last year.

Did you watch this season of 'GLOW'?

Hugh Grant talks about World Cup, A Very English Scandal, Seth Meyers comparisons + his best roles

Hugh Grant talks about the World Cup, tells the absurd story A Very English Scandal is based on, (it's about a closeted politician that is accused of murdering his ex lover that wanted to out him) and shares his thoughts on politicians. Also Seth points out that people think he looks like Hugh Grant (bitch where??).


Who are you rooting for in the World Cup?
What is your favorite Hugh Grant movie?

POKEMON GO's Safari Challenge unlocked!

Starting tomorrow at 1pm PST you will be able to enjoy the benefits of challenge that was unlocked this past weekend.

3x Catch XP (Globally)
Lucky Eggs will have an extended time as well!
Articuno day will launch on July 7th and receive 5 free raid passes along with a chance to catch a Shiny Articuno!
Rumors are that Corsola and Torkoal may be released in the Americas during the PokemonFest event.
Pokemon Hub has claimed that Celebi will be the next Mystical Pokemon challenge for this month.

SNORLAX is the new Field Research Pokemon for the month of July with special move Body Slam

And don't forget the Squirtle Community Day this Sunday!

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Happy Hunting!

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 2474 3982 7220!

Megan Fox Shares Rare Photo of Her Son

Megan Fox has been under the radar lately, selling lingerie and raising her 3 little boys, and most recently sharing a rare pic of her son Journey River, the youngest.

Her son was seen wearing a ninja turtles shirt, a movie his mom was not too long ago a part of.

She also shared pics of her other 2 sons last month, both rocking gorgeous long hair.

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Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole announce their split

Liam posted this on twitter, with Cheryl tweeting something similar. There've been rumours about a breakup in the past couple months, which they both denied.

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Who's next tbh